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Do any Total Drama characters remind anda of Disney characters?

This was brought on to Fanpop sejak Trezure Wootson, from the Total Drama Facebook page.

Even though there is a lot to pick from, Zoey and Mike remind me of Phineas and Ferb, respectively.

Zoey and Phineas tend to be fun-loving redheads.

Mike and Ferb would be Total Drama Disney counterparts, because they have amazing personalities. Watching Phineas' Birthday episode (Phineas and Ferb) and "Evil Dread" (aka "Birth of Mal", TDAS), I noticed that both guys have a lot in common.

Even without the help of each other (Zoey/Phineas and Mike/Ferb), their summers wouldn't be possible.
 Brickleberry posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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PeacefulCritic said:
Ella to Snow White
Courtney to Elsa
Lindsay to Aurora
Bridgette to Cinderella
Gwen to Mulan
Izzy to Ariel
Dawn to Pocahontas
Beth to Anna
Ella and Snow has too much in common not to notice why she's there. Courtney's independent and misunderstood. Bridgette and Cinderella both are calm and hard working, Lindsay and Aurora both are the most beautiful of they group, Gwen and Mulan are both sassy and relatable, Izzy and Ariel are both Curious and Zest, Beth and Anna are socially awkward and hyper, Dawn and Pocahontas are both nature loving girls and kind,
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
Sorry,I just felt like doing Dp's
PeacefulCritic posted hampir setahun yang lalu
99148770 said:
*Heroes List: Ella is Snow White, Samey is Cinderella, Dawn is Alice, Cody is Peter Pan, Sierra is Tinker Bell, Lindsay is Princess Aurora, Owen is Winnie The Pooh, Bridgette is Ariel, Geoff is Prince Eric, Shawn is Aladdin, melati, jasmine is Princess Jasmine, Trent is Jack Skellington, Gwen is Sally, Sky is Pocahontas, Mike is Woody, Brick is Buzz Lightyear, Zoey is Jessie, Noah is Kuzco, Leshawna is Princess Tiana, Dakota is Rapunzel, Rodney is Wreck-It Ralph, Izzy is Vanellope Von Schweetz and Harold is Hiro Hamada.

*Villains List: Courtney is The Evil Queen, Blaineley is Lady Tremaine, Sugar is The Queen Of Hearts, Alejandro is Captain James Hook, Heather is Maleficent, Amy is Cruella De Vil, Jo is Ursula, Dave is Judge Claude Frollo, Duncan is Hades, Scarlett is Yzma, Anne Maria is Mother Gothel and Max is King Candy/Turbo.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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