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Total Drama Island Soalan

I'll make your Total Drama character!

All I need is for anda to put:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Any details?(freckles, dimples, etc):
Body Base(Courtney, Gwen, Heather, etc.):

If anda want(OPTIONAL) add a picture where anda might have tried to draw it, it's not mandatory anda can just tell me the description. I'm only doing these for the bulan of July and what's left of June though! Okay! Type away!:)
 Tessa_ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Total Drama Island Jawapan

tdrules said:
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Blue
Clothes: A red shirt, black tali pinggang and dark blue pants.
Shoes: Blue Tenis
Skin Color: Peach
Any details?: A black bracelet on his right wrist.
Body Base: Trent (is a boy not a girl)
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
I don't know how to send it to you, any suggestions?
Tessa_ posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Well, anda can make him and anda would post the imagen on this club that says "Request for tdrules" that's all I know.
tdrules posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Patzing said:
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Short and curly
Eye color: blue
Clothes: Eagle Scout uniform, lots of badges, no hat
Shoes: Tenis Shoes?
Skin: Very Pale
Details: Lots of freckles,
Body: Can u do Topher, if not Tyler atau Justin
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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