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posted by Animetama
It was morning, the seterusnya day, I could barely get out of bed. "Come on, wake up!" Courtney nudged me to wake up, now? I don't think so! I don't care if I don't get food! But I eventually rolled out of bed, being the last one out of the girl's kabin to go eat.

I got there just in time to eat some disusting thick oatmeal. Once I was served, and as usual got an extra dose from Chef, I sat down beside Sadie and Courtney. There was hair in my food, and I just stared down at it. While the Screaming Gophers were having a good time, the rest of us could barely sleep from Harold's performance of the snores.

Soon enough, Chris came along to bug us, beginning with Duncan, "Duncan," he sang, "you look like death dude!" "Stinkin'," was his answer, then he stuck his head back into the bowl of oatmeal, who knows how old it was?

Courtney stepped to the plate, "Harold snored all night..." Chris was laughing, "wo-o-ow! Four nights without sleep! How much are anda hurting dude?"

"Yeah wanna find out?" Duncan was about to pound the crap out of our "loved" host, "No no it's cool dude. It's cool!"

Then we all heard the door open, it was Harold, the princess of snorring. Great. Everyone gasped, and saw what was on his face, I did so as well. Harold bopped his head and everything for him went in slow motion glamor.

But back to reality, he made us look even worse! And dumber! The other meja, jadual across from us was full of snickers, I felt a bit embarrest...

Then the rest of us broke into laughter as well, making me feel not as dumb to be on the team. Even I laughed, atau that is, just, giggled. I would NEVER EVER laugh on tv! Why? Cause it sounded geeky! It would start out as a cackle, then I snort real loud.

"Ok, what?!" Wined Harold, who didn't notice the mustache yet. "Someone messed with your face dude!" Responded Geoff, adding in a giggle. Harold picked up the spoon in front of him, then said, "hey, sweet stache!" Yeah, if anda wanna look dumber! Lol!

"I'm sure anda grew it over night huh?" I chimed in, I had to add on to his comment!

"Hey everyone!" Chris began, oh great, another challenge, "it's Gwen!" Gwen entered the room, still tired from yesterday's challenge. Sigh, well, at least we're going to win this challenge...

Courtney glarred at Gwen, and Gwen dikomen on how she can't feel her face after everyone from the oppisite team was finished clapping for her. I could over hear Heather talking to Lindsay and Beth about the alliance they made too.

I looked back at my food, my stomache sqealed in great hunger for food. I decided I'd just, anda know, pick out the hairs and go for it, right? Not that diskusting...right?

Heather then sat up while I was picking out each hair from the bowl in front of me, "Hey ikan heads! Way to kick out your strongest player. Why don't anda just give up now?" Courtney took her oatmeal and threw it at Heather, bad idea though, she dodged and it hit Gwen in the face.

Justin just starred at Gwen who was too tired to be pissed off, as for Noah smirking at the humor, then looking back at me and smiling. Meh, Cregg did the same. "Missed me!" Heather teased us.

"Ok campers," Chris went on about the challenge, I finally got the last hair out of my oatmeal and began eating it, it wasn't too least it was eadable...

I followed the others to an open gym. I was walking beside Noah and Cregg and we were talking about some of the funny things that had happend so far this season. Lol. Like what happened not too long lalu with Harold's mustache! atau that big prank until it got out of hand.

We all arrived on the slick wooden floor of the gym. Wait, someone tell me agian why exactally there's a gym out in the middle of a forest? Duncan came in last, and fell onto the bleachers, "wake me up, it'll be the last thing anda do."

Duncan rested his head to sleep, he's probably use to sleeping like that since he went to juby right? atau if he had ever ran away from utama and slept on the streets? I heard Tyler gulp, and saw Courtney roll her eyes beside me.

"This is all your fault anda know, anda and your snorring face!" Courtney complained to Harold. "It's called a medical condition, GOSH!" Harold responded.

Chef interupted the argument between the stick figure and CIT sejak blowing the whistle. He then walked over to sertai Chris, and everyone else stayed silent. Chris then began to speak, "today's challenge is the classic game of dodgeball. The first rule of dodgeball is-"

Oh boy, here it comes, one of Noah's sarcastic comments! "Do not talk about dodgeball?" Owen and Cregg were right beside the sarcastic genius and they chuckled, while Noah looked over at the thinking, 'ha, I'm so smart looking with my awesome sarcasm!' He only wishes...

"As I was saying," Chris continued, "if anda get hit with the ball..." then he hit...

OW! HEY! WHY ME?! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE COURTNEY! I swear to god one of these days he's gonna wish he was never born...

"Ow!" I wined, "you get out!" Chris finished, then I replied while throwing him back the ball, "that wasn't fair!"

Then Chris caught the ball while saying, "if anda catch the ball, the thrower gets sent out and the catcher gets to bring in another team member out on the court!"

"Throwing balls, gee, another mentally challenging test..." Noah added with a dose of sarcasm, agian. "I know right?" Lindsay complained, Noah and Owen just looked at each other thinking the same thing:

Is she really that blond? Um, answer? Yes, she is...

"Ok now Geoff, try to hit me!" Geoff caught the ball that Chris gave him, "if you're holding a ball, anda can use it to deflect a ball! But! If it knocks the ball out of your hands, your out!"

Then Lindsay chimed in, "so...what do we do agian if the ball comes at me?" "You dodge!" Chris yelled. Then Geoff tried to hit Chris, Chris deflected it with another ball, and Lindsay got the front row kerusi, tempat duduk of being face to face with the dodgeball...

Ouch! Lindsay fell to the floor, and everyone minus me gasped. "Oooh! anda were supposed to dodge!" Chris gestured, then Lindsay rubbed her boo boo saying, "ow, right!"

"You have one minit until game time! Gophers, you'll have to sit out one person for each game!" Exclaimed Chris. Then the camera zoomed into the Gophers. I just decided to sit down because I was tired of standing.

I had my eyes on my piece of paper, and a drawing utencil in one hand. I used one of my buku for a hard serface, and peeked back at how my team was doing...

I heard a perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan and a Sadie gone down. Ouch! It looks even lebih painful when your close up like me, I was sitting beside her, while Bridgett and Geoff got interupted sejak the hit behind me.

"That'll smear the make up," smirked Chris, but of course! I was almost hit myself! "Nice job, now lets see if anda can someone on their team!" Yelled Courtney. Heh, wait until she moves out of the way for Owen; making a perfect score sejak hitting Tyler right in the guts!

Tyler had to sit out after saying darn it, and headed for the bleachers sitting right seterusnya to Geoff. Sucks to be him. Oh wait...I spoke too soon, when I saw Harold...

"Time to unleash my wicked skills!" He announced, this should be good, I'll try not to cackle...

"Oh yeah?" Began Leshawna, "then bring it string bean! Lets see what anda got!" Oh boy, here it goes, he's gonna mess up big time! Umm, anda throw the ball straight, not down, lol.

I couldn't help but laugh at him, but I tuned it down to a chuckle so I wouldn't disrupt anything. I watched Leshawna pick up the ball and chuck it at him as he ran away screaming like my sister when she sees spiders around the house.

One sejak one, we all fell down, and eventually it was just Cody and the two Killer Bass. They got out too though, and Cody did his little geeky dance of victory.

Later on, we grouped up agian, and Harold was telling us how we "have to believe in ourselves" and crap. Courtney told him that he sunk, and Tyler blabed on about how he could "doninate this game" and such. I shrugged went they asked if I had anything to say.

It was my turn up and there was me, Sadie, Bridgett, Geoff and Tyler, with all the balls. On the other side of the court there was Cregg, Beth, Owen, Trent, and Izzy. Here it goes...

Tyler's order of throwing balls:

The first ball: went aiming towards Chef.

The secound ball: went aiming towards Chris, "HEY! WATCH THE FACE DUDE!"

The third ball: went aiming towards the screaming gophers on the bleachers.

The last ball: finally hit someone on the oppisite team, poor Lindsay...

"NOO!" Cried out Tyler, "finally!" Cried out Courtney, and as for I? I cried out rolled my eyes, "figures anyhow..."

After Lindsay got up, Trent deliverd the ball to Tyler and got him out. The whistle blew, and Courtney face palmed. "You wanna go for a walk?" Tyler thumbed the way outside. I could tell sejak Lindsay's bruised up face that she thought to say no, but berkata yes anyway.

"Hey! hei get back here! anda are so close to being out of the alliance!" Yelled Heather, meh. "Great gaspie that is it!" Screamed Owen, "GAME OOOOOON!"

He took Izzy's ball and hit out Sadie and almost got me out, luckly I dodged! Unlike Katie who would've stood there and taken defeat. Then Owen took Beth's ball, and hit Bridgett out, Trent gave him his ball, and Owen went straight for Geoff.

Then there was me...

...crap, am I the only one out there?! I took a ball and without them looking, hit Trent out along with Izzy. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. I took another ball and tried to hit Beth, but Owen caught it. I shrugged and walked out of the court taking my loss.

Who cares, Harold will win for us believe it atau not! Because that's what happends in the fourth episode! Anyhow, I overheard Heather's voice across the court, "I'm glad, someone is trying today." Oh boy...

Noah looked over, he didn't really care, "oh sorry, woohoo! Way to throw those muderballs, go team go..." "Nice team spirit," Heather berkata sarcastically. Well that's Noah for yeah, the guy who doesn't really care about much anything...

Then Heather turned around and took it out on us, "Hey! It's two zero. How does it feel to loose so much?" Umm, Heather, was that really nessisary? "Not very good," sighed Harold, don't give in yeah nerd! It aint over yet!

"It's not over yet!" Pointed out the CIT. Heather gave her a look and Courtney muttered to herself, "it's so over..."

We took a short break and I just decided to ignore the whole world and return to my own, I picked up the pencil and notebook, I'm going to write so lebih of my novel! It was silent on our side of the gym, and all anda could hear was my pencil scribbling out words.

"Ok, this is really bad," Courtney began, umm, yeah think? "One lebih game and we loose the whole challenge, agian! We can't let that happen people, we need someone strong, someone mean, someone who will crush those lame ol' gophers into the dirt!"

Everyone looked over at Duncan, who was out cold. As was I starring down into my notebook, seeking for spelling mistakes. DJ spoke up first, "nu ah! We wake him up, he'll kill us!" "He won't kill us guys," Courtney rolled her eyes then made a fist, "he wants to win too!"

"Courtney's right! We need Duncan's fearsness to win this!" Spoke up the wimpy nose picking nerd. "That's the spirit Harold..." encouraged Courtney " go wake him up!"

Nice wording Courtney, lets see his responce; "why me!?" He asked, "because, other than Trent and Kelley, your the worst at dodgeball! And if he does kill anda then your the only one we can afford to loose!" Courtney answered, HEY! AT LEAST I TRY UNLIKE NOAH! yet, I kept quiet...

"No way, I'm not doing it!" Harold complained, "why not Kelley?" Everyone paused and looked at me, I broke the tip of my pencil, "umm...I don't wanna get on anyone's bad side sorry..."

"Yeah! She's like, too cute and nice!" Katie and Sadie berkata at the same time, "besides, Harold's gross and if Kelley's face is like, hurt, then she won't be pretty anymore!" Nice work twins! Now all anda need to do is annoy Justin atau someone else so I can write the conclusion to my chapter!

I smirked at Harold, who didn't know what else to say, and Courtney sighed, "ok fine, then who's gonna wake him up?"

We found a really long stick and we all poked it at Duncan's butt, "We have to go higher!" Courtney whispered, then Harold accidentally lead the stick up into Duncan's nose, causing him to wake up from the dead.

He grabbed the stick, broke it in half, and glared at Harold, "you'd better have a really good reason for sticking this up my nose!" Duncan threatend. "Look," Courtney explained, "we are down, 2 - 0, I can apreciate that anda need a little nap time, but we need your help!"

Duncan deviously smiled, "oh and why should I help anda darling?" "Because, I can personally garentee anda that if we loose this game, you'll be the one going home, darling," exclaimed Courtney. Duncan sighed and then agreed to helping.

Some of us got on the court, while I finished up my chapter of 'imagination land,' it was chapter 4 but the way! They got Owen out first, then Lawshawna, then Izzy, then Beth, and finally Justin who just flat out fell over.

"Come on a little effort out there people," Noah yelled out, for once not starring at his book. Lawshawna and Izzy gave him the look and he just gave a the look ok-I'm-sorry-shesh-look!

Everyone on my team, minus me, was celebrating. Then Courtney rised agian, "I think we should do the same thing, all over agian. So Kelley, Harold, sit this one out too!" Harold looked disapointed and I didn't seem to care. "But I sat the last one out!"

"It's for the good of the team!" Courtney responded, meh, I didn't care. I decided since I was done Penulisan for now, that I'd read a good book! Anyone heard of Distorted sejak Lauren Hares Manderson?

After winning another game, which, I didn't seem to care, it was time for the final game. It would play out a bit different, people would go out there each time someone got out, until Chef signaled us to not go out there anymore. The final people on the court would either take the emas atau run out of luck!

We gathered back together, geez, it feels like football. "Ok, so who's going in?" Questioned Duncan, not me that's for sure. "I was about to speak up but was shortly interupted. "I think it's my turn!" Complained the red headed geek. "No way, we actually have a chance to win this!" Courtney replied. He nodded and sat back down in his place.

"Then I spoke up and began, "should I sit this out too?" I was quiet, because of my soft voice, but everyone could hear me anyhow. "No," answered Courtney, "we need lebih support, anda may be terrible, but no as bad as Harold!"

"Besides dude, that was pretty epic how anda got out two people at the same time when no one was looking!" Exclaimed Geoff, everyone nodded in agreement. "Never know when you'll come handy!" Duncan smirked.

Great, I didn't wanna mess up anything, hopefully Harold would play out his scene! I'll make sure of that! I had a masam look on my face, and sighed. Then it was time...

I was up with my team first, I was the secound out, and we all took turns, excluding Harold. And then it went on and on. Later on when it became lebih entertainning, I saw Noah cheering for the team in his I-don't-give-a-crap tone.

"Knock 'em out, throw 'em out, raw raw," he cheered, then got hit in the face with a dodgeball. Lol! I couldn't help but giggle, his feet were up in the air and his upper body was burried in the bleachers.

"Your right, sports aren't your forte," Heather sang. Well, he did deserve that hit in the head anyhow. Then Tyler got out and Sadie made her grand entrance, she got hit. Don't worry honey, we all do that one hari atau another in our lives, we make a grand enterance and then without looking, we get hit hard sejak someone else and fall down.

Duncan face palmed at her, and the game went on. Eventually, Geoff gave the ball to Harold and Harold took it with glee, but then Duncan piped up, "back to the court princess!" And Harold returned and gave me the ball instead. anda know, I rarely get out there to play huh?

Then Courtney got hit in the face, "that's for the oatmeal!" Gwen yelled out sleepy still from the awake-a-thon. "OHOHOHOHOHO! anda messed, with the wrong white girl!" Lawshawna laughed. Oh well.

Then one sejak one, people were dropping like dead ikan on land. Gwen threw a ball at me and I threw one at her (when it was supposed to be DJ instead), and we both fainted. Tyler and Geoff took me out of the court, which left Harold and Owen the duel. Perfect.

This was all supposed to happen! Even when I'm in the mix, nothing bad happend! I quickly got up to continue my chapter reading, but I thought watching this would be a once in a life time oppertunity, right?

But then I got to thinking about what if we did loose? Who would go home? Me? Harold? Duncan? But I shouldn't be worried! We're going to win...after all...right?

The Screaming Gophers, minus Noah, were all cheering, and the rest of us, besides me, were all freaking out! I wasn't freaking out because I knew we were ging to win, even though I had a slight feeling something would go wrong. As for Noah? He doesn't even care! Hello?! It makes me wonder, how can he read when everyone over there is screaming in his ears?

Owen was prepared for everything, "sorry dude, but you've gotta go down!" Duncan then sighed, "goodnight Harold..."

The cameras were doing their thing, and Harold got an idea. Awesome!!! Here comes the epicness! Harold gestured Owen to bring it on, and Owen starting sprinting with the four balls in his hands. And then threw another.

Three dodgeballs speeding towards Harold! He dodged the first one sejak doing the splits in the air, then did a twirl away from the seound, and the third one he jumped over agian. Then Owen devivered the last ball.

Everything, and I mean everything, went into slow-mo mode! And Harold did the lymbo underneath the final ball. Everyone stopped cheering, even the know-it-all dropped his french book and gave out a "woah."

"Time out," announced Courtney, "time out!" Chef blew his whistle and we all gathered around. "Man that boy's got dodge! Where did anda learn to do that?!" Asked Duncan in surpirze.

"Figure skating," Harold answered, that's pretty awesome! It's funner to watch up close man! "Harold, that was awesome! But dodging isn't enough!" Geoff added. "He's right," started Courtney, "to win this, anda either have to throw him out-"

"Which we all know anda can't do," interupted Duncan. Then Courtney continued, "or catch the ball, can anda do it?" "Definatley," replied Harold. "Awesome, now go catch that ball!" DJ added, hitting Harold in the back; which made him spit lebih water in tyler's face instead of in the bucket. Eww, I think I got some water on me...

Owen had returned to the court, and Harold walked up to resume his mission on winning for the team. We were all cheering for Harold, well, I was in my head, I observed closely with great intrest.

...Why am I getting this gut feeling...? He's going to win! Maybe it was breafast? I knew I didn't get out all those hairs in the oatmeal! I saw Owen send out the ball while yelling, "Kawa...BONGAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I saw the ball come right at him, and then...

I heard someone from the oppisited team yelled out to Harold, "HEY GEEK!" That's when everything went into maygor slow motion...

Harold turned around and piped out a what? Loosing his focus on the ball he was going to catch. And the ball impacted him into the wall, his hands and arms out wide, hit in the guts.

I heard the squeaking of the window noise as he slowly fell down on the ground. Sitting there, grasping his stomach, giving out a "gosh!" He was in a ton of pain...

...Did we that's not right, that doesn't happen! That's never supposed to happen! No!

I was the first to rise from the bleachers, "NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I screamed, before I went into a rage, because anda know I'm a huge total drama fan, I quickly shut and locked my lips and sat down in my place.

"The Screaming Gohpers win!!" Announced Chris, and I heard them all celebrate. As for I, might be going home...agian on the chopping block...

"Nice dodge skater nerd..." Duncan sarcastically said, glarring at the poor geek. I felt sorry for him, from the looks of everyone, they're probably thinking about sending him home...

Chris walked over to us after everyone from the Sreaming Gophers exupt Noah left, Noah was too busy with his nose stuck in his book. "Killer Bass, what happend?" Asked Chris, Courtney was the first to rant...

"I for one know who I'm voting out tonight!" She glared at Harold who had gotten up from defeat. "It's not my fault, I tried! Gosh!" The nerd complained, Courtney just walked away out of the gym, followed sejak everyone bu Harold and I.

Harold looked over at me, got on his knees and begged, "please! anda know I tried my best!" I sighed, "I won't vote for you, but my vote might not be enough..." I looked down to the ground, a voice in the back of my head berkata "I told anda so...!"

Meh, who's counting, anyways, what things would happen if Harold is going to get voted out? And Who caused us to loose, atau better yet, who was the retard who yelled 'hey geek?'

Harold sighed, and walked off, leaving me in the gym to collent my belongings and stuff them in my purse. I did so, and while I was, I heard someone speak from behind.

"So, how does it feel to be on the looser's team?" I tried to make out the voice, and looked over, it was Noah. He had put down his book, and looked at me smirking, as if this hari couldn't get worse.

"Don't worry, it won't be the loosing tema for long!" I pointed out, atau at least I hope I was right...

"Oh really?" Noah raised an eyebrow at me, "and how would anda expect that?" "I'm not sure..." I started out, trailing off, "...but eventually we will win!"

"By the way," I added, "you make a terrible cheerleader!" I giggled a bit, and decided to leave he be with his book. I had to think before it was elimination time, what's going to happen if Harold's gone?! Lets see...

We may loose the other challenge because of his beat boxing, and what about...! LESHAWNA! CRAP! Harold and Leshawna might not be able to get together!!! What was I going to do!?

I know! I got two options, my first option is convincing everyone to not vote the damn geek off! Either that atau at least help the geek get hooked up with Leshawna! So I think the first option would be better, because then I could tell who's voting for who.

I walked around the camp site looking for everyone, since I didn't see anyone anywhere, I decided that they were probably gathering to talk about who's going out. Which would be...

I'm not sure...


Then I heard a voice, it sounded like Courtney's uptight talk nearby! Perfect! I found them now! I followed the noise of where everyone was, and finally spotted them back at the camp api, kebakaran pit. They all stopped and looked over at me wide eyed.

There was Dj, Courtney, Tyler, Duncan (who looked like he was beat tired), Geoff, and Bridgett. I looked at their faces...

Uh oh, what if they didn't want me to be hear? What if I was going home, that's the last thing I'd want to hear that's for sure...

"Yo Kelley," Dj greeted me, "what're anda doin' around here?" Everyone's eyes were stuck to me like super glue, I had to convince them not to vote Harold off!

Words dropped out of my mouth agian, soft and sweet, "well, I wanted to talk with everyone..." They all frowned, as if it was bad news atau something, then I continued; "I was wondering who was going utama tonight..."

They smiled, it looked fake, please don't tell me it was me they were talking about sending away! Now I'm lebih worried about my saftey then Harold's!

Courtney stood up from her spot, and wiggled her finger at me, "we were dicussing some things, and we thought you..."

crap, me? What about me...?

"...are not going utama tonight!" Courtney said, I was relieved! "Wait a minute, then who is?" I asked in confusion, hopefully not Harold right?

Duncan was seterusnya to talk, "the geek's gotta go, he's no use for us!" Was his answer. Crap, so this is what it's come down to huh? "Why not give him another chance?" I asked agian, hopefully convincing the others about it.

"Because Harold's not going to make a difference for us," exclaimed Geoff, then he added, "it's not like he's going to win the seterusnya challenge for us!" "You don't know that though!" I raised my voice.

"Umm, we can't tell the furture though," Geoff responded back. "Besides, don't mean to be rude atau anything but if we didn't vote him out and kept him, then we'd have to vote for you!" Dj pointed out, wait, why me?!

"Why me?!" I asked, the heat raised on my face. "The thing is, anda aren't helpful either," continued Geoff, "you haven't helped much and anda aren't that useful! Even though we all know anda try." He did have a point, just me being lazy.

"I guess I have been a bit lazy," I added, trailing off, "but what's the difference between Harold and I?" Umm, am I putting myself up to go utama atau something? I'd better shut up...

"Are anda saying anda want to go home? 'Cause we don't want anda to leave, we like you!" Smiled Bridgett, speaking in a joking way, she knew I didn't wanna leave in the first place.

"You know I'd rather not go home," I chuckled, glad they got my point. "Besides," Bridgett added, "we know Katie and Sadie would get depressed without you! We wouldn't hear the end of it!"

We all laughed, but then it got me wondering, why didn't they invite me to this meeting? "So why wasn't I invited to this gathering?" I asked, crap! Kelley! Keep your mouth shut! Do we need the itik tape!?

Everyone frowned agian, and Duncan yawned, "we would've if anda weren't in the middle of that tarikh with the bookworm in the gym!" We laughed agian, and then Tyler added on to the joke, "Yeah, anda and that tanned geek making out!"

Umm, yeah, that was a fail right there Tyler, everyone went quiet, the silence broke when Courtney face palmed because of Tyler's stupid joke. "They're only friends!" Courtney explained.

"So anda guys aren't lying right? I'm not going home?" I asked, just to make sure. I looked at Tyler because I knew he was the worst at keeping lies, he spoke, "yeah, we aren't lying to your face! Geez, self counsious much?" We all laughed agian, and I decided to leave after.

"Where anda goin'?" Asked the party cowboy, who was waving at me. "To sneak a snack from the fridge!" I asnwered. "Have fun and get me somethin'!" Duncan yelled back. I walked off to go find Harold, I lied.

I guess I learned my lesson on being the lazy one on the team, it explains why I've been up to elimination in the first place too! I can't be lazy, but if I know we're going to loose, then fake the effort. That way the balance will be kept.

I decided he might be somewhere in the forest, it was time to plan B; get Harold and Leshawna together! But should I tell him about everyone else voting for him off?

I really shouldn't, because if I did he'd most likely spill the beans and I couldn't be trusted after. I sighed and walked of into the forest to find Harold, I was searching for quite awhile though, and still no sign of the green-eyed nerd.

However, I did hear footsteps running my direction, I didn't know who it was though. Maybe Harold? atau someone else? I didn't know until they yanked at my shoulder.

I yelped for a secound, but when I saw who it was, I kept quiet. It was Cregg. Wait! If someone else on his team distracted Harold from winning, could've it been him...?

I quickly turn around to face him, what did he want was the question. He stepped up to the plate, "hey," he began, "so sorry about calling Harold a geek." Wait, so it was him!

"It was you!?" I raised my voice, which I was pretty shocked of since he seemed so friendly in the first place. He nodded, and then I got pretty upset, he was the one who caused this all to happen! It was his fault!

"I can't believe you'd do that! anda cheater! anda made us loose! That's not supposed to happen in the first place!" Crap, did I say too much? I think so beacuse his face turned into a scowl...

"What do anda mean sejak 'happen in the first place?' Huh?!" He questioned, he was getting pretty suspisious...crap! I did say too much! What was I going to do!?

"U-umm..." I didn't really know what to say there, then he continued, "it's like your some kind of master mind and anda know everything!"

"Yeah right! anda think I would? How so?! Do anda even have any pro-" I was interupted sejak him, he answered; "umm, hello?! Am I the only one who noticed that anda weren't helping much durring each challenge? It like anda knew what they were going to do, therefore, anda didn't need to do much!"

"Like when?" I asked, crap, he might find out my insane secret...

"Like the first challenge, it's like anda knew anda weren't going to win! So anda didn't try at all! atau the last challenge out in the gym! It's like anda expected that four-eyed geek to win for your team!" He glared. Crap, that's true...

"Oh yeah?! Well what about anda having us loose huh?! For the third time?!" I snapped back, gosh, I hope I'm not being too rude there...

"That's just the thing," he started out agian, "you, knew he was going to win...but he didn't now did he...?" Cregg put on a smirk of victory. That good for nothing!

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHEAT!" I screamed at him, a tear escaping my eye, "YOU'RE A CHEATER! A CHEATER!" His smirk was now out of place, making it a frown. He looked guitly. "Hey...I'm sorry," he spoke, "I didn't mean to make anda cry..."

Dude, it's only one tear geez! Then he continued, "I guess I was just overreacting. And hey, just trying to look out for my team. Is that acceptable?" He smiled and wiped away my fallen tear, then it was my turn to speak.

"I guess I was just overreacting because what anda berkata makes sense I guess..." Was my answer. We smiled at each other, and then forgave. We sealed the case up with a hug and we went our own routes.

I guess he isn't really all that bad huh? I thought for a secound there he was the bad guy himself! I guess it was all just a misunderstanding...

Wait! Maybe he knows where Harold is? "Hey wait!" I waved at him, "what?" He yelled back, "Do anda know where Harold is?" "Keep going straight!" "Ok!"

Good, I was on my way to finding him, heard he was here in the forest in the first place! I caught a sight of something neon, gotta be him! It looked like he was sitting, with a stick, drawing something into the ground. When I got closer, I could see his face, he looked pretty depressed...

"Woah!" Harold jumped when he saw me, I was now right beside him and he was standing up. "Hey," I rang up, "I heard anda like Leshawna?" Duh! He did since the beginning of the season!

His face turned from shocked, back to depressed, "Yeah, but my fare Leshawna has spoken no words of liking me back...I mean I send her Cinta notes, but I never spot her Membaca them!"

"Well maybe anda didn't see her Membaca them, but maybe she is Membaca them when you're not looking?" I asked, hopefully cheering him up. "True, but still, Leshawna may never tarikh me!" Harold looked down at the ground a bit gloomy.

Darn, why is he so depressed about this? I mean, if I got sent a note I would keep it and read it privately, maybe that was the case? "Well, why don't anda confront her?" I asked agian, hoping he'd agree.

"I guess I could...try..." Harold trailed off, still upset. "Ok," I rang up agian, "why are anda really depressed?" "I told you! Leshawna still hasn't responded to my Cinta notes I send her! She's supposed to GOSH!" Harold threw the last word at my face.

"Unless if someone's been taking them away before she got the chance to read them, I'm not sure why she wouldn't respond..." Harold continued. "Maybe she wont because she doesn't want to get caught up in a trap?"

"So are anda saying she thinks it could be a trap and that she might Cinta me after all?" Harold smiled, I nodded, not sure what else to say, at least it cheered him up!

"Now come on! Lets tell Leshawna about how anda really feel!" I pointed the way out of the forest, and we went over to find Leshawna. After escaping the forest, we found her with some friends, it was Gwen and Trent she was with.

I had that bad feeling in my stomach that something wasn't playing out correctly. Well, it was worth a shot, either now atau never. Harold nudged me in the arm and whispered, "I want anda to make my entrance grand! Introduce me!"

Was he...serious? I sighed and nodded, well, as berkata before, either now atau never..."Hey anda guys!" I waved, "I'd like to-"

"Oh! You're the white girl who got Heather in huge trouble! You're lebih adorable than I thought! What's up?" Leshawna asked, they were all smiling, alright, time to introduce Harold.

"Well, I'd like to introduce anda guys to Harold!" I gestured Harold to come out and make an enterance. He tripped, and the three Screamin Gophers laughed at him.

Harold got back up on his two feet and was about to talk, but Leshawna interupted agian, "hey, aren't anda that udang who insulted all this?" She pointed to herself. This didn't look too good, hopefully he don't come on too strong...

"I've come to say those were compliments! For I Cinta anda my fare Leshawna!" Harold cried out. Oh god, their faces were shocked and surprized. And I...just face palmed...

"Please accept my Cinta to you!" Harold cried out agian, and happend....

They all pointed and laughed at the poor nerd, "Ok, seriously?" Gwen rolled her eyes, thinking it was a joke. "Dude, anda can't just go up to people and say that!" Trent added. Yeah think? Yeah, he came off too strong...

Harold then spoke agian, "But-" "But what? Why don't anda tarikh some other girl yo own skin tone and back ground?" Leshawna snapped her fingers, darn it! It didn't work!

The three of them walked off, and Leshawna yelled out at me, "Yo white girl! Keep up the work on miss popularity!" Then they walked off and they weren't there anymore...

"Harold?" I asked if in a way, kind of asking if he was ok, he looked up at me, and had the most pissed off face I've ever seen! "YOU KNEW I WAS GOING TO MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF!" He yelled at me.

"No..." I quietly spoke as I looked down. "WELL IT LOOKS LIKE I KNOW WHO I'M VOTING FOR TONIGHT! GOSH!" Crap! He wasn't serious! Was he?! Oh no...

...I hate it when people hate me, I didn't know this was going to happen, I was confused when he stomped away, wasn't he and Leshawna going to Ciuman at least?! Crap...

I don't get it, what went wrong?! Ok, lets see all the options there are. Well, maybe Leshawna didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Gwen and Trent. Naw, she was ok with it originally. But wait...

Harold metioned she never responded to his Cinta notes, nor did he catch her Membaca any of them...which probably ment originally...she did behind the scenes! They didn't video tape it until the episode Harold got voted out of! That means...someone took the Cinta notes...! But who?! Who would've done such a cruel thing!?

I was thinking deeply while walking agian, I almost caught myself ding that while thinking of who's messing everything up around here, too late! Bumped into someone! It was...Lindsay!

She turned around, "Hi! Aww, anda look soo cute!" I rolled my eyes, and then talked, "so, how are you?" I asked, trying to mae conversation. She smiled, "I'm-"

"Umm, what did I tell anda about talking to her in our alliance?" Snarrled Heather, who had walked up to us. "But I was just saying hi! Plus look at her cute little face!" Exclaimed Lindsay, she squealed a bit.

Heather raised an eyebrow, "does someone want to be out of the aliance?" She shook her head, Heather continued, "then don't talk to her! She's from the other team!" They walked off, I just shrugged.

Later on in the campfire pit, we had already voted and were perpared to send someone home. The api, kebakaran was dancing, and the marshmallows were glisening against the shadows. I could feel Harold's eyes glaring right at me.

"Campers," Chris began, "You've already placed your undian and made your decision. One of anda will be going home, and anda can't come back, ever. As usual, when anda hear me call out your name, come pick up a marshmallow..."

Everyone got a marshmallow except Harold and I, me agian, on the chopping block!? Well, I knew who was going home, and I don't think that would make anything any better for the two of us.

"The final marshmallow goes to..." Chris added in the dramatic music. I was a bit concerned, could I really trust the others? Was their word true? Was Harold going home? atau was I?

"Kelley," Chris announced. I picked up my marshmallow, and Harold's face went angrier than Eva's when she got voted out. "Any last words?" Chris added in the question.

Harold stood up, "As a matter a fact yes! I'd like to say that anda voted out the wrong camper! She humiliated me! She took my Cinta notes from Leshawna and threw them away and she played me like a puppet! Cregg's right, she is the bad guy..."

he walked off on to the sturdy dock, and turned around once more, "So don't trust her!" Then went onto the bot where he, didn't, belong...

Everyone looked at me confused, and I spoke, "I didn't do anything! I swear!" They looked lebih confused than suspisious though, hopefully Harold didn't blow my trust away into the trash.

Wait, who told him those lies!? Wait...CREGG! I KNEW I COULDN'T TRUST HIM! He's trying to frame me! And make me look bad! Crap...what did I do to deserve this...?

...I swear to god, if I could get rid of him I would...


I hope anda liked it! Please komen if anda like :D
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