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posted by SuperGwen
Noah picked Cody up bridal style and carried him to the pool.
"Everyone! Cody just went into labor!"Noah screamed.

With his outburst. Everyone stopped and dropped everything they did and rushed over to Noah.They all started asking Rawak questions.

"Oh My God! How can i help?
"Are they any doctors here?!

While everyone was talking Cody winced in pain and started breathing harder as lebih contractions hit.Then he felt a gush of water flow down his legs.

"Uh-Oh." He thought
"Noah.There coming."

"Can everybody just shut up and listen! Does anyone here have any sort of experiance with delivery?"Noah asked

Gwen stepped out of the crowd.
"Well, I took nursing classes and helped during deliveries at a community hospital but-"

"That should be good enough!" Noah chanted, as he dragged gwen sejak her arm.

"But I need assistants!" She exclaimed

"Gurrrll, I can help deliver Bayi like nobodys business! I helped my aunt Ida have my cousin when i visited her last summer!" LeShawna claimed.

"And i don't mind." Bridgette said.

"Good!Bridgette,Gwen, Leshawna.Come with me. Bring warm water,blankets, pillows,and a pair of scissors.Courtney, call a doctor!Everyone else come with ,stay here atau come with us! I don't really give two craps. Now come on! We have two Bayi to deliver!"Noah screamed.

All of the people did what they were told. While Cody, Noah,Leshawna,Gwen, and Bridgette ran up into a saat floor.They set up the beds, cradles, and Cody.

He lay there.Panting for his dear life.Letting contractions hit him like a brick wall.To him, it felt like being punched and kicked in the groin and lower stomach a million times.Noah was holding his hand and comforting him.While Cody, on the other hand, was (no pun intended) crushing his hand.

"Noah, this hurts a lot."Cody groaned

"Don't woryy love, it will be all over soon."

After checking him for about an hour, Cody was ready.

"Ok Cody, you're fully dialated and ready to push"Gwen exclaimed.

*After prepping and setting up*

"1,2,3, push."Gwen said

Cody pushed really hard, he started to blush and shiver.After 2 and a half hours, the head of Christopher, red with blood.

"Just one lebih push should do it Cody."Gwen whispered encouragingly.

Cody pushed one lebih time and felt a small little body flow out of him.

Gwen wrapped Christopher in blue blankets and put a blue hat on his head.LeShawna put him in a cradle.

Now for Johnathan, who was having a hard time coming out.

"Oh No! This is not good!"Gwen blurted out.

"what?"Noah said

"The other baby is coming out sejak his feet!Cody,this is a life atau death situation!You have to push now atau you're baby will die.."

Both Noah and Cody's faces drained.

"Do it for him."Noah whispered in Cody's ear"

Cody pushed lebih hard than ever, with all his might. And the last little boy came out, but wasn't crying.


"I'm sorry guys. He didn't make it."Gwen cried

Noah just collapsed on his knees. A life that he helped make, gone...


He held the blood covered new born in his hands.Eyes closed.
Then, Noah started crying tears dropping on the newborns chest.

Suddenly,the baby opened his eyes and started wailing loudly.

"It's a MIRACLE!"Gwen yelled

She carried the Newborn to Bridgette so he could get cleaned.

"You did great Cody."Noah berkata pecking his mate on the lips.

After the newborns are cleaned, the girls hand them to the expecting parents.Cody held a tanned baby boy with dark Chocolate hair.He had noah's head but Cody's eye color and, suprisingly, his gum line.So he'll have gappy teeth.The baby was sound asleep smiling. Noah held a baby boy with light brown hair, Cody's head, and asleep with a serious look on his face.So he'll be a deep thinker..and a little bit of sarcasm. :D

"What should we name them?"Cody asked.

"How about we name this one,Jonathan."Noah berkata to the baby he was holding.

"And this one, Christopher."Cody berkata to the baby in his arms.

"Yeah. The Andersons, one big family."Noah finished Ciuman the heads of the babies.
anda think it's over right?
Well think again! Coming up seterusnya is...Life with the Andersons!New series coming to anda in, well, whenever i got time!Please comment!
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