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*Zoey's POV*

Tears ran down my face while I ran back down the path, reaching my bus-stop. I sat down on the seat, tears flowing from my eyes dripping onto the floor. My hati, tengah-tengah felt shattered as the moment replayed again over and over in my head. I understand that could of been one of his other personalities but, why Anne Maria!? I thought we had a connection! Whenever he was around me, Mike would blush, stumble his sentences and always stare at me, even when we weren't talking to each other!

What's the use if one of Mike's personalities likes Anne Maria? He'll never like me in a proper way. What if when he kissed Anne Maria it was Mike's actual personality!? The thought of that made tears come back to my eyes. Staring up at the sky, the clouds were covering the beautiful blue bringing darkness. Just like my heart.

'Why Mike? I thought we liked each other... lebih than friends!' I berkata out to no-one. Luckily, I was alone as everyone left the school already. No cars were on the road either. My ears pricked up as I heard rusting in the bushes behind the bus shelter. Turning around I asked with a sniff 'W-who's there?' Popping out from the belukar, bush was no other than the crazy orange-haired girl: Izzy.

'Hi Zo-Zo! Why anda all teary? Let me guess...' Izzy told me, concentrating hard. 'Ooh! You're upset because Golden Oldies In Their pakaian dalam wanita, undies isn't on TV anymore? I loved that it was really-'

'Mike was Ciuman Anne Maria,' I interrupted, looking away from Izzy.

'Yay! They got together!' Izzy berkata happily, clapping her hands.

'No! That's bad! I thought Mike and I had a real connection!' I complained throwing my hands in the air. 'I thought... He liked me,' Izzy stared at me, a rare concern facial expression was put upon her face.

'I'm sure he likes anda back! Maybe it was one of his personalities?' Izzy thought aloud menunjukkan her sympathetic side.

'What if it wasn't?' I asked. Izzy for once looked clueless and continued to think.

'I'm sure Mike will explain what happened tomorrow. Just find out then. I'm sure he's lebih upset then you,' Izzy replied.

'R-really?' I asked, letting out a sniff.

'Yeppers!' Izzy answered back a smile appearing on her face.

'Thanks Izzy. anda know, you're very smart,' I told the orange haired girl.

'Yes I am!' Izzy announced.

'Just one question, why were anda in the bushes?' I asked.

'I'm waiting for my friend. He stayed after school and will be coming out to meet me in a minute,' Izzy replied bouncing up and down.

'Who is he?' I asked wiping the tears from my face.

'His name is Noah. There he is now! NO-AH! NO-AH!' Izzy yelled out. In the distance walking down a path was a quite skinny, tanned boy with dark hair.

'Hello Noah-It-All!' Izzy berkata to the teen when he caught up to the bus-stop.

'Izzy, please do not call me that,' Noah answered back in a frustrated tone.

'This is my friend Zoey! Zoey, this is Noah,' Izzy berkata introducing each other.

'Hi!' I berkata to Noah trying to look happy.

'Friends? I wish anda luck. Once anda meet Izzy, she'll hang onto anda forever,' Noah told me rolling his eyes.

'Yup! I do that to Noah all the time,' Izzy butted in.

'Yes, and I'm always so thrilled to see you,' Noah replied in a sarcastic tone.

'Well see anda Zoey! Hope everything turns out with anda and Mike!' Izzy berkata dragging Noah away down the path. Literally.

'Thanks. See anda later!' I called out giving the two a wave. Noah gave a wave back while Izzy continued dragging Noah from the front. Only just thinking about it, I never knew that Izzy was Mike is some ways. Izzy changes personalties all the time but she doesn't have MPD, it's just herself. No wonder Izzy understood. Having Friends like these are nice. When I was younger, no-one would become Friends with me.

*Kindergarten, age 5*

'Sweetie, there's nothing to worry about. School is great fun!' Zoey's mum told her daughter. A nervous look was upon Zoey's face as little kindergartens stood outside the classroom with their parents. She wore a baju and a skirt, her red hair in short pigtails.

'Really mummy?' Zoey asked, looking up towards her mum.

'Yes, I'm sure. I Cinta anda Zoey,' her mum berkata reaching down to give her a hug. Zoey giggled and gave a Ciuman to her mother's cheek, then went into her classroom trying to feel confident. She looked at her surroundings: a black board, many tables, colours everywhere and a book shelf down the back.

The class began, all the kids got a go at telling their name to the class.

'I'm Zoey!' the young girl announced proudly to the classroom. A small boy with orange hair snickered from the corner.

'Zoey! That's a stoo-pid name!' the boy berkata laughing. The whole class laughed along with him, while Zoey looked around with a confused look on her face.

'What does stoo-pid mean?' Zoey asked. This made the class crack up even more.

'Alright, calm down everybody,' the teacher told everyone. Later that day, they had to do a drawing of what they looked like on a piece of paper. Zoey sat at the meja, jadual with a few other kids, picking out different coloured crayons that spread on the desk.

'Your drawing looks like a dummy!' a voice was heard from behind. Zoey turned around and saw the boy from before who was standing there.

'That's not nice!' Zoey shouted loudly to the young child.

'It's funny when you're angry!' he laughed pointing his finger at her. Zoey got an angry look on her face and pushed the boy back onto the floor.

'You meanie!' she yelled causing the whole class to look towards the two. The orange haired boy sadly looked up towards the girl and started to cry very loudly. Zoey gasped, not meaning to push him over. The class all looked at the girl with an expression of shock and some others scared.

Zoey got in trouble that day. She was late for recess after she got a lecture from the teacher, telling her it wasn't nice to push people. Zoey almost felt like crying after she ran out to her bag which was on the peg getting her recess. She sadly walked out and sat on a seat, with a few other kids sitting seterusnya to her, including the orange haired boy.

'Get away from her! If anda sit seterusnya to her she'll hurt you!' the boy yelled to the whole group who was sitting near Zoey. They all moved away, leaving an upset Zoey behind on the seat.

The hari she started to have no friends.

*End of Flashback*

Oddly enough, the orange haired boy seemed familiar but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Wait a minute... The orange hair? The country accent in his voice? The freckles!?

That boy was Scott all along!! He was the one who made me have no Friends all my life! Oh yes, I couldn't wait for revenge. Feeling rage inside my body, I looked up at the sky and tried to calm down.

'It was all his fault... I never knew!' I berkata quietly to no-one. The late bus arrived, letting myself get on. I didn't get utama until 5:00.

It was Scott all alone!

*End of Zoey's POV*

*Mike's POV*

I arrived home, feeling much lebih depressed than ever. Why... Why did Vito had to come out at the wrong time? Mum and dad hadn't arrived utama from work yet, so I was all alone. I slouched over to the lounge-room and went into the bathroom. I took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror. I seemed like a normal teen. But I wasn't. Staring back at me was a depressed, sad guy with the person in his life hating him.

That was me. Running out of the bathroom, I went into the kitchen. Sitting on the bench were a few dapur knives that were placed in the pisau holder. I stared at them for a while, feeling the urge to go over and cut myself. Walking slowly over, I picked up one of the knives making my hand get closer to my wrists. I gulped nervously.

'What's the point of life when the girl anda like now officially hates you!?' I asked to the empty house-hold. I was about to slit my wrists when-

'Mike, I'm home! What are anda doing in the kit-' I heard my mum yell as she saw me in the kitchen. I froze and so did she. Her face turned to a pale white and her mouth hung open, letting her groceries drop from her hands and spilling on the floor. She ran over as fast as she could and grabbed the pisau out of my hands.

'Mike! Are anda crazy!? Please don't tell me anda were trying to slit your wrists?!'she asked looking at me in concern with tears almost spreading to her eyes. I weakly gave a nod to my mum, making her hug me.

'Oh, Mike. If your upset, pain isn't the solution! Promise me you'll never do this again,' she berkata releasing from the hug her face still holding shock as she stared back at me.

'Ok. I promise,' I replied. She gave a smile but her eyes were filled with tears. Wiping her eyes, she bent down to pick up the fallen groceries.

'What's wrong? I thought anda became good Friends with people at school?' mum asked putting the groceries on the bench.

'It's complicated. Please, can I just take a nap?' I asked. She gave a quick nod, so I trudged back to my room and fell asleep on my bed. Inside my mind, I could hear all my personalities in the dream I was having.

*Mike's dream*

'Why the hell did anda Ciuman Anne Maria!?' my personality yelled to Vito in my mind. Vito stood there pretending not to care and stared back at me.

'Cause, the girls hot! Unlike red,' he replied back.

'Zoey's the nicest girl ever! Don't anda see?' I asked Vito. Vito ran over to me and were looking face to face with each other.

'Why don't anda give us lebih time? It's always anda that has to be the actual personality!' Vito yelled pushing me over onto the ground. I slid on the floor, and slammed into Chester.

'You little punks! Stop barging into me like that! Back in my day-' Chester started to complain until Manitoba interrupted.

'Mate, no-one cares. But Vito is right, we need lebih time!' Manitoba yelled, making Svetlana come over.

'Agreed! Svetlana's need lebih time to practice in the outside world,' Svetlana berkata nodding in agreement. I stood up and glared at them.

'I'm going to take control. anda guys are ruining my life! As hard as I can, I'm going to try to push anda to the back of my mind,' I yelled at them, pushing them into a corner of my mind. They all landed in a jumble in a darkened corner. They all groaned in pain, and glared back at me weakly.

I then woke up. It was the seterusnya hari and I kept thinking about that dream. Am I now somehow able to take over my personalities? I wasn't too sure. I got out of katil and decided to get dressed, trying hard as possible to change without getting my baju off fully, so Vito doesn't come out. I went to get some breakfast, noticing that mum and dad had already left for work. The house was silent, only hearing the crunch of my teeth as they bit into my cereal. Letting out a sigh, I brushed my teeth and took a good look in the mirror one lebih time.

I was just a normal boy. Only one the outside. Getting my bag, I walked outside the front and began walking to school. I needed to tell Zoey what had happened. She was probably upset... Wait a minute. Did Zoey have feelings for me too? She wouldn't be crying plus running away looking angry if she never liked me! I felt a bounce of joy inside my hati, tengah-tengah and my face lit up with happiness. The bad thing is, Zoey probably thinks I like Anne Maria.

'Miiiiike!'someone from behind me yelled. Turning around I saw no other than Izzy walking to school with three other boys. One was very short, with scruffy brown hair and a gap was shown in between his teeth. For some reason, he reminded me of myself. seterusnya to him, was a slightly taller boy with a bored expression on his face and he held a book in his hand. seterusnya to Izzy, was one of the largest teen I had ever met! He had a happy expression with blonde hair and was quite big. Ok... Very big.

'Oh, hi Izzy,' I replied giving her a wave.

'Guys this is Mike! Mike these are Cody, Noah and Owen,' Izzy announced. I gave a wave and they did back.

'Hi Mike! Nice to meet you!' Owen yelled running up to me and held me tight against his chest.

'Uh, Owen, is it? Would anda mind putting me down?' I asked the giant, happy teen. He nodded letting me down on the ground.

'At least you're not as small as I am. I'm always getting crushed sejak Owen,' Cody said, giving a small chuckle. I did the same back.

'So... Are anda going to tell Zoey today?' Izzy asked me.

'Yes. I need to explain what happened about Anne Maria,' I replied.

'I guess we don't know who this Zoey and Anne Maria are, don't we?' Noah berkata aloud.

'It's a long story. anda really don't want to know,' I told the three.

'Well, yesterday while I was waiting for Noah I decided to talk to Zoey. She seemed quite happy afterwards,' Izzy announced proudly.

'Wow, anda did? Thanks so much Izzy!' I berkata with surprise giving her a large smile.

'How come anda never help us with our problems?' Cody asked while we continued walking.

'Please. If Izzy gave advice, it wouldn't be helpful,' Noah berkata in a monotone voice.

'Nah, that's not true! Izzy helped me when we dated,' Owen said. I almost choked on my own breath after hearing what Owen said.

'Y-you two d-dated?' I asked in a shocked expression.

'It's true. Not a very good couple,' Noah explained shaking his head.

'I thought anda two were good together,' Cody butted in.

'Well, back to the point; thanks anyway Izzy,' I told he orange haired girl.

'You're welcome! I thought she was upset because Golden Oldies in Their pakaian dalam wanita, undies isn't menunjukkan anymore and it's a really good sho-' Izzy berkata to us until Noah groaned in frustration.

'Shut-up! That tunjuk is idiotic and makes no sense,' Noah complained.

'You think every tunjuk is idiotic these days Noah,' Cody chuckled which made Noah roll his eyes in annoyance. We continued walking and talking, making me not notice there was a rock in the middle of my path. My foot banged against the rock, making me feel Chester about to come into the outside world.

'Woo-hoo! Looks like Chester's coming,' Izzy berkata cheerfully. The three others looked at each other and confusion. I tried my hardest from making Chester come out, squinting really hard. Then... Nothing.

'Izzy! I think I might be able to control my personalities now!' I announced with happiness remembering the dream.

'Aw, I kinda liked Chester. He reminded me of my old Granny!' Izzy laughed.

'Whoa, whoa. Who is Chester?' Owen asked.

'Well, the problem is that I have Multiple Personality Disorder,' I announced to the three.

'Ah yes, also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder,' Noah explained, I nodding in agreement. Noah seemed pretty smart.

'Yeah, one personality is called Chester. I hate him so much!' I berkata as we walked into the gates of the school, getting to near the table. I spotted Zoey sitting seterusnya to the others including Brick.

'Well, see anda guys later,' I berkata to them giving a wave.

'Good luuuck!' Izzy yelled from behind as I walked to the table. When I arrived, Zoey turned around to face me.

'We need to talk,' we both berkata at the same time, just realizing and letting out a shy laugh.

'I sense anda want us to leave?' Dawn asked making me nod in agreement. Everyone left so it was just Zoey and I.

'Zoey. Please, I'm sorry I kissed Anne Maria,' I berkata to the red-head. 'It was Vito... He has an attraction to her,'

'I understand Mike. I kinda forgot it could of been one of your personalities,' Zoey berkata nervously.

'But, I just want to know one thing; why did anda get upset when I kissed Anne Maria, do you...' I asked making sure she understood what I meant. A blush appeared on her cheeks which stood out on her pale skin.

'Well the thing is; I like anda Mike, a lot. For a while actually,' she told me in a shy voice.

'I understand if anda don't like me back...' she continued.

'Are anda kidding!? I've liked anda ever since anda got those bullies out of the way,' I told her. Zoey's face lit up with happiness and jumped into my arms. I caught her and held the hug tightly, both closing our eyes.

'Woo-hoo! Yeah!' I heard a voice from the background. Turning around we saw the group in a near-by belukar, bush with a happy Sam clapping his hands. Dawn replied with an annoyed look 'Sam, shh! I sense they might do something special,'

I looked straight into her beautiful dark eyes and we both slowly leant into a kiss. Her lips touched mine and I swear it was the most awesome moment in my entire life. Feeling her soft lips against mine, I felt like the happiest person on Earth. Releasing, we both looked at each other with joy.

'I also have something else to tell you. I think I might be able to control my personalities now,' I told her after we had kissed. Zoey gasped joyfully.

'Mike, is that true?' she asked and I gave a nod in return. She started jumping up and down with happiness and berkata 'I can't believe it!'

'Me either! I tripped over a rock this morning and usually Chester comes out but he didn't! I've got to try to rest first,' I told her.

'Don't worry, we'll try later. But I need to tell anda something,' Zoey told replied, a sad look appearing on her face.

'W-what is it?' I asked with curiosity.

'Scott and I were in the same kindergarten class. One my first hari of school he was a bully and teased me, so that hari I pushed him over and he started to cry,' Zoey explained. I started chuckling a bit.

'Scott, crying? Ha ha!' I berkata while laughing, Zoey did too.

'Yeah, it was quite funny. But later he told everyone to not sit near me atau I'll hurt them. He made my life lonely all the time! Then later throughout the year, he teased me about my brother making me get angrier and angrier. I never realized it was Scott, until now,' Zoey told me. I was speechless.

Scott. Is. Going. DOWN.

'I can't believe it. Scott!! He is going to get much lebih than revenge,' I told her with an evil smirk, making her giggle.

'Yeah, boo Scott!' Sam yelled from the bushes making us laugh.

'Now, let's get revenge!!' Zoey smiled evilly.

*End of Chapter*

Sorry it took me a while to get this chapter up :| I'm also going away from Fri-Sun then going on school camp from Mon-Wed. The seterusnya chapter will most likely be the last chapter. I failed on the Ciuman part, I'm terrible at Penulisan stuff that has Ciuman in it XD

Thank-you all for your kind and wonderful reviews! Membaca them makes me extremely happy :) Thank-you all for your ideas and I'm sorry if I couldn't include yours :(

Until seterusnya time XD
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