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posted by jjj113
hi im izzy the host from tdi heres are first camper catlin:hi im catlin im so excited izzy:heres are seterusnya camper jen:im so excited i cant wait to ski wait there no snow! nikki:im not staying (goes to jump on bot bot goes away)ahh im all wet
jonsey:hi babe(nikki and jonsey makes out)jude:yo starr:hi everyone the clones:hi everybody were so excitted wyatt:hi heres everybody else trish darth julie coach halder ron wayne serena marlowe yummy mummy courtney and lydia and yummy mummy kid so here the teams team one the shooping gofers:catlin nikki jonsey starr kristen darth ron courtney and yummy mummy and team two killer store:jen wyatt jude crissy kirsten kid marlowe sereana wayne julie ok your first challenge is jumping a 100 feet high in a blazzing hot pound wit sharks and allagoaiters just then a bot came someone got off who was it find out in partt 2!!
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I found this on the TDI blog XD
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He is pretty interesting once anda get to know him I do not own this video,Total drama island,Noah,Teletoon Song:Anything,Mae
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posted by LeshawnaGirl
I kind of have an idea for the third season of TDI/TDA, and remember it is just a suggestion. I think it should be called TDO. Total Drama Occupation. It could be about real life and jobs, and what people have to do. Everyone would come back and two teams, Chris, and Chef. Screaming Chauffeurs(it rhymes with Gophers and its a job) and the Killer Cops ( it is just an idea). The guys can start on one team and the girls on another team, then they merge later. They live in crappy motel across the jalan from Chris and Chef's amazing hotel. And they compete in challenges based on jobs, like police,...
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posted by Lolly4me2
I giggled as the school bus bounced me up and down throughout road bumps. I stared at the clouds and smiled.
"Chicken!" I screamed pressing my finger against the window.
"What?" My best friend Maggie asked.
"That awan looks like a chicken!" I repeated smiling huge. She gave me a funny look then sat back down.
"... Now I dee a duck!"
"What's with anda and birds today, Sofie?"
"I don't know..." I answered continuing to bounce.
"Turtle!... Corn!--"
"Annoying freak who seems to be staring at your chest!" Izzy yelled pointing to Duncan who looked the other way once my eyes turned to him. I scooted onto...
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posted by superDUNCANfan
Hi, I'm Amber, Trent's little sister. I saw Cody today and he is kinda cute! I think i'm in Cinta with him.... I mean were Friends but we tell each other everything! I Cinta to sing, my bubba taught me everything i know! Oh and Brooke if your Membaca this do anda wanna be Bffs? My mom says that Trent will be a famous gitar player and that i will be the singer. anda know cody has never told me his last name if anda know plz tell me!I am like Lindsay but smarter: I have style,
I am hot! and Unlike her I have talent! Hmp! I mean the only person who could pull of hot as being a talent is... Justin!

* Car pulls up*
Cody's hear! oh.. no! Gotta go1

*blows kiss*Be Stylish!!!
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I found this on YouTube