Gwen's P.O.V
I woak up early and Mikica was gone so i went to find her to see if she is alright. I was walking past the boys kabin and in the corner of my eye i saw Mikica in katil with Duncan.
"Holy crap." i berkata very loudly. Waking Mikica and a few of the boys up.

Mikica's P.O.V
I heard Gwen say
"Holy crap." I shot up and noticed i was in katil with Duncan in the guys side of the cabin. Duncan was still asleep so i thought I'd walk him the best way i know how. I kissed him on the lips.

Duncan's P.O.V
I was peacefully dreaming about Mikica and i making out. I swear my dreams seem to be coming true lately i thought as i was awoken sejak Mikica Ciuman me. When she pulled away i smirked.
"Hey gorgeous." i said.
"Hey lover boy." she berkata back.
"How did anda sleep?" i questioned.
"Very good. So will this be my permeate sleeping arrangement?" Mikica asked.
"If anda want." i replied.
"Yea. I would Cinta that. " she said.

Chris's P.O.V
I saw Mikica and ular sawa, python leave the guys side of the cabin. Mikica is wearing one of Duncan's shirts and some booty shorts. Almost all the guys were drooling over her. ular sawa, python and Duncan growled. Duncan looked lebih ticked than usual and many are wondering why. Are soalan was answered when DJ said.
"Yo Duncan your girl friend is hot." Mikica blushed and replied.
"Thank anda DJ." Mikica said. Then everyone but Geoff, DJ, Mikica and Duncan said.
"How long has this been going on?" i ask
"A little bit." Mikica said.
"Ok campers meet me at the campfire pit in ten." I said.

Duncan's P.O.V
After Chris berkata to meet him at the campfire pit i went up to Mikica and ular sawa, python and we walked together. I went over to a pokok and pulled out my pocket pisau as Chris started talking.
"This is camp wawanckwa your utama for the seterusnya 8 atau so weeks the campers sitting seterusnya to anda will be your kabin mates, competition and maybe even your Friends anda dig." Chris said. Harold smiled at me and I held up my fist to punch him.
" the camper who manages to stay on total drama the longest wins 100,000 dollars." Chris said. Before I could think of that I was saying I berkata this.
"what would the sleeping aringments be cause I would like to request a bunk under her." I pointed at Mikica. Mikica turning a deep shade of red. Heather said.
"There not coed are they."
"No girls get one side and guys get the other." Chris went on.

Mikica's P.O.V
Chris went on. But i wasn't really paying attention. I just sat there petting ular sawa, python until i heard and Katie and Sadie were talking about if they didn't live together they would die. I heard Owen say something about it being like a big sleepover.
"hears the deal we are going to perpecahan, berpecah anda up in to teams if I call your name stand over hear." Chris berkata pointing to a tree, and Chris went on to say.
"Gwen, Trent, heather, Cody, Linsey, Noah, izzy, lashawna, Owen, beth and Justin. anda are know known as the screaming gofers. As for the rest of anda Geoff, Bridget, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Katie, Courtney, Ezekiel, Eva, Harold, Duncan anda are the killer bass." Chris said.
"What about Mikica?" Duncan said.
"Miranda can be on either team she wants."
"Miranda?" Geoff asked.
"Yea! Mikica May Ashton is actually Miranda Mae Beaston!" Chris said. Mikica atau Miranda looked pissed of.
"Miranda so what team will anda be on." Geoff asked berkata being an ass.
"I swear to god if anda atau anyone ever calls me that again i will murder you." I berkata looking scary as hell.
"Miranda, that is your name isn't it." Heather berkata rubbing it in.
"NO! Not any more. I changed my name when i was twelve with my sister Serena. I mean Nikica." I said.
"So why did miss freak change her name." heather said.
"I'm not telling you. So what team am i on?" I asked.
"What team do anda want to be on?" Chris asked.
"Killer bass." I berkata and the killer bass cheered. I smiled and fist bumped Geoff, Bridget and Duncan.
"ok campers anda will be filmed in all public areas during this game anda will also be able to share your inner most thoughts on tape anytime anda want to let the audience know what anda are thinking atau just to get something of your chest." Chris said.
* in confession*
I think me and Duncan are going a little fast. I mean i gust meet him yesterday.
* out of confession*
I walked out of the confessional and went over sejak Duncan.
"You have a jam to unpack then meet up in the main lodge." chris said. Me and Duncan walked to the boys side of the kabin in silence. I walked in and grabbed my bags and put them in the girls side. Tho i will still be sleeping in the guys side with Duncan. I was about to go back to the guys side but i decided to talk to Bridgette.
"Hey Bridgette, right?" i berkata to Bridgette.
"Yea, Mikica, right." she said.
"Yea." i said. We talked until we were at the main lodge. We walked in and chef was preaching about how he surveys it three times a hari and we will eat it three times. Bridgette and i were talking and we learned a lot about each other. Like i learned that Bridgette was a Vegetarian , loves to surf, how she can do a hand stand for twenty minuets. When it was are turn to get Makanan we just grabbed it and left. Tho i berkata thank anda to chef. I mean he doesn't have to feed us. He could let us starve. I sat seterusnya to Duncan. I didn't feel like starving so i ate the food. That earned me some weird glances. I shrugged it off and went on eating. After a little bit chris berkata our first challenge was in an jam and that we needed our swim suits. Katie atau is it Sadie. Whatever she said.
"I wonder what they'll make us do?" Then DJ went on to say.
"It's are first challenge. How hard could it be." That it. We were just jinxed. I decided i had enough Makanan so i went to put on my swim suit. ular sawa, python was right behind me. Its cute. The was he always follows me and protects me. I went out and meet up with Bridgette. Bridgette are talking as were walking up a huge cliff. Geoff and Duncan are doing the same not to far behind us.
"So Bridgette do anda like anyone?" i ask Bridgette.
"I don't know... maybe...." she berkata blushing slightly.
"Ok who." I asked.
".......Geoff......." she whispered.
"I promise i wont tell." i said. I looked behind me to see Duncan was staring. I decided to be a tease and do a model walk.

Geoff's P.O.V.
"You totally Cinta her man" I berkata after snapping Duncan out of his stare.
"Yea so what if i Cinta her." Duncan said. After a few saat we heard Mikica and Bridgette defining scream. Duncan and i ran up to them. Duncan went straight to Mikica and i went to Bridgette.
"What happened?!?" Duncan and i berkata in unison
"Mikica twisted her ankle." Bridgette berkata winking at Mikica.
"Then why did Bridgette scream?" i asked.
"We were having a screaming contest." Mikica berkata in defense.
"Yea, And i totally won." Bridgette said.
"Yea right." Mikica said.
"You want me to carry you?" Duncan asked Mikica.
"Sure." Mikica berkata as Duncan picked her up bridal style. When we were at the bahagian, atas of the cliff Duncan put down Mikica down while Chris explained what are challenge is.
"Your first is a three part your first task is to jump off this 1,000 ft. High Cliff into the lake" Chris said.
"Piece of cake." Bridgette said.
"If anda look down anda will see to target areas, the wider part repezents the part of the lake we have stocked with sicodic man eating sharks, inside that target area is a selamat, peti deposit keselamatan zone that is your target area whitch we are pertly sure is yu, ikan jerung free!" Chris said.
"Excuse me." LaShawna said.
"For each membe of anda team that jumps and actually survives there will be a krat of suplize waiting below. Inside each krat is suplize anda will need for your seterusnya challenge. Which is building a hot tub the team with the best one gets a wicked hot tub party. Killer bass anda are up first." Chris berkata
"Ok who wants to got first?" Bridgette asked.
"Ladies first." Duncan said.

Mikica's P.O.V.
"Ok who wants to got first?" Bridgette asked.
"Ladies first." Duncan said.
"Fine I'll go." i berkata taking a few steps back. I took off my, well, Duncan's shirt, shorts, towel and i handed them to ular sawa, python and motioned for him to go down the hill. When he started to walk away and i got ready to jump. I was about to jump when Geoff said.
"You have tattoos."
"Yea." i said. With that i ran and did a cool back flip into a front flip into a dive. I also landed in the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan zone.
"YEAH!" i cheered. When i got back on dry land ular sawa, python was waiting for me. I dried of and sat with ular sawa, python while we watched people jumping.
After a little bit of watching almost all of are team jumped. The only people in my team that didn't jump were Cortney and DJ.

~time skip~

Owen's P.O.V.
"You need this point to win, so no pressure." Chris said. I sighed.
"Ok there pressure." he said.

Mikica's P.O.V.
Owen was at the bahagian, atas of the cliff about to jump.
*in confession*
if he actually jumps, it's going to make a huge splash. People might wanna brace them selves.
*out of confession*
I watched Owen run and jump. I think should have taken my Nasihat about bracing myself. As a huge splash pushed me forward.
"Hey babe." Duncan berkata from under me. I smiled, got up and helped him up. When i pulled him up i might have pulled to hard. We ended up kissing. Best. Accidence. Ever. My and Duncan pulled away just as Chris said.
"Goffers win, the advantage." Chris said. I sighed and started pushing my crate. I looked around for python. I spotted him seterusnya to Duncan.
"Awe!" i said. If only i had my phone i thought. I continued pushing my krat until i was at the camp. Once everyone was at the camp we got started. I kicked my krat with one pantas, swift motion breaking it open. Most people gave me an astonished looks. We got to work. Cortney took over.
"Alright campers. Times up." Chris said. I looked an our teams hot tub, and, well.... it looked like crap.
"This is a rocking hot tub." Chris berkata motioning to the goffers, Earning them a thumbs up. When he barley tapped ours water came spewing out, directly in Chris face.
"I think it's obvious who won this challenge." Chris said. The goffers were all cheering and shit.
"Yay we get to stay hear for another three days." Lindsey berkata hugging Heather and Beth. I walked over to Bridgette and motioned for us to go. We went to the main lodge. Chef gave us slop.
"Thank you." i berkata to chef.
*cough* "suck up." *cough* heather said.
"Hey just be happy he's feeding us he doesn't have to. I mean anda could use this as a form of diet." i said. I know i shouldn't i mean I'm not usually a bitch. But when it come to people like her and Maddison i lose my head. I walked away. I sat sejak Duncan.
"Hey." i berkata smiling.
"Hi." He berkata smiling as well.
" ok who are we gonna vote off?" Cortney asked
"Well I think it should be chicken wing over here." Duncan said. laughed as he pointed at her which made her all prissy.
"Why me?" she asked.
"Last time i checked anda and the brick house are the only ones wearing chicken hats. And if we ever have to alih a truck i like our odds with the brick house." Duncan said.
"Who would anda vote off?" i asked.
"Um.. what about him?" Cortney asked referring to Tyler.
"NO!" Lindsey said. I got up and left, with ular sawa, python not far behind me. I just needed to clear my head. I walked to the girls side of the cabin. I decided to Skype with Nikica. I walked to an open field a few feet into the forest. I clicked on the call bottom and within saat Nikica's smiling face popped up
"Hey little sis." she said.
"Hey big sis." i said.
"So how the island?"
"Good, Did anda hear from Ariana?" i ask.
"I tried to call her, but all i got was her voice mail."
"Ok, anda wanna work on are routine?" i asked.
"Sure." Nikica said. I turned on the music.

DJ's P.O.V.
I was in the guys side of the cabin. I was in there with Geoff and Duncan. We were talking until we heard some Muzik coming from behind the cabin.
"Bro, what's that." I said
"I don't know." Geoff said. We all got up and decided to find out. We followed the Muzik into the forest and saw Mikica dancing.
(It looked like this. It's suppose to be Mikica and Nikica. I don't own this all rights go to the craters Miu and Ari.)
Unknown Object
"You did good Nikica." Mikica berkata to her.
"Same goes to you." Nikica said. We all stood shocked. We walked up to ware Mikica was siting.
"Hey." i berkata sitting down seterusnya to Mikica.
"Oh, hei guys, how long have anda been out hear?" she asked.
"A little bit." Duncan said.
"Your really good at dancing." I said.
"Ahem." Nikica said.
"Oh guys this is my big sister Nikica. Nikica this is.Geoff, DJ and anda already know Duncan." Mikica said. Her sister is really cute.
"So how long have anda been dancing?" Duncan asked Mikica.
"Um we've been dancing together since we were 11 and i started dancing when i was 4." Mikica answered.
"You should tunjuk them the video's." Nikica said.
"What video's?" Geoff asked.
"Oh the video's of me and Mikica dancing." Nikica said.
"Fine i'll tunjuk them." Mikica said.

Duncan's P.O.V.
Mikica handed me her phone.
"You guys can pick which one." Mikica said. The guys and i looked through the video and we picked a few.
Unknown Object
"I remember that." Nikica said.
"Me to." Mikica berkata smiling.
"How many video did anda make?" Geoff asked. The girls looked at each other and said
"To many to count."
"Do anda remember the choreography to any of them?" Dj asked.
"Yea" Both girls said.
I Turned on another video
Unknown Object
During the video i saw Mikica fiddling with her fingers. She also wrote something on her hand and showed it to Nikica. Then Nikica wrote same on her hand. we all heard a ringing sound we looked at Nikica who grabed her phone.
"It's Ariana!" Nikica said.
"Yay put it on speaker!" Mikica said.
"Hello is this Nikica?" the person on the phone said.
"Yea this is she." Nikica said.
"Well we regret to inform anda that she has past." The voice said. With that both of the girls broke down in tears. I pulled Mikica into a hug.
"It's ok." I berkata hugging Mikica trying to calm her down.
~time skip~
Mikica cried herself asleep.
"I feel sorry for them, i mean they Lost one of there sisters." Geoff said.
"I know it must really suck." DJ said.
We were on are way to the marshmallow ceremony.
"Hey where's Mikica" Chris said.
"She is asleep." I said.
"Ok." he said.
"Why is she sleeping." Bridgette asked Geoff.
"Her sister Ariana pasted away, she cried her self asleep." Geoff said.
"Oh god." Bridgette said.
"Ok a marshmallow is a nice treat at a normal summer camp but hear it represents life. If anda get a marshmallow your get to stay until seterusnya elimination if anda don't then anda will be off the tunjuk and will never return EVER! If I call your name come marshmallow." Chris said.
"Mikica. Duncan, Geoff Bridget, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Katie, Eva, Harold." Chris said. I got my marshmallow. It was down to Cortney and Ezekiel.
"Cortney." Chris said.
We all went back to are cabins, I slipped in katil with Mikica. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.