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Alejandro: "She's a nice girl. surprised she trusts me.."

Amy: "Never talk to her and i never want to even go near her."

Anna Maria: "Never got along with her, don't really want to."

B: He just nods

Beardo: Makes a whistling sound like someone is falling off a cliff

Beth: "We are great friends! We got together great since we had things in common!"

Blaineley: "Uh, who?"

Brick: "Sorry, but i dont know who that is."

Bridgette: "She's a really nice girl...I feel bad for her.."

Brody: "Never heard of her."

Cameron: "She's a really great friend...But she doesn't like to open up much so i don't know much about her."

Carrie: "She so sweet, wish i could get to know her better."

Chef: "She's evil."

Chet: "She's pretty..."

Chris: "Troubled child, that's why we picked her."

Cody: "We've been Friends since the start. It's sad to see what she is going through.."

Courtney: "We got along in the first season, then she pushed me away. ugh."

Crimson: "We share the same interests. She's cool."

DJ: "Sweet kid. She really helped me out for the first season."

Dakota: "You will never see me around her."

Dave: "She's...uh how do i say...Interesting?"

Dawn: "She is a lovely friends. Wish she'd let me help heal her.."

Devin: "I talked to er once and she seems pretty nice."

Don: "Still don't know why she's in total drama, but for some reason people Cinta her."

Duncan: "Yeah, We get along, so what?"

Dwayne: "I had to take my son away from her. Something's not right with that kid."

Ella: "Oh she's so sweet and kind! She even loves animals!"

Ellody: "Interesting character she is...I think i detect that she has a bit of a crush on me.."

Emma: "First off, we have the same name which is not fun and second, She's around Noah at all times. I don't like her."

Ennui: "She's cool."

Eva: "She knows not to touch my MP3 player so that's good."

Ezekiel: "She never even went near me.."

Geoff: "We never got along but she is pretty cool."

Gerry: "Sorry?"

Gwen: "One of my best Friends on the show. She really is a great friend."

Harold: "She berkata i was annoying so i just left her alone..."

Heather: "She's just some kid seeker attention"

Izzy: "She says im CRAZY but's that's okay!"

Jacques: "She is very negative"

Jasmine: "She is so sweet and helpful, only wish i could get through to her."

Jay: "M-my doctor says to stay away from people like her.."

Jen: "Her style is horrible"

Jo: "Never talked to her."

Josse: "I'd rather not say.."

Junior: "She's nice, although my dad thinks otherwise."

Justin: "Don't know who anda are talking about."

Katie: "Who is this?"

Kelly: "She really is a nice kid, if only she wasn't who she is know."

Kitty: "My sister does not like her but I think she is great!"|

Laurie: "She respects animals."

Leonard: "She berkata that larping is odd and it shouldn't be real. IT IS VERY REAL!"

Leshawna: "hmmm, she's very interesting."

Lightning: He's not even listening.

Lindsey: "She's very very very pretty."

Lorenzo: "Not my type."

MacArthur: "Her behavior concerns me.."

Mary: "She's pretty intelligent."

Max: "No comment."

Mickey: "She gives me a rash.."

Mike: "We relate to each other...We are almost the same in a way.."

Miles: "She respects wildlife."

Mr. Coconut: Smiling

Noah: "We get along pretty well. I;m trying to help her with some problems but she doesn't seem to accept help."

Owen: "She like Makanan too."

Pete: He's sleeping...

Rock: "Her taste in Muzik is sick!"

Rodney: He's too busying obsessing over some girl to answer

Ryan: Too busying making out

Sadie: "I've seen who but I've never talked to her only because Katie hasn't talk to her either."

Sam: "We both have a Cinta for video games. She really is great."

Samey: "She is one the people I can talk to without
being laughed at...If only she would talk to me.."

Sanders: "She worries me"

Scarlett: "Sorry, who?"

Scott: "We have somethings in common even though we don't hang out much."

Shawn: "She believes that zombies will one hari take over the earth, I am not alone!"

Sierra: "Never liked her, she's too dramatic."

Sky: "I don't know much about her...But people have been sharing that her parents died in a car crash..poor thing.."

Spud: "Her Muzik taste is spot on!"

Staci: Rambling on about her family

Stephanie: Too busy sucking face

Sugar: Refused to talk becasue she was putting on makeup

Tammy: "No comment."

Taylor: "Not someone i could get along with.."

Tom: "I need to buy her new clothes..."

Topher: "Annoying brat."

Trent: "I wrote a song for her to see if it would make her feel better...She just cried..."

Tyler: "Who?"

Zoey: "She's a very good friend ad always puts others first."