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posted by bubble_babe
 this happen later that night xD
this happen later that night xD
Ok, i took a 5 min nap, then wach lion king, atau the other way around....i 4get. but this is the super Funny dream!!! DxH Heads-up
(NOTE: 4 an unknow resion Heathers wearing Duncans shirt...and pants....and their VERY louse on her....its AWESOME!!)

Heather Walked into the boys kabin to find it totally enptey; except for one person.

"Umm, sweethart this is the boys cabin." berkata Duncan

"So?!" Heather Snaped

"So: get out." He said

"Why?" She asked

"Well are anda a boy?" Heather rolled her eyes at the question

"Really Duncan!? No, i am not a boy; and i'm very shocked anda are."





Having enof of the dark haired girl he walked up to her and grabed her arm, but in responce all he got was Heather beging to whale. He then let go of her, the sad thought that he hurt her was all that was on his mind.

"Oh my god, Heather are anda ok? i didn't mean to-" He then saw that she wasnt crying, she was laughing.

"Heehee Don't teehee EVER heehaha TOUCH hahaha ME THEIR AGAIN! heehee." Heather berkata thru hundreds of giggle fits.

A winning smerk came onto Duncans face as he then saw what he had learned.

"Where.....Oh anda mean here!" He berkata as he grabed Heathers arm again, Causing her to laugh harder

A huge smile formed onto his face as Heather laughed. he then started to run his fingers up and down Heathers body.

Heather couldnt stop laughing. she had always hated her ticklesh body, even as a child. she hated being tickled. Mostley cause onley her Friends did it.

When Heather was a baby, her parents couldent give a damn about her. they never played with her, nothing; so the very frist time Heather was tickled was when she was 12, but they did the painful ones to your neck.

Thats how all the kids in her school where, Theyd run up to any kid, and painfuley jamed their finger to the kids neck. Heather was usally the main target for all of it. But Duncan was doing it diferentley, he was softley tickling her rip cage.

Duncan smiled so munch at Heather laughder. He was oddley super happy that she was ticklesh, not because it was a hell of a fun way to piss her off, but because he had never been tickles, and Courtney wasent either. So he hadent got the joy of tickling a girl; untill he had alot of fun tickling Heather

After about 4 hours of fun tickling, Duncan stoped be4 Heather died of laughder. thats when he saw that he they were on the floor, and he was ontop of Heather.

Heather was having a small giggle fit, under Duncan; Dispit her hatered of being tickled, that was the most fun she had in her life! She never new something that caused her pain as a child, would bering her so munch joy now.

Heathers giggle fit slowed and she looked up at duncan. he was laughing to. With-out thinking she reched up and kissed him on the lips.

At frist Duncan was very shocked sejak what Heather did. But he kissed her back, deeping the kiss. after awhle they stoped. An looked deep into each others eyes.

Duncan could tell that he was looking at a totally new Heather. a better one; He thru his arms around Heather. giving her a huge hug.

"You make me crazy..." He said

"You make me Crazier..." She said
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