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Courtney Pembrooke was walking along the cracked sidewalks of downtown Chicago. It was 1924, and her long sky-blue dress was swishing around her ankles with each step she took. Her matching blue high-heels were click-clacking on the sidewalk, and her straight brown hair frantically swished across her tanned face in the chilly wind of the Windy City. The sky was gray, as a storm was blowing in. Smooth paper rubs in Courtney’s bra, the only selamat, peti deposit keselamatan place where she keeps her money.

Courtney was headed to the jalan corners of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street. The salty air from Lake Michigan nipped at her bare arms. A shiver ran up her spine. As Courtney neared the Buah stand, she pulled out a crisp dollar bill from her ample cleavage. The Buah stands downtown seemed to have better apples than in the city. Courtney had to walk all the way here from her home, which was a penthouse in one of the richest apartment buildings on Chicago, because her father was currently on a business trip to dinding jalan and he had taken the Ford Model-T with him.

Courtney handed the dollar bill over to Frank Gardetta, a poor fruit-stand salesman. “Nice hari today, isn’t it, Miss Pembrooke?” Frank asked her, pocketing the dollar bill and placing only the finest apples in a rucksack for his best customer.

“Nice day? I should think not. I despise this chilly weather,” Courtney replies. Another gust of wind comes, ruffling her hair and making Goosebumps pop up on her arms.

“Well, anda should have worn that nice white bulu kot anda wore last winter. Today seems like an appropriate hari to have worn it,” Frank tells her, tying a loose knot on the bag and handing it to Courtney.

She takes the rough hemp bag and converses, “Nonsense. That bulu kot is much too old. Daddy will buy me a new one once he gets back from dinding Street.”

“You are very fortunate, Miss Pembrooke. May I hope to see anda again seterusnya week for lebih apples?”

“Most definitely,” Courtney answers, taking a step backwards, “Have a nice day, Mister Gardetta.” She turns and retreats down the sidewalk, back the way she came.

“You too, Miss Pembrooke!” Frank calls after her. Courtney smiles to herself, making a steady beat with the clicking of her high heels. Frank was a nice teenager. He was cute, with floppy brown hair, warm Chocolate eyes, a bright white smile, and an amazing personality. But he lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Chicago, and Daddy would never approve. Neither would Mother, even though she was much lebih understanding than Courtney’s father.

Courtney waits at the edge of the sidewalk, near an intersection. Barely any cars were driving around; not many people in downtown Chicago could afford them. At a red light, the few cars stop, and Courtney takes her time in crossing the cobblestone road. It would be terrible to break a heel on her new shoes.

Suddenly, gunshots ring out through the crisp fall air. Courtney screams, drops the apples, squeezes her eyes shut, and clamps her hands over her ears. After the rapid gunfire was ceased, she peeks her eyes open and puts her hands back to her sides. She was still Frozen in the middle of the street, but the cars were Frozen in shock, too, even though the light had long since turned green. Squealing tires are heard from behind Courtney. She turns around, and sees a car resembling one of those illegal racecars zooming straight towards her.

Courtney raises her hands to her face and lets out another high-pitched scream. Before she can even react, Courtney is tackled out of the middle of the narrow road and onto the hard sidewalk. The back of her head slams into the hard concrete and a soft gasp escapes her lips from the pain. Spots swim in front of her eyes, but she still manages to watch the scene playing out before her.

A very handsome teenager was straddling her, with his knees on either side of her hips. He was obviously poor; he wore black dress-pants, but they were filthy and full of holes. His baju was white cotton, surprisingly clean compared to his pants, and the long sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, revealing tan forearms. The baju was taunt against his chest, from his muscular body. A few white buttons were unbuttoned at the collar, and a black tie dangled loosely from around his neck. His jaw-line was sharp. His hair was pitch-black, and had the perfect flip to it, just barely keeping his shiny, thick hair out of his eyes.

He wasn’t looking at her, however. His arm was straight out, pointing at the retreating car. A small, shiny, black pistol was in his hand. He shot three shots, within regular intervals, at the car. Even though the gun was extremely powerful, the teen was clearly stronger, because his arm hardly shook at the recoil. His other hand was at his side, curled into a fist as he concentrated on aiming.

Eventually, the car was too far away to see, much less shoot at. The teen slipped his pistol into an empty tali pinggang loop and stood up, freeing Courtney. He offered a hand, and Courtney, always being polite, took it. Once Courtney was on her feet, though, her vision became fuzzy and her head was filled with light-headedness. She stumbled, and she felt the young man’s hand low on her back, steadying her. Once her vision finally cleared, Courtney finally stepped away from him.

The streets were clear of cars. Nobody had stayed to watch the shoot-out, and all the dirty windows of the tenement buildings had been firmly closed. Front doors had been shut and locked, and all pedestrians had retreated indoors. Abandoned apples were strewn across the road. It seemed that Courtney and the mysterious teenager who had just saved her life were the only ones on the face of the earth.

“Well,” Courtney says shakily, not knowing where to begin. She smoothes the wrinkles on her blue dress and takes another step away from the teen. “I thank anda profusely for saving my life. Had I any money on me, I would pay anda for your efforts. However, I must be going. My mother is expecting me,” Courtney tells him. “So, good hari to you, Sir.” She turns around and starts walking away from him.

Before Courtney could barely make it three feet away, the young man had already grabbed strong hold of her thin wrist. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let ya do that,” he says, spinning her around. Facing him, Courtney was struck sejak his eyes.

They were a bright, bright blue. Actually, his eyes had a bit of green to them. With the blue and the green combined, that made his eyes look lebih over-all teal, atau maybe a dark aqua. His eyes made her knees weak, and they made it seem as if her was looking right inside of her. Not through her, like he was ignoring her, but like he was intensely studying her, as if he was trying to read her mind atau find out how she was going to respond.

Courtney opened her mouth to say something, but his eyes just mesmerized her. She blinks three times, rapidly, and finally sputters, “What?”

“You’ve seen too much. I’m sorry, but anda can’t go home. For now, anyway,” he replies. Courtney lusted to hear him say more. His voice was velvety and warm, despite the fact he was telling her she couldn’t go home, which was absolutely ridiculous.

“Wha-- why? This is absurd!” Courtney exclaims, shocked.

“I told you, already. anda saw to much. Now come with me,” he says. He keeps eye contact with her for just one moment longer than he had to, before pulling her with him down the sidewalk. Courtney was speechless. Except, not really. She had loads to say.

“What the heck are anda talking about? I saw to much? What the heck does that even mean? Why are you--”

Courtney stops in her tracks, mouth and eyes wide open. This time, she really was speechless. The young man, who still had a hold of her wrist, turned around to see what was keeping her. “What?” he asks, not out of curiosity, but out of impatiency.

Courtney blinked twice. Her merah jambu lips opened and closed, looking for the right words to describe the epiphany that just came to her. “Oh. My. Goodness,” she breathed.

“What?” he asks again, even lebih patient than before. Time was wasting. The cops would come soon, if they didn’t get out of here.

“You… Your one of those gangsters my Daddy told me about!” Courtney exclaims. He rolls his eyes.

“Seriously, I would have thought anda would have figured that out sejak now,” the man replies. He lets go of Courtney’s wrist, not afraid of having her run off, because she was Frozen to the spot in shock. With both hands, he touches his broad chest and holds his hands out. “I’m Duncan Malone, notorious gangster-slash-bootlegger of Chicago. My accomplices smuggle barrels of liquor under Frozen rivers from somewhere in Canada to Detroit. Then they transfer the liquor from Detroit to here in Chicago, where I then ship illegal booze and moonshine to various speakeasies around the country, namely to St. Louis and various western cities. Recognize me?”

Courtney’s eyes widened, and she began screaming. Duncan lunged for her, clamping her mouth shut with his hand. His other hand, on her lower back, held her close so she couldn’t pull away and continue attracting attention. She struggled, kicking and mumbling profanities into Duncan’s palm.

Then, simultaneously, she bit down on the skin of his open palm and kicked him in the crotch. “Dammit!” Duncan shouted, going down. Courtney scrambled away, sprinting as fast as her high heels could take her. She glanced behind her, and let out a giddy sigh as she saw that she was not being pursued.

Courtney turns her gaze back to the direction she was running. She gasps as Duncan sprints out of an alley-way right in front of her, and she crashes into his chest. His arms immediately bungkus, balut around her, confining her to a very tight space. Courtney feels a cold item press into the middle of her back. Her eyes fill with tears, thinking it was over for her.

“Don’t think I won’t shoot, because I will. I’ve shot to death dozens of guys in my life before, and don’t anda go thinkin’ for a saat I won’t shoot a girl. So anda better fucking keep your big mouth shut, and I’ll let anda live. Understand?” Duncan threatens right in her ear.

Courtney sniffs away her tears and nods, since her mouth was buried in Duncan’s chest, so she couldn’t talk. “Glad we understand each other,” he says, slipping the gun back in his tali pinggang loop. He swiftly picks Courtney up sejak the waist and places her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Duncan starts walking down the sidewalk.

“Put me down! I can walk, anda know!” Courtney protests, not daring to raise her voice in case of being shot.

“Yeah, whatever. You’ll just run away if I set anda down,” Duncan tells her, even though he knew she’d do nothing of the sort after he’d threatened her like that.

“But all of downtown Chicago will be able to see up my dress!” Courtney exclaims.

“Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to check out the view sometime,” he responds.

“Ugh! anda are such a pervert!” Courtney scolds, pounding on his back with her tiny fists.

“Ohh, that really hurts me, Princess,” Duncan says sarcastically as he walks down a dim alley.

“What did anda call me?” Courtney demands.

“A princess.”

“I am not a princess!”

“Oh, sure. Have anda seen what you’re wearing?”
zukki:yes were in highschool
jared:yeah hope theres no bullys this year
ellen:duncan leave jared alone
ducnan:oh what will happen some other goth kid will beat me up
duncan:OH GOD (gets into ellen arms)
ellen:god your a baby
sabrina:hey guys the bus is here
ellen:come on duncan
(theme song)
(at school)
chirs:welcome ill be your teacher for the rest of the tahun let me tunjuk all of u around...
travis:your ass
chirs:just come on
(everyone get's inside the highschool)
gwen:wow this like totaldramaisland
chirs:yes gwen your right we change the island into a highschool and yeah...
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*first class room*

Jarde: ray Raven!
Raven: agggggggggg what is it?????
Jared: Draven is not good.
Ray: oh your just saying that cause he likes us.
Jared: Ok but don't say i wroed you.


Jordan: Jared is so gone!!!!!!!!! arggggggggggggggg!!!!!! girl friend cheater!! agrgggggggggggggggggg!

Jared: Draven's gonna end up winning with ray and Raven! I want him gone soo bad.. But Raven and ray will never vote him off! Im not sure what to do

Ray: Draven is sooooo sweet...even if he did give me a kalung with poison ivy on it...and volcanic ash, which I'm allergic to...(frowns suspiciously) but...
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The rest of the date....

Storm and Cody

Cody: So swee- STORM... let's get the ride and hit the city!
Storm: Yeah, sure. *hits Cody in the arm* DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! *ninja kicks cody*
Cody: Sure.... *falls*

Melody and Harold
*In Harold's car*
Melody: WHEN DID anda GET A CAR?!
Harold: I suppose most 16-year-olds -*chuckles* they're old!- have their own automobile. Check out this sweeeet ride
Melody: Just get us there and back....

Mizzie and Annie

Mizzie: *wearing a tie* Fine... Im the guy...
Annie: WHOOOOOO! Now pucker-up cause we're going somewhere
Mizzie: Where?
Annie: I dunno your the guy!
Mizzie: Taking...
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hello everyone i'm Brittney rainwood i'm the host of total drama starz were 14 challengers compete against each other to win 1 billion dollars and a luxurious life of fame.Anyways let's meet them right now.Here's rayven and avan. Rayven:whatever.
Avan:hey it's for the billion dollars,babe.Rayven:don't call me "babe".Avan:ok geez(i like the girls who Cinta to hate).Brittney:ok.. oh look it's matrix,kierra,and elen.Matrix:wooh!i'm so happy to be here.kierra:yea it's sorta cool.Elen:yea!i'm in this to win it!Brittney:anyways here's the rest,Joesph,Ray,Heather,Netasha,Kristen,Victoria,Jar3d zoey...
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rochelle: This is the total drama awards! We are going to have sepasle gusse today. they are Birdgette, eva, Noah, The whole team of Killer Bass, Trent, chris maclain, and more! The first award is for the best Team on season 1 and 2! The nomanes are, Screaming Gaffers, Killer Grips, Killer Bass, and Screaming Gophers. and the winner is...................... Killer bass with 8 votes!!!!!
Duncan: We are so happy we won this award!
Courtney: I think I won it for us.
Duncan: Yeah how do u know that anda won it for us???
Courtney: cause i'm the onlt one on the team with brains.
Bridgette: are anda saying...
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 courtney cheering about johny
courtney cheering about johny
izzys pov

chris: "so izzy are we going out"
izzy: "maybe"
chris:"come on it will be fun"
izzy: "ok sure"courtney and bridgette walk in when chris leaves
courtney: "hi izzy"
bridgette" "hey"
izzy: "hey guys i am going out with chris"
courtney , bridgette ,and izzy: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

courtney pov

so i'm celeabrating with izzy when johnny comes he's my crush!!! duh.and he ask me where duncan is so now i am ticked off because my old boyfriend is here and my crush is his friend ugh!!! so now i have to be duncans friend to tarikh johnny double ugh

duncan pov

i met this guy named johnny and he seemed cool...
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[Please Read] I got this idea from the Miku Hatsune song, Anger. This poem is about a girl who’s comparing her Cinta for her secret crush to the brightness of the morning. She struggles choosing between her hati, tengah-tengah and her expectations, and her opinions reflect against the creamy golden glow of sun against the lake, “Morning”.[/i]

Every hari in the morning
The glow of the sun
Would spill inside, announcing
That the hari had begun.

I walk outside
Observing things around me
Every blink of bright light
That only I can see.

Did I not know
About the harm anda would bring?
I guess I was wrong...
About you;...
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a quick note: just to let anda know i skipped them voting chey to be on tdi. but she did get picked! just a quick note!

chey: *steps off boat*
chris: and this is chey!
chey: *stands sejak a boy named duncan*
duncan: *thinking* man she is hot! *not thinking* *then faints*
chey: uhh chris? is that supost to happen?
chris: i guess not. go put water in your hands and dump it on his face.
chey: ok. *does what chris says*
duncan: *jumps up* im ok!
chris: thats good! ok everybody stand over here for a group photo!
everybody: *does what they are told and smiles*
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>(Ranma jumps in roxys arms while puring) Roxy:Aww Ranma are anda tring to act like a kity for me. Ranmas dad:when hes traped sejak Kucing he gets so scared he starts Berlakon like one. Every one:Ohhh. Reyoga:what a sham so NOW I CAN DEFET RANMA HAHA!!Alex:any one want lebih p.... Roxy:say pizza one lebih time your fiered. Alex:cake any one hee hee. Roxy:just shut alex. Riana:I Cinta anda reyoga. Starr:I want cake cheese cake. Karen:whos a cute little kitty. Ranma:hiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss. Karen:you are really mean kitty I hate your human like cat. Roxy:he needs to get use to anda god women. Kyoya:but...
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 Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Redirect from One Missed Call

That seterusnya morning...

Brittani and Jacki: *walking to the restrooms with toothbrushes and toothpaste, talking about Duncan*

Brittani: I think we should form an alliance.

Jacki: What?

Brittani: You, me and Duncan should form an alliance. I mean, he likes me and i know anda like him.

Jacki: Well.....ok

: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Jacki: Do I like Duncan? ...Yes. I mean, come on, he is SO sexy!

Duncan: Do I like Jacki? A bit....ok, a lot!

Jacki: And I'm just waiting for him to make his move.

Duncan: *making out with Jacki, they both fall off the chair and start um......doing...
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i got bored so i'm making this but i still need lebih people
Phil: where are they, i mean not even the co-host is here
Ghost: *banging on door* come on let me out i promise i'll give up my criminal ways just let me out
Phil: *sees ghost hunters come in* the ghost is in that room, destroy him
ghost: AHH!!! what are anda people doing to me ow that hurts
*car horn*
Phil: finally the go-host is here
Duncan: sup
Phil: nothin you
Duncan: nothing
Phil: i'm gonna go check my e-mail
E-mail: we are sorry to inform anda that the limmo anda reserved to pick up is delayed
Phil: damm it
Ghost hunter: we're done
Phil: thanks here's 20 bucks
Duncan: wanna play cards
Phil: sure
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 Ranma:help me
Ranma:help me
Roxy:Thanks for Membaca the last revuing of the seterusnya episode. Ranma:oh so your the one who wrought them. Shampoo:HHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIYYYYAAA!(kicks riana down hard)Riana:Owwwwwwww!!!! Starr:owch. Shampoo:stay way from from ranma tramp girl atau me kill you. Riana:DEAL!!!! Shampoo:you call that a Ciuman ha. Riana:you can do better. Shampoo:mmmh... (kinda makes out ranma) Riana:Oh my god..... Ranma:what hell!!! Shampoo:oh ranma. (snuggles ranma) Ranmas dad:come on boy lets practis fighting. Ranma:YEAH LETS DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Shampoo:no fight. Ranma:sorry I got to practis hee hee. Christy:wow I...
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 Jacki and Duncan
Jacki and Duncan
I took there smiles and i made them mine, i sold my soul just to hide the light, and now i see what i really am, A THIEF, A WHORE, AND A LIAR! I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FARTHER AWAY! i'm numb to you, numb and deaf, and blind, anda give me all but the reason why, i reach but i feel only air at night, not you, not love, just nothing. I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FARTHER AWAY! Tried to forget you, but without anda i feel nothing, dont leave me here sejak myself, I CANT BREATH!!! I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FATHER AWAY! I RUN TO anda (and run away from this hell) CALL OUT YOUR NAME (giving up, giving in) I SEE anda THERE (still anda are) FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY! FARTHER AWAY!!!!!!!FARTHER AWAY!
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All of my my hate cannot be bound, i will not be drowned sejak your thoughtless scheming. Now anda can try to tar me down, beat me to the ground, i will see anda screaming.
*guitar n' drums*
Thumbing through the pages of my fantasy, pushing all the mercy down, down, down. i wanna see anda try to take a hayun, swing at me come on, gonna put anda down on the ground, ground, ground. WHY ARE anda TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF ME? anda THINK ITS FUNNY?, WHAT THE F!CK anda THINK ITS DOING TO ME? anda TAKE YOUR TURN LASHING OUT AT ME, I WANT anda CRYING WITH YOUR DIRTY keldai IN FRONT OF ME! ALL OF MY HATE CANNOT BE BOUND,...
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anda are a loner,
A cheater,
A liar.
Your as cold as ice,
My hati, tengah-tengah is on fire♥

My hati, tengah-tengah skipped a beat,
When anda walked in the room.
anda were the sun to my sky,
anda got rid of my gloom.

I went to get near you,
Although I told myself; "no".
The closer I get,
The farther anda go

anda berkata that anda loved me,
And now I fly higher.
Your as cold as ice,
My hati, tengah-tengah is on fire♥

Why do anda temp me,
With your eyes and your charm?
I believed you, I did.
That you'd bring me no harm.

Come to my world,
A world that you'll be fonder,
Of where we live now,
Come... there's a shrine in your honor

But now your a loner,
A cheater,
A liar.
Your as cold as ice,
My hati, tengah-tengah is on fire♥

-Sofia Rose C.
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a heatherxnoah story
    (the other hari i was watching tv when i came across zoey 101 well in the ep. a couple where datein but they didn't want any1 2 know so i made a re mix of that and hear it is)
heathers p.o.v
    as i walked down the hall way of my new school that chris had bought just 4 the ppl that went 2 tdi, i hated it onley 1 lunch meja, jadual and 22 seats in every class room i never got away from thes ppl hari after hari after hari i hated them and they hated me but some how i was regrentin it did i relly want EVERY1 2 hate me.i...
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18th. Larpers
17th. Tenis rivals
16th.Mom and daughter
15th.Ice skaters LOL 😆
14th. Daters/ Haters
13th. Adversity twins
12th. Rockers
11th. Bloggers
10th. Geniuses
8th. Dad and son
7th. Stepbrothers
6th. Sisters
5th. Surfer dudes
4th.Police Cadets
3rd.Best friends
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