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Chris: anda all have cast ur undian the first Marshmellow goes too JADE!! *Throws a rock at her*

Jade: OWWW!! *it hits her in the eye*

Chris: ZOEY!! *throws a chicken at her*

Zoey: AHHHHHHH!! * runs away from it while it chases her*

Chris: Aydan!! *Throws a mine at her*

Aydan: *It falls on her and kisses her* EWWWWWWWW

Chris: NOAH!! *throws ray at him while their both knocked out*

Chris: Gabby! *Throws Zac Efron at her*


Chris: The last marshmeellow Goes too

DJ: *looks nervous*

Heather" >D

Chris: ................... *throws a kabin at DJ*

Heather: WHAT!?!?! Whatever loosers!!! *walks to the bot of losers*


Gabby: See ya Heather!!


Aydan: I thought for sure DJ was going for sure

DJ: Owwww!! *runs head*

*Screaming users cabin*

Gabby: hei wheres Noah?

Aydan: Why dont u go look for him T.T

Gabby: *Walks to the Killer Computers kabin while draggin Zac Efron* Have u guys seen Noah?

Jared: We havent seen ray etheir

Gabby&Jared: Hmmmmm

Zac: *Getting chocked* Help me!

Ray&Noah: *lieing together while still knockd out*
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