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At the end vote if anda think that these excuzes are reasonable.
1.Ezekiel-One sexist word and Ezekiel is the most hated Total Drama contestant.Think about it-Ezekiel berkata that his father told him to help the girls.He's homeschooled!He has no communication with other people of his age.He learns about life from his parents-mostly from his dad!
Is this a good reason:
2.Eva-Well here we have the perfect example for girl power!How about that!So,here temperament is a little way too much-She's been born that way!You can't change a person!Maybe she's really soft,but she's just afraid!
3.Duncan-And here it was the moment you've all been waiting for!Some of anda probably know that Duncan is my least favourite character along with Courtney.No,I'm not a DunGwen fan.But think about it-Courtney tryed to change him!Her own boyfriend!When anda Cinta someone anda have to Cinta him for the person that he is!He just figured out that Gwen is the one he loves!Who could stop love?
4.Gwen-So the person who's one of the most hated!Listen,Gwen and Courtney were friends,but Courtney was still not sure in her!Plus,Gwen could tarikh whoever she wants!They're not that big Friends and Cinta rocks this world!
5.Heather-Wow!She's a devil for sure,but come on!With out her the tunjuk won't be Total Drama Island,It'll just be Total Island!She's the one that makes the tunjuk so fascinating!And her Cinta with Alejandro sure madethe Drama Meter go from Pathetic(With the whole CxDxG thingy)to Super-Ultra-Mega Hot!
6.trent-Everyone thought that he beacme all psycho in Total drama Action,but try to remember my explanation for duncan-Gwen can't change him and if she REALLY loves him she should Cinta him for the person who he is.If she didn't want him now that's a different story!
That's all the people i could figure out now!If ou can tell me lebih people just post komen-komen I'd try make a new article!
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HA! I'm back on the internet... For now, anyway. :3

WARNING: one-sided slash. (as in boyXboy)
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings: one-sided HaroldxDuncan, some DuncanxCourtney

Duncan wanted to stand seterusnya to me all the time. Duncan pranked me- to mask his true feelings, no doubt. I smiled as I thought about how my "enemy" was playing hard-to-get. But I would win. The geeks always get the crush, anda know. Just like in the movies.

I smiled as I watched Duncan and Courtney outside. They hate eachother so much, I thought. They were enemies, of coarse. At least... That's what I thought. Courtney kissed...
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