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posted by iloveduncan6
Mason: come on out my kings!
*Brady and Boomer come out*
Brady: what is it Mason?
Boomer: yeah, we were about to get drenched in orange juice.
Mason: i know my kings but i have something to tell you.
Brady: what?
Mason: anda will have some new people joining you.
Brady and Boomer: what?!
*hot air balloon comes out of nowhere and lands*
Mason: and there they are now.
All 3: (walks over to it*
Mason: lets welcome, TJ.
TJ: *steps out* hei was up?
Brady: ok i like you.
Mason: seterusnya is Lexxi.
Lexxi: *steps out* hey.
Boomer: ok i like her.
Mason: Alex!
Alex: *comes out* hi!
Brady: sup.
Mason: Charlette.
Charlette: *comes out* hi.
Boomer: hi.
Mason: Jasper.
Jasper: *steps out and imeditaly has a crush on Brady* h-hi
Brady: hey.
Mason: Buns.
Buns: *hops out*
Boomer: dude she is part rabbit.
Buns: HEY!
Mason: ok, ok. here is Randy.
Randy: *comes out* sup.
Brady: sup.
Mason: thats all for now. so anda can go get drenched in orange jus now.
i know it's short and has nothing to do with td but there will be some characters from td!
posted by TDILova123
Todays newly wed contestents are....

Duncan and Courtney:Maried 4 monthes
Tyler and Lindsay:Married 3 monthes
Bridgette and Geoff:Maried 6 monthes

Princess:and im the host of ...The newywed game!!!
Today the wives are going to stay and the husbands are going to leave the stage.

First. Who would anda tell_____About Your husband first?

Courtney:My mom.

Lindsay:My Sister

Bridgette my mom also
Princess:Second.What dose anda husband thinks good a bout your self.

Lindsay:Uhhhhhh.......Every thing on my body!!!!!!
Courtney:My butt!!!
Bridgette:My lips.
Princess:I think thats possible.

The husbands come on the stage...
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posted by TDIlover226
As we all know, after the half way point, Everyone came back with a slightly changed look, Seiamica's was probably changed, the most, 'cause she ot only got smarter, and a different personality (Like Calvin's getting changed after each of the 3 times he got voted off), but she also wanted to change her name, and well, be different. Seiamica had always been a tomboy, but was teased sejak Heather for it before the show, She finnaly has crushed Heathers ego enough to where she didn't even care anymore, she Changed her name to Sammi. Of corse JG would always call her Seiamica. Alex (Seiamica's brother)...
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*Gwen's prov*
Ok this isnt your normal romance this is an awakawrd Cinta relationship I never felt this away bout anyone before I mean as soon as Trent got voted off Tdm I had no feelings for him but I did have feelings for another guy he was nice to me on TDI but tht time I didnt have feelings for him but now I do he was coming my way
"Hey Gwen, Duncan told me to give this to you" berkata Cody "Thanks tell him Ill read it soon"said Gwen
*Cody's prov*
The letter was from me but I didnt want to tell Gwen cuz I knew she doesnt like me. When I...
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The Hunger Games-Total Drama Version 
Courtney Everdeen was my name the hari of the reaping. I woke up to my little sister,Bridgette,screaming. I ran to her room in a rush to make sure she was ok. 
Me:Bridgette! Bridgette:It was me! They're gonna pick me! Me:No! They won't. Your name was only put in once. They won't pick you. I promise. Alright? Bridgette:Ok... 
She whispered in my ear to sing her kegemaran song. I smiled warmly and nodded. She laid back down as I started. 
Me:Deep in the meadow. 
Under the willow 
Me,Bridgette:A katil of grass.... 
Me:You remember that song. Ok? I gotta go. Bridgette:Where...
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1.Courtney-bad boy
2.Duncan-good girls go bad
4.Lindsay-barbie girl
5.Izzy-wild child
6.Bridgette-surfing usa
7.Geoff-Party like a rockstar
8.Heather-Sexy, naughty, bitchy me
9.Tyler-check yes juiliet
10.Trent-she will be loved
11.Gwen-Misery buisness
12.Justin-i'm too sexy
13.Beth-girl seterusnya door
14.Eva-my boyfriend is music
16.Ezeikial-i'm from the country
17.Harold-white and nerdy
19.Owen-be happy
20.Dj-A wonderfull world
21 and 22.Katie and sadie-best friends
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yey! u can watch this on yt as well! enjoy! (NOT MINE)
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It's just a Rawak YouTube Poop. XD I thought it was really funny. Tell me what anda think ^^
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