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posted by Freaxxx
Your parents really wouldn't want to see anda Membaca this >.<

Warning: Swear words and mutilation.

He walked and walked, he's been walking this trail a long time now.
He walked and walked, his grief along called sorrow never leading to a stop.
His happiness was far behind him...and forever will be.

He has Lost everything-the Cinta of his life, his dignity and all those precious memories to waste.

Earlier that day;
'Wait! Gwen!'
'Forget it Duncan, you've already crossed the line!'
And with that, she was gone.

She's gone.

With those two words, a tear runs down his cheek.
He wipes it away.

He's never least since he was small.
She's left him broken and undone,
like she left a little child to fall.

He gets close to the river and crouches down.
He looks at his reflection and a scowl plasters onto his face.
'Fuck you.'
He gets up and kicks the dirt.
He screams.

'God I hate you! I hate everyone! Everyone hates me!'
He kicks and punches a tree.
'Just leave me alone...'

He looks over to the water again and something catches his eye-
a sharp piece of glass was right below him on the dirt.
He bends down and picks it up, 'What the hell is this doing-'
He was fiddling with it and accidentally cuts his finger 'Shit-'
Then he gets a thought.
'Good idea...' and with that, he puts it to his wrist.

'Hey, life can only go down bukit from here, right?'
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posted by trentgwenfan1
chris: i need these camperes Gwen Duncan Trent Lindsay Trent Brighette geoff courtney izzy oweb tyler heather sierra cody herold

Trent: how long do we need to stay here
chris as long as i want anda to
duncan: oh boy
lindsay: do anda think this house is a little creepy
duncan: no hei lets go to are rooms and unpzck
lindsay: i swear this house
sierra: i don't think it is that weird
gwen: how would anda know anda were stareing at cody the whole time
sierra: so
heather lindsay it is like your saying their is such thing as ghost
lindsay: why dosem't anyone belive me*lays...
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2 years back at the grave yard
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I first want to say that I pulled out of hat who was going to be nominated, so I'm really sorry.
Second; I replaced Antonio with Ryker, cause I got rid of Antonio as an OC entirely.
Third; yes, it's short. Deal with it.
I hope anda guys like it, leave komen-komen and everything down below along with confessionals and all that.
I also have a new tinjauan telah diposkan in the club; link
“Who wants to see my HOH room?!” Francis yelled.
“Me!” Cody called.
Cody’s Confessional
“I may not like it... but I think I’ll have to do a little sucking up. In this game, anda wanna make...
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"Owen?! Izzy?!! Where are you??" I scream down the halls.

I pass a supply closet and here farting sounds. Then izzy runs out of the closet gagging.

"You couldn't have held it until she passed the door Owen?" she says while choking.

"Sorry Izzy!", he says."I ate  a lot of those delicious wings!"

"Found you!! hei Noah! I found them!!" I say.
  "Busted." he says jubilantly.

Me, Owen, izzy, and Noah walk down the halls again and here whispering and giggling in Noah's parents room. Izzy opens it roughly and we see Mike and Zoey hiding behind  the bed.
"Busted!!"Izzy said.
    Mike and Zoey sprint...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Trent: Gwen Gwen Gwen wake up
Gwen: what Trent
Trent: come on the guys are haveing a meeting in my room i'll carry anda if anda want
gwen :ok
Duncan: ok i sware i hared screaming in the actic
gwen: when i got out of the pancuran, pancuran mandian and i was drying my hair i saw a note on the mirro that berkata help me from cody
Trent: that is freaky
courtney: what should we do
lindsay: i know 4 of us can go in the actick and see whats up their
owen: ARE anda CRAZY
courtney no no she might have a point 4 of us can go in the actick and the other 4 can keep whach we need waky talkys...
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posted by tdigirl3496
the seterusnya day

where is courtney asked Gwen

shes coming berkata duncan

hold on a minet i just got a text berkata duncan

duncan read it out loud berkata Gwen

i have anda girl friend. i wont 2000 atau i will kill her. duncan starts to frek out

i need 2000 atau she will be killed berkata duncan

here duncan anda can this berkata gwen

what is it asked duncan

a emas and dimend necles it werth about 2000 dollors berkata gwen

Gwen thank anda berkata duncan

ok i have to go to the ally sejak 57th jalan berkata duncan

in the ally with courtney

he will come. he loves me and he will be here berkata courtney.

he only had 4 min left the man said

you look...
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posted by tdigirl3496
hay babe what are anda doing asked Geoff.

nothing i see Courtney berkata Bridgette

hi courtney berkata Bridgette

hi Bridgette berkata courtney

what are anda doing asked Bridgette

im wating for duncan i need to talk to him berkata courtney

with the guys

hay man berkata Trent to duncan and geoff

hay they both berkata back

have anda seen gwen asked trent

no they both said

i hope dhes ok berkata duncan

me to berkata trent

duncan see courteny hay princess wats up he asked

nothing can we talk alone for a minet asked courtney

yeah berkata duncan

duncan i Cinta anda so much but i am moving to New york berkata courtney

what duncan berkata all up set

i will miss anda so much why do anda need to go asked duncan

my dad got a new job there so we are moving with him berkata courtny

i have to go to class now bye duncan berkata courtney

i will miss anda so much berkata duncan
*They set up the equiptment before Dusk*
Rochelle: Will anda tell us the claims now?
Chris: Yes there are cold spots, wierd odors, apparitions, orbs, voices, sounds of people walking and many lebih surprises.
Jordan: when do we get to start?
Chris: right now.
Zoey: Come on we better get started with this.
*They walk to their meeting point*
Storm: This is going to be awesome we get to stay here all night!
Rochelle: Oh great lets just get this over with.
Abby: Let's go Lights out.
*They turn off all the lights and head back to meeting point*
Zoey: Anyone wanna go envestigate.
Rochelle: I'll go...
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Addrey: *starts jumping too* ME TOO!


Jar3d: I hope I'm not with Ezekiel. I hate him! I wish that little *camera stops filming*

Mizzie: I NEED TO WIN! Hehhe... lucky I'm so popular in school.... *evil laughs quietly*

Melody: What? We're heading back to school? This is why i came on this STUPID show!


Zoey: *giggling* Too bad I'll be the only one with a boyfriend!

Alejandro: School is horrible. It's filled with horrible people. It's...
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anda are my friends,
And you’re the very best.
Friendship will never end,
You’re different from the rest...

This is what I want to say;
Here and now and to you.
My Friends are best in every way;
Our connection is strong and true.

My Friends are the best Friends ever;
And anda always will be.
You’ll be my Friends forever;
Gladly standing right sejak me.

You are all the hati, tengah-tengah of my life;
I worry and care for my friends.
You’re why I’m even alive;
Friendship has no end...

You are my friends,
And you’re the very best.
Friendship will never end,
You’re different from the rest...

You cheer me when I’m sad;...
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posted by emisa123
Name: Barbara Skylight Feminell
Age: 14
Place: Queens, New York
Family: Dad, Step-Mom, Little Brother.
Friends: Maggie (Is her neighbor), Hayley, Dawn, Daisy, Gwen, Cody, Duncan.
Loves: Music.
Hates: People with bad taste in music, Preps, and Stereotypical jerks.
Relationship: Crush on Duncan.
Theme song: You're Gonna Go Far Kid sejak The Offspring.
Cinta song: Check Yes Juliet sejak We The Kings and Kristie are anda Doing Okay sejak The Offspring
kegemaran Song: Gives anda Hell sejak The All American Rejects
All in all is a very nice person.

I didn't have alot of time to do all this.
Super sorry that it took my so long to make this :/ I'm afraid it make take me as long to write the saat part due to our school exams coming up. I really hope anda guys like it, I promise, lebih interaction and speaking in the saat part. Feel free to leave suggestions, comments, confessionals for characters, etc in the comments!
“Hello everyone, I’m Stella Carver and we are live from the set of Total Drama: tarikh Night!” A girl with long blond hair said. She wore a dark blue dress and had blue eyes with black eyeliner around them; she wore eyeshadow and blue high-heels....
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-Love hurts, but we do it anyway-

Ally was rushed out if the ambulans and into the hospital. She was immediately wheeled into the emergency room. Mike tryed to get in, but was stopped sejak  male and female

"Ally! Ally! NO!" he wailed trying to push pass the doctors.

"I'm sorry sir. anda cannot go in the emergency room with your girlfriend." the female said.

Mike was flushed at the thought of Ally being his girlfriend.

"You can see her later. The other doctors will work on her the best they can." The male said.

Mike really wanted to see Ally. He didn't care what he had to do to see...
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posted by TheGece
"What if we get caught?" berkata Coutney,affraid of being caught sleeping around with Duncan.

"They won't find us.It's the middle of the night."
Duncan assured her.Craving for love.

"Duncan I dont know,I think something bad is going to happen." Courtney worried.

"Courtney,It's okay!Duncan assured her again before covering the two with sheets and doing their buissnes.

The seterusnya morning they awoke to a surprise.Their matress was floating on a lake and the rest of the contestants standing laughing.

"You think this is funny!" Duncan said,pulling the blankets off not knowing he was butt-naked.
Everyone gasped at this sight.Courtney was also butt-naked.She ran back to the house packing her bags to go home.Duncan tried to get her to stay but she was too embarassed.