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Chris:Vine swinging!!! Heather:No way I'm swinging from some dirty Vine!!! Emily:You have to if anda want to win it for us!Everyone else from the killer snakes:Yeah!!! Chris:Well...She doesn't have to because only 3 people from each team need to! Izzy:Oh,Oh,I want to swing!!! Rochelle:Sure...go ahead!!! Mack:Who will hayun, swing from are team? Duncan:I will! D.j:So will I! Rikky:I will too! Mack&Duncan:That was easy!!! Bridgette: I will do it!I done it before!!! Emily:Ok,so will I! Chris:Ok,Duncan & Izzy try to hayun, swing to that little X,and try not to land in the lake of Snapping Fish!!! *Duncan...
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posted by RavenRox2
(sorry i took such a long time)
Marcuse: ugh...i can't tell anda right now, im to tired ill tel anda tomorrow...

*him and rayven walk back to the cabins and go to sleep*

*next morning*

Chris: *sets an alarm*

CONTESTANTS: *sleeping peacfully*

*alarm goes off*

Lulu: WWWHHHHAAAA *falls out of bed* What the heck, Chris!!

Chris: *laughs*


Chris: shhh! todays challange will be a scavenger hunt around the house!

Rayven: But the house is so fucking huge!
Chris: thats the point!

Lulu: do we know what to find?
Chris: anda dont.
lulu: *looking confused* huh?
Chris: anda will be guessing what...
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Geoff: it's time for..........
Bridgette: the aftermath show!!!!!!!
Geoff: staring........
bridgette: me........
Geoff: me..........
Bridgette: Izzy!!!!!!!
Geoff: cody!!!!!!!!
Bridgette: heather!!!!!
Geoff: and Annie!!!!!!
Bridgette: in a speshle adishen of........
Geoff: Total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!
Bridgette: Hi it's me bridgette!
Geoff: and me geoff!
Bridgette: agin we are the host of total drama crazy aftermath show!!!!!!!!!
Geoff: today we are going to have spelshle gusset!!!
Bridgette: let's starts with the first persin off total drama crazy........ heather!!!!!!
Geoff: But irst lets see some...
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(In the tune of Beautiful sejak Christina Aguilera; enjoy!)

(whisper) I don't wanna lose . . .

Every hari is so difficult
It's all the fault of Chris McLean
Now and then our dignity is smashed
From all the pain, it's so overrated

I am a winner, no matter what Chris says,
Even though I didn't win last season!
I am a winner, in all the wrong ways (according to him),
Yes, even if I didn't win last season!
So don't drop me from the plane today!

To all the others, you're utterly hopeless!
So consumed in all your victories.
Trying hard to avoid elimination
The drama's on, left your morals in San Juan
And now Chris...
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Jake: we better go to the other team mates now!
Penny: yeah they might vote us off if we don't go.
Jar3d: where's Ray?
penny:oh she went to the restroom when we left.
*a can drops down on the ground*
Jake: what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Jar3d: what th..........

Rochelle: where are they??
Sam: I don't know.
Gabriella: lets go find them.
* can drops down on the ground*
Sam:what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Gabrielle: what th.........

Ray: that felt good. well i better get back now.
*a can drops down on the ground*
Ray: what's that?
* a gas comes out of the can*
Ray: what th..........

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posted by TDItwin
penny pov

"ohh thank anda lord"lulu berkata holding her hands in a praying position which earned a disaproving look from the teacher standing at the front
"hey penny whats up?" jake asked me
"nothing just finished drama" i berkata casually
"because she's such a dramaqueen" lulu joked joining us we all started to laugh then lulu went to go flirt with cody which just left me and jake alone
"soo anda excited for prom its only 2 days away" i asked him hope he would give me a positive answer about a dance
"penny i just like hanging out with anda and i dont need a dance to...
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Geoff: Your kidding me right???????
Noah: No! This could really be the end of the world.
Bridgette: We have to worn the world.
Duncan: Frist Courtney!
Katie: But we don't know where she is.
geoff: Izzy????
Izzy: I know where courtney is.
Duncan: where?
Izzy: Hop on my vine.
Duncan: Your crazy!
Izzy: I know i am.
Duncan: how about u walk me there.
Izzy: ok.
Geoff: I'll go on main jalan with bridgette.
noah: I'll go to all the state house.
Sadie: I'll go to all the houses with katie!
Duncan: I'll go tell courtney with izzy.
Izzy: yep
Noah: ok lets go!
posted by 123Jordan
rochelle: This is the total drama awards! We are going to have sepasle gusse today. they are Birdgette, eva, Noah, The whole team of Killer Bass, Trent, chris maclain, and more! The first award is for the best Team on season 1 and 2! The nomanes are, Screaming Gaffers, Killer Grips, Killer Bass, and Screaming Gophers. and the winner is...................... Killer bass with 8 votes!!!!!
Duncan: We are so happy we won this award!
Courtney: I think I won it for us.
Duncan: Yeah how do u know that anda won it for us???
Courtney: cause i'm the onlt one on the team with brains.
Bridgette: are anda saying...
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posted by 219-1680
DJ started cring again but this time Izzy noticed. "Why are u cring DJ?"she asked "Chef made me cook all the foods but he still treats me like dirt!" DJ said. "So your not going to tell Chris."said Izzy."He told me not to tell Chris"DJ said."So your just gonna let him rule your life?!"DJ thougth for a bit."Your right Izzy I'm goning to tell Chris!" Izzy waved good-bye while DJ ran to tell Chris. DJ ran into CHef oh no oh no
DJ thought. Chef walked away shaking his head. What do I do know? DJ thought. i wish Izzy was here. But he still ran to find Chris since he told Izzy I would and DJ never Breaks a Promise not even to someone he loves.

To Be Contined.........
chris: wake up!
Jar3d: But it's 3:00 in the morning!
Chris: so?
Gabriella: where are we???
Chris: at hunted castle!
Sarah: *gulps*
Sam: So what's our chalange?
Chris: anda have to stay in this hunted istana, castle til sunwise.
Jordan: Come on guys it can't be hunted! *lighting strickes followed sejak thunder*
Cody: *gulps* yeah, but why is it only storming over the castle?
Jordan: chris probley mabe it that way.
Jar3d: plus, it's a big istana, castle so it just could be a storm right over it.
Jordan: yeah!
Chris: Go in! team funny yuo go on the left side of the house, and team Rawak on the right!
Jordan: ok
Chris: oh and if...
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Chris: To make a circus!!!!
all: what???????
chris: Yes anda have to make a circus!
jax: how?
Chris: anda know what a circus is like.
Jax: right............
Jax's POV: The truth is i have never been to a circus.
Gabriella: I think he means what do we do?
Chris: all circus stuff.
Zoey: like what?
Chris: everything.
Jordan: for how long???
Chris: for 2 hours.
Jar3d: anda know how long it takes to make a circus for the real circus?
Chris: Yeah but this isn't the real circus!!!
ray: This is just grate.
Chris: Your time stats now!!!!!!!
Jax: So what do we do????
Sarah: let's start with the clown.
Jax: I'm a little funny....
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Ok i am sorry this took so long to get up, I have been busy and I thought I wrote and telah diposkan this already but aperently it didn't go through, and I had to do stuff today and well its just been a big mess ,but here is that drama filled goody stuff that I hope anda like.
WARNING: If anything bad mean atau rude is berkata about a person on this sight, I do not mean it, it is just to add in drama atau suspence, unless of cource it is something nice, then of cource I mean it :D.

We where all haveing a little dance party in the living room, when we herd a few loud bangs. Normaly I wouldent have cared, becuase...
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posted by dxarmy423
Chris: Welcome to the newest, most destructive, addicting and action packed tv tunjuk yet TOTAL DRAMA EXTREME RULEZ!

Chris: we the contestants.. I mean victims will do extreme stunts, go to extreme places and play in extreme sports and more!

Chris: On this episode we will introduce the competition and make the 2 teams!

Chris: the contestants-


Chris: and its time for our first challenge THE BATTLE ROYAL!!!


Edge: thats right the first episode of this tunjuk is...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: ok sorry i havent writen an artical in a wail becuase i was working on my art for a littel bit but i am back, and ready to write, p.s. rose35 is gwens littel sister, hope anda enjoy.

(DJ out of his the truck and knocks on bridgettes front door)

Gwen: (mumbeling anrey jiberish to her self) vm dsjkgbbjgbskgjksgjkvx

(gwen opens the door to see a dressed and read to go DJ standing at the front door)

DJ: oh sorry where anda guys still sleeping?

Gwen: uuhh yes what time is it?

DJ: 5:00

Gwen: why did anda come to get us so erly?

DJ: well i thought if anda guys where ready to go that i would take you...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me:I have been getting these coments about how i can't spell atau I'm that I'm not a good speller atau whatever, i just want the people who are leaving these coments to know ever since i was a little girl i have been a horrible speller and ya anda know anda can't type the same way anda talk so blaaaaaaaa
(courtney walks in sits down in front of the glass and they start talking)

Duncan:hey prinsessi have missed anda ,so whats been going on in your life.

Courtney:well your cuzen is coming to town

Duncan:wait,did anda say cuzen?


Duncan:i don't have a cuzen both of my parents...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: the gang is in the parking lot hanging out over at djs moms car waiting for courtney geting ready to head down to the police departmant

(wail they are hanging out bridgette and were making out gwen was Penulisan and trent and DJ were listing to Muzik in djs moma's car)

Courtney: hei sorry i am late guys my teacher held us up she is shuch a b!@#$%

DJ: does such language menyeberang, cross her lips, trent?

Trent: i think it does, gasp!*jokingly*

DJ: dobbel gasp!

eveyone: hahahahahaha

Courtney: ok when we go to see duncan let me go first then we can all go in k?

everybody: sure, sounds good, k,ect.......
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"C'mon, Izzy! If we stop running, we'll never get out of here!" Sierra said, running as fast as her legs could carry her.
"But, Sierra-" Izzy said, but decided to leave her friend alone. "Let Sierra be Sierra.."
The two girls ran through the fields for an jam and stopped for a drink. " that I've stopped running, I wonder...where's Alejandro?" The crazy girl asked, and the superfan's face went pale.

"Where are these 'Child Services' people coming?" Asked Courtney.
"Well, nobody's going to get caught, unless they happen to be out in the open..." Replied Chris.
"Esper berkata she found...
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ok,so if anda read my CourtneyxHarold oneshot,this is what happened when duncan kissed gwen.

Duncan knocked on the door.

Geoff opened it."Duncan,courtney!glad to see you!come in,the party has already started."

"alright,"courtney said,coming inside.

The couple walked into the house.

"cool place,man,"duncan said.

"thanks,dude,"geoff said

"hey duncan,"gwen said.


"not much,just got here."

"hey,courtney!cone on see this!"bridgette called.

"ok!ill be back duncan."


it was quiet for a moment.

"duncan,"gwen spoke."can,i talk to you,in private?"...
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This was inspired sejak these 2 video i watched (since they both involve cxh)

vid 1:link

vid 2:link


"wow,shes beautiful."

He was astounded.

Maybe even lovestruck

no!he couldn't have been.his hati, tengah-tengah belonged to LeShawna,didnt it?

When she finished,everyone clapped.

Duncan whistled,of course.

"thank you!thank you!"she yelled,and left the stage.

"wow,that was a-amazing!"

"Harold baby,i could of done better than that skinny rich girl."

"you're just jealous,"he thought.

Courtney came running

"that was amazing babe!"he said,hugging her.

"he's lucky to have a girl like...
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posted by TDItwin
rayven pov

"just a few lebih minit to go" i berkata quitly to myself stupid mrs docety putting me in detion i looked around at every body else duncan was carving into the meja, jadual eva was therataning the kid in front of her and thats all the people i knew i looked back up at the clock 1minute left this was torture i should be out finding a boyfriend for prom BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRINGGGGGGG went the loceng i quickly grabed my stuff and jolted out the door first thing to do call penny and ask for Nasihat
"hi rayven whats up?"penny asked
"umm penny i need help finding a boyfriend could anda help me plz its...
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