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Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*sakura Kiss*
(Just to say the did NOT leave school yet!!)

Lisa:Guys I really don't wanna go to day...
Sofie:Oh come on Lisa!!! anda always wanna go! Whats wrong??
Lisa:I-I just can't tell u guys..at lest not yet.
Sofie:O....k then!
Alexa:*opens door* *rose peddles fly out at them* *they see all the guys dressed as maids*
All:*start laughing insanly*
Sofie:AH HAHAHAHAHAWHAT THE HELL?!?!HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Oh except anda Honey! U look cute! ^^ but..HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
Hikaoru:I knew this was a stupid idea!
Kaoru:Yeah boss *sarcastic* This is a great plan!*looks and sees no tamaki* Tamaki???
Tamaki:*comes out in normal uniform* Hello la...*sees the others* Hahahahaha! What the hell your u guys wearing??
Haruhi:Your new theme was maids! What the hell sempi! *takes off maid outfit(she had uniform underneth*
Kyouya:Yes Tamaki..Why a sudden change in plan? And why not tell us about it?
Fan fiction by bubble_babe posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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this happen later that night xD
Ok, i took a 5 min nap, then wach lion king, atau the other way around....i 4get. but this is the super Funny dream!!! DxH Heads-up
(NOTE: 4 an unknow resion Heathers wearing Duncans shirt...and pants....and their VERY louse on her....its AWESOME!!)

Heather Walked into the boys kabin to find it totally enptey; except for one person.

"Umm, sweethart this is the boys cabin." berkata Duncan

"So?!" Heather Snaped

"So: get out." He said

"Why?" She asked

"Well are anda a boy?" Heather rolled her eyes at the question

"Really Duncan!? No, i am not a boy; and i'm very shocked anda are."





Having enof of the dark haired girl he walked up to her and grabed her arm, but in responce all he got was Heather beging to whale. He then let go of her, the sad thought that he hurt her was all that was on his mind.
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Sofie panted and huffed on all fours on the floor.
"That's enough special drilling for the day," Duncan told her.
"Thank you... so much."
"You handled the ribbon very well. You're making very quick progress." He smiled.
"Do anda really think so, Duncan?" Sofie looked up at him still panting.
"... anda don't really buy that stuff, do you?"
"SHUT UP, RANMA!!" She screamed, tanlged in a mess of ribbon.

"Even if it's true..." Sofie muttered.
"... It's only a week until the match. I should have known, I never should have agreed to help." She sat in silence, while small drops of water dripped down her cheeks and into the water as she sat in her bathtub listening to the gentle buzz of the light.

"Mmph. It's embarassing to watch." Duncan stood sejak the small pond, while Ranma meditating and holding a battling ball, talked to him.
"And you! You've got no shame, flattering Sofie like that!"
"Bah! anda should be ashamed Ranma-- for you're jealously!" Duncan smirked.
Opinion by 7thGradeGenius posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Rikki, when she's not causing natural disasters :P
The seterusnya day, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the dock. I don't know why I keep going to that dock every day. I was WAY too freaked out to even speak. I mean, I KISSED Duncan. How could I Ciuman him?! I Cinta him like the older brother I never had. I mean, if I liked him lebih than that I would, but he's very close to me and I like him as a brother, not a boyfriend.

I kneeled down on the dock, my long curly brown hair falling over my face. I was wearing a sleeveless hotpink minidress and silver leggings with black high-heeled boots. I reached my hand out over the water, my stone glowing on my wrist. I flexed my hand, the water in my bluer-than-blue eyes sparkling, and a small funnel reached up toward my hand. I smiled, and flexed my fingers, the water spiraling like an upside-down waterspout.

The sun started rising, and I heard a kabin door close. I looked back and saw Duncan walking out onto the front steps of his cabin, in his full clothes. I watched him suspiciously.
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Sakura kiss*

Haruhis's Dad:Whats wrong,Sweetie?
Hauri:Oh nothing!
H,s Dad:Is it because of..that girl?
Haruhi:Yeah...Man! What do I do! I mean,If she told everyone then every girl would know,Im a girl. I also bet that Tamaki would be happy. But everyone else would furious..
H's Dad:Well anda kn..
H's Dad:Well Sweetie,I think anda should explain to her why anda are pretending to be a man! I think she will understand.
Haruhi:Your right,I'll go. *kisses her father/mother on the cheek*
H's Dad:Ok now go get dressed and go to school,because anda are VERY late!
Haruhi:Oh shoot!! *run to change*
H's Dad:*girly chuckle*

*in 2nd period*
Lisa:*writing her jawapan on her quiz* *thinking* Im still freaked out! I mean why the hell! Is Haruhi pretending to be a guy? Is she Lezbo? *sighs* well I don't now if I should tell my friends! Also,Do the guys know?
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"Your such a sweet little girl! Here, have another bun-- for free!"
"Oooo! Golly! Thank anda so much!" Ranma took the bun and put it between her teeth.
Yup. When I'm cruising for eats, this girl-body is the way to go. She started to briskly walk through the town market, back to the Tendo Training Hall.

"Pardon me, but anda are from Furinkan high school, are anda not?" A strange brown haired girl in a long dress uniform asked, as three other men with faces wrapped in bandages stood around her, with serious expressions.
"Please, no need to rush on my account. If I'm not mistaken, we'll be having out match in one week." She berkata firmly.
"No lebih talk!" Yelled one bandaged man.
"We've got you-- at last!"

What's with the guys in the bandages? Ranma thought, crouching on the fence near the commotion.

"We're finishing anda off here and now!"
"Prepare to die!!"
WHSHHH! The bandaged fighters took out painted Kelab from their packages, and dashed to the girl.
Fan fiction by rockzsanders posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Author's Note: As most of anda know, this super-amazingfully awesome chick is my fanfic character. I've updated some information about her, and some info. is the same. Note I do NOT want a bunch of fangirls coming on here bitching at me about what she likes/dislikes. SO! Enjoy xD



Name: Hayley Elizabeth Cameron

Age: 17

Birthday: March 11th, 1993

Country: Canada

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Religion: Not sure

Orientation: Bisexual (Go figure xD)

Lacey Adreian Cameron(older)
Madison "Maddie" Lyyn Cameron (younger)

Fear/s: Balloons popping (conquered, but not cured. Globophobia is a form of anxiety. Google IT.) Bugs (Not Conquered) Heights (Not Conquered)


Opinion by 7thGradeGenius posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Either he's worried about having more than 13 girlfriends, or he's scared of me, which he should be.
Omigosh, I am SO glad I didn't arrive at camp a couple days earlier for the Makanan challenge. I have a very weak stomach, and I would have immediately vomited. Unlike Owen, his stomach of steel. But seriously, I come to camp and the females are bickering over the stupidest shit which i dont even know what is. Ever since I arrived, it's been hell. Thankfully, I've met four people who are actually nice to me (Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna, Trent, and Lindsay), needless to say they're on the opposing team.

Well, I got nothing really else much to write in this diary.

~You can't prove anything,
Brittanya Annabelle Williams


That morning, I woke up and screamed. There was a big gaping hole in the ceiling, and black gooey fluid was dripping into the cabin. "DAMNIT, DUNCAN!!!!" I screamed. "WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?"

Duncan walked into the cabin, in his boxers, laughing his head off. "Oh, I can't beleive anda fell for that!"
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Manga Crossover!
Rain stained the windows, as the rest of the Tendo bathroom was still...
"Duncan! You... You're a...Pig!" Ranma gasped leaning over the tub and getting a better look at the human.
"Ranma... YOUR DEAD!!" Duncan jabbed out his hand as it cut straight through the rag Ranma held before her face.
"WHOA! WAIT!" She screamed leaning back. She stared at his hand and took it away from the rag.
"So anda did go to The Ground of Accursed Springs!" She said.
"Chasing you, I wondered throughout the vastness of China! For days I wandered... until that fateful day... Some strange girl knocked me from a cliff-- to the spring! Then... I changed! That hideous body that curses me... the devouring that nearly befell me... they're your fault Ranma! Because anda ran from our duel!" Duncan screamed.
"HOLD it, you! anda were knocked into that spring sejak some weird girl, right?"
"Yes. So?"
"So why should anda be mad at ME? anda should be mad at the panda and that g--"
Opinion by Tdilover225 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I Made A New Fanfiction And TDI Character!!!!
Name: Rinji Kobayashi

Age And Gender: He's 13 And A Male!!!!!!!

Clothes: His kegemaran 2 Outfits Are These: The First One Is A Black baju That Says TDI And Has His 5 kegemaran Characters On It. Also He Has Black Jordans With White Soccerballs On The Side With Black And Red Athletic Shorts!!!! His Other One Has A Dancing pisang Singing It's kacang, kacang tanah mentega jelly, jeli Time!!!!! Also Green And Black Flip-Flops With Regular Blue Jeans!!!!!!

Looks Like: Rinji Has Black Spiky Hair Like Sasuke's From Naruto, Doesn't Wear Any Type Of Chapstick, Wears A Lucky Beaded-Bracelet, Has Brown-Tanned Skin, And Has Anime Blue Eyes!!!!

Weight And Height: He's 5 Foot 3 And 137 Pounds...............

kegemaran Shows: Total Drama Island\Action, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Danny Phantom, Ninja Warrior, And Naruto!!!!!!

kegemaran Movies: The Wizards Of Waverly Place Movie, High School Musical 2, iCarly: iGo To Japan, And Dragonball: Evolution!!!
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*this is my TDI Manga crossover between Total Drama Island and Ranma 1/2. I Cinta both the tunjuk and graphic novel series, so I decided to write the first chapter of the saat book and see what anda all think of it*

The hiss and patter of the rain was the only thing heard outside of the Tendo house. The lights in the town were turned off for the night, and anda could almost feel the still of the silence...

Little circles of water surrounded Duncan's feet as he approached.
"Yes, this must be the the Tendo Training Hall..." He berkata to himself gripping his small umbrella tighter. Today, Ranma... anda meet your end!

Ranma Saotome slept softy in his unmade bed, as the tick of the clock wondered around the room. Creeeek... The door slowly opened and Duncan stepped inside.
"Wake up, Ranma. It's me-- Duncan."
Ranma made no movements, except for the motion of his lips as he breathed.
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Me:Ok lets fast foward through the wake up,breakfast,and the first 6 classes *presses play* ok here we go 7th period! Lets start now!

*Sakura kiss*

MR.N:Ok Lauren,Mori,Hikaoru,Kaoru,Sofie,Jeana,Tamaki,Duncan,Harold,Beth,Owen,Katie,Trent,and DJ!
Hikaoru&Kaoru:Here sir!
Sofie:Im HERE!
Beth:Im here also
Mr.N:Ok good. Now everybody take out your text buku and turn to page 39! And we will be listening to the story: "The river is cold" sejak Tom Melarky! *turns on the CD player* *then goes to teachers lounge* Be good while Im gone!
Lauren:*taps moris shoulder* hei Mori!
Mori:*still facing forward* Yeah?
Lauren:Are we going to the host club today?
Mori:YEah. But tomorrow we don,t.
Lauren:Wow anda are talking more! My mission is almost complete!
Fan fiction by 7thGradeGenius posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Actual Avalon mages-left to right-Adriane Charday, Emily Fletcher, Kara Davies
I have a lot of friends, and usually, some of them can be really helpful and nice. All except one- my best friend Sarah, who, I call Rikki because of her temper.

I get a long with almost anybody pretty easily, that is, unless they're royal jackasses. Normally, if I'm tired of fightings with someone like Rikki, I'll sigh and walk away, and I get that from my sister Courtney.

And Courtney makes me jealous becusae we both applied for this reality tunjuk called Total Drama Island, and she got in instead of me. WTF?!?! Why wouldn't they want twins on the show? Yes, me and Courtney are twins.

The only difference between us is, she's uptight and presidential, I'm rebellious and punk. I'm a loneer and an outsider, because I always thought it was better dealing without people. But the only people I'll actually be around are my sister and my best friends.

But, yay, Courtney is the best! She got me and a few of my best Friends on the tunjuk with her! Although it was kinda weird, because we arrived after like, the fourteenth challenge, and Courtney was already voted off. From thereon, it was guys vs girls, and all of a sudden the girls had a...
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Sakura Kiss*

Karen:Ok girls,WAKE UP ITS 6:00!!
*girls wakeup except Lauren*
Lauren:*sleep taking* hei mori how the weather up there? *twitches leg* why are anda here? *wipes nose*
Carly:*shakes lauren* Lauren!
Lauren:*bites carlys hand*
Lauren:*wakes up* huh,whats going on??
Carly:U bit me!! *rubs hand*
Lauren:Oh,sorry about that.
Carly:Its ok. I guess..
Karen:Ok girls lets get dressed and then get some breakfast.
Lisa:Sounds good cuz Im hungry!

Sofie:*looking at muffins* hmmm..Which kind do I want in my mouthy??? hmmm..
Enikah:How about blueberry!
Sofie:Yumm! But I was thinking Chocolate chip..Hmm..
Alexa:Just pick both.
Sofie;Good idea!!!*grabs both and puts them on her plate*
Enikah:Im going to have some waffles! *starts making waffles*
Lisa:Oooo Make me and Alexa one 2 plz!
Opinion by TDIlover226 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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People, what is with anda and Anti ____ spots. They're not allowed on fanpop, but still, they HELP.
Someone has apparently reported the TDI x-Gwen spot. Well, here's what I think..
Some over obsessors see an Anti Courtney, atau Gwen, atau Duncan peminat art, and with no self control the yell something like "Take your trash somewhere else!" So, that's where they take it!
Then, the SAME person finds the anti ____ spot, and starts reporting and yelling THERE. So, the seterusnya day, the spot gets deleted. So, everything that was there goes to the TDI spot, and they start yelling again! Well, it was THERE fault for reporting the spot in the first place! It's what people call the domino affect, and it's the over obsessors that MAKE the anti-spot get created!
This has to stop, because yelling at people for liking a character is just childish and WRONG!
Most of the Anti-work is GOOD work that people work HARD on! And then, even if it is good, they get yelled at, and there content gets rated low! And they get reported! For What? They never did anything to you! They "insulted" a MADE UP CHARACTER THAT DOES NOT EXSIST WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!
Fan fiction by xcv_2013 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Last time on Total Drama High:
DJ & Trent ended up going to P.E. for class & to help Duncan's little sister, Brooke, to not drop out without knowing that they knew. At first Trent seemed pretty confident about it since he & Brooke are Friends till they saw Brooke tossing their gym teacher around like a drag doll. She even gave DJ the chills sejak threating to hurt him the same way. What will Brooke do now? Will she make other friends? Will she find out that everyone now in the world knows her secret? Find out today in Total Drama High!!!

Soon it was lunch time. As everyone started to getting in line, Courtney accidentally tripped & fell in Duncan's arms. As he caught her she turned a little merah jambu as they stared at each other's eyes. She got up quickly,"Um.... Thanks Duncan." she said. He tried to act all cool,"N-N-No problem."
Courtney: OK, that was a little awkward.
Duncan: That was so awesome! I think she still digs me.
Opinion by emisa123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Well, this is my first rant ever, so please be merciful. I'm also planning to turn this into a YouTube video.

Okay guys, today's rant is about DuncanXGwen. I have been deeply inspired sejak Madiyasha's rant and decided to make one of my own. Look, I've always loved all of the meriam couples. And I've always stood up for the not-so-cannon couples. DuncanXGwen, DuncanXHeather, DuncanXHarold, HeatherXNoah, ChrisXIzzy, NoahXCody, and hell, I've even had a good laugh over ChrisXChef. It always breaks my hati, tengah-tengah when I see someone hard work go down the drain just because some over-obsessed DuncanXCourtney peminat gets pissed off.

1. Okay, it always makes me mad when I hear "die Gwen die". I can understand if anda don't like her, but does she really deserve to die? If you're mad at her because she's "stealing Duncan from Courtney" then anda should hate Duncan too. Duncan is also in this mess and who says he doesn't flirt with her also? If I remember correctly, Duncan was flirting with Heather ALL the time. Even AFTER he was with Courtney. Did I hear any Duncan haters? No. Don't hate Gwen for anything she did, because she didn't do anything. The creators did. Blame them. Not...
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Sakura Kiss*

Duncan:*carving a skull on the wall*
Duncan:*still carving away* What..
Harold:You don't own that wall!
Duncan:*still carving* so...
Harold:Forget it! Your hopeless!
Duncan:*still carving* Sure..
Trent:*strumming his guitar* hei guys what do u wanna do??
Duncan:*still carving* (but now he is carving Sofie in the table)
Harold:Kar-a-TAY! HI-YA! *kicks lamp over*
Ezekial:Go shoping!
Ezekial:What! eh.
Justin:Um..Hello? *holds up hands* Still drying!
Geoff: P-A-R-T-Y! PARTAY!!!
Trent:That could work..
Noah:Im not really a "Party Goer"
Duncan:*stops carving* u know I heard that the girls are having a tab panas, hot tub, tab mandi panas party in their hotel room.
Geoff:RADICAL! Lets go!
*all leave. Even Noah! (they put him in the trunk! XD)*


Fan fiction by xxXsk8trXxx posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Dawn was born in Paris, France in October 14 at 6:21 p.m. Her parents were Josephine and Rusell Vej. The two owned a nice little cafe in the town square. Dawn, back then Amulet Vej, sometimes walked around the restraunt with her mom. When she was 11, she started working as a waitress. She did a pretty good job. Amulet's grades were high, she got a good job, her parents were nice, her life was perfect.
Until April 4th.
Then, Amulet was a nice little 12 tahun old. She was staying at her friend's house for a sleepover. Her parents were cleaning up the restraunt in the night, when they got robbed. Russel was stabbed to death, and Josephine was rapped, tortured, and kidnaped. She never came back.
Amulet was depressed. She didn't speak for the seterusnya year.
But on her thirteenth birthday, she was sent to America. The silent orphan landed in Chicago. She got off the plane to her new parent.
David Jones.
David was a buissinessman. He taught Amulet english (which explains her French accent), gave her a room in his apartment, and treated her well.
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Kieran: Jeffree bintang is my BFF! Wanna see a picture of him? :D *pulls out picture of Jeffreee Star*
Girls: *SCREAM*

*outside in lawn chairs*
Sofie: Did anda see what happened to Sumer?
Duncan: Yeah...
Sofie: Are anda worried about her?
Duncan: *grabs me* SEX, NOW!? 8D
Sofie: *screams* NO!! I WILL NOT HAVE SEX anda YOU, anda PERVERTED TEENAGE BOY!!

*inside room*
Everyone: *hears* o_o
Kieran: Aaw, ^^

Duncan: o.o
Sofie: -o-'

Kieran: I'M DATING RIKU!! *jumps up and down* HE'S GOT GRAY HAIR AND CARRIES AROUND A KEYBLADE!! :D But then again, all guys have KeyBlades ^^
Girls: *screams again*
Duncan: *trying to Ciuman Sofie* It probably wasn't that bad -___-
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Sofie: *sitting at meja wearing sexy woman's uniform* WELCOME BACK! Our Url has been recently updated, so be sure to check out all the fabulous things, TDI's Dating System has for you! :D
Leshanwa: hei there guys, it's yo girl, Leshawna! X3
Sofie: Don't worry, we didn't api, kebakaran Lindsay, she just stands in the back of the room painting her nails ^^'
Leshawna: lil' Sofie wasn't mean enough to get rid of her XD
Sofie: HUSH UP!
Leshanwa: hei remember who your talking to, little girl...
Sofie: Fine fine, whatever. Please welcome, DUNCAN!
*applause sejak crazed fangirls*
Sofie: -o-' Why are they here?
Leshawna: Boss thought we needed a live cast, and they were already standing outside the door yelling, "DUNCAN DUNCAN DUCAN!" So he just let them in and sat them down.
Sofie: ... OK! :D
Duncan: *standing with his arms crossed* u_u
Sofie: Your probably wondering, "Why is Duncan here, he has a girlfriend!" Well, your completely correct, ladies and gentlemen, Duncan is indeed dating Courtney. *mumbles* Heaven knows why...
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Sofie: *sitting at a meja with hands folded wearing a sexy woman's suit* Hello, and welcome to our TDI dating system. We've customized a special website especially for the lonely members of the Total Drama Island cast. I'm your chief adviser/creator of berkata URL; Sofia Canepa.
Lindsay: I'm Lindsay! I came here because Sarah told me I would be on TV :D
Sofie: -__-... Un-payed intern.
Lindsay: :D
Sofie: Alrighty then, lets get started. Our contestant for the day,
Cody: *standing in front o me* Yeah?
Sofie: We know how much anda like Gwen, though she has *cough cough* had, a boyfriend.
Cody: Correct.
Sofie: anda sayin' I'm DUMB and can't get things correct on a daily bases!? *stands up yelling*
Cody: *waves hands in front of face* No, no! I just... um, *sweating* Can we alih on...?
Sofie: *sitting down* Of course we can :D
Cody: o.o
Lindsay: *trying to read papers* Cody... Martin?
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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In the forest,i heard "D and G" coming toward me agian.My face Frozen from the cool wind and my freezing tears.Then the male and female circled me.
"Tell us...",the female hissed."Tell us why...."he echoed."Tell us why the shadows are have been scared...Tell us..."The female continued."They are scared because of me...",I guessed,trying my hardest not to get killed."Oh,you better try!",he said.
They had stopped walking around me sejak now,the male glaring into my soul,the female behind me.I heard a sharp sound,but i was too busy trying to think of ways to stop him from trying.Most girls would think he was gorgeous,but i thought he was hideous!He kept glaring into me,just making me that lebih uncomfortable.
"WAIT!!!i know who he is now.",i screamed."I'm D",he tried."NO! you're Du...nc....an!DUNCAN!",i hollered.,"Why are anda doing this to me?!""I want to."
[i]Before my eyebrows could tilt downward again,she pulled out her shiny metalic knife.She just pushed it into my skin before i could realize what she was doing.I could feel the pisau carefully going through my rib cage.I knew what she has doing and i was going to let her.I couldnt feel my heart...
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"The person must be here still."i whispered from underneath my breath.The wind from ice cold,to burning.Realizing something was going right.I knew it was a girl,one of my best friends.The hot wind floating under my feet,the colourful leaves bouncing off of my arms and legs,realizing what i should do.I started to creep slowly into the night.Sneaking into the shadows whispering,"Are anda alright?Have they hurt you?

Holding my breath,i heard voices breathing back to me."She has took my darkness,he has put blood in our breeze""What are their names?""D and G,they have not mentioned anything else.""Who had jumped into the bushes?"Blank silence for a moment,my blood getter hotter,my hair dripping."She is one who calls herself,'fox'."Lesahwna...i should of known!"My feet pressing against the ground quickly,my arms flinging so fast,it felt like they might fall off.

Reaching my destination,a cliff.Spreading my arms open,my mouth stretched open .Raising my nose,sniffing her scent.Eyes glaring at the moon,knowing something i didn't want to.Staring into mid air, tumbling back to the forest.
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Running,running.I could feel my jeans close tightly around my legs as i tried to escape from the feeling.The rain was coming down hard and cold,just like them.But i couldn't out run the feeling.Chills sneaked up my back as i tried hard not to think about all my pain,and all my thoughts that were causing my head to nearly explode.Then i heard the thing that scared me the most.Shrieks.Pure blood-curdling screeches that made me stop.My eyes widened as i heard foot steps.My head pounding as i heard someone folowing me.I turn around and....

My scream could be heard from miles away.Then i looked up from the red that was on my hair.Peeking through my bangs,i saw who it was.
"Ready to dance?We haven't got all day!"
[i]A pisau glisten in the wet moonlight.A heard a very familiar sound.A sound that should never be heard.My body almost Frozen in place,to terrified to move,my hands as cold as ice.My pulse racing too fast to count,their eyes staring at me in horror.The scary part was that we weren't moving.One of them breathed(finally) but froze in the air.The moon hitting...