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max:welcome to tds! (im switching the teams back 2 normal!) max:since phils not here,alex is the new leader! alex:alright! max:todays challenge,head west and you'll see a cave,there i'll send anda further instructions! *LATER* teams:were here! max:go up there and i'll call ya! *LATER,AGAIN!* teams:were here,again! RRRRHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! jacki:WHOAH,WHAT WAS THAT? max:TODAYS CHALLENGE:FIGHT A GIANT SPIDER! TEENS:WWWHHHHHAAAATTTTTTTT?????!!!!!????!!!!????!!!!???? alex:here he comes,gimme the knifes and i'll play darts at the damn thing! violet:my sword,gimme it! *VIOLET THROWS SWORD AT SPIDERS...
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posted by kittymissy75
"Have fun while your awake you'll need it."
"Why do anda say that?"
"You don't belive in the boogyman do you?"
"No.Its just a story"

once anda go to sleep.he's coming back.Go ahead stab murder him..he will never die!He will live,and live till he kills you!

"Hey anda remember when i berkata i don't belive?"
"Yea.Why?Here to rube it in?"
"No, i've seen and heard him"
"I told anda so but anda made fun just like the rest"

Take a break count to 5.


one:what the hell was that?!
four:plz open the door


"Jake?!"Was that you?"


"So what happens when anda get to 6"


"PlZ.. someone help me?!Anyone!"

wispers: Were waiting for you!
posted by kittymissy75
anda thought he was gone.But anda were wrong!he is stronger,and faster than ever!The World Will Never Know anda Exsist At ALL!

from 1st Boogyman:"For 15 years everybody told me i was making it up.Everyone berkata it was just a story but they were wrong!"

You've heard the legdend

*panting*"What the hell was that!"Are anda scared?"

You've had the nightmare

from Boogyman 2:"If anda wanna conqer your fear anda have to understand the darkness within!"


now belive he's real!

"You think im crazy?"
"The Boogyman is real"

"If anda don't do something there gonna find lebih bodies in that dorm."
"I know anda don't belive me.......but anda will"

one:What the hell was that?!
four:plz open the door!

"what happens if anda get to 6?"

"he knows eveything we fear"

"I know anda don't belive me......but anda will!"
posted by kittymissy75

"Fear is an anxioty and are masks we creat to hide what were truly afraid of"

"Every culture has a name for him"
"Everyones afraid of something"
"If anda wanna conqer your fear anda have to under stand the darkness within."

" The lock down is just and insureince proposion and it helps the administration sleep better knowing that everyone is secure."

There's no excape!

"What was that?"
"Mabe it was the Boogyman!"
"Mabe it was"


"He knows what scares us."

help me!!

"The phones are dead i can't get a dial tone!"
"We have to get out."

"He's right behind you!"
"He dosent exsist!"
"YES HE DOES!!".......

" are anda still afraid of the Boogyman?"

Fear will kill you!!
posted by kittymissy75
"dad could anda close the closet door?"

He lives in your dreams.He hides in the shadows.He feeds on your fears.What anda thought was just a story is your worset nightmare!

"For 15 years everybody told me that i was making it up.Everyone says its just a story.And that there was no such thing as the boogyman.But i was right there was."
"Listen to me Tim its time to grow up.There was nothin Supernatural thing that happend."
"Hey your not going wierd on me are you?"
"No" "THese feelings are they real?"
"Im seeing things Jess."
"You know its just going to get worst. Go utama Tim.Spend one night...
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posted by kittymissy75
Close my eyes i try to hide im listning to my voice inside.Why don't anda tell me right atau wrong?I need to know wear i belong.for all the the days i ran away.i never dared to ask me who could i be?who could bring back the voice inside me?

Could it be anda atau do i lose my way?im here but colorblind.Could it be anda atau do i break away?just to leave the past behind.i only want to feel the sunlight,stop the fight,and i see it in your eyes.wish i just knew what i should do could it be you?somebody tell me if its true i don't have a clue could it be you?

To many things berkata and done sure if anda could...
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posted by kickassbjean
 Kittymissy75, tell your ex-bf to lay off gwentrentever
Kittymissy75, tell your ex-bf to lay off gwentrentever
Think back and decide whether anda want to stay with me atau go with kittymissy75's fuckin dumbass ex-bf.

Why don't anda think of me?

You better take it from me
That boy is not a disease
You're running, you're trying and trying to hide
And wondering why anda can't get free...
He's like a curse, he's like a drug
You get addicted to his love
You wanna get out but he's holding anda down, because anda can't live without one lebih touch
'Cause he's a,

A good-time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine
Looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy-coated misery
He's a devil in disguise
A snake with blue...
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posted by IDDfan
I read this like I don't know just five minit lalu to anda bigTDIfan!

Justin was really starting to scare me. Obsessive love, Bridgette would probably call it. We both sometimes stayed up for hours into the night talking about how strange the other campers were. We each expected Justin to be the strong, silent type, not an obsessive freak.

He was really strong, I realized. He’d been carrying me for several minit now. Where we were going, I had no idea. All I knew was that it was deeper and deeper into this forest.

Mental note: Courtney, never come back here. Unless you’re not alone. Wait...
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Is The Camera On? berkata Trixie As She Fix The Camera's Crookedness. Yea. Were Ready. berkata Her Cameraman She Hired On Her Web tunjuk On YouTube. Okay. Welcome To Total Drama Craziness! Here We Are Having 18 Campers Staying Here In A Boring Camp In Canada. Where They Will Be Forced To Do A Challenges For Day. If They Loses The Will Be Forced To Ride The bot Of Shame sejak The Docks and Will Be Sent To A Nice Spa. Where They Can Be Treated For Anything They Caught In Total Drama Craziness atau If They Win They Will Get $5,00000 Big Ones. Now Here Is Total Drama Craziness. *Does Theme Song* The Theme Song Is The Fame sejak Lady Gaga. How Was That For The First Part. Tell Me Was It Good.
“Of course, no good jobs are ever available around here…”

Katie, a 22 tahun old women mumbled to herself as she flipped through the job ads in the newspaper. Walking down the street, she gave a small sigh as she folded up the paper and tucked it into her back pocket and walked past a Televisyen store that let anda watch the shows from the window.

“…So make sure to watch Total Drama Island, airing today! We’re going to put our contestants through some terrifying, CRAZY, and all around awesome stunts---“

She stopped, backtracked, and turned her attention to the T.V. that was advertising...
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posted by Fangirl99
brooke POV
"um,okay,what the hll are you.."
i was cut off cause,he kissed me uhu!no,really he did! see hers a pic!k,soo,i dont have a pic,but, im seriouse! watch the vid anda stinkin people!
after,like about 5 minit i spoke.
"bad boy"
"i konw"
"i know"
"okay,so..... is that a yes?"
"i dont konw anda tell me."
well,thats it,or is it? wait,no really, is it? oh,wait,its not!

duncans POV (finally)
whyd i do that?i wanted to.
so then, i had lebih tricks up my,i asked her.
"you like me?"
"well duh!" she said.
"well,i tihkn yor hot"
"thanks,you are too"
brookes POV
"awkward" i said.
then he got closer,he put his hands on my shoulders,and hthen he started t olick my cheek.
okay,im done, go ask duncan for lebih info.

duncan POV
okay,so yeahi did that then, we started making out, and the rest,you dont ogtta know.

brookes POV

thats when it happened, i tihnk, one of the best nights of my life,i tihnk.
okay,i was thinking."smooth criminal,bad boy,womazier." thats what he is.excactly.
then,he um,what he do?oh yeah he..
he put his face close ot mine.
"nothing,that was just freaky,though."
"oh,so what dso anda want?'
"um,would you...go....out..with,me?"
then. it was silent.
"um,can i answer tihs questin in action?"
thats when it REALLY happened.
then,quickly,the song came to my head.
"okay,well,do sometihng!" i said.
"come closer" he said.
"um,ok,ay" i siad, nervouse as all hell.
"is this hell atau heaven?"i tohught.
then,he looked at me with the devilish smile of his.
"what?" i berkata sorta chuckling.
theni thought,:do anda know how many womanizer tributes theyve made of you? oh no." then,i gulped.
"oh,boy" i said.
duncans POV
yep,she was asleep,and it was brooke,whickh was,wiat,hangon,oh yeah,now i remember!no,wait,give me a minute...

brookes POV
i woke ,and saw duncan falling asleep. "about time" i said.
so,i slaped him.
"whyd anda tunjuk up 40 minit late?"
"do anda expect me to tunjuk up on time?"
"oh,yeah,i guesse,not."
"so,whats up"
"stupid,did anda really except yourself to og thrpugh this crap?"i thought. then i looked aot duncan."eh,um,look,uh,do anda like courtney?" then, i covered my mouth. "that wasnt it,you idiot!" i tohught.
"well,yeah, except for the fact shes a total drama queen"
"thats excatly whati trhought,hes os gonna say no."
"nothing!uh, forget it,its too late?"
"what ?"
then,there was silence,i think he knew,so,i waited ofr him ot start,then it happened.
posted by Fangirl99
brookes POV

the chris cerominy was over,i was in my,room, and lindsey had gone home,and, if anda
watch closely enough,you should know what i was thinknig about.
its happening again,oncr in the 4-5th grade, i liked tihs guy named tony,yeah,i followed him,almost stlaked him during school,and now they all know.
lindsey is my besty,and,i would so hurt whoever voted off duncan if he went utama on the fairy tail,and the rock challlenge.i was gonna ask him out, but im not sure.
i know duncan likes courtney,but i think he likes me too. cause wheni look at him,hes looking at me andd he has that look on...
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Back at utama base, Chris sat waiting. Everyone else did, too.
Um. Uh.
"What are anda guys doing together?" Heather berkata with a smirk.
Uh. "Um..."
Gwen saved me. Us, I mean. "Is it such a big deal to have two people come the same way, at the same time?" She shook her head. "No. And why shouldn't it be these two?"
Uh. Leshawna smiled. "On a date, were you?"
"No!!!" I yelled. Duncan was making a weird face. But it was still cute.
"Awwww, that is so sweet! Right, Beth?" Lindsay squealed. "They're going out together!"
"Yeah!!!" Beth smiled at me. I jerked back.
Um, hello? I just berkata we weren't. And we weren't...
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posted by IDDfan
Where in God’s name was this guy leading me to?! This “shortcut” was taking longer than if we had taken the regular path. I was starting to get a little scared.

“umm, Justin? This is taking forever and my feet are killing me. Where’s the exit?” I asked, a hint of panic in my voice. I was getting creeped out. I was in the woods, alone, with this guy I barely knew. That had disaster written all over it.

“Oh, don’t worry. We’ll be out soon.” He assured me.

Somehow, I didn’t believe him.

“Are-are anda sure? Cause we’ve been in here a while.” I berkata again, sounding really...
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Damn that host. He always shows up at the worst possible moments. I could tell sejak Courtney’s shocked face that she thought her life was probably over now. Drama queen. No, strike that, drama Princess. That’s what she is. A drama princess.

And now she’s mine.

Unless Chris screws it up. But he should know sejak now that if he does, I’ll have to kill him. And the camera crew. And beat up the cameras. Unless they’re going live. Damn. My life sucks big time right about now.

The only soalan is, how did they know we were here? If they saw Courtney, I can see them investigating a little bit,...
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I kept my head in my lap. I didn’t need to look at this newcomer. I knew who it was. Since there was only one person on this island who called me “Princess,” it wasn’t exactly hard. But berkata person was also the last person I wanted to see now. Especially after our little encounter minit ago.

But why did he follow me?

I could hear him approaching me, his footsteps cautious. When he was feet from me, he spoke again.

“Princess?” he repeated. “Is that you? Why did anda run?” His voice was curious and angry as he asked the question. I sniffed in response. I didn’t want to talk to...
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posted by IDDfan
this itsn't mine and bigTDIfan say that she want lebih and angelcandy55 doesn't write soon so here anda have a little lebih

I loved Camp Wawanawkwa. Not because it was for challenges, that part sucked. Chris and the other campers sucked too. But there was one person who I couldn’t scare, and who hated my guts.


She was the only person who didn’t care that I could beat her up. Not that I’d want to. For one thing, she was a girl. And for another thing, she was gorgeous. The lebih she hated me, the lebih I liked her. And I knew she liked me back. She just wouldn’t admit it. Strangely,...
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not mine remeber that

I froze with fear as his cold breath wrapped around my neck it was like he was chocking me. I gasped my last breath shutting my eyes ever so slowly but then a blurry picture went in front of me. It looked like Duncan as he growls his fangs showing, grabbing the man in black angrily. But all went black as I fainted.

My eyes opened slowly, what happened? I was alone and there was blood everywhere and window was wide open, the wind blowing hardly at my face. Duncan then burst down the door

"Courtney we need to go now" He berkata angrily, he was in pain. I scanned his face my stomach...
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