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Duncan's POV: Damn, has time moved fast ! It seems like only yesterday it was October. Courtney now was perfectly fine; She saw me sitting on her katil seterusnya to her when she awoke, she kicked me where a girl shouldn't kick if they want that (xD A/N sorry I just HAD to put that in !), and she threatened to kick my keldai if I didn't leave, and let's just say, I wasn't in the mood to make sure I couldn't be a father in the future.

Since the drug problem, Courtney seems a lot shyer around me and a lot tougher around other people. I got back at Heather for what she did sejak drinking all of her blood in...
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posted by splinter505
Chris: 14 teens have signed up to stay at this hotel , do Rawak challenges, and get totally embarrassed, here comes the first one Phil
Phil: *gets off boat* cool are we staying in the mansion
Chris: no you're staying in the old motel seterusnya to it
Phil: DAM!
Chris: here comes Enikah
Enikah: *gets off boat* hi *looks around* bye
Chris: the bot left already
Enikah: but i just got off
Chris: Addrey anda know what i'm getting bored of saying the names, *talking into walkie talky* bring them all in, Sammie, Ashley, Alex, Jared, Natalie, Raynette, Geoff, Duncan, Lindsay, Bridgette, Cody, and Olivia
Alex: AHHH!!! why is this bot going so fast
Geoff: I don't know
Alex: SHUT UP!
Chris: welcomeyou will be staying at the motel i will be staying in the mansion yadda yadda yadda we will have makan malam, majlis makan malam at 9:00 go unpack something something something
posted by dollyllama247
INTRO: i am very sad that potterandtdi is gone. in her will she berkata i was to handle hogwarts. so she's still going to be in it but Nikole will be telling the story. she was not yet introduced but for a short story her mom died when she was 1 and she lives with her dad. she is a wizard and wants to be in the house ravenclaw. ~ Dollyllama247


i heard all the comotion on in dieagon ally. of course i was there alone, shopping for buku for Hogwarts.

Nikole: *to herself* I think i got everything.
????: are anda sure?
Nikole: *Spins around and hits the person. looks at the ground* Oh! im sooo...
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posted by rose35
Dear diary,
I wouldn't say today was the strangest day, except for Courtney threatening to sew me because she "thinks" Duncan likes me which I really do think isn't true. My parents decided to drop the charges for the little "problem" that happened at the movies. But anyway we should enjoy our little hari out with out any disturbances, hopefully.

~Episode two~
Today was pretty fun, I got to hang out with my Friends but I am exhausted! I am ready to go home, I kinda miss my parents.
Lindsay: That was fun we should do this lebih often!
Noah: We DO do this very often.
Lindsay: Oh.* turns around and...
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posted by potterandtdi

I gazed into Miranda's beautiful green eyes. "Where's this going?" she asked me."Nowhere.Unless anda want it to." She playfully slaps my arm. It actually hurt. But at least it was HER kind of hurt. She gripped my hand tighter, not to hard, not too soft. "OK, I'll go out with you." She said. When we reach my house, I opened the door for her and we stepped inside for dinner.


I walked into the warm house. I could see Duncan was still holding my hand. When I looked in the kitchen, I could see Duncan's parents looking at us, whispering. I walked into the dapur as Duncan's dad walked...
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*IN THE CROC'S CHAMBER* phil:ok, it seem's we gotta jump over that pit,swing on the vine over the other huge pit,and finally pull that switch to reveal the treasure. alex:okay,so are anda gonna do it,man? phil:yeah. *ON THE SQUIRRLES SIDE* violet:ok,so apperantly i have to lower myself into that hole,get the chest,and hope to god the pirahnans dont chew off my leg.get me some rope. *JACKI BRINGS ROPE* violet:thanks.*TIES IT AROUND WAIST,GIVES OTHER END TO JACKI,LOWERS HERSELF INTO HOLE,GETS CHEST AND.....* *MEANWHILE* *PHIL PULLS LEVER* *TREASURE CHEST FALLS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHAMBER* phil:WOO-HOO!!!...
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posted by gwenfan3445
Hi,glad to hear from me,eh?? WRONG!!!!!

Well this is the last time anda will hear from me

I'm quitting fanpop!

why am I quitting fanpop....

'cause of all these people




People who don't care about ANYTHING other than themselfs,and being on top

We thank anda for the fucking time anda spent Membaca this shit

and if anda do care

I don't give a crap

I'm quitting

and no one will stop me

-Last words,from Fucking gwenfan3445

and P.S.

Some of anda are my Friends like:



NindsayRocks(Thanks for making a Fanpop Alissa ,you kick arse!)


and a few other people that I will not mention

If your a peminat of me

consider yourself as a friend
posted by TOTALFan

Dylan, Phil, Brooke, Isabella, Alex, Raiynie, Sumer, Miranda, Ashley, Emlee, Rikki, Ronnie, Samantha, Ronnie, Chrissy, Trevor, Brittani, Anacapri, Paige, Andrea, Lyric.

DCS Couples:

RikkixPhil, ChristyxTrevor, SumerxAlex

If anda have a crush on one of the characters and they had also agreed to be your crush, too COMMENT! AND IF I DIDN'T GET IT MESSAGE ME!!!!!

Because I am going to start this series soon, AND I MEAN IT!
I have gaven ALOT of time for anda people to sign up!
And I will only make an exception to boys that have not signed up and want to now because we only have so little boys so yeah.

I have to keep Penulisan because it will not allow me to post it yet...
But on a puertorican channel so nobody can watch me unless your here in Puerto Rico it is channel 4 and the channel's name is called WAPA TV and it is the most watched channel in all of Puerto Rico.
posted by 22t1
okay and the barf bags filled with airline Peanuts goes to ezekiel.... owen.... sierra... aljorando..... bridgette and lindsay......tyler......................... cody.........noah.........,.......heather.....leshawna.....izzy.........harold..... and the 2nd eliminated from tdm is..............................................................................................................................................................................gwen! all: gasps chris : courtney youre selamat, peti deposit keselamatan gwen the drop of shame awaits for you. see anda seterusnya week on total drama the musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gwen: [in backround ] ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate the drop a shame. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
chris : last season on total drama action, beth and duncan battled it out in trivia questions. but the most undian to win went to duncan. he's the 2nd winner along with owen. who will be the first eliminated. find out tonight on total drama the MUSICAL!!!!! [theme song of tdm plays ]
okay lets see who's returning. [lame o sine pulls up ] duncnan! duncan: aw sweet! chris : bridgette. okay lets just whos returning. duncan bridgette ezekiel noah tyler izzy cody courtney harold dj lindsay leshawna heather gwen and owen. theres no challenge okay and duncan is eliminated! duncan : what aw crap.
This chapter is dedicated to 7thGradeGenius and rubberduck2 and duncan-superfan because they always komen and they will ve really happy that it doesn't finish yet, actually another story continue thanks to monica-san

15.Twitter and Asthma

Courtney took a deep breath, breathing in and out. For about three minutes, she will be doing this, and then she will go back to work. She rubbed her temples and took another deep breath.

“Do anda have asthma, babe?” Duncan whispered in her ear lowly. “If anda do, I’d gladly give anda mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I’m not complaining.”

Courtney swiftly...
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Duncan's POV: Halloween? Yea, it's my fave holiday. Why? 'Cause I get to scare the piss out of people. Haha, that's what I'm good at, isn't it?

I'll probably go as myself...

HA! I scare Courtney half to death every hari !!

Danny's going as a male version of Bloody Mary... maybe I'll go as a ghost...

No, not as the kind with the bitchy lame sheet with two cut holes in it. That's for three tahun olds. I think I'm ready for face paint and fake blood.

Ha, I use that stuff nearly every day, are anda kidding?

I flipped my phone open and dialed Tiannah's number.

"'Sup?" Came her voice on the other line.

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posted by dollyllama247
I was kinda nervouse. we rode to this island to a camp that was called Wawanockwa. I was the first to step on the island.

"Hi, this is nikole!" berkata chris McClean
"Hi! I am sooo happy to be here!!"
Good to know! stand right over there" he siad.
"And here's noah!" a boy with brown hair steped off the boat. he was a cat boy. i could tell because of his tail and ears.
"hey whats up, chris." he said. he came over seterusnya to me and said, "Hey i'm noah."
"Nikole." i berkata very shyly.
every one else came off the boat. but all i could think about was noah!
posted by rose35
Dear diary,
Today is hari is another bazar hari at this quiet hospital room. Most of my Friends visited yesterday most of my Friends came to visit me. I felt pretty bad that I kinda made every one feel bad, but also I felt glad that they cared.

~episode three~
Cat:*walks in* good news your parents decided to drop the charges!
Kate: Well that's pretty good at least duncan didn't mean to.
ashley: Do anda know when anda are coming out?
Kate: I dunno but hopefully today.
Cat: YAYZ!
kate: So what's up?
Cat: We heard that anda like Duncan.
Ashley: Well do you?
Kate:seeriously? A dude i've only known for an hour?...
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posted by rose35
 do do do, i'm bored.
do do do, i'm bored.
dear diary,
Yesterday was the most craziest hari ever. It was supposed to be a Friends night out yesterday but everything happened so fast I'm not sure why I'm in this hospital room. All I know is some weird dude and a employee at the Filem were going at it with eachother but suddenly I was rushed to this lonley hospital room. I heared from the doctors that visitors were coming, but I know for sure that the girls were going to be there. I just never got in touch with them since I woke up.

~episode two~
Kate: come in.
Cat: My god! what happened to you!?
Kate: Really, I'm not sure....
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Courtney's POV: Soon we got there, and once I stepped onto flat ground I nearly doubled over.

"You alright?" Duncan chuckled and reached down an arm.

I looked up at him, slipped my hand in his for him to pull me up - but instead I yanked down as hard as I could, sending him to the ground seterusnya to me. I stood up, perfectly fine, with him at my feet on the pavement.

"What the hell?" Duncan looked up at me and smiled a bit.

I rolled my eyes and started walking up to the school doors. Duncan got up and brushed himself off, and followed me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About half an jam later, I sat on a merah jambu kacang bag chair,...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
Sry it took so long to finish but here it is!

Heather and Justin backed away from a very pissed off Silver who cracked her knockles into fists.

Makeover Cam*

Beth: Okay, they are most delintently relanted.

Hether: It was Justin's idea.
Justin: He- Silver smashed her fist into Justins nose causing it to bleed and knock him out.
Silver: Tie him up!
Harold: Your not the boss
Silver: NOW!
Harold: YES MA'AM
Silver looked over to Heather who was cowarding under the table.
Silver: I won't hurt anda under one condition
Heather: What?
Silver: anda say sorry to everyone anda had ever been mean to right and anda stop...
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Courtney's POV: Everyone is always excited about Halloween. Egging people's houses, ding-dong ditching, getting and eating plethoras of Kandi until anda vomit, dressing up in hopes of freaking somebody out. All... but me. Halloween means the school talent show, but it also means I have to deal with you-know-who scaring the piss out of me.

I requested a costume online. Well, not exactly requesting, per say. I was looking in an online Kohls catalog, and found a costume and I called in and requested one be put on hold for me. Turns out, it was the last copy of the costume. :)

The costume was basically...
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posted by s09tdi
I couldn't think of a name, ok? So, ahem, pick one answer out of however many there are and when anda have completed write them down in a comment/message to me and I'll tally up the votes. Voting ends January 3rd.

Question 1: Who is the prettiest Total Drama girl?




Question 2: Who is the most handsome Total Drama guy?



Harold (I couldn't not put him in!!)


Question 3: Who should have won each season? (When sending just say TDI:-insertnamehere- TDA: -insertnamehere-)





Question 4: What is the best alliance?
Guys Alliance...
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posted by dollyllama247

I as at work late that night. Duncan was on my right working on the Kira case. Lindsay was on my left working on her project, i was working on thr Kira case in secret. Then an odd name came up on my IM Friends list. It was UNKNOWN. Then he wrote.

UNKNOWN: Nikole?

NIkole: w-who wants to know?

UNKNOWN: I'm L. i need to see you.

I've been studying 1 for a long time. i know he's been under cover working on the Kira case.

Nikole: W-why?

UNKNOWN: here's my address to the hotel im staying at. bring and tell no one.

I wrote done all the info and got up from my seat....
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