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Opinion by Angel1324159 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Okay here's the deal. I'm starting a camp named Total Drama Dynamite. And only 15 of anda guys can be in it. And I will have 15 of the old ones. The old ones i'm using are Heather , Alejandro , Duncan , Gwen , Leshawna , Trent , Bridgette , Geoff , Cody , Noah , Sierra , Lindsay , D.J , Tyler , and the most EPIC INTERN EVER... Billy. Okay so if anda wanna be in this fanfiction say anda wanna be on here when anda comment. And if anda do tell me about yourself so I won't make anda too nice atau too evil. And if anda don't I'll figure something out. And anda get to choose whose going out with who. Like with Gwen when anda komen on this say either GXT atau DXC and either of the couples anda can write as much couples as anda want. And of course Chris is still the *WONDERFUL* HOST. So if anda have anymore soalan just ask. AND.......start!!!!!!!
Opinion by starburst-rock posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(Please don't kill me for getting this up late!!! I very very (Lots of very annoying very's later) SORRY!!! Instead ENJOY!!!! :D)

Lindsey sat in a chair in front of an annoyed looking Heather. Lindsey was messing with her braid smiling her happy smile. That all she had been doing for the past 15 minutes. Heather, Finally sick of Lindsey lack attention, Cleared her throat. Lindsey left lindsey land and was brought back to the real world.

"UHG can we get this over with Lindsey-et?!" Heather berkata with a scoff. 

"Oh sure Hannah!"

"That's not my name."




"That's a band!"

"OH!!! I know your name! It's Hannah right?"

"No it's-" Heather stopped herself knowing it would be useless. "Sure whatever!" She said, rolling her eyes in the process. "Just ask the stupid questions!"

Lindsey smiled and nodded her head. "Ok your first soalan are from Tdinoahiscute4! Who's Noah?"
Fan fiction by nocofangirl218 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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HELLO PEOPLES! :D So, I thought I'd take a break from my usual writting, and to this little side project. :3 Just to warn you: I've only done third preson perception, like, 2 times. Also, this takes place during the start of TDA.

Anyway, this story is for the couple TylerxEva! Hope anda enjoy! :D


As Eva seung at the punching bag in the Playa De Losers 2 gym, she couldn't help but fight back tears with every swing. She had re-watched the episode were...they kissed in the bathroom, and the only thing that kept her from breaking into tears was an intence workout in the gym.

'What does he see in her?' Eva thought as she gave the re-bounding punching bag another hard swing. At that moment, an image of Lindsey popped in her head. She was the true American blond: big chested, as thin as a twig, and the mental capasity of a chewed stick of gum. Eva had always disliked these types of girls, but she had a very intence hatred fir Lindsey. Not because of her looks, but because...she had the only thing Eva had truly ever wanted...Lindsey had the only person that made...
Fan fiction by rotcalex2011 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Remixed..... our 28 contestants arrived at an unknown location.....their task.......was to find out were they were..........they failed........nd bcuz of that we stuck here until sum1 tells me were we r......
Lindsay: Ohh ohhh i know...
Heather: This sud b gud
Lindsay: On an alien angkasa ship.......
*every1 moans at Lindsays anwser*
Chris: No............*to the camara* not yet *winks*time for sum more....Total...Drama......Remixed!!!*theme song plays*
all but Chris: WAT WAS THAT!?!?!?!
Chris: Now that u r all paying attention....in order to change things up...everytime u give me a wrong answer......sumthing goes boom!!!
Izzy: Yay BOOM BOOM.....explosivo lives again ahahha
Riley: Sumthing is very wrong wit Izzy
Robin: That girl is crazy
Martial:..........Izzy is insane....but i kinda dig it
-end of confessionals-
Chris: I just got told sejak the producers that if sejak ep3 u havent figured out were we r.....im allowed to eliminate any1 i want for absoutly no reason.hahaha
Fan fiction by nocofangirl218 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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It's....EPISODE 5!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I'd be saying that. ^^' Anyway, I'm really sorry it takes forever for these updates, but....schools coming up, and I'm totally stressing about it! Anyway, I'll try and update this when school starts, but....it might be awhile.

Anyway, please enjoy the episode! ^u^


*at elemination ceromony*

Chris: *walks up to podeum* Well, Explosions, I expected a better winning streak from anda guys.

Alex: Well, if GRIFFON wouldn't have been easily distrackted, we wouldn't even be here right now!

Griffon: Alex, I appologized for that, like, eight times! When are anda gonna let it go?!


Chris: Wow! There is some serious hating going on in this group! Anyway, if anda get a popcorn bag, your safe. If anda don't, that means your out, and anda have to take a ride in the dreaded.....CAB OF SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!
Fan fiction by gwenlover1000 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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ugh who's there??" gwen berkata with tierd eyes. "it's just me sweetheart!!" i berkata looking at gwen. "duncan?? why are anda here??" gwen berkata wondering why i came. "i came here to talk" i berkata winking at gwen. "talk about what??" she asked. "i wanna talk about us!!" "yeah what about us??" she berkata as she leaned closer to me. i felt numb all over my body when she did that. "our relationship!! i guess..." i berkata looking hopeless. "oh...us...um??" she berkata while looking confused. "i broke up with cortney" i berkata with a frown. "really?? anda broke up with her??" she could tell i was lieing. "no it's lebih like she broke up with me" i berkata looking down. "don't worry it'll be okay" gwen berkata holding my head up. then she kissed me and i froze up because i did not see that coming. "wow...really??" i berkata with my eyes in a daze. "yes" gwen berkata while trying to get me back to earth agian. "i want there to be an us!!" she berkata while looking in my eyes. "okay then...now what??" i berkata speetchless. "come with me" she berkata pulling me to her room. "wow your room is awesome!! so many posters of Filem i like!!" i berkata while looking at the posters. "i know i Cinta these Filem but there's some one i love...
Fan fiction by Animetama posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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So it has become a new season, a new story begins...

"Hello everybody and welcome to...TOTAL. DRAMA. REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris proudly roared in front of the camera, "this season, we're taking a bit of a break from the usual teens and for fun, mess around with these ones!"

The first bot arrived to the repaired dock that had junk, sarap covering the wood, with a pinch of acid.

"Our first camper has arrived! And it looks like Lightening!" Anounced Chris, as he hand gestured to where he was.

"Chris, yeah sure anda got the right place here man?" Asked an african canadian guy about 5"9' wearing shorts and a blue T-shirt usually used for sports.

Chris just chuckled at his komen and welcomed him to where he was staying for now on. Lightening just shrugged and went over on the other side on the dock to set his belongings down.

Another bot has arrived and it seemed to have an overweight red head wearing glasses, a long sleeved button down baju and blue jean shorts. In one hand was his black suitcase, in the other, was an over used gameboy with lots of finger prints from always playing it.
Opinion by trentgwenfan1 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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sierra: last time on TDAC we introduce the campers and we did the frist challenge witch was to grab as much money as posible and the 2 campers that had the most money was rayla and alex todays eisode they will pick their teams who well they chose.
*the them song plays*
sierra: ok anda 2 ready to pick your teams
rayla: yep
alex: anda bet
sierra: ok now rayla anda go frist
rayla: ok i pick destrey
alex: *sinkers she picked him *sinkers again*
destrey: i can't belive i was the frist picked
end of comfessionals
alex: lindsay
rayla: gwen
alex: tyler
rayla: duncan
rayla: izzy atau if she just respons to escope
rayla: rily
alex: herold
rayla: alejandro
sierra:well finally someone picked cody he is somkeing hot
end of comfessionals
rayla: crystal
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I know that my last artikel was EXTREMELY suck-ish, okay let's face it. It extremely sucked!

But, this artikel has everyone's kegemaran characters...Owen and Gwen!

Enjoy! :)
Owen and Gwen arrived at the set from "One Flu Over the Cuckoos".

Gwen said, "Why are we here?"

Owen said, "Because I didn't know where else to go."

Gwen said, "Well I'm out of here. anda coming, Owen?" Pulls door handle. "You've got to be kidding me."

Owen said, "What?"

"The door is locked."

"Let me see." Gwen moved so Owen can try to open the door. "Yep. It's locked alright."

"We've got to get out of here. I can't be in a concealed place for too long. I have claustrophobia!" Gwen's eyes got shifty. She started to panic. "We've got to find a way out!" She started to cari all around the room for an exit.
Opinion by trentgwenfan1 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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sierra: well hello i'm sierra the host of total drama altament challenge. your probably wondering weres chris well chris is on a crus to mexico for 3 monnths and berkata i need to host. ok onb this hsow there are 12 new players and 16 old players. let me tell anda the old players Duncan Gwen Courtney Noah Coodyy Heather Trent Justin Lindsay Izzy Lesawna Alijondro(plz tell me if i speeled his name wrong) Geoff Brighette Tyler and finally Herold now lets introduce are 14 new contestances Keli bintang Rayla Crystal Destrey Rily Nikita Canile Alex jake Niki and angle
star: so your hosting the show

sierra: uh yea is that going to be a problem about that

star: no i was just saying that geez sinsative much

seirra: whatever ok your frist challenge is too go in a room that is flooding with water and anda need to grab as much money as anda can and the 2 poeple that has the most money get to pick the teams this sesson

cody: did she make up that challenge all her self sounds so eil
Article by starburst-rock posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(Hey guys! I have this big ol' gonna b long episode planned! But my IPod deleted it all -.- so I decided "Why not make something special? So I guess u can call this the aftermath :P Hosted sejak Blainley (I think that's how u spell it :P and....SIERRA!!! Enjoy!)

Blainley: Hello everyone! I'm Blainley Stacy Andrew O'Halerath! (Or so I hope) And This is The TDB A-

Sierra: Wait. Don't I have to introduce myself?

Blainley: Sure whatever!

Sierra: EEEEEE!!! I've always wanted to do this!! I'm Sierra R-

Blainley: And this is the TDB Aftermath!!

Sierra: *scoffs*

Blainley: We have a very special episode planned today! And we get to meet are 4 lucky losers! But first, ARE kacang, kacang tanah GALLERY!!!! anda can introduce them Sierra. There not worth my time.

Sierra: OMGEE ARE anda CEREAL?! EEEEEE!!! In the kacang, kacang tanah Gallery we have Beth, Sadie, Katie, and Justin!

(Justin is shown being drooled over sejak the 3 girls)
Fan fiction by NeonInfernoLord posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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All 10 of the survivors. Gwen, Duncan, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, Al, Heather, Noah, Harold, Chef, and Chris were all around the funeral home. The contestants that died on the ship were all in caskets around them. Gwen felt a little unsettled about the whole experience still. 2 and a half walks had passed but she still couldn’t shake away that dark feeling, the vision of everyone dying had stayed in her mind and she knew it would be there for all eternity. It was replaying in her mind over and over like a broken DVD.

Gwen stood there dressed up in a pitch black dress for the occasion. Her hair also with purple streaks instead of just the midnight blue ones she had. She had been in a deep trance of thought until she felt a slight nudge on her arm. She looked up to find it was Duncan.

“Hey there babe. anda feeling ok?” Duncan asked rather nicely. He still had his green Mohawk but actually dressed up nicely in a tux.

“Yeah, just thinking, about what happened.” Gwen couldn’t take her eyes of the caskets as they sealed them and began to lower them into the ground.
Fan fiction by NeonInfernoLord posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ok so this idea came up to me after having a dream of being on Total Drama and then everyone died…don’t ask. Anyways I’ll be working on this along with the Fantasi matches anda guys request and I’ll see where it goes. I hope anda enjoy it.

“Welcome contestants to another glorious season of Total Drama folks!” Chris McClean, the host, yells as he stands in front of the camera. A scene of the ocean and a large cruise ship is seen behind him. “This season, all of our contestants will be sent overseas to compete for yet another million dollar prize! This is Total…Drama…TITANIC!” Chris yells so loud an echo is heard. A smaller bot soon arrives on a dock seterusnya to him as people start to get off.

“Ladies and Gentleman I welcome, Heather, Courtney, and Gwen!” Chris says as the 3 girls begin to walk off the bot waving to the camera.

As soon as Heather gets off camera her mood changes. “UGH! Another season of this, are anda kidding me!?” She shrieks as she sits on a krat used for storage.
Opinion by clawdeenlover12 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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After Total Drama World Tour everyone made Friends and had each others phone numbers and addresses now they can visit each other anytime they want. (at Duncan's house)
Duncan's mom:Duncan me and your dad are going out and your under video surveillance that means no parties no sneaking out no violence no beers no anything except sitting on the sofa, kerusi panjang and watching T.V.Oh and no destroying anything.Oh and no inappropriate shows!Oh and I think the only tunjuk with no naked ladies on is Barney, so anda can watch that.

Duncan:You know just cause I'm on video doesn't mean ill stop doing any of those things anda just said.

Duncan's dad:Bye Duncan.
(mom slams door shut)

Duncan:So what should I do now plan a party,trash the house.(Sigh)I miss Gwen.Wait I got her phone number I can call right now!

(dials phone number)

Gwen:Headdesk residence Gwen speaking.

Duncan:Hey Gwen!


Opinion by Gwentrend24 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Camile: Last time on Total Drama OC's, the campers found out that they will be spending the seterusnya 8 brutal weeks, on a haunted pantai house. Alliances were formed, conflicts were started, *get's aggravated* and CAR KEYS were stolen. What do we have in store for our unfortunate contestants today? Find out right now on, Total. Drama. OC's!

Chris: Hey, how come anda get to do the introduction?

Camile: -.- Don't argue with me.

*Theme song plays*

Chris: *pulls out bullhorn*

Camile: Um, don't anda have a softer and nicer way to wake them up?

Chris: *pouts* Fine. Katie!

Katie: What's up Chris?

Chris: Can anda GENTLY wake up the campers in the girls' kabin for me?

Katie: Snazzy. *heads off to girls' cabin*

Chris: Thanks Katie.

Katie: *blushes* No problem

Chris: Are anda happy?

Camile: Not really.

Chris: -.-

(At the Girls' Cabin)
Fan fiction by nocofangirl218 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Wow, I'm finally updating this. -.- I should've had this done about four atau five days ago, but I kinda got Tangled up in another project I was working on.... Anyway, I hope anda all enjoy episode four of, Total Drama Rama. :D ______________________________________________________________________________

*at elimantion ceromony*

Chris: *walks up to the podeum* Hello bacon Hawk's! I will be anda host for all the elimination ceromonies!


Chris: Yep. :) Now, as anda all know, it's time to say good-bye to two of your members tonight.

Melody: Well, we wouldn't be here if someone *fake coughs* JUSTIN! *fake coughs* would've have just let the team use my idea, and not whine about Singing some dumb song sejak some dumb girl!

Justin: Uh, I only called the song dumb, not the artist.

Rayla: *raises hand* Excuse me, but my team promised me a large amount of pie if I wore that god awful dress, and I have yet to recive it.
Fan fiction by rotcalex2011 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: Welcome to....Total...Drama....Remixed.....Im your host..Chris McLean....DUH!
*bus pulls up*
Chris: And behind me is a bus....a bus filled with sorry suckers for this new season hahah...ok anyway...I would introduce every 1 but this is a a half-hour show....so we'll skip that part
*camaras fade to black then come back on 5 saat later*
Chris: Ok so....time for our first challange haha
Rikki: But we just got here....
Chris: And ur point is???
Alajandro: Dont mind him....hes just a jerk *smiles at Rikki*
*Rikki blushes*
Chris: Moving on.....
Heather: Can we just start already???
Dani: So.....what do we now????
Chris: We...*phone rings* WHAT!!! IM IN THE MIDDLE OF A tunjuk HERE!!!*Chris leaves*
Robin: Is he always so.....
Noah: Before anda say anything....yes he is
Riley: Im bored.....
Crystal: Same
Rayla(starburst): Any 1 want pie???
All: Yes!!!!
Lura: So....any 1 like wrestling????
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Enjoy! :)
"We've passed that pokok fives times already", berkata a weary LeShawna. "Do anda even know where we're going?"

"Of course I do!"

They passed the same pokok once more.

"Harold, we're lost!"

"I know that, gosh."

"Did anda just 'gosh' me? I know anda didn't just 'gosh' me!"

"Do anda here that?"

"Here what?"

"A plane engine!" Harold ran in the direction of the plane engine. LeShawna followed him.

They arrived at the Total Drama Turbo Jet.

Harold said, "Sweet! It's the turbo jet."

LeShawna said, "What's it doing out here?" Harold already boarded the jet. LeShawna got on as well. "Harold, where did anda go?"

"I'm in here!" He was in the place with the controls. LeShawna suddenly appeared there too. "Look, someone left the keys in the ignition."
Review by neonwalflower posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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i was on TD wiki and i found this on Gwen's xD wow im surprised haha Gwen's a pimp pffhahaha:

Gwen has had lebih guys find her attractive than any other girl on the show, having seven,
(SEVEN GUYS!!!!) with the guys being Trent, Cody, Owen, Tyler, Harold, Geoff, and Duncan.
~Trent and Gwen were in a relationship for a majority of season one, and the beginning of season two.

~Cody constantly tries to hit on Gwen, but fails.

~Owen constantly calls Gwen a hot chick, but never actually says so to her face.

~Geoff formed a small friendship with Gwen on TDI, and after Geoff got eliminated he put his arm around Gwen, taking a final picture.

~Tyler agrees with Owen about Gwen being hot, in The EX-Files.

~Harold confesses that he finds Gwen attractive in The Chefshank Redemption, after she smashes a shovel over his head.

~Duncan and Gwen are currently in a romantic relationship since I See London..., and he also called her a hot chick as well.
Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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When they left antaryica
In the potty room
Star: im gonna win this and nobody can stop me
Luna: it's been hours and im still cold wait look pyramids
Don: cool
Luna: holy
Star: done
Melisa: this awsome hei we have gear for this challenge yay
Alcia: another boring hari s
Kat: oh vinny why did anda leave crys
Alicia: it's ok
Cassidy: listening to ke$ha
Drew: roxie wake up
Roxie: where's jory
In this challenge later anda have to perpecahan, berpecah in teams of three
Team1 pinkr tesm: rikki,melisa,kat
Team blue: twany,roxie,drew
Team green: camile,jj,jay

Opinion by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Alejandro-Lady GaGa
Womanizer-Britney Spears

Wannabe-Spice Girls
anda Belong With Me-Taylor Swift

About anda Now-Sugababes
According To You-Orianthi
Baby Love-Nicole Scherzinger
Beep-Pussycat Dolls
Determinate-Limonade Mouth
E.T.-Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West
I'll Always Remember You-Hannah Montana
I'm Like A Bird-Nelly Furtado
My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne
One Girl Revolution-Superchick
Take My Breath Away-Berlin

Almost-Bowling For Soup
Dead And Gone-Justin Timberlake Ft. T.I.
Wake Up Call-Maroon 5
Yeah 3x-Chris Brown

4 In The Morning-Gwen Stefani
A tahun Without Rain-Selena Gomez
Get Back-Demi Lovato
If We Ever Meet Again-Timbaland Ft. Katy Perry
Stickwitu-Pussycat Dolls
Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Twany: threw at joanna
Roxie: anda did it vinny runs to to him
Kat: erika anda anda jalang, perempuan jalang anda made him bleed
Erika: im im cries
Twany: erika anda ok
Erika: yeah

seterusnya day
Carry: time to fly to different places
Everyone in airplane
Star: buckles seatbelt
Roxie: cody oh cody I Cinta your eide golden eyes
Cody: ummm thanks
rikki: don I like you
Don: me to
Corey: mellissa if this plane kills anda im suing it
Mellissa: oh corey kisses his cheek
Jory: hei cassidy umm hey
Aliicia: awwww it's so sweet
Timmy: this sucks huh
Alcia: im bored
cassidy: well if weren't goth anda would not be deppressed
Alcia: sigh
When they landed it was cold icy white
Carry: we have your coats
Everyone: yay
Carry: who had pink
Kat: me oh so warm
Carry: anda had black star
Star: yes
Roxie: I had red
Corey: my black coat
Don: my blue coat
Opinion by Pinkkatluv32 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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It was elimination night everybody was sure they were not gonna make the first name that was called out was both of rhe cassidys seterusnya was erika then jory then roxie but then it was the bottom 2 ashley and corey
Carry: corey your staying
Everybody: what the hell
Chris: well bye ashley
Ashley: pointed the middle finger
Star: gasped
jory: well this is just sad
Carry: seterusnya challenge dodge brawl
When they're pkaying
Rikki: throws ball at cassidy
Don: throws ball at jory
Jory: throws at vinny
Kat: vinny
Twany: throws at

To be continued
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Enjoy! :)
DJ said, "Let's go to the train set."

Bridgette said, "Sure DJ. Let's go."

They arrived at the train set from "Get A Clue". They boarded the train.

Bridgette sat down in a booth. "So, why do anda think bintang put everyone on a team and told us to go to different locations on the island?"

DJ sat on the opposite side of Bridgette. "I don't know. Hey, what happened to Chris again?"

Bridgette said, "Who cares."

DJ said, "That's not very nice. He's not that bad."

"You know that's not true, DJ. He treated us like-" DJ stared her. "He treated us very badly."

"Well, anda do have a point." Bridgette smiled.

The train suddenly began to move.

Bridgette looked out the window and frowned. "Why are we moving?"

DJ said, "Isn't this a train set?"
Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Roxie: hi
With mellissa
Corey: im having fun puts arm around her
Mellissa: me to kisses him
5 min later
In coreys katil
Corey: I Cinta anda
Mellissa: me to snuggles him
Jory: dude hei first sex nice
Corey: dude we're busy god donkey ass
Mellissa: goes to sleep
With rikki
Rikki: omg thw man cut the guys eyes out
Don: holy crap this kill splatter 3 is sick his dick ahhhh
in vinnys room kat I think we should see other ppl
Kat: why cause im pregnet thats why we're through I hate anda slaps vinny
Cassidy: whats wrong kat
Kat: im pregnet but he broke up with me
Cassidy: your attractibe anda fiery red head
Kat: thanks hugs her your the best oh my belly its kicking
Cassidy: the nurse can help you
Erika: umm cassy your in my bed

To be continued