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Opinion by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Courtney:At 12:00 I'll arrive at the echography, ok?
Courtney:I can't wait!Me and Duncan will kedai things for the baby!
Izzy:Will be so cool for you!
Courtney:Now it's 10:35......In 25 minit I got to go!
Lindsay:*crosses her fingers*Please will be a girl!Please will be a girl!Please wil be a girl!
Heather:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
Courtney:Bridgette, look!
Courtney:A baby foot!
All the girls:Awwwwwwwwwww!

At the echography...
Courtney:Good afternoon, mrs. doctor!
Doctor:Good afternoon!So...You're pregnant...How many months do anda have?
Courtney:7 months!
Doctor:Do anda want to know the sex?
Doctor:The baby is.........A girl!
Courtney:Awesome!*in her mind*And....Who said:"Please will be a girl!" is right.

At the beach...
Izzy:Hi, Owen!
Owen:Hi, Izzy!*smiles*
Izzy:How are you?
Opinion by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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60 Things I Will Still Not Do
sejak ~Aprifileney0099


1. I will not tell LeShawna that her dancing scares little children.

2. I will not bring up DJ's animal curse in front of him.

3. I will not remind Blaineley about her real name.

4. I will not ask Chris about the video he sent to Celebrity Manhunt.

5. I will not ask Chef if he learned to drive at NASCAR.


6. I will not ask duncan, gwen and courtney if they're ever gonna have a threesome.

7. I will not take chris' wig, put it on and run around screaming "look at me i'm chris" .

8. I will not sing "heather and alejandro sitting in a pokok K-I-S-S-I-N-G" when they are around.

9. I will not lock cody and sierra in a closet.

10. I will not tell sierra's mom that chris loves her and take her to chris.


11. I will not tell Eva that boys are better and stronger and fast than girls
Opinion by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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25 minit later...
Geoff:We got arrived.
Duncan:Ok.I'll bring Courtney in my arms.

In the hospital...
Doctor:What happened?
Duncan:My girlfriend fained.
Doctor:Ok.She will be ok.

At the girls' room...
Bridgette:I miss Courtney!
Izzy:*plays a game on the phone*Die!Die!Why do anda don't die?
Gwen:*raises her eyebrow*O...k?
Izzy:Noooo!I have 1 live!
Heather:Crazy.As always.
Lindsay:What the game do anda play?
Izzy:Is called Die, zombie, die!
Izzy:Don't worry!It's just blood!
Lindsay:*her cheeks inflate*
All the girls:That's disgusting!

At the hospital...
Courtney:Where am I?Owww!
Doctor:Don't worry!You'e at the hospital!
Courtney:Thank you, Duncan!
Doctor:You need some DNA.
Doctor:The DNA results will be ready tomorrow, at 13:00.
Opinion by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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In the morning...
Courtney:Ow!My belly hurts!And...Why am I so fat?
Gwen:Ummmm...Because of the coffee that anda drank?
Courtney:I think...
Bridgette:Why your face is turning green?
Courtney:*looks in the mirror*You're right!*her cheeks inflate*Gwen?Give me a bag!
Courtney:*throws up*
Gwen:When I'm looking at her, I think I throw up too!Just..Izzy!Open the window, please!
Izzy:Ok!*opens the window*Hey, hey, hey!It's me, Izzy!
Gwen:Go to the other side!*breathes*
Lindsay:Who wants to go at the cafeteria?
All the girls:Me

At the cafeteria...
Gwen:Yummy!A delicious chocolate!*drools*
Katie and Sadie:Wow!A cake wich looks like Justin!OMG!
Bridgette:Why do anda not want something?
Courtney:I'm not hungry!And I feel like I am in the gross land!
Bridgette:I believe you...WOW!Your face is turning green again!
Opinion by ne0n_m0nkey posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Harold felt nervous.It's been about 2 years and he still hasn't told to Leshawna his true feelings.
-Dude,ever tried this?-asked Cody menunjukkan a bag of salt and vinegar flavoured chips.
Harold and Cody were at the supermarket,shopping for Leshawna's suprise birthday party.
-Dude!-Cody waved his arm in front of Harold's face.
-Huh!Gosh...Can't anda leave me alone with my thoughts?
-You still nervous?-asked Cody,while picking up anggur and orange soda.
-Me?Nervous?No,way!It's her birthday..Why should I be nervous?-said the beatboxing master,knowing that he's lying due to the drops of sweat dripping from his face
-There's nothing to be nervous about!You hired the best place in the town,invited all her Friends including the Total Drama folks and you're buying all this Makanan to make her bootylicious ego feel better!
Harold stopped.The food!He didn't think about this!
-What?Don't tell me anda forgot your money!
-Kinda...It's a good thing that this master of mathematics and iconomy has a credit card.
Opinion by totaldramafan01 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Total Drama USA
Episode 0
The Start Of Something New (And All That Crap)

South Carolina~Jessica/John

Jessica was screaming.
She was screaming her mother f'ing head off.
She was in. She was on the show. She was going to be on Total Drama Season 4.
"Shut up!" her neighbor yelled back. "Some of us are trying to sleep!" Note: It was 3 o'clock. In the afternoon.
"I'm gonna be on TV!" she yelled/told him.
"Good for you! Maybe I will finally get some sleep in the morning!
Jessica rolled her eyes. Old men will be old men. Sleep all day, and sleep all night.
She took the rest of the mail inside her home. When she reached the living room, she saw her little brother with his eyed glued to his DS, playing Pokemon. Her dad was Membaca the paper, and her mom was knitting. Huh. It was like the past and the present all mixed into one.
She slammed the mail on the coffee table.
Opinion by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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At 16:30...
Courtney:*dizzy*Wow!Now I realized that I don't must drink coffee.
Courtney:Hey, he looks like Duncan!
Gary:Hi,everybody!I'm Gary Wilde from Shake It Up Chicago!
Courtney:*sarcastically*Wow, awesome!
Gwen:Don't worry!Now go!
Courtney:Ok!*hugs Gwen*

At the scene...
Courtney:..Bring the lights up, bust the doors down..I can't do this.
Bridgette:Did anda can!
Courtney:Go behind me!
Courtney:*screams*Because anda don't know to dance!
Bridgette:I'm going!*sighs and runs away*
Courtney:Bridge, wait!*runs behind her*
Gary:Wow!It seems these two girls have a conflict!

Behind the scenes...
Gwen:Courtney, what are anda doing?
Courtney:I yelled at Bridgette and she ran away!*cries and hugs Gwen*
Gwen:You must go to apologize from Bridgette!
Izzy:Yeah, we need her even she's a little clumsy!
Fan fiction by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Beth:I miss Lindsay!
Bridgette:*yawns* What happens out?
Gwen:I don't know!Wait!Lindsay?
Courtney:Do anda want to mean that Lindsay did not go at Hollywood?
Gwen:Yeah!That was a joke!Stupid joke!

At the beach..
Katie:What are anda doing here?Are anda not at Hollywood?
Lindsay:They made a mistake.They just messed me up with Lindsay Lohan.
Beth:URGH!But, welcome back!*hugs Lindsay*
Gwen:*sees Nikki* Hey, Nikki, what are anda doing here?
Nikki:I'm here for the dance contest!
Gwen:What dance contest?
Nikki:You know, that dance contest, which is called "Shake It Up Chicago".
Gwen:O my gosh!I forgot!The dance contest!NOOO!But I can't compete!
Nikki:Why?Are anda afraid?
Nikki:But what?
Gwen:Is not of your bussines!*runs*
Gwen:Courtney, I have a question:Do anda want to compte at Shake It Up Chicago?
Courtney:Are anda crazy?I must drink coffee to resist 8 hours dancing!
Review by neonwalflower posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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TD's back baby!
all that BS about a person 'dying' is false. same with the whole cast coming back in 4th season.
enough already!
my neighbor and 1 of my best buds Brandon works with MTV part os the Total Drama part atau whatevr and confirmd what im gonna tell you. it may change but idk producers change their minds do dont go all haywire all anugerah on me bc u disagree bc idgaf... anyway heres what ik and am willing to share :D :

- the tajuk is NOT TDR! its TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND! get it right people! i telah diposkan a vid with Chris Potenza atau whatevr saying its the title! he's the dude who voices Chris McClain!

- NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE! ITS A KIDS tunjuk FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! only 1 that would die would be mr. coconut but i think he alrdy did atau an intern. (noo!!! not my Billy!! LOL )

- it should premire on April 23rd atau 24th in Cananda and sometime in June for us in the US!
( if u live in Canada plz b kind and share stuff!)
Fan fiction by OrihimeLuv posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hey, it's me megaDUNCANfan on a different profile...so if anda don't mind i'll continue the show......
Michie:I changed my name back to haley!
Duncan:Damn!Why's it so hot in here?
Justin:It's b/c i'm here.
Haley:NO!it's not,its b/c the a/c's out!Your ugly as hell, Justin!
Duncan:You need some mentega for that toast?
Heather:*pops out of nowhere*Have anda seen Alejandro?
Haley:Yea, I think he went to the mall with LeShawna.
Heather:I will KILL her.....*stomps away*
Duncan:Alejandro's not at the mall with--oh!Ha! Good one cuz!
Trent:Duncan's too much of an influence.
Haley:You are too!
Trent:Name one!
Haley:I wouldn't Cinta to sing and be in the Muzik inestry is it wasn't for you.
Mikey:You do have a beutiful voice.
Haley:OMG!Mikey, i missed you!*kisses Mikey*
Mikey: easy now!
Article by neonwalflower posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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hei guys it's me neonwalflower atau rose atau whatever. anyway i'm just here 2 say im sorry.
ik that at times i can be a jalang, perempuan jalang atau be sensitive atau just idk bad.
here are some people i want 2 apologize to:

1. sumerjoy11: im so sorry i went into the whole BS thing about ur drawings. its ur thing at ur amazing at it so keep doing it bc i Cinta ur stuff.

2. gwuncanfan: im so sory about that shitload i dikomen on. its ur story so do what u want 2do!
its my fault i was sensitive about the breakup i went through so i took it out on anda and other people so im so deeply incredibly sorry.

3.mindy: im sorry i seemed bitchy about the cXdXG stuff. it's retarded 2 b fighting over this and im sorry.

to everyone else i didnt mention im sorry deeply sorry!
ik this seems stupid 4 me 2do this but im sorry. i couldnt feel worse now and im sorry and im sorry if this makes me seem like a drama queen. my fault just keep doing what u guys do which is making Kelab awesome and im and so thriled that u guys let me be apart of it. i hope u guys will forgive me for what a jalang, perempuan jalang i've been
Opinion by DxCFan123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Kendra: Hi! I'm Kendra, and I will be your host of... TOTAL DRAMA TELETHON! We have some characters from different users on this site. First up, Skittyme's oc, LESLIE!!!!!
Leslie: Hi! I am selling a LIFE SUPPLY OF cookies, biskut for only 100 dollars!
*12 of the phones start ringing*
Who got it?
Kendra: Now, Courtney785's Liea!!!
Liea: I am selling 500 teddy bears! The bidding starts and 50! FIFTY DOLLAHS! ANYONE?
*phone rings, she answers*
Hello? 90? Yes! It goes to Sophie Holmes from Maine!
Kendra: neonwalflower's Charlie!
Charlie: I am selling 5 copies of Cody's stuffed teddy bear, Jerry, for 75 dollars!
*5 phones rings at the same time*
Intern: They go to Sophia Imege of Canada, Mark Moccasins of Mexico, Ching Chung of Japan, Ava Marikien of Hawaii, and Aarin Phillips of Phillipines.
Kendra: tdafan121's Dannica
Dannica: I am selling a piece of volcanic rock from the Kilawea eruption! Choose from pumice atau obsidian! Only 50!
Fan fiction by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lindsay:Who wants any ice cream?
Bridgette and Gwen:Me too!

At the ice cream shop...
Lindsay:Which flavor?
Beth:Chocolate with peanuts!
Lindsay:And I want with strawberries.Ok...So, how much is it?
The kedai Assistant:5 pounds an ice cream!
Lindsay:20 pounds.Here anda are!Goodbye!
Gwen:Mmmm!The ice cream is delicious!
Lindsay:I know, right?I go to hotel!Bye!

At the girls' room...
Lindsay:Wow, this picture is so awesome!Me and Beth, oh...Good memories!*sniff*
Izzy:*sighs* Owe-
Lindsay:Hellooo!I'm here!
Lindsay:Come here!
Izzy:*laughs*Just, look at Courtney's face, LOL!
Heather:Shut up!
Lindsay:Come here!
Heather:*screams and laughs*
Courtney:What happened here?
Fan fiction by i_love_music posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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At the living-room...

Lindsay:*spaeaks at the phone*Yeah, good...Really?But, WAIT!My friends?Over how many time I'll come back?3 months?Ok!Ok!Yay!

At the girls' room...
Lindsay:Girls, I have good news!
Gwen:Not a tarikh again!
Lindsay:No!I'll go to Hollywood!
Beth:*hugs her*This is awesome!But can I go with you?
Lindsay:I want, but...You can't!
All the girls:*gasp*What?
Lindsay:I'm sorry!But nobody can!*cries*
Beth:It's ok!But how many time do anda stay there?
Lindsay:3 months!
Beth:I'll miss you!
Lindsay:I'll miss anda too!*hugs her*
Beth:At what the time are anda going?
Lindsay:19:30.Let's see outside for say goodbye!
Beth:I agree!
Lindsay:Guys, at 19:30 we'll see outside to say goodbye!
Tyler:For what?
Lindsay:I'll go to Hollywood!3 months!
Tyler:*hugs her and cries*I'll miss you, Linds!
Gwen:*fake cry*Now starts the "kissy kissy"time!
Fan fiction by tdafan121 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*a set resembling a larger and lebih black-and-white Aftermath set with a full-legnth window backdrop of Seattle appears*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Total Drama peminat peeps, are anda ready to get Totally Interviewed!? Let's give it up for an OC host who knows how to pull a prank, Khione Borealis!

*Khione walks onto the set and sits on a small white sofa, kerusi panjang dotted in black that stands across from a black sofa, kerusi panjang dotted white. A white meja, jadual has a stack of blank index cards perched on it*

Khione: Hello people of Fanpop, Fanfiction, atau wherever the heck I'm broadcasting to! This is Totally Interviewed!, a tunjuk where anda get to ask your kegemaran Total Drama characters soalan about their life! Now, you've seen these stories before, but a certain penulis (coughcoughtdafan121cough) is a little lazy on writing. So I assure that this was copied from stories on fanfiction.net, but improved upon! Why? Because I'm hosting it, duh! Now, before we reveal the name of our first guest who will appear here with yours truly, right here in Seattle, let's talk questions. anda can send them right here! Yes, here! Through comment, atau to tdafan121 in a message! We hope...
Article by cb0104 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Tdifan27 made her for me
Name Sage Marie

Nicknames Sisy and Baby

Age 17

Stereotype The Vegan

Personality Sage Marie is sweet nice and very athletic she plays Bola sepak softball and does karate and cheerleading she respects nature and lives on a farm

Bio After Sage Maries parents divorced she was never the same she stopped Berlakon out and straightened up she lives with her dad on his farm with a pet cow named mipsy she got into an epic fight at school because a certain girl wouldnt shutup after that sage marie and her dad moved to wisconson

Audition Tape *turns on camera* hi im sage marie id be great to be on total drama_______ because im very talented and very kind. one of my many talents is cheereleading. my schools mascot is the wisconson madcows. so heres one of my cheers: lets go madcows lets go *claps twice* come on madcows do whats right hold the ball very tight *does cartwheel and stands* make the shot and win this game tonight * goes into perpecahan, berpecah and hears a rip* "holy shit my pants!!!!! * rans and turns off camera*
Article by gothemo1234 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(after everyone jump off)
gaz:do know what it be wried if we had to sing
tom:hmm i guss we have
harrit:to sing
gaz:let me tell u something all gazs dont sing
gazdin:my name is gazdin and i sing
colin:i agree with the Emo girl
harrit:sing atau your voted off the ppl have sing are colin and greg
greg:WHAT WHY?!?
chirs:because your mom and dad almost kill me
harrit:does anyone have a gun,garbagebag,and a shovel?
(chirs runs off)
gergandcolin:If anda feel so empty
So used up so let down
If anda feel so angry
So ripped off so stepped on
You're not the only one
Refusing to back down
You're not the only one
So get up
Let's start a riot, a riot
Let's start a riot
Let's start a riot, a riot
Let's start a riot
If anda feel so filthy so dirty
so fucked up
If anda feel so walked on
So painful so pissed off
You're not the only one
Fan fiction by DandC4evacute posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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3 fans
DandC4evacute: and we're back! the first soalan is this: "Have anda ever atau would anda ever tarikh anyone else on the tunjuk besides Duncan? if so, who? An adoring "fan", Natalie Krysta Gracelyn Charm."
Courtney: hmmm, well, I know a lot of people want me to say Trent atau Justin atau Alejandro, but I just want to be with someone who isn't on the show. There would be long-distance problems, no.
DandC4evacute: okay here's another question: "I just wanna say I Cinta you!!!!! my soalan for anda is where do anda feel things went wrong with anda and Duncan? I mean first anda guys make out on the bus and then all of a sudden he flirts with Gwen and kisses her!?!? I mean that makes no sence!!! Sorry if this brings back old wounds. Sincerely, your biggest fan, Courtney."
Courtney: well Courtney, I'm not sure where things went wrong. But when that Ciuman came, I guess he didn't feel the sparks that time. And it's ok, no wounds open. Actually, thanks to Duncan, I'm much less fragile to things like that. And now I know that not all guys are gonna treat me right.
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*at Trent and Courtneys wedding*

Trent: theres something I have to tell you

Courtney: what is it?

Trent: *takes out gitar and starts playing*

Courtney: *stands there listening*

Trent: I'm dating tyler!

Courtney: your dating tyler?? well Im dating Bridgette!

*Camera goes to Bridgette*

Bridgette: yeah shes dating bridgette backstage, at my concert, at locker at school and beyond!

Bridgette: Im also dating DJ!

*Camera goes to DJ*

DJ: Yeah boy she dating DJ too!

DJ: anda know what time it is cause Im dating Beth too!

*Camera goes to Beth*

Beth: Yeah I know but its true DJ dates me to

Justin: and I swapped with that intern and he swapped with that dude

Beth, Justin, Intern: and were all dating Owen!

*Camera goes to Owen*

Owen: Ohhh yeahhh there dating owen and Im dating duncan!
Fan fiction by DandC4evacute posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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DandC4evacute: hi and welcome to Total Drama Interviews. I'm you're hostess, Hadar. today we will be interviewing the girl who anda either love-or hate, here's Courtney! I just have to say I Cinta you're new look!
Courtney: Thanks. I understand that anda have a few questions?
DandC4evacute: yes. we're here to talk about your time on Total Drama.
Courtney: *is about to leave*
DandC4evacute: anda don't wanna talk about it?
Courtney: not really. Seriously I was the worst person I could be.
DandC4evacute: But think of you're fans!
Courtney: Fine I'll stay. For the fans.
DandC4evacute: okay so if anda could change anything about your time, what would it be?
Courtney: Ugh, how I acted on TDA, and to most people on TDWT. They really didn't need that.
DandC4evacute: Oops, it's time for a commercial break! *to Audience* Don't forget to send in your soalan for Miss Courtney! I need at least 4 questions!
Opinion by obssesedTDIgirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Headshot of Hea
Name: Hea Jeong
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Birthday: April 2d
Personality: active, adventurous, animated, unargumentative, brave, fearless, charming, clever, clumsy, courageous, crafty, curious, daring, dependable, eager, easy going( most of the time), energetic, facetious, glamorous, humorous, imaginative, independent, easily gets jealous, poised
Employment: works at teh Party istana, castle part time and on weekends when her family isn't doing the circus.
Cinta Life: Recently broke up with boyfriend, Ethan, and most likely won't have another anytime soon. The kind of guy she wants HAS to be at least charming, good-looking, and adventurous.
Audition tape: *camera turns on menunjukkan Hea run back to the couch*
Hea: Wait is the camera on? *runs towards camera and can only see her face* NOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!
*Heas back away from camera to see her older sister Noel enter*
Hea: Is it on? The red light isn't on!
Noel- That's because there is none. When your using a foto camera, there's no light. Just check the screen... idiot.
Fan fiction by neonwalflower posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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~The TD cast (all of them!) have gotten together to celebrate not actually being in the 4th season and 2wait and watch the newbies b tortured for a change and are all at Chris's place~

-every catches up but when Courtney arrives it gets quite and so she goes outside sejak the rail, on the side of an ocean-

Courtney:-talking to herself- Oh I shouldnt be here. I knew it would be a mistake. Everyone hates me. Even Blaineley! -sniff- This should all end here. -sniff-

-steps on rail-

Courtney: I-i-i guess things will be better if I can just leave...

-raises 1 foot-

Trent: Courtney? What are anda doing?
-realizes what Courtneys about to do- Wait! Don't do it!

-runs to her-

Courtney: -turns her head-crying and whispers- I'm sorry...so...sorry anda have to see me....do this.. end this... I wont bother anyone anymore...goodbye...

-jumps before Trent can grab her-

Fan fiction by NeonInfernoLord posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hello everyone I'm Neon inviting any 16 contestants to Total Drama Survivor. Chris McLean had to be away for a while and so he picked me to come host the seterusnya season of the tunjuk and I decided to start fresh. The first 16 contestants to arrive will get a chance to compete for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! For 8 weeks these 16 contestants will each have to compete in grueling challenges testing endurance, skills, and the keseluruhan ability of how much of a loser they are. The team that loses will be sent to the elimination ceremony where one person will have to say ADIOS and get voted off sejak their teammates. Who will prove to be the ultimate survivor? Find out right now on TOTAL...DRAMA...SURVIVOR!
Fan fiction by DxCFan123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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9 fans
Dear Duncan,

Hi! It's all us DxC peminat-peminat here, and anda wanna know what we wanna say? SAY BEFORE anda CHEAT! We mean, cheating on Courtney? anda were right in front of her saat before! If anda wanted to break up with her, TELL HER IN THE minit anda HAD! Didn't anda see all the tears she shedded? How much anda hurt her? anda hurt her! How could she live, knowing she had a cheating boyfriend how couldn't tell her "It's over."?! Was the juvenile delinquent too afraid to talk to her?! She loved you, she really did Cinta you. Even if she wanted to change you, SHE STILL LOVED YOU! I hope anda remember all the memories anda had in the series! A Makanan stealing event, a suprise kiss, a specially carved skull for you, another kiss, then another kiss, then another kiss! I bet she's at home, crying right now, wanting to throw away all the memories of you! So, remember, think before anda cheat. atau else we'll rob your house and attack anda with AK-47s... MWA HA HA HA HA

Fan fiction by RandomFanGirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"Your bellybutton popped," Alejandro smirked, running his finger over my protruding navel.

I looked down at my stomach, "Oh my gosh, when did that happen?"

"I don't know, but it's cute on you."

He reached over to my lips and kissed me.

"We should really start thinking about a birth plan," He said.

A what?

"A what?" I asked.

"A birth plan, what you're planning on doing after anda go into labor, the method, any medications, those things."

"Um, what's the plan where they just rip the baby out of me?"

"That's a C-section."

"I’m not sure what I want right now. Right now, I like the idea of that. Do anda know how much it will hurt to push a baby out down there? I don't know yet, but I'm not sure if I want to know."

He kissed my forehead, "Whatever anda choose, just know that I'm going to be with anda the whole time."