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Article by gothemo1234 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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jade:hi im jade ill tunjuk u preanst day


(go's outside of duncan's house)

chirs:were am i

jade:your at duncan's house watch this why he's been working hard he's famliy is poor


gwen:did u get a rise


(gwen takes out the turkey but its small)


(puts on the table)

(there son colin takes a turey and gives to duncan)

(colin and duncan hug)


rico:all i want for chirstmas is a toy

tak:me too

chirs:i cant belive there that poor jade jade jade!? whats going on?

Article by gothemo1234 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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duncan:sorry sir i was late

chirs:just get back to work(starts counting money)

(hours later)

duncan:done sir

chirs:u sure u finshed all of it

duncan:i grrrrrr

(1 jam later)

duncan:sir bye

(close's shop)

lindsay:marry Krismas brenda

brenda:marry Krismas mom

chirs:i hate christmas

(at night)

chirs:cant wait to go to sleep (see's ghost)AAA

trent:chirs is me your assinet

chirs:trent what happen to u

trent:u never payed me u fired me i died three ghost will take u past,preanst,and furture

chirs:what! were am i

jen:your in the past im here to tunjuk u how much fun u have

chirs:look theres brenda

brenda:hey chirs who ever under the masato gets a Ciuman (kiss's chirs)

thepastchirs:yes (dance's with brenda)

chirs:hey brenda wait how come they cant here me?
Article by gothemo1234 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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gwen:i just peed in my pants atau the water sake is broken

duncan:oh god

harry:get in

(gwen and duncan gets in the car)



(harry and duncan scarm and car crushs into the hospital)

harry:hey look were herE

(duncan gwen gets out of the car and gets into the room)

harry:will be behind your back gwen


(runs out scraming and stops and miami has harry in her arms)


miami:ME TOO

harrit:hi guys

both:AAAA harrit your alive

harrit:yeha ever since gwen killed courteny

(the other day)



(shoots courteny)



duncan:hey guys come meet someone
Article by gothemo1234 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(gwen wakes up and duncan)

duncan:good morning


duncan:(kiss's gwen)i Cinta u

gwen:me to

(both of them go's back to sleep at harrit's house)

harry:oh god what happen (looks in he's poket) OH U GOT TO GREAT THEY ROP ME

harrit:your money in your room and shut up casey sleeping

harry:oh sorry

sharon:man bro just go back to so i eat my fish

vicky:hey did u see what happen to gwen and duncan

miami:dont talk them what they did

harrit:hope gwen dosent get preant with duncan

casey:i miss mom and dad

harrit:(hugs her) me too

(later that afternoon)

gwen:hey harrit hei vicky


harrit:hey man u duncan should of close the window because my sisters and my cosin saw what u guys did good thing casey wasnt here

gwen:yeah about that i think i may preant
Article by gothemo1234 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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courtney:man why he pick up


courtney:hi watz u doing?

duncan:u know i dont wake up this early

courtney:ok ill call u later (hungs up cell phone)

duncan:hey gwen

gwen:hey watz u doing

duncan:nothin seeing harrit beating up trent


harrit:u better leave my cousin,my sisters,and my brother alone GOT IT

trent:yes yes

duncan:so do u want to come over tonight

gwen:sure bye (hungs up cell phone)

ducan:bye (hungs up)

(harrit couisn miami walks in)

miami:oooo duncan likes gwen even though he's dating courtney

duncan:shut up

miami:hit me you'll end up like trent

(harrit's little sister walks in)

casey:is he going to cheat on courtney?

miami:(picks up casey)yeah are u duncan?

ducnan:im going to break up with her today
Opinion by gwencool2332 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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hi girl u have not call me berkata zac i know. 'geffo came in' Ciuman me zac berkata brigette. brigette can i talk to u berkata geffo' ok berkata brigette 'they walk into the bathroom' ok i miss u so much and i can not take my mind of u. u are so sweet berkata brigette 'they start to Ciuman on the floor ' 'they walk out kiss' we are now a clouple berkata brigette. well oh well berkata alejandro and heather . u are back together berkata alejandro. yes berkata brigette. and we want a family good luck this is the last hari of high school. whatever i Cinta u alejandro berkata heather .and i Cinta u heather berkata alejandro. 'they start to kiss' see u are just like use Ciuman everday. come on geffo saide brigette. were are we going out of this school we got to a party today and we need new cloths to were to the party and i need my hair did and my nail done so lets go berkata brigette . but are the teacher going to know we are going out of this school berkata geffo.good luck duncan and couretey got are backs. everone is leaveing so lets go geffo
Fan fiction by twilightrox43 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Talia: Welcome to Hollywood Arts! This is a new tunjuk I'd like to call TOTAL...DRAMA...VICTORIOUS! I'm Talia Reyes, your wonderful host! And who are my co-hosts? Say hi to Tori Vega and Cat Valentine!
Cat and Tori: *walk over*
Tori: hei guys.
Cat: *giggles* Heehee, I'm on TV!
Talia: And here's Andre, Trina, Beck, and Jade!
Andre and Trina: *walks out*
Talia: Where's Jade and Beck?
Andre: *points behind him* Back there.
Jade: Do I really want to do this?
Beck: Probably not, but please, just do it anyway.
Jade: *groans* Fine, whatever.
Talia: Okay, now that everyone's here-
Robby: *runs in* Wait!
Trina: Oh no, not this dork!
Robby: Can I be on your tunjuk too?!?!?!
Talia: *sighs, and rolls eyes* Whatever. But lose the puppet. *hear a car horn* Oh, here come the contestants!
Limos: *screech to a stop*
Bridgette: *steps out of the limo*
Talia: Bridgette!
Bridgette: Hi! I can't wait to get down to the beach!
Article by fly210 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ok I'm going to TRY to do this in spanish to so almost everyone can read it. If I do something wrong tell me.

Ok voy a intentar hacer esto en español a lo que casi todo el mundo puede leerlo. Si hago algo mal me dicen.


primero español

¿POR QUÉ hay UNA GUERRA ENTRE peminat-peminat peminat Duncan y Courtney y DUNCAN Y peminat-peminat GWEN? No veo por qué no podemos ser amigos. Por mi parte, estoy enfermo de nosotros lucha. Creo que deberíamos romper para arriba! * Suspiro * No puedo decirle cuántas veces una persona que era más probable un Duncan y hase Gwen ventilador vienen en nuestra página y nos dijo que para conseguir una vida. Como ya he dicho que estoy harto de esto. así que vamos a todos a limpiar nuestro actuar y ser amigos!

now english

WHY IS THERE A peminat WAR BETWEEN DUNCAN AND COURTNEY peminat-peminat AND DUNCAN AND GWEN FANS? I don't see why we can't be friends. I for one am sick of us fighting. I think we should just break it up! *sigh* I can't tell anda how many times a person who was most likely a Duncan and...
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Jared: Im soo happy I didnt loose! But Annie might get voted off and shes one of my allys.... Im thinking of makeing a allaince with Katie,Natalie,Zoey and I hate to say it but D-D-D-D-uncan! I still hate him... But hes a strong player!

Annie: *crys* Im so stupid! UGH, Why did i ever cheat on Jordan, the most sweetest,loving, wonderfull guy i ever met! Im probly going to get voted off anyway, Jordans probly voting for me. I dont blame him. I was stupid. *stamps noahs pasport* IM SORRY JORDAN! I WAS STUPID!

Noah: I was watching and i know why we lost. I know some people say It's cause of Annie, But i saw Jordan tag HER at the last secound of the game. JORDAN made us lose! So Jordan is leveing this game for good! Plus, he won last season. He don't deserve to win! *stamps jordan

lulu:*stamping the same passport over and over and over again*
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(Based on the Single player campaign)

*Camera shows a 60's era labratory and computers*

*Camera goes to Harold tied to a chair*

Harold: *wakes up dizzy* what the hell *tries to move*

Interrogator 1: *from another room* good he's awake

Harold: where am I?

Interrogator 2: *from another room* What happened in Cuba!!!!

Harold: Ciuman my ass!

Interrogator 1: What happened to you, DJ and Alejandro during the invasion?

Harold: Go f*** yourself!!

Harold: *gets tasered* ahhhhhh dammit

Interrogator 2: Tell us what we want to know!

Harold: fine I'll tell you!

*Camera goes to black*

Harold: *voice only* it was before the bay of pigs invasion and this is how it went

*Camera goes to a cuban bar*

DJ: *behind the bar* *to Alejandro and Harold* so anda guys know the plan

Harold: yeah
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: Last time on total drama around the world! we came back to Ramayana and rock the place! our contestents had to find a tresure chest! but first i had some team trades. Wally started hitting hard on Sam..... big time! and Jordan and Annie became even closer to each other! I mean real close! while Rochelle and Owen injoyed there marshmellows, DJ took the flight to loserville. Population 11! Only 25 lebih to go there........... if they don't die first! What will happend on this episode of total drama around the world!

*Theme song*

*non-first class*

Natalie: *staring at wally and sam with eyes wide open not even blinking*
Sam: Ok I'm starting to get prity uncomtitable with her staring at us.
Wally: I know! She hasn't blinked scean we left Ramayana!
Sam: anda know she fowllowed me to the bathroom.
Wally: ewwwwwwwwwwwww...... gross! where was i?
Sam: i don't know.
*Jordan and annie are making out*
Noah: Oh no.................. not anouther Bridgette and Geoff.
Opinion by agtimm posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Annie: So Guys what song are we going to sing?

Jake: Well, For 30H!3 we should sing "My First Kiss"!

Zoey: Sure!

Lucas: Okay Cool!


Annie: OMG YES!!

Jordan: Okay Cool.


Rochelle: Lets sing Teenage Dream!

Zack: And Dont Trust me sejak 30H!3!

Lexxi: That will be Awesome!


Chris: Awesome Choices Teams!

Annie: Thanks Chris!


Zoey: So, Whos going to sing each part?

Lucas: Well,Me and Jake can sing Lead?

Zoey: Okay Cool!

Annie: Me Jordan and Jared will sing Lead in Hot n cold!

Zoey: What will i do?

Lucas: anda can sing Lead with us of course!

Zoey: Thanks! *hugs lucas*

Fan fiction by ne0n_m0nkey posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris:Welcome back to the first episode of Total Drama Superactive!In the last episode anda saw lots of emotions,laughs,embarassing moments and ofcourse drama!Are anda ready for their first task?
*flashes to campers*
Chris:*starting to talk to campers*So,campers ready for your first task?
Andy:Do we have a choice?
Gwen:Yeah...It's not like could get away from it!Can we?
Chris:Let me thik about it...NO!In this task anda will have to pick a small team!Each team must have not lebih than 8 team members!Each team will have to "travel" through the island,finding clues!Each clue will lead anda to a direction and finding these clues anda will get to the finish line!Each team must have a leader!The first three teams' leaders will get to choose the offcial teams through the season's members and name!Good luck!To get through the tunjuk anda have to know a lot about the show!
Ronny:Oh,oh!I do,I do!
Chris:Don't care!First clue:This Ciuman created the first and most dikomen peminat couple!
Opinion by CourtneyGirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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me: soo i know alot of anda guys don't actully read these, but i actuly wrote these from a long time lalu and people actuly really liked them, so i am still trying to write them. Here is the pautan to some of my othere articals


And the best fpart is its only partialy a peminat fic like it actuly has most of the tdi character actuly in it sooo yeah, but here anda go.

Bridgette: But wait, this is my house?

Alice: So? Well do anda have anything that anda might want to sell?

Bridgette: Ummmm there might be some stuff in the basement?

Alice: Great! Could we start seporating stuff for the yard sale?

Bridgette: I don't really care.

Alice: Okay.

(all 3 girls head down into the basement)

Courtney: *Looks over into the corner and see's a bunch of old baby stuff, and starts to think about herself* hei guys.
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*non-first class*

Wally: so........ sam................... how about that date?
Sam: did anda hear what i berkata in the forest? I don't wanna tarikh you!
Wally: all i heard of, bla, bla , bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, I, bla, wanna, date, you!
Sam: oh my goodness! anda are just like cody 2!
Alejandro: cody 2 is a bird.
Natalie: No a condor.
Alejandro and sam: what ever.
Sam: shouldn't anda be up in first class?
Natalie: I'm trying to find my diary!
Wally: *reading a book with the word diary on the frount, then stops* Is this it? It's a grate read!
Natalie: Stop! *grabs it* It's mine.
Wally: sorry! I got to the part where anda talk about the guy anda have a crush on, Du.............
Natalie: shut it! Wait! so anda read all about my.................. anda know what.
Wally: when i got to the groos stuff i stoped then turned to when it ended.
Natalie: well that's kind of good.
Wally: i don't like all that girl body stuff.
Fan fiction by KittyTDI posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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PD: Please dont hurt me....... PLEASE I DO ANY THING!
Guy: Any thing anda say well a Ciuman would not hurt.
PD: Is that all I have to do?
Guy: Yes and play around a little bit.
N:After a little bit they came to a little river and they kissed for a little bit.But a soon as they stopped the PD punched him in the kisser and took off.
PD:*I really hope he isnt following me*
N: Pretty soon the PD got to the police station and they captured the crimnal and put him in the stony lonsome then the PD stopped her job and is now working in a coffey kedai and her name was Courtney.

TO BE CONTINUDE............

Fan fiction by 16falloutboy posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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ok guys, here are the Naga and the good news is....you get to pick what dragon anda want to train!

Rosa: That sounds awesome!

yes it does, ok now go pick!

Dani: *looks at the Deadly Nadder* this dragon looks cute *pets the Deadly Nadder* anda will be named Patrick like my husband

Patrick: anda look awesome *pets the timberjack* anda will be named Dani, ok bud?

*the timberjack nods it's head*

Rosa: *pets the Skulldren* anda look cool *the Skulldren purrs* your name will be Crystal

well looks like the Naga like anda guys, well the rest of anda keep picking *smiles then I go pet Patrick my Deathwing* anda are so cute and awesome!

Gerard: This one looks scary and cool *pets the Skullion* your name is Chemical

and also anda have to pet the dragon in order to pick it

Duncan: *goes to the Gronckle* anda look awesome *pets the Gronckle* your name will be Jail Breaker
Fan fiction by 16falloutboy posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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hei there, I'm Karen and welcome to Total Drama How To Train Your Dragon, today we have 19 campers coming here and I think they're gonna have fun, I hope cause...oh I shouldn't say it, you'll all find out now anway...here's our first camper Gerard Way!, the awesome lead singer of My Chemical Romance, hello Gerard!

Gerard: Hi there Karen

well ok, so far you're the first camper....next we have Randy!

Randy: Hi there!

hello Randy, ok our seterusnya camper is Rosamaria Martinez, hello Rosa!

Rosa: hei host

ok seterusnya we have Francine!, hei there Francine!

Francine: Hello

ok seterusnya we have Patrick and Dani welcome!

Patrick/Dani: Hello

*whispers* I can't believe it, it's Patrick Stump! omg!...*clears throat* um anyway, seterusnya camper is Brooke, hello Brooke

Brooke: Hey, I wonder what will happen today?

oh you'll Cinta it, it's gonna be fun and seterusnya camper is Jojo
Opinion by FireFly113 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Just so anda know the High school is at is whatever the Glee highschool is :3

Kuki: Welcome final 8! Today anda will be going to Highschool!

*At the highschool*

Saphira: Ohh Lindsay! Katie!! Ill give anda two a dollar if anda go out the highschool!

Katie: Im not that stupid -.-

Saphira: *Grabs 500 bucks out off Kuki's pocket*500?

Katie: DEAL!

DavidL That was mean 3=

*Lindsay and Katie run out of the highschool*

*In the RV*

Lindsay: Whats this? *presses a button*

*Back at the Highschool*

Quinn: *Bumps into Jared* Sorry-

Jared: Its ok- ♥____________♥

Annie: *In a Alejandro coustume*

Saphira: ALEJANDRO!?!?!? *Runs towards him*

Annie: *Pushes her out the highschool*

Saphira: $#*!

Puck: Woah a teddy? Dude how old are you? *throws it*
Guide by 16falloutboy posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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The host, me :3
Her dragon is: The Hideous Zippleback named Edna

Her dragon is: The Changewing named Nightwhisper

His dragon is: The Monstrous Nightmare named Flamethrower

Her dragon is: The Life Binder named Shadowclaw

Jordyn (JoJo)
Her dragon is: The Night Fury named Violet

Rosamaria Martinez
Her dragon is: The Skulldren named Crystal

Natalie Krysta Gracelyn Charm
Her dragon is: The Spellweaver named Bluestar

Selena Cortez
Her dragon is: The Whispering Death named Gerard

Pete Wentz
His dragon is: The Green Death named Ashlee

Patrick Stump
His dragon is: The Timberjack named Dani

Dani Stump
Her dragon is: The Deadly Nadder named Patrick

His dragon is: The Gronckle named Jail Breaker

Her dragon is: The Boneknapper named Explosive
Fan fiction by hot-mess13 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*the setting takes place in a tunjuk called blood on the dance floor*fictional*

Announcer:Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the tunjuk blood on the dance floor,we have component duncan versus ex girlfriend courtney!!

*duncan walks on stage*

Duncan:i'm gunna tear anda apart,courtney!this is a death to your heart!

Courtney:*increasingly staring at duncan*

*chris comes outta no where*

Chris:it's Singing time !!

*duncan and courtney sigh in frustration*

Duncan:this is death to your little precious heart,this is a scene where anda depart,no one will hear your final words...im a life killer,i'm a hati, tengah-tengah breaker...

Courtney:death to your heart...i'll rip anda apart..i'm coming undone...

Duncan:*eyes turning all black*ooohhh..ohhh,ohhh,ohhh

Courtney:*stares in shock*

Duncan:i'll be the end to your beginning >:D

*courtney and audience and announcer black out with blood coming out their mouth*
Opinion by twilightrox43 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Izzy slams her chin into the dock in TDI.

Of course anda all know Izzy. anda think she may be one of the nuttiest people ever to exist. But me? I think she's just a regular teen, with regular problems. She just acts...different.
For everyone that has seen her audition tapes, anda can easily see the normal person inside of her. In her first audition, she shouts at her mom, as many teens do. In her second, it's fairly obvious that she SUCKS at throwing api, kebakaran batons. After setting off the sprinklers, she apologizes to her mom, proving she makes mistakes, but that is an evident fact, as she makes many mistakes throughout the series (an example being shooting Heather, Chef, a horse-unicorn, and a plane with a tranquilizer gun in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!). Her first impression on Total Drama told a lot about her- when she tripped on the dock and slammed her chin. She states later that her IQ is 188 and everyone in her family shares her genius, but this statement is challenged throughout the rest of Total Drama, until Jamaica Me Sweat, when she shows her true form, menunjukkan her genius to the world.
Opinion by obssesedTDIgirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lani: Now, that we’ve got the teams settled in, we’ll have our first challenge! (Gets pushed off screen)
Jasper: Yeah, and we’d like to call this X-TREME ICE SKATE-O-RAMA!!!!!
Anna: I Cinta skating!!!!
Jasper: Not after anda play this way! It’s a 3 part challenge that involves lots and lots of skill! First, anda have to (gets pushed)
Lani: Do a three legged race across the ice…
Raven: That’s not too hard.
Jasper: Considering you’re on thin ice, it’s very difficult. AND each pair of two will have to menyeberang, cross while BOTH team mates are blind folded! Only the voices of your fellow team mates can help anda across. First team across will win a reward and immunity!
Lani: AND to make it even lebih interesting, we will be picking your partners!
All: (annoyed) Come on!
Lani: So I’ll read off the partners for Team Hula…
Axel & Leeroy
Love& Anna
Reyna & Briony
Leeroy: Why do we get the unevened team?
Opinion by obssesedTDIgirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
hei guys! We're coming at anda live from Camp Fit, somewhere around New York, New York; I'm anda one and only host, Jasper—
(Gets cut off from voice off scene) and what about me?! Jasper: Fine. And co-host Lani. (Lani is shown) Lani: Hi, I’m-- (gets cut off from voice off from Jasper as she’s pushing Lani out of the way)
Jasper: No one cares! Any way I’m dropping the newest reality shows on television, now! (Moves to Dock of Shame) And just like the original season Total Drama Island, were on an island! Ok, so here's the deal, thirteen campers have signed up to spend- uh, a couple weeks right here at this exercise camp. (Lani barges in)
Lani: They'll compete in challenges against each other, and then have to face the undian and opinions of their fellow campers. Every few days, one team will either win a reward, atau watch one of their team mates walk down-- (Jasper barges in)
Jasper: --the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the loser boat, (snickers), and leave Total Drama Sports, forever! (Moves to campfire ceremony campfire pit) Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive... a 1 pound...
Opinion by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I'm pacing inside this empty room
Told to wait til my life's withdrawn
Uneasy, I'm waiting here anxiously
It's a waste and I won't wait another Eon

Endless night
Long for light
My head against this tomb
And pushing through
I'm pushing through
Facedown and pushing through

Trapped and isolated
Time is dislocated
Eternity is what a moment seems
When I can't feel anything

Erasing my final memories
They won't stop til my whole life's gone
Uneasy, I wait for normality
It's a waste and I won't wait another Eon

When life is gone without a trace
And hope is Lost in time's embrace
I won't wait atau hesitate; I'm pushing through facedown
I won't wait atau hesitate; I'm pushing through

If time's a song, I won't wait for its reprise
I am done wishing farewells and goodbyes
I won't let this place overshadow my birthright