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Hello I Am Your Host Erica! Old Contestants: Trent Heather Justin Duncan Alejandro Cody Noah Izzy Gwen Courtney Lindsey Bridgette! New Contestants: Ivy Marisol bintang Crystal Gothic And Talia!
Now I Will Make Teams!
Ivy Duncan and Bridgette!
ivy Team Leader Think Of A Team Name!
Talia Lindsey Noah!
Talia Team Leader TeaM Name
Gothic Courtney and Izzy!
Gothic Team Leader Team Name!
Marisol Gwen Alejandro!
Marisol Team Leader Team Name!
Crystal bintang Cody!
Crystal Team Leader Team Name
Justin Heather Trent!
Justin Team Leader Team Name!

If Any Switching Teams Send Me A Message!
posted by starburst-rock
Well I've been wanting to do this fo awhile and me being me it'll probably fail :P but i will make the TD cast answer Ur questions. All u have to do is leave Ur soalan and who anda want to interview them. I want to try to interview everyone who has ever been on the show. Even BILLY THE INTERN!!!! and mr.cocanut. The first present to be interviewed will be.....CODY!!!! so leave Ur soalan that u have for cody. The choices for people to interview him are:

So again leave your soalan and who anda want to interview Cody. Please and thank anda Starburst-Rock.
posted by starburst-rock
(Ok I no I should b working on my other storys but im kinda brain dead rite now so I decided to make this. Well enjoy!)

Cody-Girl all the bad guys want sejak Bowling for Soup

I think this is Cody's theme because Cody is chasing the girl who allways has someone else. In this case the bad boy. But nomadder what Cody does this girl still won't like him.

Alejandro-Womanizer sejak Brittney Spears

I think it's pretty clear why this is Alejandro's song. CAUSE HE'S A WOMANIZER! I for some reason find it funny that Al is so Manley yet his theme is Brittney Spears.

Geoff-Who's ready to party sejak Fred

Even thoe I...
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posted by poptrop300
1:Oh, you're going down! We're gonna bring the makan malam, majlis makan malam to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!
2:Oh, sorry. (sarcastic) Woo-hoo, way to throw those murder balls. Go, team, go.
3:Sadly, the assembly instructions were accidentally shredded when they were put through a shredder.
4:O.M.G. I N.O.
5:Oh, sorry Noah!
6:Finally! Thanks for not noticing that I was missing all night! What am I, Tyler?!
7:A sewer?! Ugh, sometimes I really hate Chris... ok all the time.
8:You mean the other sad bystanders who can't even play this season?
9:I kinda, I have a kind of... a boyfriend! Kinda.You just berkata "cool"...
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posted by poptrop300
Courtney: Up!
Courtney and Izzy: Up!
Courtney, Izzy, and Sierra: Up!
Courtney, Izzy, Sierra, and Lindsay: Up!
Harold: Sing!
Harold and Cody: Sing!
Harold, Cody, and DJ: Sing!
Harold, Cody, DJ, and Tyler: Sing!
Heather, Leshawna, Bridgette, Courtney, Izzy, Sierra, and Lindsay: We're flying.
Alejandro, Noah, Harold, Cody, DJ, and Tyler: And singing.
Everyone except for Gwen, Duncan, Ezekiel, and Owen: We're flying and we're singing!
Sierra: Come fly with us!
Sierra and Cody: Come fly with us!
Izzy: We've got a lot 'o crazy tunes to bust! Haha!
Bridgette: Come fly with us!
Bridgette and Lindsay: Come fly with...
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posted by noahnstar1616
(They started their jet-skis and were off)Star:"You should know Alejandro-"

Alejandro:"I already know. The deal is off."

Star:"Well now that anda know that, what I'm about to do seterusnya won't feel so guilty."(Star bumps him;He goes right instead of straight;Star speeds up)

Alejandro:"Hey!"(He turned his jet-ski back in the correct direction)

(Alejandro was catching up; turned back around)Star:"Land mines? You've got to be kidding me!"(She dodges them swiftly)

(pulled up seterusnya to Star)Alejandro:"Have I ever told anda how beautiful anda look against the Hawaiian sunset?"

Star:"What are you-whoa!"(nearly missed...
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posted by Road_Trip
Donnie: Welcome To Total Drama Runner! I am your Host! Donnie King! We would Like to welcome out old Contestest!
Heather, Duncan, noah, Owen, Alejandro, and Gwen!!!! Now I Welcome to own New One's!!
Rene, Charlie, Erica, Penny, Iyve and Cindy!!!
Now I would to make teams!
Penny,charlie and Ducan!
Penny Your Team Leader Please think of a Team name!
Rene, Iyve and Alejandro.
Rene team leader team Name.
Cindy, erica, and Noah!
Cindy Team leader team Name!
Owen and Gwen
Owen Team leader team Name
Owen: I am Team Leader... AWESOME!
Gwen: -sighs-

(Do anda Constionails in the comments. and Team Leaders in your constionails Put anda team Name.)
posted by tori1510
Some details i dont own anything
Bridgette greeted me with a smile. "Hey Gwen," Bridge berkata inviting me in.
"Hey, how are you?" I berkata sitting down on their couch.
"I'm good. How about you?" she berkata plopping down beside me.
"Good, I have a soalan though."
"What is it?"
"What would anda do if anda were preg-pregnant?" Her eyes darted back and forth as if concerned.
"Why do anda say that?"
"Just wondering. Wait, anda are aren't you?"
"Y-N-yes I am but it's a secret so hush hush. Wait why do anda ask?"
"Well I thought I was but the test came up negative."
"Gwen anda should have a blo-"She started...
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In 1980, Chris McClain attempted to create the perfect children. He would nourish and raise them to be different people, then put them on a reality tunjuk where they would be tortured and abused in front of millions of poeple. Many critized the idea, saying that no human being in the world could "make children".
Chris, not knowing of the effects, fed each child's fetus a drug that would make them perfect; he also rushed the project so it would be done faster.
When all 24 of the children were finally 'born' it was made clear that Chris had failed his task.
The children looked "chibi-like" and were...
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This is all entirely made up. The TDI characters belong to Teletoon, Fruits Basket belongs to Natsuki Tayaka, and the Chinese Zodiac belongs to Chinese culture, but the TDI/Furuba mash-up with the characters as Sohmas was 100% a Charm Original Production. Enjoy!
NOTE: There is no character in place of Tohru because I used all the Tohru-like females in TDI in the Juunishi (for a while I was considering Bridgette as Tohru, but I thought it would be better with her as a Zodiac member).

*Juunishi is a term for the Chinese Zodiac

It had been decided that the...
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posted by poptrop300
Really I just don't get why DxC,TxG,TxC and DxG peminat-peminat hate each other. Like Trentgwenfan1 and Gwuncanfan got in a fight over one it bitty little komen and I hate seeing this stuff. And this stuff happening to me. It isn't right having people lose Friends over jack s**t. It is just annoying to see this happen to people that really I only know over fanpop.

I hate bulling of both ways real life and technological. I get the first one at school alot of kids in my class. To be honest I have only know them for less than a semester. I think that they have Heathers hati, tengah-tengah but worse but back to DxCxGxT...
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posted by poptrop300
Ezekiel: The square root of 837 multipied sejak 32 is equal to 89.
Eva: Lets get a makeover. EEEEEEEeee.
Noah: I Cinta anda anda Cinta me laddee da da da da di.
Justin: I Cinta MATHS.
Katie: I hate Sadie, I'm gonna go kill Justin Beiber.
Tyler: 3 large pizzas, 2 large fries and a Chocolate shake please.
Izzy: I'm gonna meditate.
Cody: Gwen is icky.
Beth: I'm gonna cut myself.
Sadie: I hate Katie, I'm gonna go kill Taylor Lautner.
Courtney: Give me a ciggie.
Trent: Nine is the worst number in the world.
Bridgette: Lets kill a dolphin.
Lindsay: I enjoy the studies of mathematics,art and english.
DJ: I'm gonna kill my pet bunny.
Geoff: There is not need to party lets study.
LeShawna: No way, i'll get my hair wet.
Duncan: Juvie is a place for bad kids, I am good.
Heather: I hati, tengah-tengah my BFF's.
Gwen: Okay our sleepover senarai says to plat eachothers hair, paint each others nails and have a bantal fight.
Owen: Just a salad.
When anda come back from a loss, when anda beat the odds, and never say never. anda find a champion...
Today was the surfing competition. Bridgette and Katie went over to Trent who was skating on his skateboard. "Hey, Trent" Bridgette said. "Oh hei girls," he said. "Maybe when anda get tired of the pipe, come surf some real waves," Bridgette said. "Hey, were all going night surfing tommarrow night, wanna come?" he asked. "Sure, as if we have nothing better to do," Bridgette replied. "Okay, I'll pick anda up. Bye girls," "Bye" Katie and Bridgette said.
The competition began. All the surfers paddled...
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I was born in Hawaii to two die-hard surfers. Who berkata I didn't have salt water in my vanes? Two brothers. That's my answer to why I'm so competitive. Me and my best friend, Katie, were best Friends since birth. We spent lebih time wet then we did dry. My mom was convinced that we were mermaids. The moment I caught my first wave, I knew I wanted to be a pro surfer.
Bridgette, at the age of 12, dived into the water with her surf board. She came up as she is now, 16. She paddeled out to a wave and got in the middle of it. She came up and she rode the wave.
Surfing is my passion.
Bridgette was...
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posted by TDIfanJai499
Chris-Billionaire-Bruno Mars

Blainely-Starstruck-Sterling Knight

Owen-Eat it-Weird Al Yankovic

Noah-I don't Care-Fall out Boy atau Viva La Vida-Coldplay

Cody-Almost-Bowling For Soup

Leshawna-Beautiful Girls(REMIX)-Jojo

Gwen-Thats What anda Get-Paramore

Bridgette-Rush-Aly and Aj

Courtney-Miss Independent-Kelly Clarkson

Heather-Circus-Brittany Spears

Geoff-I Got a Feeling-Black Eyed Peas

Trent-Hey There Delilah sejak Plain White Tee's atau I'm Yours sejak Jason Mraz



Izzy-Real Wild Child-Everlife

Eva-Lets Start a Riot-Three Days Grace

Duncan-You know What they do To...
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At the make up room...
Lindsay:So...Your hair is kind of "horrible".LET'S CUT IT!
Gwen:Shut it, Lindsay!Let's brush it and will look cute if we put in her hair some curlers, her hair will look very cool.
Courtney:I want some lipstick too!
Lindsay:Which?Red like blood atau merah jambu like...My kegemaran color?
Courtney:Ummmmm...Red like blood.
Courtney:And a make up.

15 minit later...
Courtney:*looks in the mirror* Wow!It's fantastic!Thank you, girls!
All the girls:No problem!
Courtney:I am very nervous.If he will not say:"I do"?
Gwen:Don't worry!I think he loves you...
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Heather walked backstage. It was the end of Total Drama World Tour, after the finale in Hawaii, and after their last concert. She looked down at her million dollar case and smiled happily. Nothing could be better for her, though she still felt something was missing.
She was about to go inside, when she saw a blur of red speed out of the door.
"Who the heck-? That was probably Tyler-whoa!" Something bumped into Heather, causing her to fall.
"H-huh..? O-oh, I--I'm sorry, Heather.." Alejandro replied, covering his eyes.
"What's up with you? And..why are anda covering your eyes?"...
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posted by noahnstar1616
 TDWT (My Way) Final 3
TDWT (My Way) Final 3
First of all let me say, I can't stand Alejandro! I just thought he'd be perfect to cause romantic tension.(P.S. I wrote this a few years, so it might sound lame)This is when they left off, which was in Drumheller.

(Heather was pushed off plane;Star invited Cody to first class with her and Alejandro)

Cody:"Thanks for inviting me to first class Star."

Star:"Just wanted to spend the last few hours as partially friends. Then we can betray each other all we want."

Alejandro:"Not anda and I, right Star?"

Star:"Oh, of course."

(Alejandro leaves)Cody:"Okay, what 's the deal with anda and Alejandro?"

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posted by TDIfangirl
"Ugh! What is up with you?!" Heather snarled, annoyed that Justin was screaming at her for the third time that night.
"What is up with you? Why do anda think Alejandro's so much better for anda all of a sudden?" The male model yelled back.
"We're just friends!"
"That's what Duncan and Gwen said, and look at them now-OW!"
Justin held on to his cheek, angered. "What the hell, Heather?!"
"Don't anda DARE involve her and her punk boyfriend in this. I'm not a harpy, unlike her."
Replied the Asian, annoyed. "If you're going to be a freakin' baby, then I'll waste my time with someone else!"

"Chica, are...
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posted by ne0n_m0nkey
Yes,so...Ummm...I was wondering....You know...
I do?
Leshawna,oh my fair Leshawna!You burn a hole in my heart!You make this skinny white boy feel like the happiest person in the world!Your beautiful eyes are so precious,like a Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond! (I googled it xD)
Cody facepalmed.
Chill,H-bomb...What do ya want?
Please,Leshawna!My Godess!My true love!My...My...
Oh,god...Harold...If anda don't stop with the drama and start with the favor,I'm gonna hang up!
No,No!Um...Okay...Will anda go to the ice rink with me?Tomorrow...
You already asked me that...Sorry,but...
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