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Fan fiction by shellgirl54 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris-it was a peacful evning with everything purfect.......NOT!! haha lets see what happens with the brothers hansel and greg (owen and duncan)and they're parents (alendjro and heather)

Mother-hansel,greg...GO TO katil ALREADY
hansel-alright mama come on gretel
Greg-for the last time its greg!!
Hansel-whatever i want to go to katil so i can have breakfeast fast
Greg-sure then u can eat the whole refridgerater
Mother-GO TO BED
Greg-hey hansel u awake
Hansel-heck yeah im hungry
Greg-wait listen
Father-whoah michica whats the matter
Mother-now r u sure u want sons
Father-what do u mean
Mother-i mean don't u want to be alone u know (whispers) alone
Father-ooooh i see so what do u want to do
Mother-we can let r kids go to the forest and abandon them
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*theme Muzik plays*

Chris: welcome back to Total Drama dead rising

Chuck: on the last episode they found the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan house

Chris: and today there gonna be running around the mall to find a stash of money worth $500

Chuck: its starts now!!

*Camera goes to the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan room*

Stacey: IDK whats gonna happen next

Nikki: yeah its totally unpredictable

Kurt: I hope there arent anymore dangerous challenges

Ray: *to kurt* cry baby

Danny: yeah Kurt grow a pair

*Chris talks over the loud speakers*

Chris: todays challenge is to find a stash of $500 dollars in the mall

Chris: anda will be in teams of 2 so begin!!

*outside the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan house*

*Camera goes to Stacey and Blaine*

Stacey: ok so where is our cash

Blaine: maps says the Makanan court so I think thats where we should go

Stacey: fine with me
Fan fiction by ne0n_m0nkey posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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~Episode 1~
Chris:It's season 4 *points out 4* of the hotest reality tunjuk Total Drama!This season we told the campers that they're gonna be
living in a 3-stared hotel and the new season is gonna be called Total Drama Waiters,but instead of that we took them back to one
of their favourite places-Camp Wawanakwa *spreads his arms* in the new season Called "Total Drama Deja Vu".The new challenges are gonna
be bassed on old challenges as the campers remember the good-old times back here!O,that's them!*boat coming by*
Ronny:*supprised*We're back in Camp Wawanakwa?This can't be happening!What The...*boat horn*I was gonna say heck!
Noah:Are anda seriously supprised from Chris' creativity?
Ronny:Weren't we gonna be on Total Drama Highschool?
Noah:I thought we were gonna be on "Total Drama Office"?
Cody:No...we were gonna be on "Total Drama Delivery room"
Ronny*disguisted face*Don't even wanna know what that is gonna be about!
Chris:It was gonna be about 28 teenagers living in a hospital and studying the human body.*looks away*But unfortunaly,the producers said
Fan fiction by ladylyric_812 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris ran back to the mess hall, anxiously, to ask chef about what's going on in the water. THen he bumped into heather. He was a little jumpy and jittery when he saw her. He studdered an awful amount of times.
"Chris? Slow down, I don't want to mess up my new outfit before the luncheon starts!" Heather barked.
"I-I... didn't mean that...to...er..." Chris babbled vague words which made Heather Nag even more.
"Will anda stop studdering like an idiot?" She complained. She turn around and was getting ready to walk towards the beach. "You know, anda better hope that anda don't screw up like that when the MTV producers get here."
Chris remained silent. He stood still and he started to sweat a little but he just didn't quit. He snarled at her and bolted back to the kitchen. He saw chef in the dapur chopping up Buah and vegetables for the lunch. Chris snuck in and shut the door behind him.
"Chef?" he whispered wiping the beads of sweat off of his forehead. Chef turned around and set the pisau on the counter.
Opinion by TDIfangirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Okay, let me start sejak issuing an apology to anyone who might be offended sejak this content. I just need everybody to know a few things that this fandom is lacking. This is mostly about TDWT, and it may have some bashing of your favorites. Again, sorry to anyone who is offended.

After going through what has happened during the third season, and with 3 episodes to go for its airing in America, I thought I'd tell anda what were basically what I was thinking about during the season, the fandom's reaction to the breakups, eliminatons, and content, and what our fandom should do, not to prevent fighting, but to prevent looking stupid.
Sierra is a parody of us fans, who haven't already been pariodied sejak the guests of the Total Drama Aftermath. Is her obsessiveness annoying? Not to me, but maybe. Did she push her Cinta for Cody too far? She spent the Paris episode crying over what most of us expected. She should have known that Cody didn't return her feelings. She did not have to become an bad guy for Gwen. Cody can tarikh who he wants to. And in the end, that was all for attention. That's not going to get anda many fans, Sierra.
Opinion by Yelly2000 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris:Hey everybody and welcome to Total Drama The Olympics! Where contestants will have to fight it out to win another 1 million dollars in this huge stadium! And here comes are first contestant; Duncan! How anda doing man?
(Chris puts hand up for a high five)
Duncan: I don't think so. Where are we sleeping?
Chris: In this, Luxury Hotel!
Duncan: I meant where are we, as the contestants, sleeping?
Chris: In the Hotel.
Duncan: What's wrong with it?
Chris: Nothing! Geeeez! I wish anda people would trust me more! Now go unpack!
Duncan: Whatever.
Chris: Our seterusnya contestant is Geoff! hei dude, what's up?
Geoff: Nothin' much dude. Wow, we staying here?
Chris: Yeah anda are!
Geoff: Awesome!
Chris: seterusnya are; Katie, Sadie, Gwen, Courtney, Cody and Owen!
Katie & Sadie: OMG! It's a Hotel!!
Gwen: Wow Chris, anda really out did yourself.
Chris: Thank You!
Courtney: I knew my lawyers would get through to you.
Opinion by FireFly113 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Everyone's sleeping on the RV*

Kuki: *Sneaks to the door and open it*

*A big wind comes and everyone falls out except Jared,Lindsay,David,Saphira,Zoey,Jade,Ray,Trent,Cedric and Katie*

Jade: *wakes up* Umm guys where is everyone?

Jared: Somewhere! *half asleep*


Kuki: Welcome final 10! Horray for you! anda all made it to the merge! Your all gonna go to Disney world! But first anda need to partner up with pairs of 2! Cedric picks first!

Cedric: Umm... Zoey?

Zoey: Cool! *Runs seterusnya to him*

Jared: I pick Katie!

Katie: EEEE! *Runs seterusnya to him*

David: Lindsay?

Lindsay: YAY!

Trent: Jade!

Jade: Okay! *blushes*

Saphira: I guess ray
*They arrive at Disney World*
Kuki: OKAY! Your first challenge is to bake a cake! The team with the cake that tastes bad is eliminated!
Guide by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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So, I'm Going To Make A Story Called "Katie And The Beast". It's Gonna Have Everything From The 1991 Movie "Beauty And The Beast" But It's NxK Style. So Here I Go With The Cast!
Mrs. Potts-Bridgette
Bimbettes-Lindsay, Courtney And Beth
So There anda Have It!
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lindsay:I'm Getting Freaked Out Already!
Courtney:Don't Worry Lindsay, I'm Here For You.
Chris:Hey, Has Anyone Seen Justin?
Sadie:Justin? Yeah, Justin. He Ummmmmm.......I Don't Want To Say!
Bridgette:Justin Just Had A Spike Go Through His Chest!
Beth:What? No, It Can't Be! Not Justin! *crying* Of All The People, Why Did It Have To Be Justin?
Geoff:Yeah, We Saw That Walking Over Here.
Leshawna:This Is So Messed Up!
Cody:Sierra, Something Really Scary Is Going On.
Izzy:(In An Insane Voice) Noah Thought He Wanted To Leave But Decided To Stay A Little Longer!
Heather:Izzy, It Was You.
Alejandro:Stop Lying!
Heather:No Really, Izzy Did This!
Lindsay:Tyler? Are anda There?
Tyler:Yes, I Just Twisted My Ankle Coming Here.
Harold:Awwww, Now That's A Handsome Couple.
Ezekial:Shut Up Harold!
Harold:Why Don't anda Make Me, Count Dumbcula!
Duncan:Hey, I Made It Here. What Just Happened?
Katie:Somebody Shot A Spike Right Through Justin's Chest!
Fan fiction by owenizzyx posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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chris:last time on total drama the contestant went trick atau treat & mike made an allince with izzy & ezekiel but, in the end duncan & courtney went home
chef:double bubber truber
chris:um... okay
*theme song*
uknown vocie:and welcome to camp wawanaka aka total drama island
trent:who was that
every one but trent:mmmm
alex:was it chris
sammy:ohh he is sooooo cute
mike:ok... hei zeek & izzy come
izzy:what ahh anda poor thing anda can`t even walk
ezekiel:yea he limps eh
mike:never mind that... remeber the plan
ezekiel & izzy:yea huh *nods*
kirby:why oh why did anda choose her... duncan
ruby:hey trent every one is in an allince me, anda & dj
dj:why not
chris i here a bunch of 3 way allince
chris:im not mad
everyone:your not
chris:any way now to get to your challenge jump offf this cliff
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(The Campers Look around The Haunted House)
Gwen:So, This Is Going Very Well.
Katie:Well, I Wouldn't Put My Money On That!
Tyler:Lindsay, I Have To Pee Like A Racehorse I Better Go With You!
Lindsay:OK, anda Can Come With Me To The Bathroom I Just Have To Apply Some lebih Make-Up!
Duncan:So Cinderella, Should We Get Some lebih Finger Sandwiches?
Courtney:Nope, I Think anda Had Enough For Tonight.
Sadie:So, Dracula anda Wanna Go Downstairs And See More?
Ezekial:Why Yes, That Would Be Just Fine!
Justin:So Robin, Are anda Having Fun Here?
Beth:Yes Batman, I Just Hope Harley Quinn Doesn't Catch Us.
Justin:There's No Harley Quinn In A Haunted House!
Bridgette:So Beast, Should We Explore The Haunted House?
Geoff:OK Belle, But Where's The West Wing?
Bridgette:There Is No West Wing In A Haunted House!
Trent:Alejandro, Where Are anda Going?
Alejandro:Owen Wants To tunjuk Me Something.
Opinion by NoahxCourtney77 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Sue: Would Be Courtney Because They Can Be Really Nice Then Really Sour. Their Pretty Strict Sometime's. Their Not Really The Type To Put Up With Foolishness (Even Though Courntey Delt With Duncan And Sue Deals With Tobey)
Sid: Would Be Noah Because Their Very Smart. They Work Hard And Look Out For Their Friends (Noah Looks Out For Owen And Sid Looks Out For Sue) Even Though They Can Be Pretty Judgemental.
Tobey: Would Be Tyler. Their Emotional And Silly. Bad Things Are Half Of Their Lives. And When They Try To Be Smooth They Fail.
Mr Wue: Would Be Chef. They Yell, Their Mean, Theyt Have Some Heart, And They Don't Put Up With Foolihness.
Barney: Would Be Justin Because They Get Those Stupid Ideas That Never Work. Their Pretty Full Of Them Selves.
NaNa: Would Be Bridgette. Their Nice But Will Kick Your anda Know What If anda Make Them Mad.

No Kong Li. Not Even Chris Is As Evil As Kong Li!

Opinion by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Belle-Courtney. Courtney Is lebih Like Belle Because She's Smart, Pretty And Independent. And She Has Fallen For A Jerk Like When Belle Fell For Gaston, Courtney Also Fell For Justin In TDA! So It Makes Perfect Sense That Duncan Is Her Beast.
Cinderella-Lindsay. Lindsay Relates To Cinderella In So Many Ways. She Looks For Her Prince Charming, She's Dealt With People Who Are Evil Like Cinderella Who Dealt With Her Wicked Stepmother And Stepsisters. Lindsay Dealt With Heather And She Always Dreams About True Love!
Ariel-Bridgette. Bridgette And Ariel Relate The Same Way Because Of Their Cinta Of The Ocean. Ariel Falls For A Handsome Guy Named Prince Eric And Bridgette Is In Cinta With Geoff Who's Also Handsome! Ariel's Singing Voice Is Equal To Bridgette's Singing Voice. So There's The Connection!
Jasmine-Gwen. Gwen Shows Alot Of Resemblence To Jasmine. Both Are Dark-Haired And They Both Don't Want To Marry Any Other Guys But One In Particular! Gwen Won't Fall In Cinta With Anyone But Trent And She Has A Streak Of Meanness In Her Like melati, jasmine Does. Gwen and melati, jasmine Have Such Good Singing Voices! I Think Gwen Shows Alot Of melati, jasmine In Her.
Fan fiction by DxCisCute posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Tyler:Married Lindsay but diforced her when Lindsay fell in Cinta with Edward Cullen.
Lindsay:Married Edward Cullen and her and Bella fight alot
Geoff:Married Bridgette and is a math teacher.
Bridgette:Married Geoff and owns a surf shop.
Gwen:Married Trent and is a artist,is Friends with Duncan and Courtney.
Trent:Married Gwen and is a rock star. Hates Duncan but is Friends with Courtney.
Duncan:Married Courtney and is a cop.
Courtney:Married Duncan and is the host of Family Feud.
Owen:Is boyfriend and girlfriend with Izzy and owns a meat shop.
Izzy:Is not crazy anymore and is a lawer.
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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lulu:see adrianne I HAVE BRAINS !!! especially being in my utama land ..ENGLAND !! *sighs* i miss the way cody wouyld of stopped mr from screaming the saat time ohh well i came preparde *takes out a chip butty* :P yummy its my grandads recipie for chips *is about to take a bite when chris walks threw the door*

Blaine: I vote annie end of story

Annie: Bye Bye Blaine!

kasey:who to vote who to vote okay so i,ll point to the picture with my eyes closed *points at a pic of ezekiel* wait... what

Jasper:*Sighs.* This Bites. So.. Uhm.. Sorry, Zeke. *Stamps Zeke.*

Jared: Bye Bye Blaine *stamps Blaine's passport*

Natalie: *stamps Ezekiel's passport with each word* I. Hope. Your. Parachute. Is. Broken. *stops stamping* Glad I'm such a superfan. Nobody else would've remembered the whole Team amazon in the amazon thing. I also happen to remember it being a false elimination. I also happen to be ten times the superfan of all people ever on this tunjuk combined. And yeah, this includes Sierra. I'm just not creepy about it. Well, here at least. Ha, anda should see the bulletien board in my...
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lindsay:If It Gets Too Spooky, Tyler. Please Hold Me!
Tyler:Sure Thing.
Sadie:This Place Is So Haunted.
Katie:Yet So Empty!
Gwen:Well, It Can't Be That Bad.
Trent:I'm Right Behind You!
Duncan:Uh Princess, Why Are We Doing This?
Courtney:Just To Get An Idea Of What Things Are Like In A Haunted House!
Cody:Sierra, I Think This Was Chris' Idea Wasn't It?
Sierra:Yes! Why Are anda Asking?
Cody:Don't Know.
Noah:I Think I'm Starting To Enjoy This Place.
Harold:Just Don't Get To Enjoy It Too Much!
Eva:Haunted Houses Suck, I don't Like Them!
Justin:Is Eva Scared? Is She Gonna Wet Her Wrestling Outfit?
Beth:Lay Off, Justin!
DJ:How Bad Can It Be?
Izzy:My Legs Were Tired. Good Thing We're Here!
Heather:Well, How's The History Of It?
Alejandro:That I Can Never Tell You!
Ezekial:Look, I Found Something!
Gwen:Leave It Alone, It's A Dead Bat! Don't Touch It.
Tyler:It's All Covered In Blood?
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Duncan:Where's Courtney?
Trent:She's Getting Dressed Right Now. So, It'll Be A Few Minutes!
Harold:Hey Gorgeous, Prince Charming's Here.
Courtney:Harold. Shut Up!
(Harold Is Watching Nightmare On Elm jalan On His TV)
Duncan:So, You're Harold!
Harold:Yes, What Exactly Do anda See In Courtney? She's Got Big Cha Chas.
Trent:Here She Comes! Duncan, Why Not Have A fudge Log.
Duncan:That's Good, But No! I'm Watching My Sugar Intake.
Trent:You Sure?
Harold:Of Course He's Sure, Why Would He Eat It? It Looks Like Dried Chihuaua Dump!
Courtney:Why Me?
Duncan:You Look Great, Courtney! atau Should I Say Cinderella?
Courtney:I Thought anda Weren't Going to Be Prince Charming This Year.
Harold:He Was Going To Be Dracula, The Pick Of The Litter!
Courtney:Harold, Please.
Trent:I'm Going With anda Too And So Does Harold.
Harold:Oh, Ok.
Alejandro:Whoever Drew This Map Must Be Half Stupid And Half Deaf.
List by swiddlewiddle posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"I, too, Cinta a good cat fight, but one with real Kucing who wear tiny boxing gloves." - Harold (2008: A angkasa Owen)
"Oooh, your face, in my glands. Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's anda and meeeee! And anda and me makes weeeee! You. And me-e-e-e-e-e-eee, like butterknives we're free! We're freeeee!" - Lindsay (Rock n' Rule)
"Everybody knows that lebih wars have been won with a shovel than a sword. Give a man a hole and what does he have? Nothing, but give a man a shovel and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." - Harold (The Chefshank Redemption)
(in confessional) "I got some! Courtney's hair, soon it will be mine, all mine! (starts laughing like a maniac) What? I'm not crazy, I'm just bald!" - Heather (One Million Bucks, B.C.)
"Wasn't that song brilliant? It was so brilliant, I know everybody wishes they could hear it over and over and over again! And now they can. Relive the magic of Courtney for only $12.99. Call 555-SELLOUT to get your authentic Princess Courtney CD before everyone else downloads it illegally!" - Chris McLean (The Princess Pride)
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(Camp Wawanawka On A Friday Afternoon)
Owen:Trick atau Treat, Hahahaha!
Izzy:You're So Disgusting, Turn That Muzik Down.
Owen:Sit There, B****.
Alejandro:Hey Owen, Check Out The Old Fart!
Owen:Right On Dude.
Alejandro:Hey Grandpa, Look In The Mirror!
(Owen Shows His labu Underwear)
Old Man:Stupid Kids. Damn Y'all To Hell!
Owen:Happy Halloween Moron! Hahahahaha.
Old Man:ahhhhh!
Tyler:There's No Fool Like An Old Fool!
Old Man:You Son Of A B****.
Tyler:Cool It Pops, anda Wanna Blow Your Pacemaker?
Old Man:Ahhhhh!
Courtney:I'm Sorry.
Old Man:Get Your Hands Off Me.
Courtney:I Was Trying To Let You...
Old Man:Get Away From Me!
Courtney:I Just Want To Help You!
Old Man:I Don't Need Your Help, anda Damn Little W****.
Courtney:Fine, I Wouldn't Wanna Help An Old Creep Like anda Anyway!
Old Man:Those Rotten Kids Will Sure Get What They Deserve.
(Back At The Cabin)
List by soxfan89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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1.BridgettexGeoff-Even Though Their Constant Making Out Annoys Me, I Put Them At #1 Because They Share Alot In Common! Give It Up For BxG.
2.DuncanxCourtney-I Guess This Couple's Fighting Seems To Be Both Aggravating And Funny They Deserved #2 For Alot Of Reasons. Congratulations On #2!
3.LindsayxTyler-They Make Such A Really Cute Couple. Lindsay Is Blond, Pretty And Stupid While Tyler Is Athletic And Funny. They Had Alot Of Good Memories In TDI And TDWT! I Think This Couple Really Earned The #3 Spot. anda Are A Great Couple!
4.HeatherxAlejandro-This Couple Looks Evil And So Cute Together. The First Time Heather Has Ever Been In Cinta And The Only Time Is With This Hot, Tan, Handsome And Sexy Guy Called Alejandro. I Believe This Couple Deserves To Be Together Until The End! #4 Spot Seems Like A Really Respectable Place To Be!
5.OwenxIzzy-I Loved This Couple Right From The Beginning. What I Find Interesting About This Couple Is That Their Both Crazy And They Cinta Eating. Owen's Eating Habits And Izzy's Crazy Behavior Is Why They Were Made To Be In Cinta Right From The Start. The Only Downside To This Is That Izzy May Be Going A Little Too Crazy In Cinta Over...
Fan fiction by DxCisCute posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Me:Hey everybody what your watching is Totel Drama All Stars!!! Here is Sierra! Sierra:Hi! Me:Hello Sierra are anda excited to be on Totel Drama All Stars? Sierra:Uh huh I'm so excited I drew pics of what it would be like. Me:Okay? Now Sierra go sit down in a chair while I call the other stars. Sierra:Okay. *Sierra sits in one of the chairs I put their* Me:Now here is Courtney!!!
Courtney:Hello. Me:Hi Courtney what did anda do when Totel Drama World Tour? Courtney:I became Friends with Gwen and I'm with Duncan!!! Me:Really cool! Now go sit with Sierra! Courtney:Okay! Me:Now here is Heather! Heather:Ughh this is awful! Okay this is the end of this one but not the end of Totel Drama All STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
List by ne0n_m0nkey posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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1.Repost this atau anda will wear the penalty hosen
2.Repost this atau Sierra will smell your shoe
3.Repost this atau Brady will leave Beth
4.Repost this atau DJ will kill your pet
5.Repost this atau Gwen will....Punch you?
6.Repost this atau Geoff will make his mad face!(and anda don't want that!)
7.Repost this atau Lindsay will forget Tyler's name (again!)
8.Repost this atau Heather will make an alliance with you!
9.Repost this atau Duncan will go to juvy!
10.Repost this atau Tyler will have to rename himself to Noah
11.Repost this atau Harold will go ninja on your ass!
12.Repost this atau Bridgette will do....Nothing?
13.Repost this,Repost this,Repost this,Repost this,Repost this,Repost this,Repost this,Repost this,Repost this (nine times for lucky)
14.Repost this atau anda will catch Noah's life threatning allergies
15.Repost this atau Leshawna will eat your brain o.O (LOL thought it would be funny)
16.Repost this atau Katie and Sadie won't be BFFFL
Fan fiction by TDIfangirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lights pop out of a tree, and cameras pop out of an ketuhar as the song starts. A poster is held up with the words "TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND"
Chris appears but is pushed away sejak Esper, who laughs.
In the river, Team Chris, sans Alejandro, are riding on a submarine, with Duncan on top. They wave to the camera. The delinquent falls over, and Harold is seen laughing, until Duncan comes up and glares.
Then Team Amazon, sans Heather, are seen helping Vidia make cookies, and Noah comes over with a flower. Vidia blushes and Gwen gags.
DJ and Leshawna are relaxing, and Chef, dressed as a maid, gives them wings. Justin takes them and they all chase him.
Then Lindsay and Beth are seen playing tamborines, Ezekiel drums, and Courtney a guitar. Everyone else is dancing and Singing the rest of the song.
Alejandro and Heather lean in to each other smiling, but daisy gets between them, making her trademark peace sign. Everyone, sans Al and Heather, makes their final pose as the song ends.
Fan fiction by owenizzyx posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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chris:now remember not 1 but 2 people will go utama this time
duncan:come on
chris:round 1... 1 vote courtney
chris:1 vote duncan
duncan:as if im surprised
chris:2 undian courtney
chris:not 3 but 4 undian courtney & 3 for duncan
duncan:by bit...
chris:but wait duncan anda go with her
duncan:thanks alot team
chris:*throws them both off*

plz put confessanails in comments

Opinion by tdwtteamgwuncan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Duncans P.O.V."ok everyone, get a partner and well do some stretches" coach said. i saw courtney go to tyler, and lindsay attacked her, but gwen didnt get up to go with anyone so i went with her. "hi again" i said,"Ok seriously, why are anda following me around?" she said, confused. "Well all i did was sign up for this i didnt know anda were too" i said. "oh, ok" she said. *after stretches* "ok everyone, race time, whose goin' first?" coach berkata "i will" berkata duncan and gwen at the same time. we got in position. "Ready, set, GO!" we ran a whole mile, and gwen won, great, beaten sejak a girl. Gwens P.O.V.:WOW! i beat duncan! although, i kinda feel bad... NOT CAUSE I HAVE A CRUSH atau ANYTHING...... ohhhhh i guess i do.... but im leaving this stupid prison of a school tonight at 12am i hope no one worries cause i dont wanna be found....