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Whew, boy! What a season this has been! This season sure did exceed my expectations! It's actually my 2nd kegemaran season, right under TDI. But what about it makes it so good? What makes it stand out? Well, make sure to bring your Membaca glasses, because this is gonna be... A REVIEW! (Yeah, duh, they can tell sejak the title...) SHUT UP PARENTHESES... I need help...

The Characters
I am going to be talking about my opinion of the characters in alphabetical order because I haven't entirely figured out my senarai yet.
Amy: Talk about an underrated character to boot! I would have actually liked to see...
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Genre: Romance & Drama, some light, dry humor
Rated: T
Warning: Language and slash.


"Hey, Scott?"

"What?" he asks, though he's terribly uninterested.

Duncan takes a deep breath. Then, ice blue eyes downcast, he whispers, "I Cinta you."

Scott pulls back a little from the embrace. They had been lying in bed, talking about nothing for the past half an hour, waiting for the sun to come up. God knows why they're both up at this time of the morning...

The ginger stares at Duncan with something like horror in his eyes. Something like discomfort. "Okay," he says flatly.

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NOTE!!!!: I worked really hard on this story...please give me feedback if u can and tell me if I should change anything..thanks guys..:)

???:it was a dark and stormy night...just like this one...running down the stairs...the kind teacher Lost her footing on the steps..she fell and've all the There was a school built a long time lalu called heavenly host elementary was called.. Such a horrible thing to happen..the principle was devastated..see,he cared for the school as if it was his child...but one thing led to another...and the school was to be shut down...the...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
Ok, so most of anda might know of my past season I did, Total Drama Road Trip, in which I only got about half way through it before problems came up and I couldn't even post anything anymore.

I figured the least I could do is say who won that season before I try to start another one. So here is the elimination order list.

10th Place: Jade Reason: She was very mean to Sayu and her team saw her as a threat if she stayed, so when they Lost the challenge at the Golden Gate Bridge they voted her out immediately.

9th Place: Flo Reason: In Vegas, Morgyn and Flo were so upset at one another, they were...
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posted by carlie445
 Gwen on TDI
Gwen on TDI
Gwen, labeled The Loner, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers, where she was the runner-up of the season. She returned to be a cast member on Total Drama Action, and was the captain of the Screaming Gaffers. She also returned for Total Drama World Tour, and was a member of Team Amazon. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama Revenge of the Island and had a brief cameo in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean.During the first few episodes of Total Drama Island, Gwen acts aggressively defensive...
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posted by poptrop300
Camerons are lebih than likely going to be one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. Very often he will be smart, and extremely good-looking. His smile will send a thousand rose-petals off the ground, just spinning around your heart. Camerons tend to be very trustworthy, but it takes a lot for a Cameron to trust another. He will always know exactly what to say to make anda smile; flirty atau true. He tends to be a big flirt, but when he finds a girl to settle down with, he will stop. Camerons have a lot of friends, and are very good in sports. He will fall in Cinta very fast, and truly. He wont lie to you. He'll do basically anything he can just to make his one-and-only happy, even if that means going to the extreme. Can often be clingy, but in a cute way. He will always be there for anda in any time of need. If anda don't have a Cameron as a friend (or more) already, it's time anda head off and get one!

How pretty much accurate is this. I shall be uploading lebih in a few minutes.
posted by Rainbow_Veins
Total Drama Killer Stage (TDKS)

Chris: Well is the fucking light on the camera on? Oh...its rolling? Oh. Hello US!! We are broadcasting to anda live from Lawrence, Kansas to bring anda to Total Drama Killer Stage!! We are at Allen Field House on the KU campus. Here come our contestants!! First returning from the first 3 seasons, Duncan!
Duncan: Um Chris? Where the fuck are we? Chef didn't even know.
Chris: We are in Kansas, Duncan.
Duncan: Wow. What a crappy state...
Chris: Here are two new contestants!! Twins Sally and Isadora!!
Duncan: *stares at Isadora and Sally* alih over come two...
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posted by noahnstar1616
Okay, so I had this idea a while. Basically it's about my OC bintang who goes on a killing rampage. If your the type of person who doesn't like gory, graphic killings, then this is the story for you!

I have to brush up on a few names of the TD cast, but for now this is just when Star...well, anda can read for yourself.

Since Penulisan it in script form will take forever, I'm Penulisan this in, uh, story book form? Yeah, I don't know what it's form it's called so..yeah. Enjoy! :)
It was a crappy morning on the Camp Wawanakwa. It was pouring rain and there...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Note:Hadar won last season so here is season two
Zanna: Welcome to a brand new season of TDT are anda excited?
Gabby: Oh my god Isabella and Hadar anda guys look great!
Hugs them
Hadar: anda too!
Isabella: Yeah
Zack kissed Isabella from behind
Isabella: Zack Oh my god I missed you!
She jumps in to his arms they laugh
Gabby sighs sadly till she feels arms wrapped her
Jack: Why the long face?
Gabby can’t believe her ears
Gabby: Jack?
He smiles
She kisses him and cries happy tears
Jack: I’m here now
Gabby: Don’t anda ever leave me again
Jack: I won’t
Hadar watches them and smiles
Then Camille, Nikki, and Genie...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
sorry bout the wait no electricity so here it goes
Gabby:Jack won't be back for a whole week
gabby complained
Isaella and Hadar:Im so sorry Gabby
Zanna:Im sorry girls to interupt but i wanted to tell u that we are putting confessionals in the mix
Gabby Isabella and Hadar:Yay!!!!!!!
Camielle in the confesional:I have got to get to break up Isabella and Zack!
Zack:Hey Isabella
Isabella:Hi *kisses him*
Zanna:Todays challenge is if u r male u sing a female song if u are female sing male
Zack:Thats a little random
Hadar:tell me about it
Zanna:Well lets get started
first is Hadar she sings link
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posted by RandomFanGirl
“Wait—you’re three months pregnant and anda didn’t know until yesterday?” Sierra asked.

“Yep,” I replied.

I never kept track of body changes atau my period atau anything like that; it just never occurred to me to actually pay attention, even when I became sexually active.

“Does Alejandro know about the baby?”

I nodded, “Yeah, he’s being really supportive.”

Sierra squealed, causing me to cover my ears considering the loudness and the extremely high pitch. She continued talking, “You and Alejandro are almost as cute of a couple as me and my Codykins are.”

“How are anda two doing?”...
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Annie: Wow, that was fun! Dynamite is fun! IT MAKE ME FLY! HAHAHAHA! *laughs really loud* BOOM BOOM!

Ray: (a strand of her hair is still on fire) This place is the dumps. Unfortunately, my mind's been wandering like it usually does, and I was wondering what it'd be like if Cedric had chosen me for his team...(face goes dreamy, eyes widen and she blushes, looking away from the camera) What happens in here better stay in here >///<

Mollie Sue: (shocked) I can't beleve that i get the last stick, i always been good to people. I always been a team player (pissed of) this sucks.......
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*Theme Muzik plays*

Chris: ok last time we made the teams

Trent: ugh my team sucks

Izzy: my team is now called the marines

Chris: that name has been taken anda crazy b****

Izzy: *kicks cris in the kiwis*

Chris: *on the ground* chef tell them there challenge!!

Chef: ok anda will do real sports like in the game. Only 1 person from each team can compete in an event, the 2 best teams will avoid elimination and the other will send some one home

*Camera goes to a basket ball court*

Chris: ok this will be a 3 point shot contest

Chris: so team trent who will anda choose

Trent: I think Courtney will play this time...
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Lolly4me2 and Duncan-superfan: AAANDDDD GO!
*cricket noises*
Nagisa: Nobody's here...
Lum: Not YET, anda mean!
Ranma: Why am I dragged everywhere with you, Sofie!? WHY!? TT.TT
Akane: Lets get started! :D


Lolly4me2: Hello, and welcome to Drama Drama Nippon, AKA: Total Drama Japan.
DS: In this season of Total Drama, Lolly and I will be taking the members of TDN to all the cities in Jepun we can before starting each challenge!
Lolly4me2: The challenge will relate to the history of the city. For example, Tokyo is big on producing anime, so the contest might be in a studio room!
Lum: *flies above us* Lets...
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Chris: welcome to the most fast paced and action packed tunjuk on tv to tarikh TOTAL DRAMA EXTREME RULES!!!!

Chris: last time we saw trent booted out and he vowed revenge

Chris: so here is how the teams stand so far-

Team uno:


Team Dos:


Chris: it will be one of the toughest challanges to date.

Chris: Cause our newest guest host is the insane, crazy and totally destructive host of his own tv shows. its KENNY ROGERS!!!

Kenny: hei its good to be back on the tv place

Chris: yeah

Duncan: oh no not anda again

Kenny: shut up *throws bottle at harold*

Harold: ahh my...
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Hollow: Isnt this tunjuk PG?
Chris:Not anymore!!
Hollow: Then FUCK YOU!!
* They all get up and dress*
Chris:Ok Now its time to make the teams!! The Killer Compueters are Jared,Lisa,Hollow,Annie,Alice,Karen,Duncan,Courtney,Trent,Lindsay,Katie and Sierra!!
Catie:The Screaming users are Rayven,Natalie,Jade,Ava,Dawn,Gabby,Noah,DJ,Harold,Izzy,Heather, and Alejrandoe!
Chris: SO get ready ur First challenge will start soon!!
*At the Killer Computers cabin*
Hollow: *Hops on a bed*
Courtney: alih THATS MY BED!!
Hollow: TOBAD!!!
Courtney: *slaps her and they start fighting*
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Duncan, labeled The Delinquent, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Killer bass team. He was a cast member and the winner of Total Drama Action and was on the Screaming Gaffers team. He will be returning for Total Drama World Tour.

Duncan comes from a long line of cops. His dad is a cop. His mom is a cop. His uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are cops. Like them, Duncan spends lots of time in police stations. The trouble is, Duncan feels lebih comfortable on the 'opposite side of the law', so his police station visits usually include a jail cell and a parole officer. Duncan's been...
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 sejak me
by me
"Where are we going!?"I asked sloutching in the back kerusi, tempat duduk of the car as my mom is doing 85 per mile on the road. It was that day, that hari when my life was ruined! The place where I was born was destroyed sejak some old boring lab! That lab has got to be the most boring lab ever, nothing happens there! But today on my prom hari when I was supposed to be crowned prom queen, it now has to be the the new big thing, the huge disaster!? I am Amy lea Herison, the daughter of the person who owns the dumb lab, and this has to happen to me?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The City Of rivalry~~~~~~~~
"And she was...
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There’s one person who I really understand. One person, just one, because my life needs some work. There’s one person who I know, who I knew from the moment she was born. I always knew if she needed something, and I always made the effort to get it to her. That one person was me. Mina Adachi.

Basic Info:
Name: Minari Rose Adachi “Sweet Rose Bloom” (Mina)
Age: Sixteen
Birthday:: December 25th (Christmas!) (Mina was always the youngest in her grade.. since she skipped a grade and her birthday’s in December)

Skin Color: Pale peach
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Hair Color: Silky, smooth...
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Sumer's POV: i was gonna kill Heather! Why? She'd read my diary out for the WHOLE viewing world to hear. Im NOT happy! "Hey heather" i greet as if nothing is wrong, but i just wanna tear her head off! GRRRR! "Hey, Sumer" she replied. "Do anda wanna hang with me in the woods?" i asked, "sure" she said. Ha. She's so naive. We went to the middle of the woods. "It's freezing" heather complained, so, to warm her up, i got out my flame thrower from my hiding place in a pokok and killed her...
 Sumer (Sumerjoy11)
Sumer (Sumerjoy11)