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posted by Animetama
It was morning, the seterusnya day, I could barely get out of bed. "Come on, wake up!" Courtney nudged me to wake up, now? I don't think so! I don't care if I don't get food! But I eventually rolled out of bed, being the last one out of the girl's kabin to go eat.

I got there just in time to eat some disusting thick oatmeal. Once I was served, and as usual got an extra dose from Chef, I sat down beside Sadie and Courtney. There was hair in my food, and I just stared down at it. While the Screaming Gophers were having a good time, the rest of us could barely sleep from Harold's performance of the snores....
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posted by DandC4evacute
Hadar: hello and welcome to total drama idol where 10 contestants of Total Drama go and sing a song that they have practiced! here are the contestants that have signed up! Leshawna!, Heather!, Izzy!, Duncan!?, Gwen!, Trent!, Cody!, Lindsay!, Bridgette!, and Courtney! first up is Leshawna!
Leshawna: *sings link
Hadar: seterusnya up is Heather!
Heather: *sings link
Hadar: seterusnya up is Izzy!
Izzy: *sings link
Hadar: seterusnya up is Duncan!?
Duncan: my parents made me do this. *sings link
Hadar: seterusnya up is Gwen!
Gwen: *sings link
Hadar: seterusnya up is Trent!
Trent: *sings link
Hadar: seterusnya up is Cody!
Cody: *sings link
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Aftermath 1!!!!! Wow, I'm making great time with these before I go back to shool! ^u^ Anyway, sine this is an aftermath, your OC's won't been seen much. :( Don't worry though, I promise I'll add their un-aired confessional! ^u^ Anyway, heres the first aftermath!

Warning: Fluffy-ness rambit! >w<

*The theme song play's, and the camera fades in with Bridgett and Geoff sitting on the aftermath couch*

Geoff: Hello party people! This is your buddy Geoff coming to anda live from the aftermath studio! And beside me...
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posted by Animetama
And we're back with our grand adventure, maybe our last, to jump off that cliff and most likely land in that death trap! Yaaaay~! Heheh, I think not! It's worse than smelling Owen's butt, atau licking his arm pit! Ewwwww...

Anyways, we were back up on the mountian and Chris' back side was facing the camera, "Ok!" He went on, "today's challenge is free fall. Your first task is to jump off this 1,000 foot high clift; into the lake!"

Wait, did he say lake? Umm, that's too big to be a lake, but I could see how anyone would make that mistake when anda look down...

"Piece of cake," smiled our favorite...
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posted by Animetama
I turned off the tv set after watching another episode of total drama world tour, which of course, was the final episode. I sighed and slipped on my pjs, about to go to bed. I walked into my room which was filled with pale purple paint and a spoiled meja with a laptop. My wooden katil filled a corner of the room with lebih purple as I walked towards it. Of course, there was a meja, jadual in the center of my room and a built in closet with the additional bookself. I sat on my katil exausted from the long day, thinking about things like homework atau friend issues.

Things like how I saved my parents from...
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posted by gothemo1234
luke:were here
zack:yes were here
gerg:were r we?
ellen:in the back in mall we know the owner there having a dance here for goth and punk ppl
tak:yeah whatever
ellen:come anda guys lets go
*at victor's house*
victor:see jr i made gerg mayer so pest today when i hung out with the new girl at lest shes not goth atau punk
jr:good for u and your Berlakon like mom
(at the dance)
gerg:this is so cool
ellen:told anda youll like it
zack:ok everyone garp that someone and slow dance to this song
(plays decode)
*gerg and ellen see every teenager dancing*
gerg:ummmm whould u like to dance
(dances at the dance floor)
ellen:im gerg i got to tell u something im im
(Hola me amigos! I was gonna hav this telah diposkan last night but.... Let's just say my family BBQ's last a LONG time xP we arrived at 11:25 am and left at 11:57 pm. Well anyways, ENJOY!!!!)

Rayla: So what? Y'all just decided not to vote?! Well thanks guys. Now all the producers and Other Shiz are mad and yelling at ME! And the worst part is, IVE BEEN SO BORED CAUSE I BEAT ALL MY VIDEO GAMES!!!! 

Cody: What is shiz?

Rayla: SHUT UP GAY-TARD!!!! Now i have to seem like a really evil host and kick one of y'all of myself!


Rayla: uh.. ya! 

Bridgette: But-

Rayla: Leave.

Bridgette: What?

Rayla: Must...
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Welcome to Total Drama Colored! I'm the host-Chris was cut off sejak Angel. anda mean co-host she said. Chris:0_0 UGH! WHATEVER! This season we have 20 competiors. Angel:15 old 15 new. Chris:Okay...we already know the old dirtbags. Old ones:HEY! Angel:Seriousy Chris Now!!! Well anyway the ones that are returning are.....Leshawna , Noah , Gwen , Geoff , and Bridgette. Chris cut in: And Lindsay , Heather , DJ , Tyler , Duncan , Alejandro , Trent , and Cody and Sierra. Okay! Let's get on to the new dirtbags! Angel:Chris!!!!! Chris:Okay...the new ones are...Demetry , Nate , Riley , Carter , Mirra...
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posted by neonwalflower
ok everybody heads up!!!!!!!!


I just was watching tdwt and thought
wtf courtney?! duncan kissed gwen! LAY OFF WOMAN!

so yep i made up a "bestfriend kisser" instead of "boyfriend kisser"

yep so enjoy xD its better when anda say it atau sing it to the tune lol
but still courtney get over your self >:|


Bestfriend Kisser, thought he was my man,
But now it's time to alih on, yeah we had some fun times but he needs to go-o now!

(bestfriend kisser!)

Your gonna get what anda deserve!
You nasty juvinile perv!

(Oh yeah!,...
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elemination ceremony:
riley: ok so its pretty damn obvious whos going now right?
lindsay: umm its canary right?
camellie: YEAHHHH*falls off chair onto her knees
crying then runs to the penyu of shame(i changed it).
riley: wierd atau what now go to sleep*walks off Singing situations sejak escape the fate*

at 5 a.m in the morning
riley:*through megaphone*hey hei everybody wake up its barney.!!!
most people wake up except rayla and destery
riley: *sigh* and the teletubbies holding axes!!!!!!!!!!

rayla is still sleeping
destery: *openes eyes and gets up runs out of window* AGAIN NOOOOOOOOO NOT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!...
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posted by nocofangirl218
HELLO PEOPLES! :D So, I thought I'd take a break from my usual writting, and to this little side project. :3 Just to warn you: I've only done third preson perception, like, 2 times. Also, this takes place during the start of TDA.

Anyway, this story is for the couple TylerxEva! Hope anda enjoy! :D


As Eva seung at the punching bag in the Playa De Losers 2 gym, she couldn't help but fight back tears with every swing. She had re-watched the episode were...they kissed in the bathroom, and the only thing that kept her from breaking into tears...
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posted by rotcalex2011
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Remixed..... our 28 contestants arrived at an unknown location.....their task.......was to find out were they were..........they failed........nd bcuz of that we stuck here until sum1 tells me were we r......
Lindsay: Ohh ohhh i know...
Heather: This sud b gud
Lindsay: On an alien angkasa ship.......
*every1 moans at Lindsays anwser*
Chris: No............*to the camara* not yet *winks*time for sum more....Total...Drama......Remixed!!!*theme song plays*
all but Chris: WAT WAS THAT!?!?!?!
Chris: Now that u r all paying order to change things up...everytime...
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posted by nocofangirl218
It's....EPISODE 5!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I'd be saying that. ^^' Anyway, I'm really sorry it takes forever for these updates, but....schools coming up, and I'm totally stressing about it! Anyway, I'll try and update this when school starts, might be awhile.

Anyway, please enjoy the episode! ^u^


*at elemination ceromony*

Chris: *walks up to podeum* Well, Explosions, I expected a better winning streak from anda guys.

Alex: Well, if GRIFFON wouldn't have been easily distrackted, we wouldn't even be here...
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posted by noahnstar1616
I know that my last artikel was EXTREMELY suck-ish, okay let's face it. It extremely sucked!

But, this artikel has everyone's kegemaran characters...Owen and Gwen!

Enjoy! :)
Owen and Gwen arrived at the set from "One Flu Over the Cuckoos".

Gwen said, "Why are we here?"

Owen said, "Because I didn't know where else to go."

Gwen said, "Well I'm out of here. anda coming, Owen?" Pulls door handle. "You've got to be kidding me."

Owen said, "What?"

"The door is locked."

"Let me see." Gwen moved so Owen...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
All 10 of the survivors. Gwen, Duncan, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, Al, Heather, Noah, Harold, Chef, and Chris were all around the funeral home. The contestants that died on the ship were all in caskets around them. Gwen felt a little unsettled about the whole experience still. 2 and a half walks had passed but she still couldn’t shake away that dark feeling, the vision of everyone dying had stayed in her mind and she knew it would be there for all eternity. It was replaying in her mind over and over like a broken DVD.

Gwen stood there dressed up in a pitch black dress for the occasion. Her hair...
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posted by rotcalex2011
Chris: Welcome to....Total...Drama....Remixed.....Im your host..Chris McLean....DUH!
*bus pulls up*
Chris: And behind me is a bus....a bus filled with sorry suckers for this new season hahah...ok anyway...I would introduce every 1 but this is a a half-hour we'll skip that part
*camaras fade to black then come back on 5 saat later*
Chris: Ok so....time for our first challange haha
Rikki: But we just got here....
Chris: And ur point is???
Alajandro: Dont mind him....hes just a jerk *smiles at Rikki*
*Rikki blushes*
Chris: Moving on.....
Heather: Can we just start already???
Dani: So.....what...
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i was on TD wiki and i found this on Gwen's xD wow im surprised haha Gwen's a pimp pffhahaha:

Gwen has had lebih guys find her attractive than any other girl on the show, having seven,
(SEVEN GUYS!!!!) with the guys being Trent, Cody, Owen, Tyler, Harold, Geoff, and Duncan.
~Trent and Gwen were in a relationship for a majority of season one, and the beginning of season two.

~Cody constantly tries to hit on Gwen, but fails.

~Owen constantly calls Gwen a hot chick, but never actually says so to her face.

~Geoff formed a small friendship with Gwen on TDI, and after Geoff got eliminated he put his arm around Gwen, taking a final picture.

~Tyler agrees with Owen about Gwen being hot, in The EX-Files.

~Harold confesses that he finds Gwen attractive in The Chefshank Redemption, after she smashes a shovel over his head.

~Duncan and Gwen are currently in a romantic relationship since I See London..., and he also called her a hot chick as well.
posted by Pinkkatluv32
When they left antaryica
In the potty room
Star: im gonna win this and nobody can stop me
Luna: it's been hours and im still cold wait look pyramids
Don: cool
Luna: holy
Star: done
Melisa: this awsome hei we have gear for this challenge yay
Alcia: another boring hari s
Kat: oh vinny why did anda leave crys
Alicia: it's ok
Cassidy: listening to ke$ha
Drew: roxie wake up
Roxie: where's jory
In this challenge later anda have to perpecahan, berpecah in teams of three
Team1 pinkr tesm: rikki,melisa,kat
Team blue: twany,roxie,drew
Team green: camile,jj,jay
posted by Pinkkatluv32
Twany: threw at joanna
Roxie: anda did it vinny runs to to him
Kat: erika anda anda jalang, perempuan jalang anda made him bleed
Erika: im im cries
Twany: erika anda ok
Erika: yeah

Next day
Carry: time to fly to different places
Everyone in airplane
Star: buckles seatbelt
Roxie: cody oh cody I Cinta your eide golden eyes
Cody: ummm thanks
rikki: don I like you
Don: me to
Corey: mellissa if this plane kills anda im suing it
Mellissa: oh corey kisses his cheek
Jory: hei cassidy umm hey
Aliicia: awwww it's so sweet
Timmy: this sucks huh
Alcia: im bored
cassidy: well if weren't goth anda would not be deppressed
Alcia: sigh
When they landed...
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
It was elimination night everybody was sure they were not gonna make the first name that was called out was both of rhe cassidys seterusnya was erika then jory then roxie but then it was the bottom 2 ashley and corey
Carry: corey your staying
Everybody: what the hell
Chris: well bye ashley
Ashley: pointed the middle finger
Star: gasped
jory: well this is just sad
Carry: seterusnya challenge dodge brawl
When they're pkaying
Rikki: throws ball at cassidy
Don: throws ball at jory
Jory: throws at vinny
Kat: vinny
Twany: throws at

To be continued