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Fan fiction by JORDW posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: Mysterys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: What was that for?
Chris: We R going to have anouther season!
Heather: Oh great!
Chris: here R the teams! team 1! duncan, Issy, Owen, Coutney, and Eva. team 2, Heather, Lnday, Tyler, Justin, and beth! And team 3, Sierra, cody, alojodo, geoff, and bridgette! The outhers U will be my helpers! Campers! Every hari we will have a chalnge on mysterys! One of these r the one who did it! atau me and Chefe! Well, that's mostly all. sorry that was short! well we have to get to Chcogo USA! We will have to wait till anouther tunjuk to do this! Buy!

Chris: What they don't know is that they will be recored the wole time! Buy!
Opinion by divagirl9087 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Today is the first hari of Total Drama Middle School everyone was Excited to get there new loccers,Books,and new friends

Jade:*over phone*Natasha I know I miss u to but...yes I know...G2g im at my new school

Then she bump into this cute guy

Mark:Im so sorry

Jade:Its o....Hi im Jade

Mark:Im Mark nice to meet u

Jade:U to. Well I got to head to my loccer I hope I see u somewhere around here

Mark:You to

Samy:Hey Jade

Jade:Hi whats up

Samy:Nothing guess who I bump into


Samy:Noah OMG we looked into each others eyes for like 10 whole seconds


Jared&Dannie:Hey guys


Dannie:Did u get ur info yet

Jade:Yep.Lets compare scheidles

Samy:We have all the same classes together

They all walked to there homeroom class then Jared saw Ginny, Anacapri, and Sam
Fan fiction by dramalyric posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Everybody was in the lunch room eating lunch.

Duncan: hei green boy! *gives BB an wedgie and throws him in garbage*

Lyric: Stop Duncan! Thats really mean. What if i did that to you?

Duncan: Whatever. See anda tonight babe. *walks off with Geoff*

Beast Boy: *trying to get out of the trash can and falls back in*

Lyric:*Gets bb out* Are anda okay?

Beast boy: Yeah. Im about sick of that criminal.

Jared and Dannie walk up holding hands.

Jared: hei Lyric wanna get lunch with me and Dannie?

Lyric: Ummm......... Sure. Ill catch up with anda later Beast Boy. Bye.

Beat boy: Bye.

Lyric walked off to lunch with Jared and Dannie.

Duncan goes up to Lyric,Jared,and Dannie.

Duncan: hei gorgeous.

Lyric: Hey. We need to talk.

Duncan and Lyric go to an diffrent table.

Duncan: Whats up?

Lyric: Its over. Bye.
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Val: welcome to total drama solitary

Val: where 10 guests will be pushed to there mental and physical breaking points

Val: this is solitary

*camera flashes into each persons cell and shows all of them in there pods*

Val: welcome to solitary

Everybody: thank you

Val: well lets get started

Val: remember anda know there names but they dont

#1- Ashley: Owns a skateboard shop

#2- Kaitlan: Life guard

#3- Antonia: Actress

#4- Andrea: Works at walmart

#5- Rebekah: ipod fan

#6- Phil: Cashier

#7- CJ: Sweeney Todd Fanatic

#8- Callie: World record agent

#9- Jane: Clean freak

#10- Sumer: Scared of spiders

Val: so what do anda think of your competion

#4: I think the clean freak will go first

#7: the cashier is going down

#2: The labah-labah freak is going utama tonight
Fan fiction by TOTALFan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I was walking around the lake with Luz just talking about Billy and when her seterusnya tarikh will be with him...then we heard something...something in the bushes...

It was just Grasie.

Grasie:"Hey guy's!What are anda 2 doing out here?"

Christy:"Grasie!You scared us!"

Luz:"Not me, I wasn't that scared."

Grasie:"See, you're the only one that was scared."

Christy:"Well, there is only 2 people...but whatever, we're just out here talking.What else?"

Grasie:"Nothing i suppose."

Sumer came out running.:"Grasie!Why didn't anda wait for me!"


Sumer:"Yeah well don't do it seterusnya time."


Christy:"OK then."

Luz:"Look!A U.F.O!"

Grasie:"No that's just a bird."

Christy:"no it's a plane anda cheese-head."

Sumer:"No it's a fat man flying over the afternoon moon."

Fan fiction by TOTALFan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Eh, had nothing else ^^
We all sit down onto the huge meja, jadual for all of us.
The chef served us all eggs and toast.

Lyric:"OMG!This breakfast is soooo good."

Brittani:"Unless anda like toe-nail clippings."

Christy:"Who wants cheese!"

Sumer:O.O"What the heck Christy?"

Christy:"Haha, Just Kiddin'"

Ronnie:"Oh my gosh, look at Phil!"
Phil was making googley eyes at Rikki.

Rikki:"Stop it!Jerk!"

Phil:"Aww, no need to hate beautiful."
He smiled at Rikki.
Rikki rolled her eyes but anda could tell she liked it.

Trevor:"You guy's NEED to stop before I BARF."
Lyric, Christy, Ronnie, Brooke, Samantha, Ashley, Raiynie, Paige and Dannie giggled, the rest just kept eating.

Jared:"I don't get it..."

Christy giggles:"Jared, it's just a joke.I guess anda just don't laugh that much."

Jared:"I laugh plenty!"

Dannie:"Like when?"
Fan fiction by JORDW posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: Hi i'm chris and i'm the host of total drama surge! Let's meet our players! Crystal got's the smartist cat in the world! Let's see if she can get far! Alex is crasy and wild. will thta get him far? Selena had a ride on a dlphin. Did she go to alantis? Janet is the fatist flaxable girl in the world! Mike is a great swimmer. Let's hop he dosen't Swim down the brain drane! And Jared loves anamals! Okay let's start the game!
Man: Leval 1!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: Okay are U guys ready?
All: Yes!
Chris: Okay here we go! Okay, Willy has a nose hair promplem.Count how many! Count how manny nose hairs he pulls out!
Chris: So Jarded. How do U think U did?
Jared: Ummmmmmm, Bad.
Chris: Bad. Well, let's see. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12! Let's see who got it! Oh!!!!!!! Every one! 10 points for all of U! here's the seterusnya one. The girls are haveing a volly ball game. count who hit's the ball the most.
Chris: Okay, Times up. Crysta, How did anda do?
Opinion by jjj113 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*everybody sat at a tabel for lunch*
ava:HEY HAROLD TAKE A LOOK AT THIS *throws Makanan on dawn and christy*
dawn:SHE GOT IT ALL OVER MY Anime SHIRT!!!!!!! SHES GONNA PAY *poors susu down ava shirt*
ava: anda LOSERZ!1! *jumps on dawn and they start having a cat fight*
chrissy:FOOOOD FIGHT *throws Makanan at sumer and put the some Makanan at jared to make it look like he did it*
sumer:JARED IM GONNA KILL *chases jared*
jared:*trips and falls in the giant pot of sauce and grabs sumers hair and she falls in too*
hollow:IM GETTING OUT OF HERE *slips and gets Makanan on cody*
christy: OH HOLLOW THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE *fights with hollow*
*everybody fights*
chrissy:LALALLLALALLALALA *walks in the parking lot and hits the guy in the GIANT truck filled with sauce and drives it into the school and the school fills with sauce and it slowly goes out*
Fan fiction by graysie14 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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What everyone saw in the "celler" was a bottomless pit. "Well here I go!" Katie berkata as she jumped down the celler. Here was silence. "Katie, i'm coming dooooowwwwn!" Sadie berkata as she jumped. Izzy laughing, jumped down. No way I'm doing this." Heather muttered. She flicked her black long hair behind her. Oh no no anda are jumpin'!" Leshawna said. "Make me!" Heather yelled. Leshawna picked her up and through her down the celler. "Leshawwwwwwnaaaaa!" Heather yelled going down the celler. Then Leshawna jumped. Silence accurred. "D-D-Do we have t-t-to?" Beth asked. "Yes!" Courtney replied. "O-O-Okay" Beth berkata then she jumped. Gwen went. Eva went. Bridgette, Lindsay, and Courtney were left. "Well, who's going next?" Courtney asked. "I guess I'll go. Not to long of a jump, right?" Lindsay said. "Here i Go." Lindsay jumped. "Here i'll be last." Bridgette said. "Fine." Courtney said. Then Courtney jumped down. Bridgette was the last one to jump. She grabbed on to the celler door handle, slid through the square hole, closed the celler door while she was under it, and let go of the handle. What will happen next? Stay tuned!
Fan fiction by JORDW posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Phil:Mom we're Home!
Duncan's mom: Hi Phi..... Duncan!
Duncan: Hi mo.....*mom huges*
Duncan: Mom!
Duncan's mom: Sorry! I just miss you.
duncan: Miss you,too.
Duncan's mom: So how was school?
Phil: Well.
Duncan's mom: What?
Phil: Here's what happened.

Phil: I came to lunch and well ummmmm,
Eva: Give me your lunch monny punny!
Phil: Ummmm,
Duncan: Stay back Eva!
Eva: Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. Wow, your here. Well i'm going to beet him up now. Okay!
Duncan: No it's not Okay!
Phil: Duncan!
Eva: Are anda ready?
Coutney: Duncan no!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: Ready!
Geoff: He's dead!
Bridgette: Yeah he is!
Eva: Neo! Now!
Neo: Ready, set, GO!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: *Beet's up Eva*
Noah: he did it!
All: Duncan! Duncan! Duncan! Duncan!Duncan!

Duncan's mom: anda saved Phil? Duncan!
duncan: That's not all
Duncan's mom: What is it.
Fan fiction by JORDW posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Duncan: So what's going on at the house.
Phil: Oh ummmmmmm, not that new.
Duncan: Oh!
Phil: Well it's cool that our lockers are buy each outher.
Duncan: Yeah!
Bridgette: Duncan? Is that you?
Duncan: Bridgette?
Bridgette: Yeah! I never knew anda came to this school.
Duncan: Well, I'm here!
Bridgette: Oh who is this?
Phil: Hi! I'm Phil.
Duncan: He's my brouther.
Bridgette: Do anda want to go out?
duncan: are anda with Geoff?
Bridgette: He's not here!
Geoff: Bridgette and Duncan? Is that you?
Bridgette: Oh no!
*Team song*
Geoff: Bridgette! Hi!
Bridgette: Hi.
Geoff: I missed you.
Duncan: anda just got burned!
Bridgette: Go Duncan!
Duncan: Fine! Let's live them alone Phil!
Phil: Okay!
Geoff: What did he mean sejak burned?
Bridgette: Oh nouthing!
Geoff: Oh! What class are anda in next?
Bridgette: Ummmmmmm, AP Math.
Geoff: Oh man! I'm in Histery.
Fan fiction by graysie14 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Beth (beth is the way she looks in TDA)
All of the girl were playing ouside in Bridgette's backyard. Izzy was rolling on the ground until she hit something hard. "Hey I found something!" Izzy yelled. Everyone came over. "I've never seen this before." Bridgette berkata under the sircomstances. "Let's open it up and see what it leads to!" Courtney suggested. "Well if were going to go in there we should pack some things." Leshawna said. So they all packed a big bag for eachother to carry around on their backs. "Let's go!" katie berkata as she opened the door in the ground. "Wow" berkata Katie. "What?" the other's said. "Well, see for yourselfs." Everyone gathered around. "Holly crap." berkata Gwen.
Fan fiction by JORDW posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Duncan: Chris!
cHRIS: Yeah?
Duncan: Can I take a hari off?
Chris: Are anda kiding me?
Duncan: No!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: No!
Duncan: But my brouther's comeing!
Chris: Dubble no!
Duncan: Why?
Chris: Because my brouther hates me!!!
Duncan : What?
Chris: Yeah!
Duncan: Why?
Chris: Well, when I started total drama. He hated me! Also I only saw him 5 times in my life.
Duncan: Wow.
Chris: anda are so lukey U have a brouther Duncan. And get to see him.
Duncan: So is that a yes atau a no?
Chris: Yes, anda need to spend time with your brouther Duncan.
Duncan: Yes!
Chris: *crys*
Jane: What's wrong with my dad?
Chris: Oh he misses his brouther.
Jane: Uncle Bradey?
Duncan: I gusse.
Jane: I miss him too.
Duncan: hay why don't we bring your uncle her and let him meet your dad?
Jane: Yeah that's great!
Duncan: Do anda know his number?
Jane: Yeah!
Fan fiction by BlastWave posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Total Drama Interviews: The Producers

Written by: BlastWave
Note: This interview is supposed to be a connector and shall answer some soalan peminat-peminat like anda and me may have about the series. These may atau may not be tunjuk accurate. I dedicate this fanfiction to Mrs. Persch and Mr. McGillis, the creators of the tunjuk and I hope anda enjoy it.


Cynthia Fox: Hello folks! I’m Cynthia fox and today on this program I’m interviewing two of the producers of the hit TV tunjuk “Total Drama Island,” and its sequel, “Total Drama Action.”

Producer 1: Thank you.

Producer 2: It’s quite a pleasure to be here Ms. Fox.

C.F.: Of course. Now for the first question. Can anda tell me your names?

P.1 & 2: NO!

C.F: Why not?

P.1: We are sworn to secrecy.

P.2: If the contestants find out who we are, atau even the host finds out, they’ll come after us. And it may not be good for our health.
Article by potterandtdi posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Brianna: Hello everyone! My name is Brianna and I will be the host of this show. Some of the other judges are Gwen, Alejandro and Jared.

Judges: Hi!

Brianna: Today, we'll meet the contestants. They are: Sumer, Taylor, Addrey, Raynette, Samantha, Anacapri, Nikole, Savannah, Marissa, Ashley, Chrissy, Nelly, Tasmine, Rikki, Abby, Olivia, Miranda, Natalie, Diana, and Brittani. Today, the girls will have their first challenge.

*An jam later*

Brianna: Welcome girls. You've met me and the judges already, we'll get on to the rules:

1. No fighting
2. Have fun

Brianna: Your first challenge is to makeover yourselves. The makeovers are due on Sunday. Here's how to post your girl's picture for the week:

Post it as a foto and call it: ___'s entry for week____'s challenge.

Brianna: Good luck.
Fan fiction by potterandtdi posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I sat on my bed, waiting for Emma atau Nikole to call. I wanted something to entertain me. My cat, Bluestar was there, but I couldn't talk to her. I looked through my sketchbook. I found a couple of sketches, but oddly, there was a picture of Duncan. Underneath was a note. I pulled the note off:

hei babe. Bet you've been miserable without me. I bet you're praying to god that I'm not taken. I'm not. I will see you-

It was cut off. I relaxed a little, then decided to go to bed. I put on my pajamas, then went to bed.

I woke seterusnya morning in a bundle of warmth. The warmth oddly smelled of wet Anjing and- jail cells. I opened my eyes. Someone was hugging me. I then worried. He was wearing a black baju over a cream colored one. His black baju had a skeleton on it. Duncan. I pulled away from his grip. He tumbled over and woke up. "Well babe, how ya been?" I relaxed a little when I realized he wasn't under the covers. I made sure I was wearing my pants before I stood up. "Duncan, what are anda doing here?" I asked him." He smirked. "I can't see my babe?" I groan. "I'M NOT YOUR BABE ANYMORE!" "You've gotten uptight haven't you?" I...
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"ok,for the fist part of your challenge,youll be doing partner singing.Its gonna be Boy-girl.so ill give 10 saat to pick a partner.And....NOW!"

I had 10 seconds,there was always gwen,but then a hand grabed mine

"what the-oh,its just you"

it was just that crazy chick

i forgot her name

"times up!"said chris."Now,you have and your partner have to write a song.You all get 20 minit to write it and pick out the Muzik The Muzik is on theses tapes.And start writing

As we thought about what to write for a song,the girl spoke

"oh!How about a Cinta song!those are so romantic!"


I wasnt really into the whole idea,but i didnt have anythnig better.

"times up!"called chris.First up is cody and sierra."

So thats her name! oh!

"ok,so whatcha got for me and chef"

"um,we wrote a song called 'there for you'" sierra said
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Something i made cause i was bored

"Ok,i decided two have a contest to let 2 lebih contestants be touchered,i mean,compete for another one million dollars"Chris berkata to the other contestant

I was scared stiff."um,can sierra go uot first?"i called out to chris

"no,now dont be whose and come out!"

i didnt care what chris called me,i still wouldnt go out.I was too shy,too scared

"cmon anda big chicken!" chris called"were wasting money!i mean,time!"


I came out,and there were eyes starring at me.Only me. I wantede to run back inside,but i knew i couldnt.

"hey!i know you!" lindsey called out."Your that eally popular guy from school!Alejandro gary lewis!"

they all gasped.It was a shock lindsey remembered my name.my WHOLE name

"oh,yeah," bridgette said

i stepped of the steps,and as soon as i did,i saw her.The short,black hair in a pony.I had not frickin clue who she was,but i knew she was the one.
Article by rose35 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"sup dues and dudettes? Your new host, chris here to host extreme, crazy, mentally brain challenging, bone-breaking, painful-"
"I think we get the point, Chris."chef sudah-sudah, hatchet yelled from the kitchen.
~commercial break~
"here we are, howz about we meet the cast?"said chris with a grim smile."lets meet Alex, Kaitlan, Nikole, Ashley, and Addrey!"
later on chris introduced nikole after alex.

"hey people! when are we going to eat?(looks around) this place looks boring, how about we turn up the volume?" Nikole runs to chris with a lighter.
"what are anda going with lighter?" berkata chris gulping
"oh nothing...yet"said nikole grabbing chris' shirt. Then Nikole set chris' baju on fire!
"nikki!? what did i tell anda about people having eyebrows?"said Kate(kaitlan)
"ummm... no?"said Nikole with a evil smile on her face
"Will someone help me over here!?" shouted chris running around with flames on hhis shirt"
Fan fiction by potterandtdi posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I watched Muffins on YouTube for the billionth time. My cellphone rang the song Bring Me to Life.

How can anda see into my eyes, like open doors?
Leadiing anda down into my core where i've become so numb?...
bring me to liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffe

I answered my phone. "Hello?" I ask. "Hey babe. It's me." berkata my boyfriend Tyler. "Hi honey! I got another call! Talk to anda later!" I answer the other phone. "Hello?" It was Brianna. "Hey Nikki! Can I come over for a little while? Maybe watch a movie? Duncan! I'm on the phone! anda could invite Tyler." I nod and say," Okay! See anda later." I hang up the phone. I call Tyler back. "Hello?" He asked. "Hi!" I say. "Hey babe!" "Want to watch a movie later at my house?"
"Sure! See anda later!" He hung up. I heard a noise, kinda like a page flipping. I was reminded of Noah. Noah was my first boyfriend. We met after TDI and then he cheated on me with that nasty girl. I didn't even want to say her name. He broke my heart.
Fan fiction by JORDW posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Duncan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.J: Duncan! What is it?
Duncan: I just got a letter.
Mike: Did I get some?
Duncan: Yeah, here anda go!
Mike: Thanks!
D.J: Duncan! What is it?
Duncan: It's from my Brouther!
Courtney: We never berkata anything about a brouther.
Duncan: Well, I never wan't to talk about him.
Dawn: What do anda hate about?
Duncan: His my twin brouther!
All: What?!?!
Duncan: Yeah he is my twin brouther.
Dawn: Dose he have a girlfriend?
Duncan: No!
Dawn: What I'm desperate.
Noah: I'll go out with you!
Dawn: No!!!!!!!!!!
Noah: Man!
Bridgette: Duncan it will be okay!
Duncan: No It won't!
Courtney: Sure it will!
Heather: Well, I don't care about it so.... Buy!
Bridgette: Heather stay!
Haether: Fine!
Courtney: Duncan: Why don't anda ask Chris for the hari off?
Duncan: Yeah! I'll be right back! Buy!
Article by tdafan121 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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She's my new fanfic person! Here's her info:
Full Name: Kodai Jamie Elizabeth Barlow
Age: 16
Bio: Kodai is a very imagiantive girl. During the hari she is normally either daydreaming, talking, atau Membaca one of her W.i.t.c.h. books. At night, she is lebih active and is always doing something. Normally on a typical night, she is either listening to music, drawing, writing, staring blankly at the moon, atau typing up a storm on Fanpop, her kegemaran website. On special nights atau in one of her victory celebrations, she either takes a swim atau walks through the woods. Two of her good friends, Bridgette and Gwen, normally tag along.Other than that, she sleeps a little bit at night, but is never tired in the morning. She isn't a big peminat of sunlight and is not a morning person. She is not easily amused and the Total Drama series and anything that has to do with it is the only thing that makes her laugh besides fail pictures and things that make fun of Twilight. Like her computer kertas dinding is a cat criticing a Twilight book and calling it crap. Despite name similarity, she despises Cody. In fact, she doesn't like that many guys at all. Her only guy Friends on the tunjuk are Trent...
Fan fiction by potterandtdi posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I was Ciuman him! Me, Brianna Daniels, of all the girls in the world, had to fall in Cinta with the hottest bad boy in the world. I stood there, my arms around him and everything. I kissed him. "Miss me babe?" I smiled. I wanted to stay put, lay in his arms forever. We both knew that couldn't happen. I kissed him again and wrapped my arms around him tighter. When we pulled apart, I looked into those eyes. I'd miss those. He stared back. I held on to him as if for my life. I was shaken up at the moment. My hati, tengah-tengah was hammering in my chest. "I want to tunjuk anda something." He led me to his car: A sleek black Corvette. I climbed in shotgun and waited for Duncan. He drove off. Halfway there, he told me," Shut your eyes." I did so and he led me to the spot. "Open your eyes." I did what he berkata and I'm glad I did. I was standing at the edge of a beautiful waterfall. The moonlight reflected off onto the waterfall. It looked like a starry night sky. "Wanna dance?" Duncan asked me. I blushed, but took his offer. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He took out his iphone and put it on speaker. He put on Evanescene's song My Immortal.
Fan fiction by Courtney370 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hello everyone..

This is Just an Rawak idea me and my friend had came up with and it's is an murder story... so if anda don't like murder story then don't read it..


*Trent calls Gwen*

Gwen's under Trent katil

Gwen: hello

Trent: Gwen, where are you?

Gwen: No where..

Trent: What do anda mean sejak that?

Gwen: All anda want to do is rape, then kill me..

Trent: Still, I need to know where anda are

Gwen: Noo, i'm not telling you..

Trent: Gwen, if anda don't, I will find anda

Gwen: Whatever..

Trent: Don't worry, I'll find anda *hangsup*

Gwen gets the phone and hold it close to her chest

Trent: I will find her

Fan fiction by potterandtdi posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"Duncan, what are anda doing here?" I asked. "Coming to see my girl." I groan. "I'M NOT YOUR GIRL ANYMORE!" He smirks. "What happened to the girl I met two years ago?" He asks me. "I'm not the same girl. You're the exact same person I met on the island." He comes closer. I turn off the music. He turns it back on:

Waking up I see that everything is okay.
The first time in my life and now it's so great...
It's innocence, it's brilliant.
I hope that it'll stay.
This moment, is perfect.
Please don't go away.
I need anda noooooooooooow.
And I'll hold on to it...

He brought me in his arms. I blushed and giggled. Then I snapped back into reality. I shoved him off. "Get off me anda moron!" I scream. He smirks again. "Oh, so I'm a moron now?" He teases. "AUGH!" I turn off the music. I slip on my bathrobe. I throw him a punch. He ducks. "You've gotten a lot tougher." I try to punch him again. This time I hit him. "Don't worry. I can handle lebih than one punch." I didn't even bother. I sat on my katil and tried to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the saat time. I notice Duncan standing there,...