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ok. i know this is not a story, but i have somethings to say. IM SORRY!!!!! i've been a real bitch. i post hate komen-komen and put retarted komen-komen on peoples art-things. i thought i was the most funnyist thing ever. But i have been looking at the komen-komen i had made. I always woundered why people juge me. Now i know. SO, from now on i promies not to be creepy and annoying. But the person i really have to say sorry to is Sumerjoy11, im sorry for being anoying and for my brother dunkney. i lied to anda people saying he was'nt my brother. but he is. i didn't want people hating me becaues of him. depressed now... -_-
(Hola guys! *gets pie thrown at* -.- WELL I HAPPEN 2 LIKE PIE SO THANK YOU! Yes I know I haven't updated this in awhile. If u want the truth I completely 4got about it until my buddy reminded me '^^ well ENJOY!!!)

"NO!!!! I DON'T WANNA DO IT!!!!.......How much will anda pay me?.......UHG! Fine I'll do it!" 

Duncan walks inside the room to see Courtney sitting in chair.


"Neadrathal." (A/N let's pretend that's how u spell it xD)

Duncan sits in the chair infront of Courtney. "Sooo Let's get this thing started. Your first soalan are from Poptrop300. She asks "Do anda still like Duncan?"...
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posted by gothemo1234
gerg:dad i dont wont to middle school
duncan:too bad ur mom force me
duncan:aaaa(thinking about it)u dont wanna know
duncan:ok(tells him)
colin:OH GOD(throws up)
gerg:dont tell me
gazdin:(wlaks by)hey guys (leaves)
colin:i like school
gerg:dude get over her shes dating heathers kid victor
victor:(walks by)hey losers(leaves laughing)
gerg:i hate him so much (starts bleeding)
colin:ummm... gerg
colin:ok then (throws water at him)
gerg:what u did that for?
colin:u were bleeding again wait weres dad?
gerg:he left like a min ago
jr:hey guys (sees gerg wet)victor?
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posted by nocofangirl218
So this is my saat song-fiction. I’m sorry if it sort of sucks. So, I heard this song, and I immediately thought of this couple. I hope I didn’t mess this up to badly…… Anyway, I hope anda all enjoy the song-fiction! Also: this takes place after the teams go to Sweden.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything sejak Total Drama World Tour, atau Colbie Caillet.

It was an ordinary hari for me. I was updating my blog about the TD cast, and I couldn’t help but feel like something - atau in this case someone - was missing....
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posted by TDIfangirl
♫Seven am, waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs♫
Alejandro pulled up to the school, unaware of the ear boggling sounds that were coming from his radio. He didn't care that it was Friday and he didn't care that it was the first week of school.
Something was on his mind that both mystified and worried him to no end.
It was the first hari of 11th grade. Trying to ignore the infatuated stares of the younger kids and some of the seniors, Alejandro looked around for the office. He saw Team Amazon; Courtney and Gwen's hair had gotten longer, and Cody had grown taller (Sierra...
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It was finally peaceful at TDT now that it was the three Friends left atau so it seemed now who was getting eliminating seterusnya Gabby and Isabella were still miserable but felt a tiny bit better
Hadar: the bahagian, atas 3 girls how about that?
Gabby: I know I’m not looking ke hadapan to going utama I’ll be grounded till seterusnya season.
Isabella: I’m probably going to go out with my ex again.
Hadar: Enough about guys already!!!!
Gabby: Sorry
Zanna:Hey guys I mean girls welcome to the last episode before the finale today’s challenge is a Disney song challenge and today we will let the eliminated campers decide...
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posted by starburst-rock
(SUPRISE!!!! I'm Penulisan this early!! :D)

Rayla walks in the middle of both cabins (at 3:00 a.m) with a HUGE bullhorn.

Rayla: >:(.......*into bullhorn* YALL GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS OUT HERE!!!!

Everyone walks out of there cabins tired.

Geoff: *yawns* Yo Dude! Why are we up so early?

Rayla: Because I am mad at all of you!

Geoff: what did we do?

Rayla: anda DIDNT SAVE ME ANY PIE!!!

All: 0.o oops......

Rayla: Oh but Geoff anda can go back to sleep. I feel bad because anda died in a DxG story I was reading. :)

DxG: 0.o

Geoff: Can my Bridgey-bare come?

Rayla: No.

Geoff: Then I'll stay!

Bridghette: Awww! That is the...
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posted by colecutegirl
rayla: ok umm i could go?
mirra: yeh anda gwen and heathr should go
gwen: noooo im not singing
duncan: she dosent hav to
gwen: WELL THEN I AM *pushes duncan hard (remember gwen is strong caue she eats all skittles)
duncn: *staggers backwards* gwen wtf is your deal?
gwen: my deal is that youre a retarded fucking dirty cheating punk wanna be!!!! *every1 gasps*
duncan:nice to know what anda think about me
gwen: nice to know im not good enough for you!
*stomp off in dfferent directions*
rayla: O.o uhh.. anda guys we have a challange to win!
mirra: *nods while thinking of a way of how to throw pie at duncaan*...
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(I think this is the fastest I ever got up the seterusnya episode :D)


Rayla: Well here we are. Are saat elimination ceremony.

Mirra: But it's technically are third because of Cour-


Mirra: 0.o.........

Rayla: Team Skittles you've placed your votes. Let's see who will go utama this week. The first merah jambu frosted sprinkled donut goes to Mirra.

Blablabla... Yadayadayada Rayla passes out the Donat until only Destrey and Lindsey are left. 

Rayla: Lindsey. I'm pretty sure the only reason reason people
 want anda gone is because your a nincompoop,

Lindsey: HEY! I don't...
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Josh:"Today on Celebrity Manhunt, it's all about NoStar! As anda know from last week's episode, Gwen and Duncan perpecahan, berpecah up because of Heather. Now will Noah and bintang perpecahan, berpecah up because of Alejandro?"

Blaineley:"This and lebih to come on Celebrity Manhunt!"(C.B.M. theme song)"Now check out this mini-clip!"
--------------Start of Clip------------------
(spots bintang at a Makanan court meja, jadual about to eat her sandwich)Cameraman:"So Star, where's Noah?"

(puts sandwich, sandwic back on plate)Star:"He's ordering his-do anda guys have to follow us everywhere?"

Cameraman:"Well, ever since Gwen and Duncan broke up-"

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posted by colecutegirl
riley: alright yu horrid lot! todays challange is exra fun...for me. *glares at duncan and al* two people who shall not b nmed *cough al *cough dun *cough can*cough cough* *every1 stares at duncan and al then burst out laughing*

noah:; what did anda do?
rayla: ooohh ur in trouble *laughs then high fives dj*

riley: They broke my helicopter
gwen: *shouts* wow alehndro nice going
al: *shouts back* thank anda seniorita
gwen: anyway trent i wonder what todays challange will be?
trent: *shrugs*
gwen: hisses* anda know i dnt like anda and anda dnt like me but i have to act like this to get duncan back instead...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, this is a story about a couple that should’ve been canon. So this takes place during Total Drama World Tour, and during the episode where the final four goes to the stone-head thing’s. Reminder: I wrote this when I was totally bored out of my gourd. Even if it does suck, please leave a komen and tell me what I could’ve done to make it better!

Attention: I don’t - repeat, don’t - own any Total Drama I-A-or WT characters, logos, atau anything else. Although, I’d be awesome if I did! :D Hope anda enjoy!
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Zanna:welcome back there are four remaining campers and lets see what there up to
Gabby:MY JACK!!!!!!!
Isabella:MY ZACK!!!!!!!!!
Hadar:Girls i know im sorry i dont know about anda guys but imma find out why zack was Berlakon so strange
Hadar thought hard "Who hates isabella bad enough to get her boyfriend to act this way aha!"
runs off
Camielle:U called
hadar:Cut the crap i know u did it
Camielle:Did what?
Hadar:So u didn't tell Zack that dating Isabella that messed up his mojo
Camielle:How did u find out
Hadar:I am one smart cookie and u will be voted off!
Camielle;AWWWW Hadar mad cuz she has no one i don't know if u forgot but my boyfriend is a UFC world champion
Hadar:Well im a black tali pinggang in Karate Ti kwon doh and Kong-fu
Camielle:Does a weird karate pose
Hadar:punches her in the face
camielle is knocked out cold
Zanna:Well i guess we all know who is goin utama Camielle
They carry her to the bot
posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Isabella:I miss him but why did he have to be so big of a jerk! *crys*
Gabby:i know i know
Hadar:We should leave her be for now
Zanna:Gabby i need u it's urgent
she walks with Zanna and sees her parents
Gabby:Mom Dad!
Brenda (Gabby's mom):Young lady we know all about ur little boyfriend
Zanna:Gabby I am so sorry but they want to kick him off the show
Gabby:What?!?! NO u can't!!!!!
Brenda:Watch me
Gabby starts to cry
Jack:Whats oh no
Brenda:Exactly say bye forever
Jack:But u can't i Cinta Gabby
Brenda:You guys are way t young for Cinta so get ur stuff together
Jack sighs
Isabella and Hadar tunjuk up...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Zanna:Well we have had some fun but do to the no elimination last week there are two people going utama this time
Camielle:Hi Zack
Zack:What do u want?
Camielle:Just wanted to give u some friendly advice
Zack:Like what?
Camielle:Well u have Friends that think of u as well hard and cool now ever since u started to go out with Isabella u seem soft and lame she will think she can take advantage of u
Zack:Yeah right
walks off over hears Isabella
Isabella:Oh stop it!
Isabella:Okay bye
Zack:Who was that?
Isabella:Don't get mad but it's my ex he is still obsessed with me but we r good friends
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Zanna:Today is a special episode to celebrate the bahagian, atas 8 so here is Courtney,Beth,Bridgette,Gwen,and Izzy to do the cell block tango link
Isabella:Oh my god Courtney we have got to do a song together
Courtney:Um sure
they get on stage and sing link
Duncan and Zack clap
Camielle comes up
Camielle:Oh my god Duncan sign my stomach!
Courtney:Oh no anda don't Duncan leads him to another location
Zanna:Duncan and Zack and Jack want to do a song
they get up and sing link
Courtney makes googly eyes (lol)
then a suprised guess comes
Zanna:Welcome Jason Mayhem Miller!
Duncan's eyes widen:Huh
Jason:What's up
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posted by TDI_Angel
An AlejandroxSierra fanfic, written at random. Sorry if it sucks! ^ ^'

His eyes sparkled green, like jades in the light.

Is it natural for Hispanic people to have green eyes? I think to myself, Probably not. But then again, he could be mixed...

And that's when I realize something.

Whenever I fall in love, I focus on their eye color.

It happened in the begining of Total Drama Island, when I first saw Cody.

I had a three-hour-long conversation with my sister about what color Cody's eyes were.

Teal? Aquamarine? Turqoise?

And now I was focusing on this... this new person's...
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Billy sat on the chair waiting for the person to interview him to tunjuk up.

"THE HOST WITH THE MOST IS HERE!!" Chris yelled into a bullhorn.

"Why me?" Billy sighed as Chris came in and sat I a specially made kerusi, tempat duduk made just for him. Chris then turned his head to to the camera. "Last time on TD cast answer your questions, we interviewed Gwen! This week we will be interviewing the intern anda all named Bobby!"

"Um it's, Billy." Billy corrected the host.

"Ya that's what I said." Chris berkata giving Billy a death stare. "Now let's get this started!" 

Billy smired, "Ok but first I need anda to sign this."...
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-Did not!Gwen yelled angry from the hall.
-I'm worried because of the test results!Bridgette said.
-Don't worry!Courtney berkata while she was putting her hand on Bridgette's shoulder.Let's go out after Gwen!
They were walking and guess what!She was Penulisan in her diary.
-Dear diary, today I met someone special at this new school...
She was interrupted.
-Hey!Bridgette berkata curious.
-Why are anda looking at my diary?It's secret!
-We...just...wanted to see what anda are doing!Bridgette and Courtney berkata scared.
-It's ok!
-What about the test?!Bridgette said.
-OH NO!I completely forgot about it!...
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Blainley:"Today on Celebrity Manhunt,are Gwucan calling a quits already? And our exclusive,most juiciest,story ever! Is bintang cheating on Noah with Alejandro again?"

Josh:"This and lebih to come on Celebrity Manhunt!"(C.B.M. Theme Song)"Our topic for today is 'Teen Love:Heart-warming atau Heart-breaking'?"

Blaineley:"Everyone knows Gwucan and NoStar are the new 'it' couple. And, as anda know from our good Friends over at Total Drama,Star was the Season 3 winner!"

Josh:"And anda must also know bintang was caught Ciuman Alejandro. But, Noah forgave her and they're reunited! So to celebrate their happiness,...
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