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Fan fiction by sonicluver101 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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“Of course, no good jobs are ever available around here…”

Katie, a 22 tahun old women mumbled to herself as she flipped through the job ads in the newspaper. Walking down the street, she gave a small sigh as she folded up the paper and tucked it into her back pocket and walked past a Televisyen store that let anda watch the shows from the window.

“…So make sure to watch Total Drama Island, airing today! We’re going to put our contestants through some terrifying, CRAZY, and all around awesome stunts---“

She stopped, backtracked, and turned her attention to the T.V. that was advertising this ‘drama’ show. Normally she hated dramas and soap operas, but a drama tunjuk that had stunts? That was kind of awkward…
Chris Mclean, the host of the show, had just wrapped up his advertising, gave one lebih glamorous smile, and the commercial went off, leaving information about the tunjuk such as the time and the names of the contestants. But what really caught her eye was the small text at the bottom left corner of the screen:
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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brooke POV
"um,okay,what the hll are you.."
i was cut off cause,he kissed me uhu!no,really he did! see hers a pic!k,soo,i dont have a pic,but, im seriouse! watch the vid anda stinkin people!
after,like about 5 minit i spoke.
"bad boy"
"i konw"
"i know"
"okay,so..... is that a yes?"
"i dont konw anda tell me."
well,thats it,or is it? wait,no really, is it? oh,wait,its not!

duncans POV (finally)
whyd i do that?i wanted to.
so then, i had lebih tricks up my sleeve.so,i asked her.
"you like me?"
"well duh!" she said.
"well,i tihkn yor hot"
"thanks,you are too"
brookes POV
"awkward" i said.
then he got closer,he put his hands on my shoulders,and hthen he started t olick my cheek.
okay,im done, go ask duncan for lebih info.
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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brookes POV

thats when it happened, i tihnk, one of the best nights of my life,i tihnk.
okay,i was thinking."smooth criminal,bad boy,womazier." thats what he is.excactly.
then,he um,what he do?oh yeah he..
he put his face close ot mine.
"nothing,that was just freaky,though."
"oh,so what dso anda want?'
"um,would you...go....out..with,me?"
then. it was silent.
"um,can i answer tihs questin in action?"
thats when it REALLY happened.
then,quickly,the song came to my head.
"okay,well,do sometihng!" i said.
"come closer" he said.
"um,ok,ay" i siad, nervouse as all hell.
"is this hell atau heaven?"i tohught.
then,he looked at me with the devilish smile of his.
"what?" i berkata sorta chuckling.
theni thought,:do anda know how many womanizer tributes theyve made of you? oh no." then,i gulped.
"oh,boy" i said.
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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duncans POV
yep,she was asleep,and it was brooke,whickh was awkward.um,wiat,hangon,oh yeah,now i remember!no,wait,give me a minute...

brookes POV
i woke ,and saw duncan falling asleep. "about time" i said.
so,i slaped him.
"whyd anda tunjuk up 40 minit late?"
"do anda expect me to tunjuk up on time?"
"oh,yeah,i guesse,not."
"so,whats up"
"stupid,did anda really except yourself to og thrpugh this crap?"i thought. then i looked aot duncan."eh,um,look,uh,do anda like courtney?" then, i covered my mouth. "that wasnt it,you idiot!" i tohught.
"well,yeah, except for the fact shes a total drama queen"
"thats excatly whati trhought,hes os gonna say no."
"nothing!uh, forget it,its too late?"
"what ?"
then,there was silence,i think he knew,so,i waited ofr him ot start,then it happened.
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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brookes POV

the chris cerominy was over,i was in my,room, and lindsey had gone home,and, if anda
watch closely enough,you should know what i was thinknig about.
its happening again,oncr in the 4-5th grade, i liked tihs guy named tony,yeah,i followed him,almost stlaked him during school,and now they all know.
lindsey is my besty,and,i would so hurt whoever voted off duncan if he went utama on the fairy tail,and the rock challlenge.i was gonna ask him out, but im not sure.
i know duncan likes courtney,but i think he likes me too. cause wheni look at him,hes looking at me andd he has that look on his face. what a womanizer.
okay,im done.
duncans pov.

"should i?" i kept asking myself,over,and over,and over again. i wrote a not telling him to meet me at the chris ceromony stage.i ran as soon as konecked on the door

duncans POV
what?oh,yeah. the note was at the door,i read it,but it didnt say who its was from. maybe it was from courtney.
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Back at utama base, Chris sat waiting. Everyone else did, too.
Um. Uh.
"What are anda guys doing together?" Heather berkata with a smirk.
Uh. "Um..."
Gwen saved me. Us, I mean. "Is it such a big deal to have two people come the same way, at the same time?" She shook her head. "No. And why shouldn't it be these two?"
Uh. Leshawna smiled. "On a date, were you?"
"No!!!" I yelled. Duncan was making a weird face. But it was still cute.
"Awwww, that is so sweet! Right, Beth?" Lindsay squealed. "They're going out together!"
"Yeah!!!" Beth smiled at me. I jerked back.
Um, hello? I just berkata we weren't. And we weren't on a DATE. It was just, um, date-LIKE. Yeah, that was it.
"On with the challenge!" Chris interrupted. "Okay, each team will have to get their stuff up there." He pointed at the bahagian, atas of the hill. "Oh, and your trailers, too."
He laughed. Everyone groaned. "I'll tell anda what to do later. Now, move! Get on with it!"
I moved. I grabbed a camera thingy and ran. I soo reached the top, set it down, and got another one. I slipped. "Woah..."
Fan fiction by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Where in God’s name was this guy leading me to?! This “shortcut” was taking longer than if we had taken the regular path. I was starting to get a little scared.

“umm, Justin? This is taking forever and my feet are killing me. Where’s the exit?” I asked, a hint of panic in my voice. I was getting creeped out. I was in the woods, alone, with this guy I barely knew. That had disaster written all over it.

“Oh, don’t worry. We’ll be out soon.” He assured me.

Somehow, I didn’t believe him.

“Are-are anda sure? Cause we’ve been in here a while.” I berkata again, sounding really unsure. I could tell he noticed that because he stopped dead in his tracks and turned around.

“Listen, Courtney, I know where I’m going. Just keep following me- ok?” he said, his voice forceful. I was kind of afraid of him, and again, I think he noticed. His look softened and he berkata in a gentler tone, “I’m sorry. I have a bit of a temper. It’s just that- no, never mind.”
Opinion by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Damn that host. He always shows up at the worst possible moments. I could tell sejak Courtney’s shocked face that she thought her life was probably over now. Drama queen. No, strike that, drama Princess. That’s what she is. A drama princess.

And now she’s mine.

Unless Chris screws it up. But he should know sejak now that if he does, I’ll have to kill him. And the camera crew. And beat up the cameras. Unless they’re going live. Damn. My life sucks big time right about now.

The only soalan is, how did they know we were here? If they saw Courtney, I can see them investigating a little bit, cause, well, that’s their job. But they weren’t anywhere to be seen when I followed her. So that meant they either followed me atau they got a tip-off from someone.

I don’t think I passed anyone on my way over here. Unless….damn…..



I watched Courtney run for the woods with a shocked look on my face. Why did she run? I asked myself. She’s afraid, my inner self answered. atau at least, that’s who I thought answered. I turned around to see Justin glaring at me.
Opinion by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I kept my head in my lap. I didn’t need to look at this newcomer. I knew who it was. Since there was only one person on this island who called me “Princess,” it wasn’t exactly hard. But berkata person was also the last person I wanted to see now. Especially after our little encounter minit ago.

But why did he follow me?

I could hear him approaching me, his footsteps cautious. When he was feet from me, he spoke again.

“Princess?” he repeated. “Is that you? Why did anda run?” His voice was curious and angry as he asked the question. I sniffed in response. I didn’t want to talk to him ever again.

He moved closer. “Aw, hey, don’t cry. Seriously, I don’t do tears. No idea how to handle ‘em.” He sounded like himself again. Why did he even care? The moment of truth was my revelations, not his. Actually, though, I don’t know why I was crying. There wasn’t really anything to cry about.

I finally looked up at him, tear tracks running down my face. “Why did anda follow me?” I asked. “You’re not exactly the sympathetic type.” I added. Now I sounded like myself. Honestly, why does he do this...
Fan fiction by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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this itsn't mine and bigTDIfan say that she want lebih and angelcandy55 doesn't write soon so here anda have a little lebih

I loved Camp Wawanawkwa. Not because it was for challenges, that part sucked. Chris and the other campers sucked too. But there was one person who I couldn’t scare, and who hated my guts.


She was the only person who didn’t care that I could beat her up. Not that I’d want to. For one thing, she was a girl. And for another thing, she was gorgeous. The lebih she hated me, the lebih I liked her. And I knew she liked me back. She just wouldn’t admit it. Strangely, that’s why I loved this crappy summer camp. Cause I had Courtney to make things challenging and fun.

She might be a bit bratty, and clean and somewhat of a spoiled princess, but that’s what I loved about her. She was my exact opposite. If we ever got together, we’d be the perfect ying-yang couple. But that won’t happen unless I can get her to admit her Cinta for me. If there was any, of course. I could just be overconfident.
Fan fiction by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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not mine remeber that

I froze with fear as his cold breath wrapped around my neck it was like he was chocking me. I gasped my last breath shutting my eyes ever so slowly but then a blurry picture went in front of me. It looked like Duncan as he growls his fangs showing, grabbing the man in black angrily. But all went black as I fainted.

My eyes opened slowly, what happened? I was alone and there was blood everywhere and window was wide open, the wind blowing hardly at my face. Duncan then burst down the door

"Courtney we need to go now" He berkata angrily, he was in pain. I scanned his face my stomach swirled but I just slipped on the puffy red dress over my 'pjs'.

"Lets get anda some real clothes" He berkata lifting me over his shoulder.

"HEY!" I protested. He just chuckled As I dangled

"Uh can my face be where your face is, I find it disgusting anda want my butt in your face!"

"Well anda see my butt don't you?" Duncan said. I clenched my teeth before I say something I will regret.
Article by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Jacki n' Duncan
honey u know i Cinta u lebih then anything, but ur not who anda really are, u have become a narsissist (or however the fuck u spell that) look, if u dont go back to Brittani, then this relationship is over. Why did u change? anda not the man i fell in Cinta with, please please! go back to normal. Dont anda remember when me anda and Brittani always got along, and we never faught. Well u turned into a JERK!, and boys arent sopposed to hit girls, so if u EVER hit my sister again, i will put u through worse pain then TDI/TDA/TDM, please go back to normal, im working on a song bout us, heres the chorus vv

Step sejak Step, n' beat sejak beat, anda carried me up, and sweep me off my feet....how do u even see? and i dont know where u went...but u poped me up, and it lifted me, where did anda go?so now im all alone...
Fan fiction by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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first this itsn't mine its from angelcandy55 and I think its great so that's way Im posting here

Duncan reach down at my pants trying to tug them down. I struggle but he had pushed me down, what was wrong with him ya he would flirt with me but not this much!

“Courtney we were MENT to be together forever and ever” he berkata licking his lips.

“What is wrong with you!” I cried my hati, tengah-tengah started pounding even faster. Its like he was in a trance.

“Just let me have one bite” he lingered his fangs now menunjukkan his eyes not teal but red.

“No Duncan stop!” I screeched! He smiled

“I am trying princess but your just so delectable and weak” He whispered in my ear.

“I am not weak!” I screamed in his ear as he suddenly jumped back making a large thud. His eyes still red but his hands were gripping onto the wall. Wow he made a hole in the wall...

“I’m sorry” he stammered trying to not look at me- atau my neck.
Opinion by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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It used to be so strange.
couldn't figure out my feelings for you.
i was good,you were bad,and it didnt match.
but they used to say,that anda and me,meant to be but i wasnt sure,couldnt figure it out.

we were so different.
but i think im learning a lot from you.
it wasnt like this,wasnt like,when we first kissed.

it didn't use to be like this,wasn't always this tough.
always trying to get me to crawl back to you,but it wont work.
though i know,how much i Cinta you.
but its not the same,not the same,oh,oh,oh,no.

i left,for a while,and anda got so lonely.
so you,made a friend.
she was a lot like you.
i saw the way,you were looking at her.
i was beginning to think that we were done.
then,things got even worse,oh,on.

we were so different.
but i think im learning a lot from you.
it wasnt like this,wasnt like,when we first kissed.

Fan fiction by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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O right I read that in fanfcition.net (again) and I thougth peopel of Fanpop should read that so when I update something of fanficion here I gotta say that is not mine Im gonna say the person who did it so that story its from angelcandy55

I threw off my warm green towel and turned on the hot water I need to relax. That stupid pop quiz! Of course I was prepared but UH! My mom yelled

"Courtney me and your father are going out tonight, anda can have a sleepover with Gwen atau Bridgette"

"Okay, bye mom!" I called back. Like that was going to happen I am way to tired! I started to hum a lullaby that my mom used to sing to me at night. I yawned stretching my long tan arms. My mocha colored hair was pressed against my back. If I just closed my eyes for one second....

My eyes fluttered open, everything zoomed sejak me. I felt, dizzy, very dizzy. I looked down weakly finding myself in, my towel? I don't remember getting out atau I don't even remember, anything! I just remember my mom telling me I could go out and when I turned on the pancuran, pancuran mandian but the rest blank. I felt muscular arms carrying me. I took a short breath where am I? The man, boy...
Fan fiction by IDDfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I know what are anda thinking who the hell is aravi velez???? well is a girl from fanfiction.net there's a lot of dxc storys and some of them are really good and I think this is really good so here it is and I don't wanna still credit so I have to say that I don't write it aravi velez write it

now that thesse is clear

the story


It was another hari on the set of Total Drama Action, where the final five remained: Courtney; Duncan; Lindsay; Harold; and Beth. Justin was voted off the hari before, due to Courtney pretending to like him, JUST to get him to throw the final part of the challenge to get invincibility. We now take our scene to the Crafts Service Tent, where four of the final five eat. Wait a minute: FOUR of the final five? Yes. One of them was missing. And another noticed it.

I was looking around the Crafts Service Tent and noticed only Lindsay, Beth, and Harold sitting down. Where was Courtney? I was about to stand up and look for her, when the room went black. Then the lights came back on, and there was Chris McClean, dressed up as Sherlock...
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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this is watr happens when you go out with a womanizzer lol
chris:well,why dont we see whats going on here.

brooke:*sees note* met me in the woods,duncan.okay.

gwen:*sitting under a tree*
duncan:what are anda doing?
duncan:waiting for brooke to come.
duncan:whats wrong?
gwen:i heard trent was gonna ask me out again,and,i might have berkata yes,and sumer already asked him and he berkata yes.
duncan:if he liked you,he would have berkata no
gwen:youre right.
duncan:*put arm around gwen*
gwen:thanks for cheering me up.
DUNCAN:no prob.
look at the pic to see what happens next.
brooke:duncan?duncan,i got your HUH!*tears run down face*

chris:oh,no. what will happen next?find out after the break!

now i know the pic is stuck,here the link.
Opinion by bubble_babe posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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One Fine Sunny Morning Izzy Sat At A meja, jadual At Her Fav, '50's Dinner'. Although The Red Head Was Not In The Mood To Eat, atau Do Anything For That Matter. Something Keep Bugging her. Something She Couldn't Identify. The Poor Girl Sighed, Now Her Head Hurt From Thinking so Munch. She Then Fell back in her kerusi, tempat duduk And Poped her Feet onto the table, eventhough She New The Cause Of It.

"Ey, Izzy, Gits Your Feeta Of Meh Table." A Big Man Behind The Main Counter Called.

"Leave Me Alone, Joe." Izzy berkata as she closed her eyes

"Nononononononon; Now!" Joe told her

"I berkata 'Leave me alone'!" The Red Headed Girl Told him

"I said, NOW!" Her Fat Man Said.

"NEVER!" Izzy Yelled back,

"Isaidyougetyourfeetoffmehtableandyougetoutofmehshop!" Joe berkata so fast and so louad it souned as only one word.

"Mecka Es banyoura NACHOZ LEBRAY!" Izzy Yelled as She Jumped On out of her seat, Pointing At Joe as if he had done something wrong, yet obaying the mans orders, but still willing to fight.
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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k, since i was bored and NO ONE left a comment,i picked for them AGAIN.

chris:you have all casted your votes,if i call your name,please stand over there.courtney,brooke,dj,izzy,youre safe. Denise,katie,lizzie,and zoe,your safe.
the alst two,jim,and duncan,the final marshmellow goes to*dramatic music*...................................................DUNCAN!
brooke:YEAH!*hugs him*
jim:but,what did i do?
zoe:we just dont like you.
jim:okay,but before i leave,id like to say,that,zoe,i liked you
jim:i was gonna ask anda out but,i was too scared.
zoe:i would have berkata no.
duncan:told you!
chris:well, thats all, see the behind drama,next on Total,drama,highschool!
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*lights blink on and off*
*everyone is gone except duncan,zoe,brooke,courtney,juno,and sumer.*
brooke:uh, where did everybody go?
sumer:okay, this is getting freaky,AHH!
brooke:*steps on spider*
juno:oh,come on!*kicks head off*
zoe:guys,i see a werewolf.
courtney:AHH! I SEE IT! WO!*takes courtney away.*
duncan:chris! what ever the hell your doing, cut it out!
sumer:okay!thats enough.
zoe:i have a plan. me,brooke,and duncan go this way, and, anda guys go that way!
juno:fine!*sumer and juno leave*
duncan:okay,lets go,girls.

zoe:look! a door!
brooke:they gotta be in there.*opens door*
sam:oh,look!they're here!
cody:oh,good. i was gonna die in here!
juno:oh,no!we're late!
sumer:we lost!
Opinion by kickassbjean posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I know this song sucks but I wrote it at like, two in da freakin morning
A song I wrote the other night called Undivided Sense...

Acoustic gitar starts playing to pick up the intro...

[i]You never make up your mind
When anda tell me that anda Cinta me
Then anda say anda can't decide
Whether anda should stay atau should anda go away
But no matter what anda do
I keep on comin' back to you
'Casue girl, you're my everything
You're the sun when it rises
You're the moon when it shines
You're the blue in the sky when everything is fine

So why do I, cry my eyes out at night
anda gone and say out ain't comin back
I can't feel anything lebih when anda leave me
Girl, those hypnotizing lies
Those big, blue eyes
anda talk so sweetly for an Angel down to Earth

But when the sky turn to gray
And the rain calms all the way
anda can't say anything to make it better
When anda decide to ruin the weather
My hati, tengah-tengah becomes so numb
Opinion by kickassbjean posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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One...two...three...four...five and six...seven and eight
My girlfriends Jacki and Brittani are like sisters. They get along so well for complete opposites. But something happened where that all could easilybe rearranged.

The girls were sitting up in Jacki's room playing Grand Theft Auto, then Britt berkata she was hungry so she went downstairs to make herself a sandwich. So she went to the dapur adn made a sandwich, sandwic and started eating it while going back upstairs, and in the living room was Chucky sitting on the couch. He had blood dripping all over his face, and he jsut stared at the girl with hypnotic, stabbing eyes. She stood there with her half-eaten sandwich, and berkata "What the hell anda looking at?" and Chucky's eyes grew wilder as he berkata "You ate my sandwich, anda will pay." so then he ran and grabbed Jacki's protection pisau called Mr. Cut Slice, and he was running around and around the living room waving the pisau in the air and yelling like a freakin maniac on crack. So Britt was just standing there like "WTF?" and all of a sudden her cell phone which was sitting mysteriously on the living room coffee table, (by mysterious i mean that the phone was put there completely sejak random), and it started ringing to the...
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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It wasn't long after Gwen and Andrea realized what the heck was going on.They bothed loved Cody,but Andrea wanted to prove it.Now,if anda aren't into fighting,blood,fighting,love (a lil bit),and tons of fighting,just don't read on!

"YOU mencuri MY SHIRT!Jealous much?" asked Gwen."This one is red,and anda mencuri my boyfriend!Doesn't that mean anything?"She told Gwen but asked Cody."You know what?" Gwen said."I don't think anda know!" screamed Andrea,jumping onto Gwen's back."TAKE THAT!!!" she yelled,percing her own black nails into her throat.Gwen took her black boots and placed them into Andrea's stomach.AT this point,Gwen was bleeding."YOU IDIOT!" schreed Gwen throwing her onto the floor.It was stained red,and so was Gwen's hair.Andrea was not happy.THey both stood there,faces red,hands bloody,legs separated.They catched thier breath,holding fists at thier sides.

Finally,they striked each other.Andrea took a pair of scissors and chopped off Gwen's hair.Gwen gave Andrea a bloody nose and a black eye."You...were NEVER as....much...in...love as ............MEEEEEE!!!I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!"Andrea yelled.They both...
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"Hey,what's up guys?!I got good news for you." berkata Trent,walking onto the stage.Lindsay and Beth were hosting a AWESOME Halloween party in the city!They were matching witches,just like Katie and Sadie being matching Princesses.Heather was dressed as a bee,Duncan being the only one not getting the joke."What are anda even dressed as?!" asked Heather,being a pain."It doesnt matter,the Haunted House is ready!!!Ok everybody just has to step into this tunel.." He explained.

Evreybody started walking in,when Cody the vampire started asking questions."Uh,is this REALLY scary?Is there a bathroom in reach?Is there fake boold and guts?"He asked,shaking."Oh relax,scar-dy cat!" berkata Gwen.Then a pisau slashed across the hallway.It cut into her stomach,cuasing it to bleed alot."OWWWWW!! WTF anda USED REAL KNIVES?!!!" she said,grasping her stomach."You might wanna get out of here..." berkata Cody,helping her out.

Later that night,every camper got injured.Justin died,and ervybody threw a party months after he died becuase they were so happy.Im sorry this artikel would be better but im too tired to put the rest! sorry guys i hoped anda like my lil story tho
Opinion by 7thGradeGenius posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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After the orange sun rose, the four Vampires ducked under a tree. Courtney, Gwen and Bridgette panted for air- while Kaycee looked depressed. Suddenly, she inhaled sharply and let out a wolf-like howl. When it ended, she started walking out toward the sunlight- when Gwen stopped her. "Kay, what the hell are anda doing?!"

"I'm going back." Kayce didn't look back.

"Back? To where?!" Bridge asked.

"Back to see Duncan."

"WHAT?!" Courtney and Gwen shouted.

"You'll be killed going out into that sunlight!" Courtney gasped.

"I don't care. I'll see Duncan in heaven if i have to." Kaycee said, starting to walk toward the light. Once the pale light completely enveloped the girl, she fell to the ground. Gwen gasped and didn't move, not risking her health, too. Suddenly, Kaycee let out a bloodcurdling scream, and the other three girls cowered in the shadows further. Once the scream ended, the light dimmed and Kaycee stood up, looking around. She uttered, "Gwendalinne?", moving her dark red-haired head left, then right, then left, then right, looking around. She wasn't wearing her long black jubah - but she was wearing...