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chey:last time on total drama justin almost killed the cast in texas atau should i say the donkey did anyway it was sierra who went home
*losers part*
gwen:we got saat again
duncan:i know
(duncan & gwen start making out)
courtney:why would i be jealous of duncan i mean gwen
dj:you got duncan on the brain eh
courtney:um... shut up
*winner part*
tyler this is great
(tyler starts eating noodles)
lindsay:you got some on anda face
lindsay:here i,ll gget it
tyler:yes make out time
(lindsay gets a napkin and whipe tyler face
tyler:she is treating me like...
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posted by Mp4girl
Huh. I guess I didn't keep my promise. I berkata that I would leave anda all alone, but I have something to say. This is on behalf of all the TDI-Fanpoppers who felt as I did. No, this is not TDI-related. Is there a problem? It's what I think. anda deal with it.


I tend to be selfish at times. I want things I probably don’t need. I say things that nobody deserves to hear. My thoughts ... aren’t always pleasant. I like it when people give me things and I like praise. I like hearing that I’ve done a good job no matter what it is. I subtly take advantage of people.

I say bad things...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Tyler and Lindsay were sitting on the sofa, kerusi panjang watching TDWT. They were both out of the competition.
"Hey Linds, don't anda think that Courtney is getting a leeeetle too crazy?"
"Uh, her? Yeah!"
Bridgette came in. She just finished hosting the aftermath.
"Have anda guys seen Duncan yet? He is SUCH a womanizer! I'm glad I ended up with Geoff instead."
Geoff came in, and he was holding two glasses of punch. He gave one to Bridgette, and stood seterusnya to her.
"Gwen is Berlakon so odd latley! Have anda seen her seterusnya to Courtney, they were almost in a catfight!"
The four stayed silent for quite some time. A couple...
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Chris: last time on total drama aroudnthe world, Parus, france. everyone had to kiss. Jasper was almost out of the game. and Jax and Blaine had to kiss. it was the perific challange for Alejandro and Heather! an lulu got pared up with Owen.ha ha! this was sooooooooo funny! at the end it was bossy Blaineley who berkata good bye. this episode will suck all the blud right out of you. On total drama around the world?

*theame song*

*non-first class*

*katie is bawling*

Jordan: aggggggggggggggg! i can't take it! vote her off already!!!!!
Wally: she tried to but didn't.
Zoey: i's been 3 weeks of none stop crying!...
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Theme song plays
*For a first time,the campers are all already awake,and ready for the challange*
Mizzie: *to Storm* I wonder what the challenge will be?
Storm: Hopefully something we can actually WIN this time.
Lucy: Yeah...
Lucy: Is it bad that I want to loose to vote off "someone"?
Chris comes out with an evil smile on his face.
Jacob: look happier than usual...
Chris: *taking off guard* U-uh.....NO! I'm here to tell anda your fun fun little challange.*evil smirk*
Tak: Why do I not trust him....
Aven: *to Rayven* This sounds...
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velvet pov
so i arive at the camp i thought it was a five bintang hotel
velvet:hi okay like anda look so familir
chris:its me the host
chris:chris mclean
velvet:thats where i know anda from
when i walk over to the other people i see a big guy and nerd a gothie that doesn't tan and party dude and then this scary girl comes and her glasses shined and the nerd berkata hi to her and she spit all over her the i hear rock Muzik and and scary punk dude comes he has to many percings i can't even count that much and he flirts with heather and she rejects him LOL and then the cutest boy i've ever seen...
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chey:last time we hit mexico & i got to push off heather i ,ve been wating a long time for that what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
duncan:how did we lose again
gwen:your wrong it was you
duncan:i Cinta anda gwen
team beaks but duncan:huh
courtney:what were though
leshawna:it`s a good thing were all girls
sierra & bridgette:yep
*winner part*
tyler:what up lindsay
lindsay:you made us win i Cinta you
sadie:come on forgive me
chey:song time the boys anda start wearing these girl hawiian suits
*song starts*
duncan:were dressed...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back last we saw our campers they are out in the woods camping and thats it haha well there was a little tension between the teams! What will happen now?

Screechign Hawks:
Cedric:*wakes up* ugh what?
Kylee:Wow anda have been asleep for about hours
Cedric:Hmm i feel different *walks over to Blaine*
Blaine:What do anda want?
Cedric:Hey i am sorry for my behavor i dont know what happen to me? And i am sorry to all my teamates for being such a jerk
Kylee:AWHH! we forgive you!
Blaine:Sure i forgive ya dude!
*they all hug*
Ray:Hey blaine cani talk to you?
Ray:I really dont feel comfortable...
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Chris: last time on Total Drama Around the World........... Iran! the place of wars. and we had a Panit ball war!our contestents had to go crazy to shoot people. it came down to Noah and Jasper. than Jasper got noah out. Team London would have won but, Heather and Alejandro were making out again out of the playing fild. at the end it was a tie bettween Heather and Alejandro, so no one left. Wee this did happend. what will happend on this episode of *says the following in a french acsent* Total.......... Drama......... Around............... the world!

*theame song*

*non first class*

*heather and...
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lulu:i still Cinta cody with all my hati, tengah-tengah and theres nothing anyone can change about that but im not sure how well im going to hold up this season on the bright side we havent Lost yet which is fantastic sooooooo i may be phsyic but i dont know wat will happen in my futer an di can live with late ..just

Jasper:*Frowns.* Whos got to go? *Mutters.* I really hope it's not Duncan... *Sighs and stamps Alejandro.* Buenos Noches, Amigo.

Blaine: ugh we Lost again dammit!! I am gonna have to sabotage tylers team, then make it look like its his fault then he is out of here.also I vote for...
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posted by dxarmy423
*Theme Muzik plays*

*Fireworks go off on the titantron*

Chris: *graps a mic* Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the newest TDW event The Elimination Chamber!!!

Chris: Tonight we will see 6 TDW superstars fight inside the Elimination Chamber for the TDW World Championship!!

Chris: Now for a little info about the chamber

Chris: It weighs over 16 tons, has 2 over miles of chain and is 36 in diameter!!!!

Chris: the steel floor is level with the ring and the holding cells are made from bullet proof glass

*Camera goes to geoff and bridgette at the announcer table*

Geoff: ok here is how the match will go 1st...
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Chris: last time on Total Drama Around the world, we got some old people, some haven't scean in a while, and some new. Got the teams together, and went to the hottest place on earth, the middle of the world, aka the equater. at the end it was team Jepun who got first class, and team team London got to elmated someone. at the very end. it was Sadie who laft, with out telling Katie she was gone. what will happend on this episode of, total drama around the world!

*theam song*

*non-first class*

Kasey: so who is going to tell Katiewhen they see her that Sadie is gone.
Natalie: oh not me!
Blaine: count...
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chey:last time our cast headed to lousianna where we meet chris
chris:oh hey
chey:aanyway okay this is weird justin went
*out side the plane*
justin:no i didn`t
chey:did anda here somthing what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
tyler:i can`t belive we Lost again we,ve never won
lindsay:you got a point
katie:well i know who we can vote off this time
sadie:i berkata i was sorry
lindsay:okay katie your right
katie:stop listining where trying to talk
tyler:my team fight all the time i like lindsay and all but my whole team is driving me crazy
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*non-first class*

Lulu: pick me cody!
Rochelle: no me!
Adrianne: anda all know that he is going to pick me.
Lulu and Rochelle: yeah right!
Cody: i will pick later in the game. who ever stays with me the longest will get me!
Lulu, Rochelle, and Adrianne: ok!


Natalie: In no way will anda get me to vote for Heather atau Alejandro right now. I just Cinta them as a couple! My mega-fangirlism is the only thing keeping me from pushing the both of them off the plane right now. Guess I'm sticking with my last season routine. That is, until someone messes up so bad they have to leave. Man, I hate voting!...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back last time we saw the campers well i didnt see them because SOMEONE locked me away but anyway Hlega made the campers do a cooking challenge and there was a little tension between the Raging Raccoons but they cam out over bahagian, atas and that meant someone had to go utama and sejak that someone i mean Jake the Cinta sick puppy! What will happen this time on Total Drama Secrets!

Screeching Hawks guys
Jordan:SO blaine i cant believe we made it this far
Blaine:Yea i know!
Jordan:*whispers* hei why dont we make an alliance between anda me sammy kylee and ray! WE can all be in the final 5 together!...
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Chris: Last season on Total Drama Awsomeness! We got 2 teams, team Win and Team USA. We had lebih drama than ever! and that season broke some records! 1 record was Ezekiel was staying for way too long. I mean he made the merg! It had the most dubble elmations ever! oh and it had a 3 person elmation! at the end it came down to Jordan and Ray! But winning sejak 1 vote was Jordan! who had the perpecahan, berpecah it 5 ways. so didn't have alot of cash! Who will win, who will lose??? fine out on this season of Total................ Drama.............. Around.............. the World!!!!!!!!!!
*theam song*
Chris: ok...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Helga:Velcome back the brats atau "campers" are making me makan malam, majlis makan malam so lets check them out!

Raging Raccoons:
Jessica:AHH we shouldve done my theme
Maddi:Ok that is it! i have heard enuogh of your complaing! *grabs Jessica and pushes her into the fridge* i am doing the same thing the creaming gophers did to HEATHER! i have heard enough from you
Sam R.:Jess! *runs inside and tries to help her*
Maddi:*shuts the door*
Jessica:You cant do this to us!!! I will make your life miserable!
Chey:TO late for that!
Buster:Lets get back to work girls!

Screeching Hawks:
Ray:*working the stove*
Sammy:Wow your really good!...
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posted by bcthestrongest
ok this girl named is Nicki not Lewinsky she is not minaj atau a pipsqueak she is my daughter she is the oc of my mother she reflects like nothing
this boy named is bruce not bruce lee he is just playing county he loves to rap and sing and stuff but he wont really mess u up
this girl named is Demon not cinnamon she is spicey and she Cinta ricey she cheap like heck she met Gwen
this boy named is blast he cant kick your oops cant say that word he sweet and loyal we just call him mobile
this girl named is Corabella no not Cinderella she sweet with every touch she can really mess u up Bruce is her brother...
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posted by TurtleLurtle
Chris was standing in front of the Mclain Land sign at the enterance to the park. "Last time on total drama reloaded two contestents joined us." Camera flashes to myq "one selfcentered, Sierra obsessed, Spoiled, Rich boy and" camera flashes to Rory "a country tomboy!"
Camera goes to the water park
Chris-"For your saat challenge anda will try to be riding this." camera shows two log ride. "as anda ride anda will try to stay dry well the other team throws water balloons at you! wetest team looses"
Courtney-"Chris, what if someone falls in the water?"
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Demon:she is a Juvenal girl like Duncan but is Gwen twin sister she is a little too big mouth like heather but dont care and she is proud
Lizzy:she is crazy like her sister Izzy she doesnt have a boyfriend how beautiful she is she just loves to hang out with Tyler and Owen
Brittany:she is like Lindsay but is Bridgette sister broke up with her boyfriend for Ezekiel
Corabella:sister of Demon and Gwen she is a shy girl that let her hair grow all the way she loves Courage she is a transformer which is a girl who just turns into a dog
Candy:she is Courtney sister but also a Juvenal girl she share a...
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