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Fan fiction by Bridgette_rocks posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: And we are here for ...


*private jet lands*

Chris: And our first gal ... Lauren!

Lauren: *walks out* Yay!!! Ima home!
Candace: *walks out* rrr your such an annoying sis Lauren!
Lauren: ^.^

*a falling-apart plane lands*

*plane hits ground*

*everyone walks out of plane*

Megan: Ow! utama hurts!
Justin: Just what i thought. Lauren lives in a crappy unknown town of retarded people. It's so good i'm here to, anda know, make the town lebih sexy with my good looks. *smiles*
Lauren: *Hits Justin round the head several times* Dont *hits* Say *hits* That *hits* About *hits* My *hits* utama *hits* TOWN! *smacks three times*
Justin: *falls*

*Another plane arrives*

Chris: Oh yeah ... Duncan got his own plane. Who had something to do with THAT ... *looks at Lauren*
Lauren: *waves* hi :D
Fan fiction by xxXsk8trXxx posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Name: Vivian 'Death' Goldman. She preferes to be called Death
Age: 16
Birthday: July 24
Personality: Dark, loner, anti-social, hates sports, unenthusiastic, sarcastic, clever, pestimistic, goth, crossdresses
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, blogging
Theme Song: I'm Not Okay - My Chemical Romance
Friends: Ezikiel, Noah, Gwen, Heather, Trent, Cody
Enemies: Everyone else, especialy Courtney and Leshawna
Crush: Ezikiel
Bio: Death is a rich goth kid. She crossdresses because she doesen't want to be like all the other bitchy girls who wear skirts and tank tops. Her dad is a C.E.O, and her mom is a blonde model with fake boobs. Her older brother is lebih apriciated than her. He is a stage actor.
If anda went to her school, anda would usualy find her sitting away from everyone, Membaca manga. She would be alone. If anda ask her why, she would tell anda "Go away, man!"
anda see, Death goes to a school for rich kids. The boys are muscular sport-players, and the girls are blonde and bitchy. Death and her Friends are like geese in a crowd of ducks.
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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sxd lol duncans far which is why hes so small!
Chris:today, we are going to see the behind drama, as we call it. We have some cameras pointed in Rawak places, and anda get to see what the students do when no one is waching. or, that they think no ones watching hehe.

Sumer:*sits sejak the fire*
duncan: *sees her and walks over* What are anda doing?
duncan:*lays back* Why anda here?
sumer:why are you?
duncan:cause anda are
sumer:i goota tell you, me,brooke,and jackie all like you.
duncan:really, hmm..
sumer:who do anda like best?
sumer:hang on im gonna get a blanket brb.
chris:blahblahblah! lets see some action!

jared:*walks through halls*
jared:who are you?
voice:i am....
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chef.....do one lebih paper. Hey, wait a minute. Wheres Zoe?
Brooke: What the?
zoe: *falls out of nowhere* oh dang! i thought i could ditch class.
chef: *holds back from killing zoe* just go sit down.
Zoe: okay.
cody: so whats the last thing?
chef: *writes problems on the board* copy these and solve them.
*10 min later*
ccZoe: nothing can stop us!
cctiffany:We are so gonna lose.
chef:well, it looks like denise got 1 wrong. But, sumer got them all right so the killer mascots win!
denise: what? but, who?
ccbrooke:zoe. she wasnt evn there! we have 10 players. but take away one is 9! 9 vs 10! well now its gonna be that way. forever.
cclizzie:owen. Probably him Ciuman her got her all grossed out and couldnt think.
ccjared; please dont vote of izzy.
ccdj: well, im not sure who to vote off cause its not really anyones fault. and for denise, heck, everyone make mistakes
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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.....MATH! -Chris
All: *look at *brooke*
brooke:what? i hate it?
juno (jackie): Thats why i just dont go.
duncan: Same here.
Chris: k, met me in 5 minit in room chris 1!
*5 min later*
Sumer: this could be fun! Right?
lizzie: Not likely.
trent; good thing were on the same team, right tiff?
tiff: yeah!
trent: no, the other tiff.
tiff: oh, me? yeah.
chef:ok students. i am your mathe teacher.
brooke: funny, id thought youd be the pe teacher.
juno: blah blah blah. get on with the challenge already!
chef: FINE! for your first challenge, anda will take a test on what anda no. *hands out papers*
denide: This is just stuff about chris.
chef: i know. now, START MAGETS, START!
*10 minit later*
chef: times up!
duncan: dude! i was only on number 2!
sam: we had 10 minutes.
chef: well, all of anda falied.
all: NO!
chef :except for denise!
Fan fiction by bubble_babe posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Write down ten TDI characters in no specific order.

1. Heather

2. Noah

3. Gwen

4. Izzy

5. Lindsay

6. Katie

7. Duncan

8. Chris

9. Geoff

10. Cody

1) Eight walks into Ten's room while he/she is changing, what would happened?

Chris: 0.0 Dude, Get a Tan!

Cody: Ok

2) Three and Four are fighting, but then Six comes in and brings Three and Four together as a couple.

Gwen: I'm TALLER!

Izzy: I'm SHORTER!

Gwen: I'm OLDER

Izzy: I'm Younger
Katie: Will anda Two Make Out?

Gwen and Izzy: *MAkes Out!*

3) Five and Nine are talking when Seven runs in between yelling "I Cinta (One)!"

Lindsay: Hi Tyler

Geoff: I'm Not Tyler...

Lindsay: 0.0 Really?

Geoff: Yes.

Duncan: I Cinta HEATHER!
Article by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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All of my my hate cannot be bound, i will not be drowned sejak your thoughtless scheming. Now anda can try to tar me down, beat me to the ground, i will see anda screaming.
*guitar n' drums*
Thumbing through the pages of my fantasy, pushing all the mercy down, down, down. i wanna see anda try to take a hayun, swing at me come on, gonna put anda down on the ground, ground, ground. WHY ARE anda TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF ME? anda THINK ITS FUNNY?, WHAT THE F!CK anda THINK ITS DOING TO ME? anda TAKE YOUR TURN LASHING OUT AT ME, I WANT anda CRYING WITH YOUR DIRTY keldai IN FRONT OF ME! ALL OF MY HATE CANNOT BE BOUND, I WILL NOT BE DROWNED sejak YOUR THOUGHTLESS SCHEMING! now anda can try to tear me down, beat me to the ground, i will see anda screaming! Thumbing through the pages of my fantasies, im above you, smiling as anda drown, drown, drown! i wanna kill and rape you, thw way anda raped me, and i'll pull the trigger and your down, down, down! WHY ARE anda TRYING TO MAKE FUN OF ME? anda THINK ITS FUNNY? WHAT THE F!CK anda THINK TS DOING TO ME? anda TAKE YOUR TURN LASHING OUT AT ME, I WANT anda CRYING WITH YOUR DIRTY keldai IN FRONT OF ME! ALL OF MY HATE CANNOT BE BOUND, I WILL NOT BE DROWNED BY...
Fan fiction by jadore_renard posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Author's Note: There will now be 12 of the original TDI characters returning because there are only ten fanpopper's signed up. If I had of kept the eleven original campers, the teams would be uneven. Also I apologize for the crappy arriving scene thing. I know hardly anyone got any good lines >.<The only other thing I wanted to mention is that I'm not putting any romantic relationships with the sebelumnya campers and the new campers. I might later on, but right now no one will be dating.

    Scene: Dock of Shame
Chris Maclean: Welcome to a brand new season of Total Drama Island! This season will be jammed packed with all new challenges and some new competitors who will be arriving at any moment!
*The bot of Losers pulls up and off steps our first new contestant.*
Chris Maclean: Hello Katie welcome to the island!
Katie: Hi Chris! It's great to be here.
Chris: anda might not be saying that once the challenges start. *Chris says with a menacing grin*
Fan fiction by splinter505 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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im gonna make a serious called total drama the haunting (tdh) and if anda wanna sertai post your peminat fiction character with his/her stats and i'll see what to do with it if i choose it wat ev if i dont youl be in seterusnya session just komen with stats and the pic so um um um um um um um um umu um um umu um um pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! oh yeah and this one is mine
----------------------------------------------------"i will destroy the world... after my cofee break" later that hari "um mr.cop can i destroy the world?" "sure" "thanks" later again "yay my lazer is almost powered" butler comes in "um sir" "D:< shut up" butt sir" "i berkata shut up anda mother f**kin b***h" " butt sir" big explosion "i tried to warn you" sees ghost "holly s**t" dies of fright "what"

Opinion by CyD12 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Do anda ever feel like breaking down?
Do anda ever feel out of place?
Like somehow anda just don't belong
And no one understands anda

Do anda ever want to run away?
Do anda lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears anda screaming

No anda don't know what it's like
When nothing feels alright
anda don't know what it's like
To be like me

To be hurt, to feel Lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save anda
No anda don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life

Do anda wanna be somebody else?
Are anda sick of feeling so left out?
Are anda desperate to find something lebih
Before your life is over?

Are anda stuck inside a world anda hate?
Are anda sick of everyone around?
Article by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Can anda forgive me again?i dont know what i said, but i didn't ment to hurt you. I heard those words come out, i thought i would die, i hurts so much to hurt you. Then anda look at me, your not shouting anymore, your silently broken. I'd give anything now, to kill those words for you. Each time i say something i regret, i cry "I dont wanna lose you!", but somehow i know that anda will never leave me, yeah. Cause anda were made for me, somehow i will make anda see how happy anda make me. I cant live this life without anda sejak my side, i need anda to survive. So stay with me, anda look in my eyes and im screaming inside that IM SORRY...And anda forgive me again, your my one true friend, and i never ment to hurt you...

i hope anda like

this is all true

it really is

it explains my life (well not even half of it)
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Nadia: welocome orange team!! this is the first elimination night of u as a team! this will be so great!
Emily: just start saying the names...
Nadia: as u know here in my island one hari u are in and the seterusnya one u are out! lets start!!!
heather, kevin... one of u will be out!
Heather: ough! just say my name!
Nadia: not so fast-
Kevin: ok, it was nice to be here-
Nadia: Kevin sit down!!!
Kevin: *sits down* fine...
Danny: just say who is out!
Nadia: heather.....
Tappy: but kevin-
Tappy: oh sorry
Nadia: ok, like i was saying, heather.... u are out!
Heather: what?!? u voted me off?!? ough! i want to see when u lose the game!!
Everyone: bye heather!
Article by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Courtney + Duncan
i noticed anda were sad and i want to tell anda that im here for you, if its personal then just keep it to your self, but if anda wanna tell me i can help anda get through it, we (all of your friends) Cinta anda and care 4 u, feel beter hun, and if u want me to kick someones keldai 4 u i will be glad 2 ok, hope ur gonna be ok, just wanted to tell ya that we luvs ya and care 4 ya, please dont be sad, when my Friends r sad i get sad, here i hope this song will help anda cause its the song i listen 2 when im sad, well im just gonna write Rawak crap so i can make it an artical...

heres the link to the song vv

Fan fiction by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(At camp)

ok welcome to our c.i.t. camp-Councler
oh yeah this l be fun-Jacki
just please survive-Brittani
i will try-Jacki
*they hug*
loves ya sis-Brittani
love ya 2-Jacki

(At home)

*walks in*-Brittani
*siting on the couch*-Duncan
*gasps* u didnt break anything-Brittani
nope i didnt-Duncan
good job im so surprissed-Brittani
what was that-Brittani
umm nothing-Duncan
*goes downstairs into Jacki's room*-Brittani
NO DONT!-Duncan
you broke her instruments!-Brittani
it was an accedent i didnt mean to-Duncan
oh man shes gonna kick your ass into next week-Brittani
so since this will be our last time seing eachother since Jacki will kill me wanna do it?-Duncan
NOOO!!!!IM PISSED!-Brittani
fine geeze-Duncan
well wow ur a fuckin dumbass-Brittani
no im not-Duncan
Fan fiction by CyD12 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Nadia: ok, so lets start with the challenge! sumer and courtney u are first!
sumer: oh im going to enjoy this!
Courtney: yeah sure! enjoy loosing! because im going to win this!
Nadia: fight!
Sumer:*punch courtney*
Courtney: *fells down* ooow!
Sumer: what did u say?
Courtney: oh u are so going down!
Sumer: yeah sure...
Nadia: now, kevin and jared! fight!!!
Jared: *trys to punch kevin but he miss*
Kevin: ha! *punch him*
Jared: *fell down*
Nadia: ok this is the last fight, elizabeth, paola fight!!!
Elizabeth: *punch paola* ha! take this!
Paola: ooowww!!!! *fells down*
Nadia:and the green team won!!!
Green team: yay!!! we won!!
Nadia: sorry orange team but tonight u have to vote someone off...

*please if u are in the orange team vote u do u want to be voted off thanx*

Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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On 10/12/09 Duncan and his Friends Courtney, Geoff and bridgette went on a hiking trip around total drama island to find the million dollars that was hidden on the island sejak the notorious gangster Chris Mclean. What they found wasnt human.

This is there story.

*camera turns on*

Courtney: Bridgette is it on?

Bridgette: yeah its rolling

Courtney: get some vid of me and duncan

Duncan: stop with all this lovey dubby stuff.

Duncan: were going out to find the money.

Geoff: and party till we cant party no more.

Bridgette: okay guys lets go


Courtney: come on duncan its been 3 hours.

Bridgette: do anda even know where anda are going.

Duncan: Yeah im following the gps.

Duncan: I also have a trail back to camp on here.

Geoff: its not like were in any danger.
Fan fiction by sumosabs posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris:Welcome to Total Drama Island Fanpop Style, In this series anda will see 28 teens torture themselves for a million buckaroos, shall we me the victims, uh I mean contestants

*Yacht arrives*
Chris: hei what do anda think of this "Five Star" Resort *snicker*
Chris: Pretty Much
*Yoko growls*

*Yacht arrives*
Chris: Hey
Isabela: This is different, in a suckish way...
Chris: Well ill take that as a "Im staying"
*goes to wait*

*Yacht arrives*
Chris: Hey, Pretty place huh?
Andrea: I hope the Makanan tastes better than how this joint looks
Chris:Oh Dont worry
Andrea: Phew!
Chris: Its Worse
Andrea: Why did I sign up for this?
*Goes to wait*

*Yacht arrives*
Brooke: (to the captain) If anda dont wanna get hurt in seven different places anda better tell me where We are!
Chris: This is we your staying
Opinion by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Man in the box sejak Alice in chains

Smooth Criminal sejak Alien ant farm

Metalingus sejak Alterbridge

Beast and the harlot sejak Avenged sevenfold

Iron man sejak Black Sabbath

All the small things sejak Blink 182

Dammit sejak Bling 182

One of a kind sejak Breaking point

Scream aim api, kebakaran sejak Bullet for my valentine

Glass Shatters sejak Disturbed

Perfect insanity sejak Disturbed

Down with the sicknees sejak Disturbed

Now atau never sejak Dope

Were comin down sejak Dudley Boyz

anda Make me sick sejak Egypt central

This api, kebakaran burns sejak Killswitch engage

Cult of personality sejak Living color

All nightmare long sejak Metallica

Sad but True sejak Metallica

Seek and Destroy sejak Metallica

Saints of Los angeles sejak Motley Crue

Ace of spades sejak Motorhead

King of Kings sejak Motorhead
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Owen- Super strength

Harold- Ninja powers

Geoff- Water control

Bridgette- Surfer powers

Izzy- Super speed

DJ- Cooking powers

Beth- api, kebakaran control

Cody- Teleportation

Gwen- Kung fu powers

Trent- Sonic assult powers

Leshawna- Dancing powers

Tyler- Healing powers


Noah- Psychic abilities

Chef- Side Kick

Justin- Cloning power

Eva- Super anger

Heather- Queen of the underworld

Duncan- Expert criminal

Courtney- Lawyers

Lindsay- Mind control (Because she has no mind)

Chris- Lightining powers

Ezekiel- Annoying powers

Katie and Sadie- Katie and sadie powers
Opinion by NarutoLuver202 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Chris: “Last Time On Total Related Island, The New Castmate Kieran Won The Challenge For His Team! And Then Brooke Was Eliminated, Who Will Get Eliminated seterusnya On Total Related Island!?”

I Wanna Be Famous………

Chris: “Morning, Everyone! Today Is A Musical Challenge!”
Sumer: “Yayz! I Luvs Me A Good Musical!”
Andi: “Ah Crap!”
Heather: “Perfect. I Wanna See The Boys Humiliate Themselves!”
Jared: “Uh-Oh!”
Kieran: “Big Time!”
Alex: “Are We The Only New Competitors That Are Boys?”
Kieran And Jared: “Guess So.”
Jared: “But I’m Use To Only Hangin’ Around Girls.”
Katie: “What Kind Of Musical?”
Chris: “Old-Fashioned Musical!”
Katie: “Uh-Oh………..”
Chef: “Alright, Get Ready, Here’s The Match-Ups:
The Couple For The Gophers Are Jared & Karen!”
Karen: “Noooooooooooooooooo!”
Jared: “Alrighty Then.”
Chef: “And For The Grips:
Kieran & Sky!”
Sky: “What Karen Said, Noooooooooooooooooo!”
Article by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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(before i start i wanna say the way my world is in the beginning is my world in my mind)

ok so i wake up and im in my Fantasi world, it looks like, gray skay, green feild as far as the eye can see, purple paper flowers, and one black pond in the center, ok so i wake up and im in a black n' white omish dress in my world holding a black rose, and im happy and feel good inside, so i lay there holding my black rose, so i go inside the black pond, i come out and im trenched in blood and everything is now snow, so i try to dig for the rumput but its just snow, im freazing clod, wet, and trenched in blood, so i know im going to die so i lay on the snow holding my black rose geting ready to die, and then i kept hearing Duncan's voice so i try and follow it, but i cant find him, so i lay there and die and closed my eyes, then someone tried to pick me up so i opened my eyes and it was Duncan, he told me to go to sleep and it will be all over, so i berkata okay, then he picked me up, and when i woke up i was at his house on the couch, so i berkata what happend and he told me i was trapped in my own world, so i berkata how did u get there, he berkata i went inside your voice, and i berkata thank...
Article by TDIsCourtney posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I was first to arrive on Total Drama Island, seterusnya was Courtney, Lindsay, Katie & Sadie, Izzy, Noah Eva Duncan Ezekial,Justin Tyler Cody Beth Harold Trent Bridgette Lindsay DJ Jeff Leshawna Gwen Owen Kateleigh (I made Kateleigh up, and Angel is me)

"Ok, if I call your name come stand over here, Lindsay, Duncan, Katie, Izzy, Sadie, Trent, Courtney, Beth, Noah, Cody, Angelina, Eva, your team will be called The Killer Bass." Chris said.

"The rest of anda come over here when I call your name, Ezekial, Justin, Tyler, Beth, Harold, Gwen, Bridgette, Geoff, DJ, Leshawna, Heather, Kate, your team will be called The Screaming Gophers."

Chris took us to the craft services tent and we got our Makanan sat down and ate. "Eww, this Makanan is disgusting!" I said. "I know! I can't stand this slop!" Courtney agreed. "Ok campers," Chris began, "Your first challenge begins in one hour." Chris said. "What do anda think we'll have to do?" I asked. "It won't be that bad." Courtney replied.
Article by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hi my name is Jacki and im 13 years old and im kick ass, all my so called "friends" have betrayed me, and its really hard 4 me, its all because of my tiny change and that change was going goth and now everyone hates me do any of anda wanna be my friend just komen and we can become friends, so bourd, so tired yet hyper, have an urge to stab something, wanna burn stuff, very insane, very calm, I Cinta DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!, yes yes i do,well just askin if u wanna be friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blossom the comander and the leader, Bubbles she is the joy and the laughter, Buttercup she is the toughest fighter, POWERPUFFS SAVE THE DAY!, fighting crime trying to save the world here they come just in time:The powerpuff girls,fighting crime trying to save the world here they come just in time:The powerpuff girls, oh no its the mad Fuzzy Lumpkins, watch out its the repulsive roach coach, get him its the evil mojo jojo! chasing evil out this town,Fighting crime trying to save the world here they come just in time:The...
Opinion by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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ok before i make all the statements i'de like to say i respect EVERYONES opinions but i wanna get some people into DuncanXCourtney, there oposites and they had a Cinta hate relationship and i thought that it was so cute, i hate all the other couples with Duncan but the only couples i have heard were DxG(thats stupid because he's punk and shes goth), DxH (heather doesnt like him,she cuddled him in tdi so they would win and she was forced to Ciuman him in tda), DxL (what did anda pull that out your ass), DxHarold(WTF???u nasty perv), DxTrent (WTF???u icky) heres my opinions, Duncan&Courtney, Gwen&Trent, Lindsay&Tyler, Britadgete&Geoff, Izzy&Owen, Lashawana&Harold, Cody&Beth, Justin&Sadie, Katie&DJ, Eva&Ezekiel, Heather&Noah,and the 2 new charactors for TDM Kathie&Alahondro (or however the fuck anda spell it) i Cinta DxC they belong together not anyone else, its just when i see a DxL atau a DxG atau a DxH pic i wanna shank the pic but i dont i ignore it, but when i see a DxTrent atau a DxHarold pic i laugh my keldai off its hilarious DxC4ever people, i hope sejak making this artical i made some DxC fans,
Fan fiction by bubble_babe posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Heather Sat In Her Room, Awaiting Duncan, Over The Curtney Week She Had Fallen In Cinta With Him, And She Needed To Know If He Loved Her, Thats All She Wanted, Was For Him To Tell Her EveryThing She Wanted To Hear. Then A Sudden Nock Came To The Door.

"Come In." She Said. She Was Gushing When She Saw Duncan

"Al Right, Wha Did anda Want?" He Asked Rather Nicley

"I'm Doing A Survay For A project, And I Need To Ask Some People Some Questions." She Told Him.

Of Course It Was A Lie, But If He Didnt Cinta Her, And He Found Out That She Did Would just Ruin Their FriendShip; And That Would Be All They Had Left.

"Ok, Start It Off." He berkata Sitting Down On Her Bed; Heather Sat sejak Him And Got Out A Rawak Peace Of Paper.

"Ok, Do I ever menyeberang, cross your mind?"


"Do anda like me?"


"Do anda want me?"


"Would anda cry if I left?"