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Opinion by TDI_Angel posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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A hilarious senarai of things they will NEVER say... (NOAH FANGIRLS: Skip the first one for Noah, atau I'll have to go into the Witness Protection Program...)

Genre: Humor/Parody

Ezekiel: Eva, you're a PMS bitch.

Eva: I like, Cinta life, like, a lot, like ya totally!

Noah: I'm straight. (or) Oooh, something shiney!

Justin: Looks don't matter. (or) I'm not sexy!

Katie: I'm ugly.

Sadie: I hate Katie!

Tyler: Sports? Eww, no.

Izzy: *monotone voice* Wonderful weather we are having.

Cody: I'm not a ladies man.

Beth: Damnit, get away from me, Justin!

Courtney: I WANNA ROCK!

Harold: I have no wiked skills.

Trent: Gwen sucks, 9 sucks, Muzik sucks.

Bridgette: Let's go HUNTIN'!

Lindsay: 1 plus 2 multiplied sejak the square root of 124 divided sejak 3 to the power of 3 equals 2. Any moron knows that!
List by Tdilover225 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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1. Rip out every piercing on my one... atau at least try to.

2. Call him pet names like; Princess, Sweetheart, Sunshine, Babe, Honey, Darling, Angel, and Gorgeous.

3. Play with his mohawk/ faux hawk which ever anda prefer.

4. Steal his dog kolar and wear it around in front of him.

5. Tell him that Courtney doesn't Cinta him and never did.

6. Laugh at his girly shriek (The one in Who can anda Trust, when Courtney pushed him).

7. Shave his unibrow... no I mean WAX his unibrow to the point where he won't have any more!

8. (in relation with #7) shave atau Wax his soul patch...Mwahahaha.

9. Ask him repeatedly "Why is your torso so long?"

10. (in relation to #9) "Why do anda even like Courtney, Huh? I say Why"

11. (in relation to #10)“Why?”

12. Poke him and when he starts yelling at you, answer, “Why?”

13. Laugh at him whenever he walks by.
Opinion by coolguy111606 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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'The Hot Guy'

Justin is an awesome character of Total Drama Island. All the girls crush on him, and occasionally Owen. He usually never talks, but the first time he did was to Chris and Owen.

He is actually a straight A student, but mostly b/c of his looks...

If Justin wins Total Drama Island, he will donate his winnings to the Unattractive-Looking-People Wish Foundation.

Thats not his only good deed, he also volunteers at a retirement home, and the old ladies Cinta him so much, they even give him free stuff.

Total Drama Island:

Member of the Screaming Gophers, but the 2nd Camper Voted off of the SG, b/c of Heather bribing atau tricking other campers to voting him out.


Cliff Challenge: He jumped off the cliff, and also helped put the tab panas, hot tub, tab mandi panas together

Awake-a-thon: 3rd to stay "awake" on the Gophers, but was caught cheating, b/c he painted eyes over his eyelids.
Fan fiction by TDI_Angel posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Genre: Angst/Romance
WARNING: one-sided femslash (girlXgirl)
Set during Basic Straining.
I won't tell anda who's point of veiw this is, but I can tell anda this- it's not Duncan.

I stood outside the kabin and watched her. She had just thrown up, but the thought hadn't even registered in my mind. In my mind, she was flawless. I could see her, but she was too far away. I wanted to walk over there and grab her and hold her forever. But before I could go and tell her I loved her and feel her chocolate-colored skin...

Duncan was talking to her. And he was using his looks and greasy charm to sway her; make her fall for her. I sneered. Douchebag. My jelousy and rage burned; what made him so damn special? What made him great enough to have her? She was much to good for him. Hell, she was too good for any of us. A goddess among those who think themselves demi-gods.
Fan fiction by vamp_grl_123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Total Drama Island Fanpop!!!!!

Cameras start and vamp_grl_123 is standing on the dock of shame. “Hi there and welcome to Total Drama Fanpop. On Fanpop we talk bout how amazing TDI/TDA is and what we hate about it. We make peminat fiction and pictures. But now it comes for the true test. I have chosen 16 Fanpopiens to compete in TDI. I am the host Vamp_grl_123 but pleas call me V. I am here to introduce each new member of TDF. But before we meet them I want anda to know I am not alone here. I have my co host and two fav TDI boys here to ‘help me’. Here they are now….”

Trent, BritBosnian, and Duncan walk up the dock. “Ok Duncan is lebih for the fangirls. Trent is mine. Back off. And BritBosnian, is my co-host” V says hugging Trent. “Ok let’s meet the campers.” She berkata as the first bot arrived. “First up…..Trizzy!!!” V yells as the bot stops and drops off Trizzy. “Trizzy is sporting a T-Shirt with all the campers except Heather, Owen, And Harold and blue jeaned shorts with purple sunglasses, also merah jambu converse, and blue and red striped socks, merah jambu painted fingernails, and red lipstick absolutely fabulist.” V says like a fashion...
Article by Bridgette101 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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People who are gone
Misty:Great hari for a challenge

Duncan:Whats the challenge hot chic?

Misty:Wishing me up a gift it has to be good to atau anda will be in the bottom two

(Everyone wishes and Misty hears)

Harold:I wish misty had gum

Geoff:I wish Misty would be me party Princess

Duncan:I wish Misty looked like Courtney on TDI

Cody:I wish Misty would be mine

D.J.:I wish Misty had a Bunny

Justin:I wish Misty would Ciuman me

Tyler:I wish Misty had a football

Trent:I wish Misty had a Cinta song made bye me

Misty:Time to go to the bond fire

(Everyone goes to the bond fire)

Misty:Geoff your safe,Justin your safe,Cody your safe,D.J. your safe,Tyler your safe,Trent your safe

Misty:The bottom two is Duncan and Harold and whos selamat, peti deposit keselamatan is...Duncan your selamat, peti deposit keselamatan but sorry Harold anda wern't my type at all

(Harold leaves)
Article by xxXsk8trXxx posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Noah and Heather are kissing*
Beth: *staring* WHORES!
Cody: So what's your kegemaran part about school?
Duncan: Leaving
Trent: Gwen, will anda marry me?
Gwen: No
Trent: A-are anda sure?
Gwen: Yes
Trent: Pretty please?
Gwen: No
Trent: I'm gonna go cut myself. Nine times.
Courtney: I got an A!
Eva: I gotta F someone from the cooking club!
Courtney: You're lesbian?
Leshawna: Harold, how do anda like my new tits?
Harold: *staring* ...........Boobies.............
Owen: I got him first!
Opinion by vamp_grl_123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Portia: so these losers acculy helped as win. maybe they aren't hold backs after all. some of them are smart like Angelina and Enikah, maybe i will get to know them and be friends, atau be in an alliance with them! (evil laugh) even better!

*blandly* Well, good bye Total Fanpop Island! *waves*I just know I'm going to get voted off... I feel like Ezekiel. Happy freaky Fangirl lives! Vote someone off? ON MY OWN TEAM??!! Um..... Tori. I didn't even see much of her today... Where IS she, and WHO is she? I know she's on my team but--
*End of confessional

v: its hot tub party time come to the dock of shame *v here already with Trent and Duncan. *mumbels* feel free to take ur time.

Queenie: Yay! A hot tube party! * Runs into the kabin and changes into bathing suit* Woohoo! * runs in the hot tub and sits in a corner* Hi girls! Hi Duncan and Trent!
Everyone: o_o
Queenie: What? .... Oh wait! * Runs out of the hot tub and disappears into the woods then comes back pulling Chef* Come on! It's a hot tube party!
Fan fiction by gigi2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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"what, uhh why are we in cartoonish form?" asked zach.
"This, this is.... Impossible! IM going to go see mosby!"
"I'm right with anda buddy!" Zach stated as he bolted to catch up with with cody.
"Welcome to Total Drama On Deck!" stated Chris and Aneka in unison.
"Yeah, um can i get a rain check on that?" asked none other than zach.
"Yeah, dont plain on it! Anyway, time to announce the teams!" Aneka berkata as she woobled around stage with her one prostect leg.
"The killer grips are the following: Patience, Noah, Zach, Trent, Nikole, Enikah, lisa and courtney! The seterusnya team is the bass: Cody Martin, Duncan Tyler, phill, Natalie, Bridgete and Alexa."
"yeah!!!!" screamed Natalie and Alexa as they jump in circuls.
"I'm so happy! Couzins on the same team!!" screams alexa but this time a little bit lebih quietly.
"Okay go sit with your teams now and Cris will anounce the challenge" Screams Aneka over the sounds of waves crashing.
Opinion by Duncan_Courtney posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Alright, every damn time I come on here, there is always ALWAYS, Something sad, despressing, bitching atau anncouncing komen in the soalan box.
Sorting through your "Questions"
As much as I Cinta anda guys, none of that has to do with TDI atau TDA what so ever, so please post your "Anoucouncments" on this spot link , anda guys it's there for a reason,everything that anda post there will get to us, we'll hear, we'll komen and listen.

The soalan box is for asking soalan about, omg guess what.. TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND, not Total Drama Yourproblems. The TDI Fanpop Users spot is all about US! anda can post all your problems, pictures of anda EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH YOU! I went through some of the soalan the other hari and about 98% of them are all "I'm quting, I'm leaveing, Please read this" atau something else along those lines, I'm not innocent in this either I have done it but I'm stoping and after I post this I'm going to post all of my personal crap on the TDI Fanpop Users spot. Remember it's the jawapan box not the...
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Sakura Kiss* (opening song to OHSHC)


Karen:Well heres Japan.
Andrea:Its beautyful.
Christina:Awsome Japan!
Lisa:Hey guys? What Hotel are we staying at?
Alexa:Hmmm let me see..*takes out a piece of paper* oh its the Takamoto Hotel.
Sofie:*jumps up and down* WOOOOO Jepun BABY!!
Sofie:*anime blush and sweat drop* heh heh heh.
Alexa:*roles eyes* ANyway I'll call are parents to pick us up. *takes out cellphone and dials number*
Lisa:good idea. Soooo..Andrea When does school start?
Karen:Oh great! Its 1:00! We won't get enogh sleep!
Carly:*sighs* grrreat.. What was the name of the highschool again?
Jeana:O-ran Acadamy?
Enikah:I think anda mean Ooran Acadamy?
Sofie:No its Ouran Acadamy! Were the STUDMUFFINS ARE!! And sejak studmuffins I mean Duncan and Honey!
Jeana:Dunacn? In a ACADAMY!?!?! *starts laughing*
Fan fiction by emisa123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Emisa123: I need an idea for a challenge

My mind: Why?

Emisa123: because without one we can't have a fanfiction. duh.

My mind: What about that thing from the Game tunjuk Network?

Emisa123: What thing

My mind: Where one person gets a word and tries to hint it out to the other person.

Emisa123: oh, that thing. But its not extreme enough.

My mind: What if we mix it in with charades?

E: Still not extreme enough.

M: What about the winners get candy, and the losers get killed?

E: m-kay

Chris: okay campers, todays challenge will be all about how well anda can communicate...without talking. *Explains rules* Okay, but remember...the loser get killed.

Campers: WHAT??!!

Chris: BEGIN!

*Campers get into groups of two*

Chris: Sofie and Duncan, anda first.

Sofie *thinking* The word is bunny, so... *puts up two fingers behind her head*
Fan fiction by Gwentrend24 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Camile: Tension, Drama, Romance, Insanity, these are just a few words to describe this BRUTAL season of Total Drama. We're taking some of the old suckers that anda know and love, and throwing them together with a group of NEW suckers. Ha, it's gonna be awesome! And just wait till anda see what we have in store for these guys! This is, TOTAL... DRAMA... OC'S!

*Theme song plays*

Camile: Alright let's get this over with so I can get my brownies, and go to sleep! Before we introduce the contestants, let's first get to the important people! Joining me to host this swanky season, is everybody's kegemaran host, Chris McClain!

*Chris McClain walks out from make-up looking like a wreck.*

Chris: (talking to his makeup department) Is this what anda call makeup?! My grandma can do a better job, y'know, even if she is in a casket! anda have no talent, I look like I just came out of World War 2! What is this crap, anda can suck my-

Camile: O.o Um, Total Drama OC's is experiencing technical difficulties. We'll be back after this commercial break. *commercial comes on*
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Lindsay dripped her feet into the lake, icy water made small pools around her legs as she giggled and shivered. She pushed her hot merah jambu sunglasses higher onto her nose and looked down over the side of the dock. The night of Tyler's elimination had passed; and Lindsay was a bit sadder than usual. Her absence from challenges has made her slightly excluded, which only left Heather and Beth on her side.
"LINDSAY!" There was a yell from the black square walkie-talkie thats speaker stood facing the bright orange sunset, as did the girl. Lindsay picked up the device and pressed a red button on the side.
"Yes, Heather?" She smiled.
"Get to our cabin! We need to have an allience meeting, anda idiot!" Lindsay sighed, and put the small communication toy down, and took her toes out of the water as tiny fished darted away at the shock of movement. She wrapped her towel around her waist and jogged back to the Screaming Gopher cabin. CRACK! A jolt of paint shot up Lindsay's leg and she collapsed into the soft wet grass.
Article by Lydiara posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Episode 14 of TDA is berkata to be called The (Almost)Wedding Crashers.This is confirmed.Duncan will be avoiding Courtney most of the episode,but when Courtney is dressed as a bride for the challenge,and Duncan is a groom,it is also berkata they must Ciuman other people.Courtney must Ciuman Justin,and Duncan must Ciuman Heather.(Again.)This will be a non elimination episode. Episode 15 of TDA is berkata to bring Izzy back.(Again.)Along with Cody.The challenge is to find the two in the jungle.Thus,the tajuk of the episode,Welcome TWO The Jungle.Cody will be telah diberi to the Gaffers,while Izzy is telah diberi to the Grips.LeShawna is voted off in this episode,because she rigged the undian to save Harold from elimination,voting herself off,because she probably felt she deserved it. Sorry I do NOT have the episodes.If anyone has them,that is available to people from America,please muat naik on YouTube atau elsewhere. Sayonara!Hope to meet all of anda TDI/A peminat-peminat soon!
Opinion by megaDUNCANfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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vamp_grl_123 and me worked hard on these stories....here they are......

"Leave me alone Chris!!!"Courtney said,"come on please be the co-host in the new season???Please???"Chris got on his kneese and pleaded"PLEASE!!!!"He said."ok."Courtney berkata "meet me at my trailer at 8 so anda can sign."later at 8 "hey courtney" chris berkata Courtney walked in, at 9 she walked out of the trailer and headed to Duncan's house "Hey prinsess, wat r u doin here?'he berkata flirty,"here to visit."she berkata Ciuman him and he pulled her in.

*in the morning*

*knock on Duncan's door*"Duncan!!!!!We need to talk!!"His mother said."Duncan answered he was in his underwear,"Yes, mom?"He said"Where's Courtney?"she asked"I'm right here ."She berkata walking in, in Duncan's shirt."Is there a problem?"she asked"yes....You are under arest for the murder of Chris Mclain."his mom berkata hand-cuffing Courtney,"What????"Duncan father walked in and took Courtney to the cop car, before she was put in the car she got loose and walked over to Duncan"I didn't do anything" she said"Weren't anda at his house last night?" said"Yea, I was signing a contract for the up coming season to be...
Guide by coolguy111606 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Guess what, the challenge might not have began, but that doesn't mean anda can't prepare for what's in store.
The 1st Challenge has finally been revealed,

The Genesis (the Beginning):
I prefer not to use the names Screaming Gophers and Killer bass for the team names, so the first challenge is to make your own TEAM NAMES.

-Make Your Team Names:
Think of a Team Name, it doesn't have to be anything related to TDI, it just needs to be Awesome. So start thinking Now (but don't reveal it to anyone else, b/c the teams have not yet been made).

-Make an ikon for your Team Name:
What's a team name without something to represent it with?
Make an ikon for whatever name anda chose, Needs to fit the name, and must also look awesome.
ikon-ikon can be taken from Google, doesn't have to be an original, atau homemade (paintshop)

Team Names and ikon-ikon will go into picks at Rawak spots/clubs, anda are allowed to vote for your ikon if anda find these Picks. However anda must leave a message at the bottom. It can say anything from "This one sounds awesome", atau "Hey guys, This is my teams name, It will mean a lot...
Opinion by coolguy111606 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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These are some specific rules of Fanpop Drama Island, for general rules go here: link

-Alliances are allowed in FDI, but it is against the rules to make them secretly, All of them must be made under something to do with FDI

Later, (after the teams are made), I will put a forum post called alliances, where anda can make alliances (there is no fun in making secret alliances that no one can predict).

Although I prefer that no one will make alliances, makes things a lot better.

-Campfire Ceremony, once anda are voted out, please do not go crazy, don't help those left, and don't ruin anything for them.

-I have been in a challenge like this before (and still am), and the first two people voted out went crazy, and both got blocked from the guild, so once out don't go insane.

-Also if your voted out, then apparently your team doesn't need your wisdom, awesomeness, etc... anymore, so don't give it to them.
Guide by coolguy111606 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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We all agree that we Cinta watching the campers of Total Drama Island go through many challenges, hang out with other campers, and then get voted off.

Now guess what, Now it's your turn to get in the action In Fanpop Drama Island.

Get together with 12-18 other Fanpop members.
I shall be your host, Guiding anda through the challenges and Campfire Ceremony.

anda will be perpecahan, berpecah up into 2 different teams and complete in a variety of mystery challenges that each of anda will have to work together to get through.

I shall be your host, Guiding anda through the challenges and Campfire Ceremony.

The Campfire Ceremony is the unfortunate location that when your team loses will be placed in to vote off one of your other members of your team.
Also I'm thinking about filming the campfire ceremonies with me and my brother be the stars.

-Goals: Win Challenges, Make friends, and not get voted off.

If anda wish to sign up, leave a komen below, and I will add anda to the list. Any other questions, just ask, and I will try my best to answer it.
Fan fiction by DxCFan123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Dear Duncan,

Hi! It's all us DxC peminat-peminat here, and anda wanna know what we wanna say? SAY BEFORE anda CHEAT! We mean, cheating on Courtney? anda were right in front of her saat before! If anda wanted to break up with her, TELL HER IN THE minit anda HAD! Didn't anda see all the tears she shedded? How much anda hurt her? anda hurt her! How could she live, knowing she had a cheating boyfriend how couldn't tell her "It's over."?! Was the juvenile delinquent too afraid to talk to her?! She loved you, she really did Cinta you. Even if she wanted to change you, SHE STILL LOVED YOU! I hope anda remember all the memories anda had in the series! A Makanan stealing event, a suprise kiss, a specially carved skull for you, another kiss, then another kiss, then another kiss! I bet she's at home, crying right now, wanting to throw away all the memories of you! So, remember, think before anda cheat. atau else we'll rob your house and attack anda with AK-47s... MWA HA HA HA HA

Fan fiction by xxXsk8trXxx posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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AUTHOR'S NOTE:this is not recomended for dxc fans. If anda read this and are mad at me, I am not allowing ppl yelling on the comments. anda can rate it a 1 atau 2 instead. Thank anda for your cooperation

Chris: And the winner is... DUNCAN!
Duncan: Ow emm gee! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Courtney: DUNCAN! COME perpecahan, berpecah YOUR MONEY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: Hell no! I'm splitting the money with this hottie!
Gwen: Oh, Duncan...
Duncan: Not you!*Runs to Trent and they start making out*
Courtney: What? How can this be? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin: It's okay, Courts. Come with me. I'll get anda a shake.
Courtney: Oh-okay... *goes out with Justin*
Brady: *runs in* BETH!!!!!
Beth: BRADY! *hugs*
Beth's mom: Honey!
Beth: MOM! *hugs*
Lindsay: Yay! *hugs*
Mom: I have tickets ofr a tropical cruise in france for 3!
Beth and Lindsay: YAY!!!!!
Brady: Let's all go have makan malam, majlis makan malam at my uncle's Cheesecake Factory! *brady, mom, beth, and lindsay go*
Fan fiction by jadore_renard posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Author's Note: There will now be 12 of the original TDI characters returning because there are only ten fanpopper's signed up. If I had of kept the eleven original campers, the teams would be uneven. Also I apologize for the crappy arriving scene thing. I know hardly anyone got any good lines >.<The only other thing I wanted to mention is that I'm not putting any romantic relationships with the sebelumnya campers and the new campers. I might later on, but right now no one will be dating.

    Scene: Dock of Shame
Chris Maclean: Welcome to a brand new season of Total Drama Island! This season will be jammed packed with all new challenges and some new competitors who will be arriving at any moment!
*The bot of Losers pulls up and off steps our first new contestant.*
Chris Maclean: Hello Katie welcome to the island!
Katie: Hi Chris! It's great to be here.
Chris: anda might not be saying that once the challenges start. *Chris says with a menacing grin*
Fan fiction by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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ok campers here are the 3 new campers-Juno

Hi i'm Lauren i'm one of the new campers-Lauren
Hi i'm new here too-Brooke
Hi i'm Vannessa-Vannessa
We already know that-Summer
*whispers to Brooke&Lauren* watch it with Vannessa she's trouble-Summer

Hi i'm Jen i'm new-Jen
*whispers to Theresa* can i tell anda something-Dawn
Sure what is it-Theresa
I want to break out allience-Dawn
ok i dont really want one either-Theresa
Can we still be friends-Dawn

OK your first challenge is to have a good old fasion water fight-Juno
Here are your guns-Courtney
umm Duncan-Juno
*not paying attention*-Duncan
Duncan say something-Courtney
*not paying attention* uh think dont drink, hugs no drugs and what not-Duncan
uh ok here are your water guns, and anda have to shoot the opposite team READY GO!!!!-Juno
Fan fiction by gwentrentever posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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ok tonight one of anda is going utama and can never ever EVER! come back ok
and the last one goes to...
im sorry summer but anda GET TO STAY!!!
sorry Tappy anda have been voted off-Juno
bye Tappy-Summer

(at the goffer cabin)
ok girls we have got to toughin up-Vannessa
oh shut it weird goth girl-Summer
anda want me to beat the crap outa you-Vannesse
no please-Summer

!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope anda liked it
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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*Sakura Kiss*


Chris:Hello students!!
All:Hey Chris..
Chris:Ok I know anda all are tired but today we will be having our first challenge!
Lisa: WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT!!! *starts jumping*
Chris:Um..What with her?
Karen:She had 13 cups of coffee,extra sugar!
Chris:Alright! Well today's challenge is Nursing the Nurses!!
Lindsay:What? Im confused..
Lindsay:Ohhhh! I still don't get it...
Lindsay:So..We are nurses caring for nurses??
Chris:Ok, Now Pick 4 girls from each team! Then when your ready I will tell anda whats next!
Courtney:Ok so I think that the 4 girls to be the nurses should be..
Sofie:Oooo ME!! I look very sexy in a nurse outfit!
Sofie:Well if the nurses are guys, this could make them feel better!