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It was the beginning of the very first season and Chris waited on the dock to introduce the new contestants. The first to arrive was Tyra, a girl with long green hair, a pink shirt and a black leather vest. Hey nice to have you here. said Chris Next to arrive was Lara Laramie, a girl with blue hair tied into a ponytail and a southern accent.She was a little friendlier towards Chris and acknowledged Chris when he greeted her.Next to arrive on the dock was Marina, a girl with blue hair and a sleeveless pink vest.Next to arrive was Jackson, a boy with tumbleweed hair and a teal shirt.Jackson, nice to see you. said Chris It's an honor to be here.said Jackson Jackson then made his way over to flirt with Lara Laramie and Marina, but to no avail. Next to arrive was Bailey, a girl with dark brown hair tied into a ponytail. Bailey! I'm so glad your'e competing on this season.Will you be competing on Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour with me?asked an excited Marina after her acrobatic friend made her way onto the dock without getting hurt. I sure will be. answered Bailey. A boat with Brock on it arrived.Almost immediately, Marina, Lara Laramie, and Bailey fawned over him. Your'e so good looking. said Marina, still fawning over him, as he stepped off the boat.Next to arrive was Dario, a boy with brown hair tied into a ponytail and a southern accent. Who invited you? asked Lara Laramie. The host guy over there that's who. said Dario He has a name, you know. Use it. said Lara Laramie.Next to arrive was Chopper, a tall boy with dog tags on his neck and red spiky hair and an open black leather vest that showed his chest.Next to arrive was Corey, who arrived on his Pidgeot.Hey! That's cheating. You can't ride on your pokemon.You have to ride on a boat to get here. said Chris Sorry, but it's too late for that. said Corey, landing and returning his Pidgeot to its poke ball.Fair enough.Bring on the next contestant. said Chris. Next to arrive was Christopher, a boy with glasses, a red, yellow, and blue hat and brown hair. Oh great.Just what I need.Someone who has the same name as me. grumbled Chris. I actually don't
have the same name as you.My name is spelt Christopher.Yours is spelt Chris. said
Christopher. Well that explains a lot. said Chris.Next to arrive was Jeanette Fisher, a girl with long black curly hair and multicolored Japanese clothing. Next to arrive was Ash. Ash! I'm so glad to see you could make it. said Chris, sharing a high five with the young boy.Shortly after Misty stepped off onto the deck. However, she was too busy to notice that Ash and Brock arrived and made her way over to her old friend Marina and started talking with her.Next to arrive was Whitney, a girl with a white and red shirt and pink hair styled in pigtails.Look out for the-Chris began to say, but it was too late.The pink haired girl crashed into the dock and fell in the water.I'm okay.she said, pulling herself up onto the dock. That was quite a fall you took.Are you alright?asked Ash Yeah.I'm fine.said Whitney. Wait a minute.Ash? Your'e competing too? asked Whitney. I sure am. said Ash. Next to arrive was Morty, a boy with white pants, a dark purple shirt, gold hair,a scarf around his neck and a headband on his head. MOORTY!said an excited Whitney, running up to hug him.Whitney!I'm happy to see you too. said Morty.Can you two lovebirds do that somewhere else? asked Chris.I need to introduce the next contestant. We're not dating. said Whitney. Well it sure looks that way from the way you're hugging. said Chris.Either way, you and him need to move somewhere else to do that. Next to arrive was Damien, a tall boy with blue hair, and like Dario was pushy. Next to arrive was Fergus, a boy with brown hair, a blue tanktop, and silver dog tags on his neck. Next to arrive was Neesha, a girl with brown hair.Next to arrive was Clair, a girl with blue hair and a long cape.The next person to arrive was Bugsy, a boy with purple hair.The next person to arrive was Jasmine, a girl with long tumbleweed hair and a white dress.Next to arrive was Sissy, a girl with brown hair styled into a ponytail, a black tanktop, a pink dress, and slippers.The last person to get off was Koji, a tall skinny boy with dark brown hair and wearing a scarlet vest.Okay.Now that everyone has arrived, let's divide all 22 of you up into teams. said Chris. Neesha, Sissy, Fergus, Jackson, Dario, Koji, Jasmine, Bugsy, Ash, Whitney, Jeanette Fisher and Clair, your'e on The Brave Blastoises. And Brock, Misty, Corey, Christopher, Chopper, Tyra, Bailey, Lara Laramie, Morty, Damien, and Marina, your'e on The Courageous Charizards.I can imagine you're all hungry for breakfast. said Chris Everyone reluctantly shook their heads yes.Well, in that case let me show you the way to the dining hall. said Chris, as he lead them all to a giant white building with a red roof. Today's special: plain oatmeal. announced Chef serving it to everyone. Why plain?Where's the brown sugar? asked Brock, making the mistake of angering Chef. Because it's tooth rotting. said Chef.Attention, everyone.boomed a voice on the loud speaker in the dining hall.That voice turned out to be Chris's voice.Meet me at the cliff in your swimwear to do the cliff diving challenge.Each team lined up on either end of the cliff in their swimwear.Any volunteers to go first? asked Chris No? Chris picked up Neesha and threw her off the cliff.She was about to yell at Chris from down below, but got a rude awakening when a wild Poliwag interrupted her protests with a Water Gun.Incoming.said Bailey, barely giving Neesha enough time to swim away.Corey was next, but missed the center circle completely and landed on a buoy. Neesha made her way back up to the top of the cliff, cold, wet and upset.How did you like it? asked Chris. I didn't. said Neesha. Here I GOO!said Whitney as she jumped off the cliff into the water, landing into the circle also winning points for her team in the process.At the elimination ceremony, Chris tallied up the votes each team member placed:
Tyra: 5 votes
Corey: 10 votes
Whitney: 4 votes
Sissy: 4 votes
Fergus: 3 votes
After Chris looked at each vote, he was ready to determine who was up for grabs.Are you ready for this?Tying for the same number of votes are Sissy and Whitney.Fergus and Tyra didn't get very many votes.So Corey, I'm so sorry but you've been eliminated for failing to get points for your team.21 players remaining.Who will be eliminated next?Find out next time out on Total Pokemon Island!The next episode started with the girls and boys cabin sleeping in until Chris's voice woke both cabins up.Meet me by the dining hall so I can explain today's challenge. said Chris over the loudspeaker in both cabins.Okay, now that you're here, I think you'll like this challenge.Your task is to find keys hidden throughout the island which you will then use to unlock treasure chests containing empty poke balls.I should warn you though, the cave area is guarded by wild Ursaring, the forest area is guarded by wild Beedrill, and the water area is guarded by Kingler and Vaporeon.Whichever way you decide to do it, good luck.Once both teams decided how to get their keys, they decided on how to not get noticed.Well, if we tip-toe quietly past the Beedrill, we should be all good as far getting our key goes. said Bugsy.Once the plan was put into action, Ash, Whitney, Bugsy, Jasmine, Sissy, Fergus, Jackson, Dario, Koji, Neesha, Clair, and Jeanette Fisher all hid behind a bush while watching a Beedrill eat a Citrus Berry. Now we'll never get the key with that Beedrill guarding it.whispered Sissy angrily. Sure we will.said Jasmine, reassuring Sissy.I'll volunteer to get the key. said Bugsy By the time Bugsy got the key off of the tree branch, he took off running with the rest of his team.In the cave, Bailey, Brock, Marina, Lara Laramie, and Misty were deciding on what would be the best way to get the key away from the sleeping Ursaring.I'll tickle it to make it let go of the key.said Brock.Well it's worth a try.said Marina, hrugging. Brock carefully tiptoed past the sleeping Ursaring and started tickling it, causing it to laugh.Once the key was within his reach, he grabbed it and took off running with Bailey, Misty, Lara Laramie and Marina right behind him.In the water area, Tyra, Chopper, Christopher, Morty, and Damien got their key without a problem and made their way over to Chris.Congratulations.said Chris.And because this is a non elimination ceremony, you're all safe from elimination.Now go.Enjoy yourselves for the rest of the night.I'll see you in the morning for tommorrow's challenge.The next episode began with Tyra in her bunk floating in the lake.Once she fell out of bed, she was violently splashing around.Once she stopped splashing around, she looked up to see Lara Laramie, Whitney, Marina, Sissy, Misty, Jasmine, Bailey, Clair, Neesha and Jeanette Fisher standing on the dock.How'd you like your early morning swim?asked Sissy I didn't.And what's worse is i have to dry clean my pajamas.Tell Chris i won't be taking part in the challenge. I'll be in the cabin all day.Now help me get my bunkbed out of the water.said Tyra.Seriously?You refuse to take part in today's challenge all because I pulled a prank on you.said Sissy. Later, when the girls weren't busy, they went to try and convince Tyra to come out of the cabin.Tyra.Come out of there.said Sissy.No.You're just going to pull another prank on me.said Tyra, crying.No we won't.Look.All we ask is you be our friend and take part in today's challenge.said Whitney.I don't believe you!yelled Tyra.We're never going to be your friend unless you come out of the cabin now.said Whitney.No!I'll never forgive you guys!yelled Tyra.I can't stand outside all day.So please just come outside and do the challenge with us.There has never been a time where any of us have turned our backs on you, so please don't do it to us.It hurts our feelings.Look, we want to be your friend almost as much as you do.But that's never going to happen if you don't do what we ask.said Whitney, crying.Tyra,touched by Whitney's heartfelt devotion was finally convinced and came outside.Aww you guys, you know I couldn't stay mad at you forever.said Tyra.So you'll be our friend?asked Sissy.Yes, under one condition: you have to promise not to pull pranks on me again.said Tyra. I promise.said Sissy.The next episode began with Tyra floating in her bunkbed in the water once again, but this time Sissy and the other girls were with her.Didn't I tell you to stop pulling pranks on me?asked Tyra.We didn't pull any pranks on you, unless Chris moved our beds from the cabin to the lake while we were sleeping. said Whitney.You would be correct.said Chris waking up the girls who hadn't woken up yet by blowing an air horn, making them fall out of bed into the water.Jasmine, who rarely got angry and was a generally sweet girl was angry at Chris for honking an air horn at her friends and her.Chris, despite his prank he had just pulled gave the girls towels.I'm so-so freezing.said Jasmine.I know you are.We all are.said Sissy.It's no wonder people like you so much.You look up to them like a big sister.said Jasmine, relating to Sissy's sisterly relationship she has with Jasmine.Awww thanks.I guess I am like a big sister to you.said Sissy, drying her friend off and using a hair dryer to dry Jasmine's wet hair.I h-hh-hate Chris s-ss-so much.said Jasmine, still shivering from the dip in the lake she took.I know you do.We'll get even with him when we push him into the lake.said Sissy.How we are gonna do that since he's the big boss around here?asked Jasmine Simple.Later when Chef's asleep and too busy to notice me or you, we'll carefully sneak into the kitchen on a rope and place a note asking Chris to meet us at the dock on the table next to him.When Chef wakes up, he'll give the note to Chris and Chris will meet us at the dock as planned.said Sissy.
I'm glad to have a friend like Jasmine in the competition. I'm going to help her in every challenge and be there for her no matter what.
Having Sissy as my go-to person to turn to is good for me. Because right now there don't seem to very many people who want to be my go-to person.
(Confessional ends)
I'm so glad you're my go-to person. said Jasmine, putting her arms around Sissy's neck. I'm glad about that too, but rule number one: if your'e going to hug me, do it somewhere other than the neck area, because it looks like your'e choking me when you hug my neck. said Sissy I understand. said Jasmine Good. Now let's stick together for the challenge. I wouldn't want you to get lost. said Sissy I won't get lost. said Jasmine Just in case you do, you might want to hop on my back and I can carry you the rest of the way. said Sissy Okay. said Jasmine, climbing on to Sissy's back. Are you nice and comfortable? asked Sissy I sure am. said Jasmine Good, because there's no turning back from here. said Sissy After Chef woke up from his long nap, he saw a note for Chris and brought it to him. What's this? asked Chris A note from Sissy. She wanted to get back at you for the whole bunk bed lake incident this morning. said Chef As if on cue, Jasmine, Sissy, Tyra, Lara, Clair, Whitney, Misty, Marina, Neesha, and Jeanette Fisher appeared on the dock all with air horns in their hands. The girls honked their air horns at the same time with enough force to knock Chris into the water. I've wanted to do that for a long time. said Jasmine, laughing at Chris's misfortune. Chef gave the girls high fives. Nice going, girls. said Chef Your'e congraulating them at a time like this!? yelled Chris What? It can't hurt to prank you at least once. said Chef
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