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Or3oGurl posted on Mar 17, 2015 at 04:27PM
Here we are in the land of Skyrim!
The story is about your CHARACTER (only one) is the Dragonborn.(A Mortal who can speak the language of dragons, has the soul of a dragon, and after killing a dragon you absorb the soul of the dragon you killed.

(Locations: cities with walls)
(Cities with no walls)
Argonian (lizard headed people XD)
Kahjiit (Cat headed people)


Wood elfs
High elfs
Dark elfs

Human races

Nords(I guess white people)
Redguard( black people)

You can start a family and live in any city, you can be a hero, thief, assassin, werewolf, or vampire, or all! ( I did so. :D) you can stay loyal to skyrim and join the Imperials, or join the Rebellion Stormcloaks, to take skyrim back from the Imperials and back to the old ways.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Or3oGurl said…
???: Help! Someone stop that thief!

Thief: *runs off close to the city gates of riften*

*3 Guards are blocking the gate with their weapons drawn*

Guard 1: Stop right there!

Thief: *uses magic to disappear like a shadow*

Guard 2: Damn it! It was a Mage type thief!