Total Drama Island Who Are Your Fav 3 Characters And Why?

TDIlover226 posted on Feb 15, 2009 at 03:03AM
mine are Duncan, Courtney, and Noah.
in that order!

Duncan: because he's juvinille
Courtney: cause she's a C.I.T
Noah: cause he likes to make remarks about the others

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hampir setahun yang lalu Codemister said…
2.Ezekiel:Reformed,nice,deserves more screen time.
1.CODY:got Gwen and Trent together,kind,is geeky,knows a lot about technology,smart
hampir setahun yang lalu TDIlover226 said…
not a big fan of ekekial, but cody is on my top 10 list!
hampir setahun yang lalu Codemister said…
Ezekiel is reformed and does deserve more screen time.Ezekiel is spelled with an e.
hampir setahun yang lalu Duncan_Courtney said…
big smile
Duncan: because he's freakin hilarious
LeShawna: because she has thee best quotes
Izzy: because she's absolutly insane.
hampir setahun yang lalu Duncan-superfan said…
Duncan: He is Cute,HOTT,juvinile,funny, and LUVS Courtney!

Courtney: She gets crazy, she is a C.I.T, she secret LUVS Duncan, and Im just like her!

Izzy: She is insane, AWSOME, and Im just like her also!!
hampir setahun yang lalu cprulz said…
2.Lindsay-dumb blonde
hampir setahun yang lalu MadiYasha said…
Trent: Because he's positively adorable, his eyes make me melt, his guitar skills are epic, and he made me totally and completely obsessed with TDI.
Gwen: Because she convinced me to cut my hair and streak that shit with teal! <3 And it goes amazzzinnng with my clothing~
and Heather: Because she's the smartest on the island and a total hottie. Total Drama Island without Heather would be nothing =)
hampir setahun yang lalu TDIfangirl said…
Izzy because she's giddy, happy, and crazy!
Heather because she's smart
Gwen becuas we both share hobbies
hampir setahun yang lalu rockzsanders said…
Cody- sweet, geeky, adorable, loyal, honest, all-around-AMAZING!
Ezekiel- luv the Canadian accent, funny, dumb but nice
Izzy- JUST LIKE ME!, crazy, smart, cool, funny, nice, honest, super fun! ^-^
hampir setahun yang lalu ultimatefredde said…
Ezekiel: like his attitude

Noah: he is a genius like me

izzy: crazy girl
hampir setahun yang lalu xxXsk8trXxx said…
1. Noah: Sarcastic, sweet, nice, geeky, quirky, different
2. Cody: Funny, happy, nice, smart, different
3. Izzy: lots in common, insane, smart, filled with ideas
hampir setahun yang lalu TDIlover226 said…
I like Noah and Izzy too
hampir setahun yang lalu SimVampire200 said…
Ezekiel: He is an awesome boss
Eva: She is awesome lol
Izzy: She's crazy, BOOM BOOM!
hampir setahun yang lalu Bridgetterocks said…
Lindsay - dumb and funny
Dawn - cool can tell the future
Bridgette - nice , best character ever
hampir setahun yang lalu dawnwarrior said…
Noah, Dawn and Eva, in that order.

Noah's smartass remarks never fail to make me smile. He can be such a sarcastic ass, but if there's one thing I love in a character, it's their sarcastic ass-ness.

Dawn is totally adorable! How does one not love that creepy moonchild? She's so sweet, and if anyone is cute when they're mad, it's Dawn.

Eva's temper is what makes me love her character. And her friendship with Noah is just awesome. I love how she reacts to stuff - like breaking the studio when she didn't qualify for Total Drama World Tour. Gotta love her.
hampir setahun yang lalu totaldramafan4 said…
3.courtney she has skilles is a c.i.u and sweet and nice 2.izzy crazy insine has skilles 1.tyler.bad at sports hot and is nice
hampir setahun yang lalu heart891011 said…
Tyler - funny
Bridgette - nice
Dakota - she is the best mutant ever of she wasn't a mutant she wouldn't be here
hampir setahun yang lalu ninjacupcake88 said…
1. Alejandro: I have a thing for the bad-guy. Especially if they have a hidden sweet spot.

2. Cody- He's so dorky and lame, and lovable.

3. Izzy/Heathher (they're tied)- Heather due to her being the bad girl with a sweet spot, same as Alejandro, Izzy because she's so nuts.
hampir setahun yang lalu TurtlePow said…
1. Izzy - Izzy is awesome. I've always had a thing for psycho characters, and Izzy is just hilarious. She always gets booted off too early to me.

2. Noah - Do I even have to explain?

3. Sam - Yeah, I have a thing for the comic reliefs. Sam is one of the most hilarious characters on the show, I wish he had lasted a little longer. Plus, I'm a gamer too, so I can relate.
hampir setahun yang lalu cannibalZoey said…
1. Gwen 2. Izzy. 3. Duncan
1. Jo. 2. Dawn. 3. Mike