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Officefan222 posted on Jul 13, 2009 at 03:35PM
Ok, ever watching TDI/TDA and yelling at the tv, wanting 2 characters to go out but they won't? No? Is that only me? OOOOOOK. Well if you had to pick to characters to go out, even though they never would, who would you pick?

For me, it would be Courtney and Trent, because Trent is now single and Duncan and Gwen kind of like eachother. AND I'm dying to see Courtney slap Duncan

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hampir setahun yang lalu Darksiidee said…
I like Courtney and Trent too. :)
hampir setahun yang lalu tyler_gf123 said…
um noah and cody!!!!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu xxXsk8trXxx said…
big smile
here are 4 couples I want to happen:

Courtney and Trent
Gwen and Duncan
Chris and Izzy
Heather and Justin
hampir setahun yang lalu SimVampire200 said…
Eva and Zeke
Sierra and Alejandro
Zoey and Scott
Noah and Heather
Izzy and Duncan
Cody and Gwen
SimVampire200 and Zeke
hampir setahun yang lalu Bridgetterocks said…
Courtney and Trent FTW
hampir setahun yang lalu dawnwarrior said…
Noah and Dawn - yeah, I know they haven't met yet, but they'd be hilarious together. I've got [probably futile] hopes for season five!

Courtney and Trent - they have a lot of similar interests (such as music) and more compatible personalities than Courtney/Duncan and Gwen/Trent. Courtney's bossy and Trent is willing do anything to make his girlfriend happy. Trent and Courtney have as much in common with one another as do Gwen and Duncan.

Gwen and Geoff - As much as they are opposites, I think these two are more compatible than Duncan/Courtney as a couple because while opposites, are kind of similar personality-wise. I think Gwen would be able to better keep Captain Hollywood under wraps with he bluntness.

As for Bridgette, well it kinda seems like their relationship is built around a mutual love for sucking face and using stupid pet names. Aside from the fact that they each think the other is hot, someone remind me what they like about one another? And if she's lonely, she can always see if Cody can get away from Sierra for a few minutes.

Bridgette and Cody - They're both kind, sweet, popular and get along with mostly everyone.
hampir setahun yang lalu TurtlePow said…
I am personally in love with Noah and Izzy, but even though they're friends, I doubt they'd start dating.

I think Gwen and Geoff would be really cute together, even though I love Gwuncan. I liked the episode where Gwen an Geoff were friends. :3

Personally, I think Dawn should stay single. All of the shippings for her are really weird! Bawn... B doesn't talk. Nawn.., Noah would just be creeped out by Dawn all the time. And Dott? Really? They hate each other!

And Coderra should happen. I mean, Cody and Sierra were friends in the last few episodes of World Tour. I have high hopes that Sierra will be a little less stalkerliscious in season five... Than Cody could actually like her!

If Heather dates someone, it should be someone that can help her become nicer. That's why I hate AleHeather. I think Courtney should be with Alejandro, because I hate both of them and they'd make a great villainous duo.
hampir setahun yang lalu TurtlePow said…
Oh, and imagine what kind of destruction would happen if Duncan and Izzy were dating...