Total Drama Island Mkay, Mp4girl's new contest!!

Mp4girl posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 02:38AM
So. You all have your TDI characters, right?

^^ Well, if you do, you should definately enter this contest!

So, you have to have a description of ur character, and a pic is optional :D

There will be five winners, each gets to be in my new fanfiction, also gets a few props, an art piece or article or poem or whatever you want.

It's gonna be awesome ^^

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hampir setahun yang lalu Mp4girl said…
Name: Rebecca Amelia Kiyurie Chan *Yurie*
Age: 16
Skin: Pale-ish peach
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Long, shiny brown with a single blonde highlight
Crush: Duncan ^^
IQ: 214 (haha I know)
Team: Killer Bass
Dislikes: Nothing really, except Courtney and Heather, rotten cheese
Likes: Everything... except dislikes, especially: Kawaii things, ice cream, anime, manga...
Friends: Practically everyone w.w
Enemies: Heather, Eva, and Courtney
Elimination Reason: She wasn't exactly eliminated. Yurie dropped out in the Final Three because she knew how much I meant to her bff Gwen and Owen.
TDA Elimination Reason: Duncan accidentally voted her off in the Final Four
TDM: Qualified
Fave color: Light Green or Light blue
Fave TV show: Total Drama series *typical*
Fave artist: Any pop/rock singer
Fave music: Pop/rock
Advantages: Good eyesight, makes friends easily, kung fu skills, understanding, smarts o.o
Disadvantages: always fights back when being picked on, too generous, hates math, daydreaming
Lives: Vancouver, BC
Fave book series: Warriors/ Ranma 1/2
Siblings: Older sister; Brianna; Twin sister; Alisha; Younger brother; Ryan; younger sister; Anabella (Bella).
Theme Song: Magic ^^
Fave food: GUMMY BEARS xD
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, computer things, kung fu, drawing, writing, TV, SKYDIVING x3
Audition Tape: Trying to sing, but her friends keep on interrupting...
You can see guys checking her out and her friends asking to make plans, and Yurie, annoyed, then signs off the video and sadly sends that in.

Bio/Story: Yurie has always been the popular girl, but she had never been interested in any of them. She has lots of friends, and she comes from Japan, though she now lives in Canada. She has spent her childhood drawing, coming to school in cute costumes, wearing lip gloss, eating disgusting oatmeal, playing with her siblings, getting carsick on long car trips...

She's known for being the "popular girl", and being the one who's known for her writing and drawings, but she's bored with her life... she wants more. So, when her teenage sister, Brianna, is trying to find a job, she sees the flier for TDI. She signs up, not letting her worrywart mother know, bcause she knew she would go crazy.

And on one extremely horrible day, loaded with sprained ankles, backstabbing boyfriends, emotional friends, and password hackers, Yurie recieved a letter from the TDI producers, saying she had been chosen. Yurie couldn't believe it, and snuck off in the middle of the night, dricing in her sunshine-yellow Beemer.

She wrote a letter to her fammily on the way there, explaining that she was sorry she had lied and that they should wait for her. She told a friend to pass it on to them when they thought it was time... and they passed it on as soon as possible.

Yurie can make friends with anyone, and that's what she does all the time. Being on Total Drama Island has changed her life, and she's grateful for that. She's developed a cruch on Duncan, and she's finally found a cute guy!


Message me if I won, thanks!

Pic: It's by Sonicluver101... I might post a pic of my character TDI style if its needed ^^

Soz about the typos ^^
 Name: Rebecca Amelia Kiyurie Chan *Yurie* Age: 16 Skin: Pale-ish pic, peach Eye color: Blue Hair: