Total Drama Island I dont like Aftermath's, anda do?

GwenFanxxxx posted on Apr 24, 2011 at 06:41PM
the aftermath bridgette and most geoff are so harsh! but if bridgette on tdwt on the aftermath then they are nice!
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hampir setahun yang lalu Nananana said…
tongue you're saying..because Trent chose not to be miserable. Because he chose to hang out with his friends. He's evil. Ohhh yeah,that makes so much sense.
Don't take into the matter that when Gwen's favorite necklace was going to fall into a drain and be lost forever,he saved it.
Don't consider the fact that he wrote a song for her,called her beautiful,and really,really loved her.
No,no that doesn't count for annnnnything.
Sure,he was weird..a bit off. But can you tell me one time he was ever a total douche?
hampir setahun yang lalu TDIlover4ever said…
Um, what the heck did Trent ever do to you or ANYONE? I can't remember one time when he was mean to anyone!

Oh, yeah, a guy who's really sweet, always nice to everyone, is evil. That makes PERFECT sense. -.-
And why make such a big deal? IT'S A CARTOON!!! -.-
hampir setahun yang lalu Nananana said…
You say 'imagine'. You see,that didn't happen. And when Trent says that, he really likes Gwen,and he just doesn't want to be lied to about her liking him back. He changes his mood in a matter of seconds.
hampir setahun yang lalu Nananana said…
I just explained that...?
hampir setahun yang lalu TDIlover4ever said…
I seriously hate this Trent and Alejandro counterpart crap..their not alike, Trent's really sweet and he hasn't manipulated anyone, Alejandro isn't really that nice to anyone (when he isn't pretending)..

And I don't think Beth and Sierra would be counterparts either, Sierra's to hyper, Beth really isn't. Sierra's obsessed with Cody, Beth isn't. I think Sierra and Izzy would be counterparts instead.

I don't like Blaineley and Justin as counterparts either, Blainely is more like Chris to me, so I think they would be counterparts.

(And just because you think Trent should be getting people eliminated or whatever, doesn't mean he's like Alejandro. I honestly can't think of one think that makes them alike.)
hampir setahun yang lalu GwenFanxxxx said…
icekid1994 @ about it no big deal and what i always said by DXCXG its sa cartoon and i have to say that to myself to
hampir setahun yang lalu gwuncanfan said…
Errr... Trent? Being a douche?

I know he's a little clingy...

But a douche? Hell no. I love Trent! He's so sweet and cool. :)
That Trent is Alejandro's counterpart thing is pure bull shit.

Since when is Trent anything like Alejandro? He's not manipulative, he's not a player, he's NEVER mean to ANYONE. How in the hell could Trent be Al's counterpart?

And with Trent threatening to rearrange Cody's face?! YOU THINK THAT'S MEAN?! Really?! He just didn't want Cody to lie to him about Gwen liking him and all!! And remember, he wasn't the timid Trent we've known for the past two seasons. He was more out going and he spoke his mind. Now he's kinda shy.

All together, I agree with GwenFanxxxx, TDIlover4ever, and Nananana.

Wait, how in the hell did we get to start talking about Trent?! This question is about the aftermaths! Gah!

Well, I like the aftermaths, I guess, but I think they should replace Geoff. I mean, seriously? When it comes to the aftermaths, Geoff is the douche. He made people sit in an electric lie detector chair (or was that Chris...), he almost made Gwen dive in a piranha infested pool of water (WTF?!), started the DxGxC love triangle (Thank you and screw you, Geoff), pretty much dropped an anvil on a couple of people, made fun of Blaineley in front of the entire viewing audience (idk what's wrong about that though...), made Gwen squirm when he was talking about her liking Duncan, and so many other things.

Bridgette and Gwen, or Bridgette and Beth, or Bridgette and LeShawna, or even Bridgette and Katie and SADIE should run the aftermath instead of Bridgette and Geoff.
hampir setahun yang lalu GwenFanxxxx said…
^thnx for the comment and i agree
hampir setahun yang lalu dxcfan said…
I think all the contestands are bipolar
hampir setahun yang lalu HoldsteinSingh said…
I agree.
hampir setahun yang lalu SimVampire200 said…
aftermaths are boring, what happened to playa de losers?
SpongeTib97 commented…
The Aftermath began at "Total Drama Action" and was discontinued after "Total Drama World Tour" was over. hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu KimberBentonFan said…
The only thing I don't like about AFTERMATHS is that some of everyone's favorite contestants [such as Cody (in Season Two) and Trent (in Season Three)] get sidelined. To make it more IRONIC, Trent was sidelined from the season he would've been useful in.
hampir setahun yang lalu Bridgetterocks said…
I love them!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu Brickleberry said…
The main reason why a random person brought up the Alejandro-Trent counterpart comparison (which is bull), is because he thought that everything would be awesome if Al and Trent were the same guy. First, he gets eliminated through Heather's nasty trick, and later on Alejandro (who he believes is "New Trent") gets even with Heather, by taking her invincibility, getting her eliminated. This was why the original guy thought that Alejandro was based on Trent.

In reality, they are NOT counterparts, because Trent is his own man: kind, sweet, and caring. Alejandro is just a jerk, who manipulates ladies to get his own way.
 The main reason why a Rawak person brought up the Alejandro-Trent counterpart comparison (which is b
hampir setahun yang lalu SpongeTib97 said…
I really like Total Drama.I watched "Total Drama Island" along with the 1949 Disney version of "Wind in the Willows" when I was only a teenager growing up.I've been studingevery character including Moley and Heather 24/7 and I knew how to draw them in my style;)
hampir setahun yang lalu FangirlDoesThis said…