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Ezekiel Pics.
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This Total Drama Island foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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Noah Eeeeehhhhh I have a tarikh I have a date
Heather *Puts finger over Noahs mouth*Shhh we cant let no one know
Noah .........
Heather Um wanna help me pick my dress?
Noah *Has Phone On Speaker Mom Starts Blabbing*
Mom "Noah dont forget to brush your teeth anda know the rule"
Noah Ha ha Sure
Heather Lets go *Drags Noahs hand*
Noah *Blushs*
Heather *Brings Noah To Dressing Room* Noah ive known anda for a long long time and ive always thought anda were like a no-it-all *Kisses Noah On The Cheek*
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