My P.O.V
This is based off of a photo! A really awesome one! I'll add it l8r!

Courtneys P.O.V
Today I walked into work and when I passed my boss Ashely she just looked at me and chuckled.
Ashely and I are BFF amd we Cinta to pull pranks on each other! I wonder what she was up to!
I just ignored her and walked into my office in downtown NYC! I had to work extra hard if I was going to be done with my work in time for lunch! Then I had to go and meet my bf Josh at Julio's!
So I start working shortly after I get a phone call.
*picks up the phone*
Me: Hello?
Ashely: hei Court anda have a new case anda have to meet them at the art museum at 12.
Me: Ok I guess i'll have to batal with Josh! Bye Ash!
Ashley:Bye *giggles*

*At noon*
I walk outside and catch a taxi all the way to the art museum. I get a text from Ashely on my PDA saying go upststairs and wait close to the stairs!
When I get upstairs I get a call from my part timer Micheal!

Me: Dont worrie Micheal when im done with these people they wont see what was coming!
Micheal: Ok i'll see anda tommorow!

*hangs up*
Just as I hang up I hear someone behind me say.....
Oh noo oh noo! Not now im totally fine without him! In fact I havent thought of him in like forever! I'd rather be hit sejak a million mi. per jam train!

Duncan: Oh wow this is just to good! It is you!
*he picks me up and hugs me*
*I kick him in the kiwi's*
Duncan:You always go for the "Kiwi's"!

Duncan's P.O.V
Hey...I was glad to see her dont get me wrong!
But she proabky still hated me for the Gwen thing!
Chris totally took that tape and messed with it she kissed me! I thin of her as like a sister!
Of course I never spoke to her again!

Courtney: ont worrie anda wont seeme for long....I know anda so this case is emotionally compromised.
Duncan: No princess I want anda on my case it means I get to spend lebih time with we did in Playa De Losers!
Courtney:That was a one time thig and I will NEVER do that with anda again! Bye Duncan I have to go to lunch!
Duncan:Ok bye! *if she thinks im gonna let her go so easily she wrong*

As soon as she leaves I follow her taxi to a fancy apartment building were she goes up to her penthouse suite........she'll be back!

Courtney's P.O.V
I ran as quickly as my feet could carry me to my penthouse sweet! If I changed quick enough I could change and get to Julio's on time!
I got dressed in a black dress and black heels and ran back out.
Pretty soon I was walking inside Julio's........

Duncan's P.O.V
I followed her to a resteraunt were she was meeting some guy.

Was the her bf?
No it couldn't be it has to be a friend!
When did Courtney get friends?
Ok it was a boy friend and I was about to do something about it!
I went to her penthouse picked the lock and sprinkled rose petals all over the floor leading to her katil were I put her kegemaran chocolates and the latest CD to her kegemaran band Green Day!
I quickly left a note that berkata meet me at Central Park in our special spot.....

Courtney's P.O.V
I went utama and saw the stuff! I knew Josh had no idea about my kegemaran stuff so it was.......Duncan!
I went to Central Park and walked to the BIG ceri, cherry blossom tree........there I saw.....
a big envolope inside a paper read:

I never forgot you......
Ever hari I thought about you....
Chris messed with the tape to mak it looked like I kissed Gwen...........
She kissed me........
I could never face anda again..........
I should have told you.......
I'll make it up to anda meetme tommorow at La Bella's!

From that moment one I knew what to do.......

(I left it a cliff hanger so anda can decide what would happen next....comment)