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posted by TDIs-Courtney
 Me and Duncan on are last tarikh together.
Me and Duncan on are last Date together.
One night me and Duncan went to the forest together then Duncan found a spot on the ground and layed down then he patted his stomach for me to come over there and lay with him. After I layed on bahagian, atas of him we started talking about the stars in the night sky and about each other it was a perfect night for us. Me and Duncan were spending as much time as anda could together before Duncan had to go on TDA and tonight was are last night together and I wanted it to last forever. Then me and Duncan started Ciuman for 13 minit then we fell asleep in the position. The seterusnya morning I woke up and Duncan...
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posted by HNismyfriend
 Duncan flips off a peminat <3
Duncan flips off a fan <3

* Duncan is one of the few campers to be seen in every episode (others being Owen, Gwen, and Heather) of Total Drama Island.
* Duncan is the sole surviving member from his team in the first two seasons. He is the only one to do so in the series.
* Duncan has competed the most out of all the characters in the series, the seterusnya ones being Owen, Lindsay, and LeShawna.
* Duncan likes using terms of endearment for the girls. Besides calling Courtney "princess," he's called Gwen and LeShawna "sweetheart" as well. He has also used the terms "dear," "honey," "darling," "babe," "hot stuff," "gorgeous,"...
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 Sofie :D
Sofie :D
I sat and waited for him to come back. I wanted to go with him, but whats better than just laying back here doing nothing? NOTHING!... But I did want to see him...

"Duncan!" I called walking around camp. I ran to the forest, figuring the challenge might have something to do with nature. "Anyone out here?" Still no response. "Guys?" I asked into nowhere. "G-Gwen?" Asked a small voice. "Um, no, Sofie." I replied. I gasped as I entered a clearing in the trees. "Oh, it's you." Cody said. He was covered in scum and garbage. "Um..." I said. "I blew up." He said. I nodded unsure. "Where's Duncan?"...
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posted by xcv_2013

Hey it is Brooke!! Last time my creator berkata that i was at a Makanan fight. Yes its true. Spikes, Duncan, & me were in a foodfight. At the fanciest resturant at town.
We were all there with my parents & brothers. We were all having a good time till I went "BBBUUURRRPPP" in front of everyone there. The whole resturant looked at me. I was blushing hard. Then Duncan started laughing & berkata "Well Brooke at least it came through the attic Not the basement." Spikes who was drinking water sprayed it all over me.
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 my sister sirra with cody
my sister sirra with cody
Stop berkata sierra Kenya looks at her and back at Duncan she walks toward Sierra hello sis berkata sierra hello sis berkata Kenya Duncan and the cast gasp yes im sierra sister and i see u with Cody berkata Kenya with a smile yea but Ezekiel is here too berkata sierra with a grin on her face Kenya turns to Ezekiel and smiles she runs up to him and Ciuman him all over she hugs the boy i cant breath berkata Ezekiel of course not silly i Cinta u and Cinta hurts berkata Kenya
He trys to get her off him the whole hari but its no use he gives up and wraps his arm around her waist she smiles and Ciuman him on the lips i Cinta u Ezekiel berkata Kenya with a shy smile i Cinta u too Kenya berkata Ezekiel with a smirk he tickles her all over ahh ahh stop it Ezekiel come on stop it berkata a laughing Kenya she smiles at Duncan and hugs him i Cinta u my friend berkata Kenya i Cinta u too berkata Duncan to be continue
 me and duncan as Friends
me and duncan as friends
posted by xcv_2013
hei yall its Brooke once again.
not much to say today. i have just been feeling depressed again. i have been going to juvenile regularly but its not much fun if my brother isn't there. I'm utama right now. my mom just talked to me. she could tell something was wrong.
she asked me if i was OK but i just berkata that i was sad. she just hugged me & berkata to not be sad that Duncan will be utama soon. i hope shes right.
i went to his old room & i just thought about all the trouble we would cause, the fun it was to mess with my brothers, etc.
i know i'm being self-fish but its true.
hahaha i just saw...
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We all turned to DJ when he spoke. "Sorry, for trippin', snakes just freak me out!" I whispered to Duncan, "I used to call them "Nakes"." He started cracking up in silence. "I here ya, chickens give me the creeps, dude." Tyler berkata to DJ. "Your afraid of CHICKENS?!" Gwen asked. "Wow, thats, thats really lame, man." Duncan snickered.

*Gwen confessional*

"So, suddenly everyone started having this big "share-fest" sejak the fire. Beth went ON AND ON about how her mortal fear is being covered sejak bugs, Harold's afraid of ninjas, even Heather admitted she's afraid of sumo wrestlers!"

*End of confessional*...
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posted by tdifan23
 this is the picture of Adam lambert juliet had in her pocket
this is the picture of Adam lambert juliet had in her pocket
" So,Duncan is dating Courtney Williams, head cheerleader for the Vega High Vampires?" Juliet asked Stacey. "Yeah. Gwen told me that they started dating 5 months ago." Stacey said. They stopped talking and pulled out their ipods. Stacey started listening to 30 saat to Mars "The Kill". Juliet started listening to Adam Lambert "For your entertainment". They finally arrived at Vega High. They saw Duncan sitting on the steps of the school. He saw them and smiled at Juliet. He went up to her and said," You're fifteen minit early" He berkata as she pulled the headphones out your ears. "Watcha listening...
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posted by xXBloodPaperXx
Also, before every chapter, I will write Petikan that inspired me to write that specific chapter :3

The official note of officialness, which is very official:

This is a completely AU story, in which the TD cast go to the same high school, and they're in the junior tahun :D

I don't own Total Drama. If I did, there would be no drama ^.^

Quote of the chapter: When you're gone, the pieces of my hati, tengah-tengah are missing you, Avril Lavigne, 'When you're gone'

Please, enjoy! :D

Gwen's P.O.V

I sat down in the cafeteria, seterusnya to my friends. Bridgette and Geoff were making out, as usual, Leshawna and DJ were talking...
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 I'v been painted! (Image credit: Flo_and_Trent)
I'v been painted! (Image credit: Flo_and_Trent)
We all walked back to the camp site the Killer bass had set up. I was till a bit shaken but I didn't let the others see my fear. "Sofie!" Bridgette ran up to me. "You Ok?" she asked. I nodded. "Fine." I said. I ran inside the tent and came out minit later wearing my PJ's. Everyone stared at me. "What? Just because anda guys choose to sleep in your dirty clothes doesn't mean I have to!" I berkata laughing. They all looked at each other and a few of them changed also.

We all sat in silence around the camp api, kebakaran warming ourselves. Everything was quiet except the crackling of the fire. I looked around...
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posted by Supernatural67
 Duncan wallpaper.
Duncan wallpaper.
When I first saw an episode of Total Drama Island, instantly I knew that Duncan was my kegemaran character. He's the bad boy on the episode, and a valuable member to the team. He's been in juvie lebih times that he's been to school and came from a family of police officers. Duncan was always the rebel of the family, and the only reason he signed up for Total Drama Island was to get out of lebih juvie. Even though he always trys to be bad, he is really a good person underneath his bad boy attitude.

Duncan was always clashing with Courtney, until they got close. He was constantly pranking Harold...
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I walked sadly into my kabin and lay on my bed, face to the ceiling. My tears slowly slid down out of the corners of my eyes but I stayed silent. "...Are anda Ok?" I heard a voice from somewhere in the cabin. As I last recalled, I was the only one at camp at the moment besides Chef. I froze and gradually stepped off my bed. "...Hello?" I asked into nowhere. I heard raspy breathing and got onto my hands an knees. "Hello?" I repeated. I arched my body and stared into the darkness under my bed. A face stared back. "Hi." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I jumped up and smashed against the kabin wall....
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 my looks, told u i was gonna use anime, its lucy from elfen lied
my looks, told u i was gonna use anime, its lucy from elfen lied
btw longest fukin tajuk ever!!!!! lol, i will maybe menyeberang, cross over some anime!!!

name: Viktoriya
nickname(s): V, VV, Vik, Vikki, Viki, Tori, Vikki Vanity 'thats where vv comes from'
age: 16 'Uh DUH!!!'
hair: pink/red
eyes: pink/red
tdi siblings: Izzy (half sister share mom) gwen (half sister share dad) (we dont know were siblings
looks: nyuu and lucy, (the two pics i used)
'the girl in the pics is my older sister, lucy (top pic), and nyuu, her perpecahan, berpecah personality, (bottom pic) i am not copying off anyone on perpose, the girl in the pics, her real name is lucy, and her perpecahan, berpecah side, nyuu they are from elfen lied....'

srry i didnt leave anda with much.....
 this is nyuu, lucy's perpecahan, berpecah personality from elfen lied
this is nyuu, lucy's split personality from elfen lied
 i couldn't find a pic of Courtney blushing so i improvised XD
i couldn't find a pic of Courtney blushing so i improvised XD
"What the heck... oh no!Duck!" Duncan grabbed my hand and pulled me down. In the brief moment he touched my hand,my cheeks burned bright red."What's wrong?" I asked Duncan as he pulled me along the floor."Well the police are after us... and we're running and hiding for our lives." he berkata cooly. "What?!?" i screamed and he clamped his hand over my mouth."Shut up!" he whisper-screamed at me.By now we were in the hallway.He pointed to the closet and berkata "Sit down right there." I was confused and freaked out so i did as i was told.He sat down in front of me and leaned ke hadapan until our lips were only inches apart... "I anything happens to me... I just want to let anda know..." he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. "That I really like you." and stood up and berkata "Wait here don't leave until the police go. If I don't come back..." he turned and left.And I finally realized that I loved him...
 I had to put this funny pic on here! It's too funny!!!!!
I had to put this funny pic on here! It's too funny!!!!!
Well, camp api, kebakaran ceremony time. We all Kucing our votes.

*Sofie confessional*

"HEE HEE!!!! EEEEEEE!!!! I'M DATING DUNCAN!!!!!! In yo face Porcia! Look at me now Andrea, anda spoiled brats!! I'm dating a Bad Boy and all anda guys have are those dorks anda call men at Parkside! HAHAHAAA!!!! >:D.... Wait, what were we talking about?..... Oh right! Voting some one off. =^^= Well, I choose either Katie atau Sadie. Sorry girls, but ya made us loose."

*Duncan confessional*

"HA! Take THAT anda nerds at Berneson School! I told anda I could get a girl!! *evil laughter* ... wait, why am I here...? Oh right! I choose...
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posted by Lolly4me2
 The way I see it, if anda want the rainbow, anda have to put up with the rain
The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain
*SPLASH* I looked all around me to make sure all of my body parts were intact. A huge grin spread across my face. "WOO! VITORY!!!" I screamed. Throwing my hands up into the air. I looked on to pantai to see everyone staring at me, mouths wide open. "What?" I asked confused. "I made it! Be happy!" I still was smiling. I looked down, in horror, to find what they were staring at. My bathing suit bahagian, atas was gone. "HOLY SH!T!!!!!" I yelled ducking under water. I poked my eyes back above to see what was happening. The girls, I could plainly see felt sorry for me. They scowled at the guys, then continued...
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(at courtney's house hanging out. her parents aren't there because her aunt got sick and she was at duncan's before. she lied to her parents saying that she was on a club trip so she could go) "So... Princess," Duncan started. "So... Delinquent," she teased. "What's up?" he asked. (she's cuddling him) "Not much, why?" she replied. "Just wondering," he grinned. "What's up with you, Duncan?""Letting anda snuggle me; why do anda ask?" he chuckled. "Just checking," she shook her head. Duncan laughed. "Why are we talking like this?" he asked, still laughing. "'Cause we're in love," she smiled.
continue reading... bro's fanspot sure has grown huh? Kinda how I've grown...
hei everyone. If anda remember me, I Cinta anda guys. Thanks for not forgetting me...
The rest of anda guys who have just met me, I'm not going to go through everything again. I left behind my crime. Especially after I won the court case with Duncan and Spike last time.
I guess anda could say I'm a good girl gone bad but got good again.
I don't talk to him anymore...not Duncan. He's changed....he's....not my bro.
I have to go...I'll try to come back soon. I Cinta anda all....
 How many Anime Sofie look-alikes do I have, anda ask? Well...
How many anime Sofie look-alikes do I have, you ask? Well...
"Wait, lets, uh, just go back to camp. I'm over it." I sighed and got up. I knew he was going to say he liked me... DJ told me the same thing. I like most of the boys here as friends, and I hate to hurt them and tell them I don't fell the same way... it would brake their fragile hearts.

The 60 saat walk back to camp made me think of a stunt that would get Courtney mad...*evil laugh*... When I arrived,I jumped out of the bushes and screamed, "EVERYONE! I'M BACK!" They all looked at me. I knew that they didn't expect me to be back so soon. I looked at Duncan. I jogged over to him and sat on...
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posted by xcv_2013
hei yall whats new? its brooke!!! i got my brothers IM & have been messeaging him.
Heres what happened.
Juvenile Girl: hei wats up bro?
Juvi Dude: nuthin much. just freakin out.
Juvenile Girl: why?
Juvi Dude: courtney's B-Day is coming up & i dont no what to give her.
Juvenile Girl: is there someone there with u?
Juvi Dude: no
Juvenile Girl: Sing 2 her
Juvi Dude: NO WAY!!!
Juvenile Girl: WHY?!?! we both no u can sing good!!!
Juvi Dude: But what schould I sing?
Juvenile Girl: For the Night's I can't Remember
Juvi Dude: but what do i give her?
Juvenile Girl: If u record it i'll send u a skull kalung with a crown.
Juvi Dude: Please do. gotta go princess coming
Juvenile Girl: BYE!!!

Will Duncan take my advice?
Come back seterusnya time to find out
well i hope u enjoy theses pics i have