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(at courtney's house hanging out. her parents aren't there because her aunt got sick and she was at duncan's before. she lied to her parents saying that she was on a club trip so she could go) "So... Princess," Duncan started. "So... Delinquent," she teased. "What's up?" he asked. (she's cuddling him) "Not much, why?" she replied. "Just wondering," he grinned. "What's up with you, Duncan?""Letting anda snuggle me; why do anda ask?" he chuckled. "Just checking," she shook her head. Duncan laughed. "Why are we talking like this?" he asked, still laughing. "'Cause we're in love," she smiled.
(this is on page 94) "So anda like me because I'm a criminal?" he asked. "Not only that. You're smart, funny, cute, and anda know how to get on my good side," she explained.
"You think I'm smart?" he asked surprised. "Yeah, why?" she answered. "Don't anda think so?" "Well of course, but i didnt think anda did because I never make the right choice. Plus, I skip school everyday; that is, when I'm not in Juvy Hall. I'm surprised I haven't been held back yet," he said. "Oh. Well... that's sort of true, i guess, but you're no fool, Duncan," she complimented. "Uh... okay, thanks," he said. "Yep," she replied.
(page 102(courtney's hugging him) Duncan cleared his throat and hugged back. "Yeah, well..." he berkata akwardly. "I'm gonna miss you," she said. "You too, Courtney," he replied. "Hey, wow. anda actually called me sejak my real name," she let go and folded her arms. "You'll always still be a princess, Princess," he also folded his arms. "Hey, you're a juvy to me but I don't always call anda 'juvy' now do I?" she asked. "I wouldn't mind if anda did; I'm proud that I'm juvenile," he winked.
"Speaking of juveniles, when do anda go back to Juvy Hall?" Courtney asked. "You signed up for TDI just to have a reason to leave." "I don't know... I think I'm on like 'probation' atau something. But Juvy doesn't really matter. I either wait in my hideout until they call off the cari party, atau escape if they do get me; which is unlikely," he explained. "I'm practically wanted." "Wow. anda are such a criminal," she commented. "And proud of it," he pointed at her. She rolled her eyes. "Whatever."
(page 152)in duncans car) "Are your parents already at your house?" Courtney asked. "No. They work nights Wednesday through Saturday(don't 4get they are all police officers)"
I was sitting seterusnya to Brigdette on a wooden stump when she said, "I'll go check on Sadie." She got up and walked away toward the dock. 1 minit later Sadie and her were back, and Sadie was holding a piece of the dock. I looked at Bridgette and she looked back. She must have known what my stare meant because she replied, "It was a long good-bye." I nodded and wrapped my arms around my knees. Suddenly we all saw the Gophers walk up to us smiling. A burning feeling came on the inside of my stomach and I wanted to run up and punch one of those jerks! How DARE they come and see us! Courtney stood...
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WIERD SONG I MADE UP IN THE pancuran, pancuran mandian ABOUT TDI

I woke up and who did I see?
Look it's chris and he's pointing at me!

I turned my head to the right and who did I see?
Look it's Duncan and he's cursing at me!

I looked to the left and who did I see?
Look it's Courtney and she's frowning at me!

I turned around and look who's there?
Look it's Heather and she's playing with lindsey's hair!

Look it's Bridgette and Geoff!
And they're makin out!

And Chef sudah-sudah, hatchet is cookin trout!
posted by xcv_2013
hei Brooke aka Baby B here. I'm gonna continue the court case.

So it turneds out that the lawyer opposed Duncan & Spikes was the lawyer we were gonna use for our side. the 20 tahun old that wanted to go out with me, a 15 tahun old. Mr. Thomas Gibbson. I saw that Duncan & Spikes were furious. Mr. Gibbson just smiled evily & said, "Prepare to go back to the prison where anda belong." I jumped up, but Courtney held me back.
Then the judge entered. "OK the case of The city of Dallas VS. Spencer Garcia,Duncan Payne, & Brooke Payne is now being called to order." Then as we all sat, the...
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I opened my eyes and was staring into the face of Robert Pattinson. "Rob!?" I tried to scream. He laughed and got up. "No, I'm the Fridge Goblin!" He berkata trying to attack me. I laughed and was glad that he was here. Ever since Robert came he's been nothing but nice to everyone.... he's like the older brother I always wish I had. Lucy climbed out of a bush. "Gotcha!" She said. I rolled my eyes. "You guys, I gotta go!" I berkata turn around. When I did, I saw only the tops of the heads of my team ahead of me. "No!" I shouted starting to run. But there was no use. They were extremely far away, now....
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Soon we all grabbed blankets and hopped into the tent to sleep. I laid seterusnya to Duncan and watched him sleep. Most of us were awake, but yet his eyes stayed closed. I put my hand on him and smiled. It sent a tingle down my arm to feel him.... a good feeling...
And that night, looking up at the shining stars outside of the tent, I had a strange dream...
I was awoken sejak DJ. He was shaking me awake. I saw the morning dawn approaching over the horizon. "Sofie?" DJ asked. I blinked my eyes a few times. "Wha?" I yawned. "You know anda sing in your sleep?" He asked me. "What!?" I berkata sitting up....
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I made my way back into the woods and sat on a log a few 10 ft from the camp. I heard footsteps run after me and I scowled. "I don't want anda here!" I screamed. "Fine, I'll leave. GOSH." berkata I voice. I turned around and saw Harold. "Harold!!" I yelled glomping him. "What??" He asked in the same tone as me. "Nothing. I'm just glad your here." I mumbled in his baju with out looking up. "Ok. Do anda want to talk, Sofie?" He asked sitting on the log. I did too once again, and sighed, "Yeah." He smiled. "You know anda can always talk to me." He put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder....
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May 24
dear diary,
today the class started studying about the easter island heads,so we went on a field trip to a museum. Mr.mclean,our teacher, made the wackyest partners ever! it was heather and gwen,trent and owen,and me and duncan. since most of the people were absent the class was pretty the museum, i sorta tripped and fell on duncan,and kinda kissed him.of course i didnt like it but...


We were finally at the museum!I was walking alongside duncan at a display of leonardo davinchi's best work."this must not be the kind of thing anda really like,rite?" i asked...
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posted by xcv_2013
NOTE: I did recieve full permission from the creator of Sofie to use her charecter on my story.

Hey its Brooke. I was at the court & well, a lot of stuff happened.
Courtney & me arrived at the court room early. We were wearing some bussiness suits. "They make anda look lebih professional." Courtney said. We went in & saw Duncan & Spikes. I haven't seen them atau spoke to them in about a week. They looked so skinny & weak. "Duncan!!! Spikes!!!" I yelled & ran towards them. A guard came between us three. "Please!!! He's my brother!!!" I said. He looked at me then went back....
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I'm crying in the corner.
anda can't see me Duncan?
Open your eyes.
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
anda berkata anda always be there.
anda lied.
I know.
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
At night, when your asleep.
My sobs are muffled.
This feelings still here?
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
Now I know anda noticed.
Did anda do anything about it?
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
My sad, sad corner.
My sorrow corner.
My katil has not been made.
Courtney's taken over.


I'm crying in the corner.
I try to get up,
But my body aches.
My hati, tengah-tengah breaks.
Courtney's taken over...
And anda let her...

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posted by TDIfangirl
To The Payne Residence,[/i[
[i]We're sad to say Audrey, Annabella, and Otto Payne have perished in a terrible accident. Micheal and Maddilyn Payne were also in the accidnent, but were not injured.

"Mom...Dad...Ann, Audrey.."
I couldn't menanggung, bear saying Uncle Otto's name. It's always the same thing, someone in my family dies all the time. I can't take it anymore! Why can't someone just admit it: Our family's cursed! It won't be long until everyone else dies too.

"Duncan? We're home." Mom comes in. "That's a surprise." I mutter.
"Why do anda say that, honey? We're fine."
"That's not what I saw in...
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"No, wait!" Katie berkata and ran to catch up with me. "We didn't mean to get personal!" Sadie screamed and ran to Katie. "I-I-Just... I need to be alone!" I shouted with water dripping down my cheeks again. (I'm sorry that I cry so much. I'm very dramatic) "Ok, fine, we'll just walk." Katie said.

*Duncan's POV (Point of view)*
"Sofie!" I shouted as we kept walking. DJ turned around. "What are shouting about?" He asked. "Sofie's gone." I sighed. "What do anda mean, "gone"?" DJ berkata looking around. "I mean she's not here anymore! I checked everywhere! I tried to STOP and look for her, but miss "CIT"...
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hei its Brooke. Well, if anda read the last story, anda know sejak now that Duncan & Spikes fired our lawer for hitting on me too much. I even got to met Spikes cousin & little sister. Well, after the perverted Mr. Thomas Gibbson left, I knew that we had a problem. Now who would be they're lawer?
"Guys! anda still need a lawer! Who would be your lawer on short notice?" I asked suddenly.
They all looked stunned. They needed a lawer & no one could do it. Who could it be?
"How about her?" asked Jackie. pointing to Courtney.
"Who me?" asked Courtney.
"Nah, the mop. Of course you!" I said. "Yeah!...
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hei its Brooke here to continue the story.

So like I said, Mr. Gibbson kissed my hand making Spikes ticked off, but that was nothing compared to Duncan's reaction.
"HEY!!! HEY!!! BUDDY!!! NO WAY!!!! DON'T DO THAT TO MY SISTER!!" Duncan yelled & got between me & Thomas.
"Well, I beg your pardon but I am trying to greet a lady properly." then he turned to Spikes." And don't say that she's your girl. She is not in the ownership of anda Spencer." then he held my hand & was gonna Ciuman it again till I snached it away, "Um, they do have a point Mr. Gibbson." I said.
"Oh no. Please call me Thomas."...
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 Sofie :D
Sofie :D
I started cracking up! "HAHHAA anda guys! HAHAAA!!!" I rolled on the ground like an idiot, then got up and shoved lebih blueberries in my mouth. katie and Sadie still stared at me. "What's that look on your faces? Oh never mind. Lets go find the team." I berkata and tried to lead the way.

We were still walking as the sun began to set. "Sofie!" Sadie whined. "Its been HOURS! Where ARE they?" "HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW!?" I screamed. Her mouth dropped open. I heard Katie whisper to Sadie, "she berkata a cuss word." I rolled my eyes and kept walking. Somehow, I felt woozy. I hadn't since I don't know...
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We all took our team's maps and headed out to the woods. On the way there, I heard Katie and Sadie, "Omigosh! Sadie look! Blueberries!" Katie exclaimed crouching near the Buah bush. I gasped and turned around. "I Cinta Cinta Cinta Blueberries!" I squealed. Sadie and Katie smiled at me, then each other.

Soon we were stuffing our faces with the blue Buah as it's jus dripped onto our clothes. When we were finished eating I looked around. Our team was gone. "Um, Katie, Sadie?" They didn't hear me they were having a conversation about JUSTIN. *rolls eyes* "Did anda see his ABS?" Katie asked. "Did anda see his hair?" Sadie asked. "DID anda SEE DUNCAN'S BUTT?!" I squealed, smiling sarcastically. Katie and Sadie gasped, frowned, and then looked at me. Their jaws dropped open. I raised an eyebrow and looked at them, smiling. "Kidding!" I laughed. They still stared blankly at me.
hei its Brooke continueing the story of the crime.

So the seterusnya hari after I called Courtney I went over to the jail to go tell Duncan & Spikes the good news! They were going to be so proud! They were going to...
"WHAT THE HELL? WHAT DID anda DO?" yelled Duncan at me.
"What's wrong? anda don't want to see Courtney?" I asked confused.
He looked at angkasa & said,"Of course I want to see her. I miss her. I haven't seen her pretty eyes & her pretty face..." he got silent as Spikes & me just looked at him. I was trying my hardest not to bust out laughing.
"Oh. Did I say that aloud?" he asked...
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Sorry about the Rawak scream. I'm just so psyched! IT'S SUMMER VACATION!!!! Summer is the most awesome time of the year. anda get to have cookouts, pool parties, and spend hours at nightclubs(Well, that's what my cousin does)! Seriously.

DJ and I were riding our bikes around the cul-de-sac sejak his house(OKAY, the bike I was riding is Harold's; I mencuri it from him last night)when his mom's car rode up. "Devon Joseph, let's go! We gotta be at the airport at 7!" She said. "Oh, hi, Ryan!" I...
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IDIOT! I screamed in my head looking at Duncan. HE SPILLED THE BEANS!!! Then I saw Heather speak. "Duncan, I'm sure we would all Cinta to listen about how to slept in the woods with Sofie, but PLEASE, go put some clothes on!" She berkata pointing toward the bass cabin. I giggled as he passed by. His shoulders shrugged and he looked like he wanted to wring my neck. I turned my attention back to Chris and continued to listen. He told us today we will go camping. "*gasp* I Cinta camping!" I exclaimed jumping out of my seat. I was SO excited!!! :D I turned around and screamed to the bass cabin, "HEY DUNCAN! WE'RE GOING CAMPING!" I heard loud obnoxious groans and, "BUT I HATE THE DAMN FOREST!!!"
May 24

Dear Diary,

Ok so my mom made me get a diary.I mean,COME ON!A diary!?!Now to tell anda what i really wanted to tell you,stupid diary,I met this guy,Duncan,on my first hari at a new school.Hes in all my classes and it seems to me that hes vowed to drive me crazy!OHH!Hes horrible!


Dear Rawak piece of paper im Penulisan on,

today this uptight chickmoved to our school.It was horrible!She kept on telling everyone that she was a friggin C.I.T !Nobody cares!And shes in all my classes!But she is hott...

see u in hell,

(Courtney point of view)

I clutched my buku tightly...
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[[sorry I haven't been Penulisan in a while! Well, here anda go!]]

After thinking of my poem, I wrote it down in my memory. Never to forget...
Tears slowly slid down my cheeks and I covered my face with my hands to silence my cries. "Hey, it'll be alright." I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Duncan's warm smile. My whole body ached again. "What?" Was all I could say. "You ran off before anda could tell me what anda were gonna say... I couldn't find anda until now. Your fast." He berkata and grabbed my hand. My stomach fluttered. "Y-yeah." Water formed in my eyes again. I smashed...
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