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Total Drama Revenge of the Island (TDROTI) Soalan

Original Contestant Contest

Who cans make their own contestant? I'll announce the best 10.
I'll make mine as an example.
Name: Lucas
Appearance: Thin, skinny, blue clothing, Tenis shoes, brown eyes, blue dyed hair.
Personality: Scared, shy, smart, self-degrading, alone.
Friends: B, Mike, Zoey
Close Friends: None
Rivals: Brick, Jo
Enemies: Scott
Crush: Dawn
Likes: Peace, quiet, animals, and rest.
Dislikes: Talking, meeting people, poachers.
Fears: Social situations
Embarrassing fact: Only friend before joining is a scarab named Monet.
 OmegaFan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Total Drama Revenge of the Island (TDROTI) Jawapan

thegothchick said:
I'll make one
Appearance:pale,black eyes,black and green hair/long
Outfit:blue shorts,green tank top,black short sleeve cote,black combat boots
Friends:Duncan Gwen Courtney Cody Bridgette
Close friends:Bridgette
Enemies:Heather Alejandro
Family: twin sisters mom dad uncle grandfather
Deepest fear:bees
Talent:sketching sword throwing carving objects breakin stuff
Pets:snake "rattlers" frog "jumps"
Embarrassing fact:when she was 8 she threw up on the mall Santa
Personality:goth mean not afraid to stand up for herself
Dislikes:skirts merah jambu anything high heels
Likes:to carve to draw
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
mbanefotobechuk said:
Name: Jake
Greatest fear: Snakes
Crush: Anne Maria
Friends: Mike, Zoey, Sam, Dawn
Rivals: Lightning
Appearance: Scotts height, fair, brown hair, green shirt, black shorts, green canvas and black eyes
closest friends: Sam
Enemies:Scott and jo
hobbies: listening to Muzik and flirting
Dark secret: He still wets the bed
Personality: Artistic, flirty, enduring, protective, outgoing and he hates secrets
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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