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Source: Picture from the Coolbluebox on YT. Edited sejak me on Picnik :)
total drama revenge of the island
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This Total Drama Revenge of the Island (TDROTI) foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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 Mikes Audision.
Mikes Audision.
I got this from the internet, and also i own NOTHING!
Mike first arrived to the island in the episode Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! on the yacht with Zoey, and automatically appears to be attracted to her, as does she. After Chris had blown up their ship, he nearly drowns due to Staci pulling him underwater to.
Mike using the confessional and stating Zoey as "super nice".save herself, but Zoey quickly acts and manages to save them both. After this, he is the first to use the Confession Cam and states that Zoey is "super nice" and wonders if a girl like her would go out with a guy like him and hopes...
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Cameron and Mike Friendship: hunger games one shot

Last night, I was on YouTube , and u saw rue's death from the hunger game movie( only read the books, haven't seen movie) and I was so touched, I cried half the night and thought of this.


Mike cautiously paced around the forest. Holding his bow tightly in his hands and his arrows safely hooked to his back. The tanned boy was looking around for his ally Cameron.

   Cameron was a small boy with dark brown skin and black hair. He wore glasses and was skinny and short. Mike knew that Cameron would be one of the first to die since his name...
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Hey. I thought it would be cool if I wrote my first Thanksgiving article. This one has all the characters and there's a twist. The twist is Mike and all of his personalities are, wait for it................ related. OK, now to the artikel
"Hurry up. I don't want to be late," exclaimed Mike. "OK, OK. I'm coming," replied Zoey. Mike And Zoey were headed off to Mike's parent's house for Thanksgiving this year. Mike was excited to see all of his relatives. "Ready?" asked Mike. "Yeah, I'm ready,". The two of them were headed off to the house...
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total drama revenge of the island
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Rawak Mike and Zoey One-Shot, because I Cinta them to bits!

Thanks for the great idea Lakec, sorry it's not 'romantic as possible,'.

Enjoy :)

One saat ago, I was sitting calmly in a catapult leaving Total Drama Revenge of the Island after being eliminated. Sitting in the rough, hard, brown catapult I could hear Chris talking in the background of my own very thoughts. The only thing that was running through my head was...

I was eliminated

I missed out on one million dollars.

I shook my head and stayed focused to what Chris was saying to the camera's. In one saat flat, Chris pulled down the handle...
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"Tear drops on my balance beam"
         Chapter 14

14 chapters already?! Dang! Anyway, I Cinta doing these! And I Cinta all of the people who continuously review and give me confidence (you know who anda are :D) now I only have 9 oneshots left until we get to the good parts! If anda think that's too much, then just tell me and I'll cut it down! On with the story!



Svetlana loved babies.

It was an unspeakable love. She loved their chubby cheeks. Their toothless smiles, and the way they squeak and coo is just too cute to pass by.

Whenever her an Manitoba watched TV,...
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Tear drops on my balance beam
       Chapter 13

One shot 6: Sick day

It's flu season once again. Everyone was getting sick, one way atau another. Vito had gotten a cold a few days ago,  And Svetlana's friend, Dakota had just gotten over a cold.

Svetlana was mostly immune to colds. She always lived in cold weather, so she always bundled up to make sure she wouldn't get sick, but this time, she caught something.

Achoo! Achoo! Aaaaaaachooooo!

The young girl sneezed repeatedly as she looked at her muffled reflection in the mirror. She groaned and rubbed her red eyes.

Svetlana had woken up feeling...
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Zoey was getting ready for a tarikh with Mike. He was taking her on a moonlight picnic. Zoey washes up, gets dressed in her kegemaran sun dress, then put on her make-up. She finish just before Mike got to her house. "Zoey, Mike's here" yelled Zoey's dad, who wasn't very fond of Mike until about tahun ago. anda see Mike has MPD( multiple personality disorder) and Zoey's dad didn't want Zoey dating some freak. But one hari Mike came over to visit Zoey and her dad saw him and started yelling at him, but Zoey's dad passed out. Mike then saved his life somehow and Zoey's dad liked him ever since. Zoey...
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 Mike and Zoey
Mike and Zoey
Here's my first Krismas story. I hope anda enjoy it. It's the Night before Christmas. Total Drama Revenge Of The Island style. In this story there will be no dialogue.
Twas the hari before Krismas and all through the house, everyone was stirring, even a mouse. Everyone was getting ready for Krismas Eve night. Cooking goodies and wrapping gifts. The Roger's family was exited for Krismas night. There was Mike, Zoey, Emma, and Peter. Zoey and Emma were cooking there special dinner, cheese and Chocolate fondue. While they...
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total drama revenge of the island
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Dawn and B, One-Shot.

Ok, I really Cinta this pairing! They’re so adorable! If you’re a Dott fan, please do not comment.
Takes place just after the challenges of ‘Ice Ice Baby,’

‘B? B! Where are you?’ Dawn yelled quietly. It was the evening and Dawn needed to find B urgently. Her team-mates wanted to vote him off that night and she needed to warn him. Dawn searched everywhere around the island, but had no luck. She couldn’t find him anywhere. Dawn quickly ran, dodging everything that stood in her path, but making sure to not scare any of the wildlife that lived in the forest. She...
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AnneMaria :
Type unicorn mane : puffy and purple coat: violet cutiemark : Hairspray can eyes : purple
B :
Type : unicorn mane : black kot : green cutiemark : a rinch eyes: blue
Brick (prince ) :
Type : anticorn mane black kot : green cutiemark : dog Tag eyes : red
Cameron :
Type earth mane red kot yellow cutiemark a book eyes glasses with brown
Dakota :
Type unicorn mane merah jambu kot merah jambu cutiemark camera eyes green
Dawn (1 of princess Jo's faithful students )
Type peagus mane blonde kot green cutiemark a leaf eyes blue
Jo ( princess ) :
Type anticorn/ zebra, kuda belang mane looks like Luna's kot dark...
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