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alicia386 posted on Jul 09, 2012 at 04:26AM
This information is mainly from a book I found on iTunes titled Write Good or Die. The man who wrote part of the book is named David J. Montgomery.

Some of you may or may not know this but some people have problems with POV (Point of View). What POV should they use for their novel? This can be a tricky thing to figure out but here are some useful information that might help with your decision. Now remember the POV must be chosen wisely or your whole story might be a big waste of time.

First Person POV- written from the POV of the narrator, in the "I" form. When used properly the first person is "a Glory" but alas it is usually now used properly. First person is popular with new or upcoming writers because they think that all you have to do in first person POV is just write like you are talking. WRONG! That is the problem. You aren't suppose to do that. This POV makes it easy for writers to make mistakes.It is usually wordy or rambling (just like stories we tell orally). This POV tends to rely on the sense of sight. Montgomery notes: It is not the writer's job to make the reader see waht is going on, but to make the reader feel what is going on. Here are some books that do the first person POV correctly: Rogue Make, Farewell to Arms, and The Great Gastby. If you do the first person POV you must have a good reason why this character is writing a story about their life. But if you can pull it off, then it will be brillant.

More POV to come.

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