True Writers Bind, Torture, but do not Kill

NormalcyIsDead posted on Jul 09, 2012 at 06:41AM
'Aight. Decided to post this up here in the forums, since it seems to get more feedback this way. This is a horror/angst/awkward romance, and I hope you guys enjoy it (but of you're squeamish at the thought of gore, torture, and hints of complete sadism, you many want to leave, with sanity intact. :D).

Don't forget to be awesome!

*note* the bold/italics in the first chapter is from the song 4-3-2-1 by Manafest.
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hampir setahun yang lalu NormalcyIsDead said…
"C'mon, Chels! The party starts at like, eight thirty, and it's like, way freakin' past the time we were supposed to leave!" my friend, Riley, yells. Somehow, she's convinced me to come to an end-of-the-year party, and I still can't find what to wear. What do you wear to a party like this? A skirt and nice shirt? Booty shorts and a tank top with the abnormally high heels Riley has so kindly lent me? Or maybe the full body diving suit that Mom uses on her trips to the beach. I'll even use the flippers. I'd be sure to make an impression in those.

Riley barges into my room while I'm trying to remember where we kept the diving mask. "Stop worrying about what you'll look like. Everyone will be too smashed to care about what you're wearing. Heck, you could wear a diving suit and they wouldn't notice. Now come on!" I try to hide my snicker at her comment. She unintentionally decides what I'm wearing for me by dragging me downstairs in what I'm wearing: A tank top with lightning designs on it, almost-skinny jeans, and my trusty purple Converse.

I hesitate. "I'm not sure I want to do this anymore," I mumble, thinking of all the things that could happen to me. I could humiliate myself, get drunk, take some pill that makes me forget everything, the police could show up-

"Nonsense. You are coming, and you are going to like it. Chelsea, you are freakin' sixteen, going on seventeen years old, and you haven't even had your first kiss. That's what parties like this are for: Find some eye-candy, get a little high, and have fun. And that is what you will do is it's the last thing I do. NO BUTS." By the time she's done with her speech, we're already outside where her F150 was parked.

"You memorized that, didn't you?"

"Word for word. Now get in."

It isn't long before we reach the house. It looks like most of the other houses on the block; two stories, average size lawn, a couple trees here and there. The only difference is the loud music blasting out the windows, and people in various stages of a drunken stupor hanging out on the front lawn. I'm already starting to regret coming.

We walk inside, and it turns out Riley's right: no one cares about what I'm wearing. As we walk down the hall and pass a few doors, I take note of how they're all too preoccupied with either grinding in the living room, where a guy I vaguely know plays DJ, sucking each other's faces in dark corners, or chugging what appears to be beer in the kitchen. Lovely.

I turn around and see that Riley's gone, and catch a glimpse of her disappearing into the crowd in the living room. I try to follow, but, of course, I get lost. I end up finding my way near the turntables, where afore-mentioned guy I barely know blasts out another song.

Can you put it up? Can you raise it up?

For the camera, bounce like you getting' crunk…

I'm in my zone right now, I'm in the groove right now,

I sing along with the song like wow…


Someone taps my shoulder. "Why aren't you dancing?" Oh, crap. Is it against party-going etiquette to not dance? Wonderful. Something Riley forgot to tell me about. I shrug in response. He grins and says not to go anywhere. It is a couple minutes before he returns with a plastic cup filled with punch.

We got disco balls in crystal halls

These singles rock your faces off

Lost in the moment: freeze it, hold it

Bounce one time for me now like you own it

I take a sip of the drink and almost spit it out. What the heck is in this? It burns down my throat. I try it again, and the burning recedes a little. I start taking bigger sips, and my head starts buzzing. But it's a good buzz.

The music seems a lot better now. This is like, my jam. Where'd that dude go? I need to ask him where I can get more of this punch. There's a table over there. With more punch! A whole bowl of it! Gimme the punch! Oh my gosh, this is so epic. Oh look, a dance floor. I want to dance! I want to…



Oh yeah. Wonderful punch. Sure tastes great now, doesn't it? Feels even better. Riley was right about that getting smashed. I chide myself as I walk down the street. It's an unbearably early hour in the morning, and I have a freakin' headache because an idiotic drunk tripped on me while I was in a nice slumber on the floor. Now you see why I don't go to parties.

A beam of light comes from somewhere behind me. It gives me a long shadow. I didn't know I was that tall. Why am I getting shorter? An engine sounds abnormally loud behind me, and it's getting even louder. Sure, why don't you run over me while blasting your engine right in my ear along with my headache?

Heck, I couldn't care less right now. It's not like there are some freaky dudes in that car who are going to jump out, tie me up with rope and knock me out with chloroform to take me-

Crap. I spoke…. too…soon….





"Alright, new batch coming in a couple weeks, five chosen, two male, three female. Who wants them?"

The men looked up as one male passed out photos of the newest victims. No information given, just a photo to judge if and how long they would last. They started mumbling to each other.

"I'd tap that."

"She's got some nice muscle on her."

"He'll be a tough one to take."

"Seriously? This is all you could get?"

One man stayed silent, studying the pictures more carefully. Most of them were unconscious when the pics were taken, which made it harder to determine what the person was like. But he made do with what he had. He had been there for a year, two, counting the 'initiation'. And it was the initiation that he was here for now. But he wasn't going to go through that hell again. No, he'd had hell given to him, and he was more than ready to give it out now.

"I'll take them."

The first man looked up from his own pictures, and smiles. A smile that all present had grown to use with their own victims. "Wonderful."
hampir setahun yang lalu 3rdCj2ndCJR said…
I enjoyed it. It took me a few seconds to catch on the second part, but I got there. Keep writing. You're good at it.
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
big smile
This is true talent! A great story. I hope you can continue writing and the articles basically give the same amount of comments.
hampir setahun yang lalu 1999jacko said…
that is a-amazing so amazing its more than amazing its better than anything I have ever read