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rory2011 posted on Aug 27, 2012 at 12:07AM
I got another idea .....
in this forum each one of you will answer some questions about your novels \ stories \ poems and songs
when you want to write your interview please add your novel \story \poem \song title on the top and answer the questions and don't worry you have the freedom to write as much as you want

here're the questions for the poems and the songs :
1- what kind of feelings\ emotions your song\poem has ?
2- what inspired you to write that song\poem ?
3- what's the moral of your poem\song lyrics ?
4- does your poem\song have anything to do with your real life ( you can answer this question if you want )
5- you can talk more about your poem\song

the questions for the novels and the stories :
1- what's your story\novel is about ?
2- what do you think was your power point and weak point in your novel \story ?
3- what's the inspiration of your story\novel ?
4- who's your fav character and why she\he is your fav ? describe him \her . and what's your fav quote from this character ( I know this is strange )
5- what was the thing that you want to say through this story \novel ( you can answer this question if you want )

the rules :
1-you have the freedom to write whatever you want , you can make another questions if you want
2- write your interview with novels\stories \poems and songs that you have posted here
3- hope all of you write interviews for each story\novel \song and poem you posted here
4- have fun

I made this forum to see who got the weirdest ideas here especially with the inspirations , so be free and write everything ( don't be shy )

good luck
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hampir setahun yang lalu dragonsmemory said…
1. The Eden Chronicles books are about many things. What you readers have seen so far is the basic outline for "A Little Bit More Than Love." It was originally planned to be the first novel in the series, but that has changed. "A Little Bit More Than Love" is about the triumph of love over everything, regardless of race or stature. True Love is rare, and is something to be cherished, for it only comes along once in a lifetime.
2. I would have to say, based on the original outline, the power point would definetely be the end of Part 2. It's very dramatic, a bit violent, gives readers a glimpse into draconian politics, and is a real tear-jerking moment. My weak point would have to be the meeting of my two leads. I've spent weeks on that part of the outline, trying to get it just right.
3. The inspiration from this one came from a few of my high school friends, who also provided many of the major characters. They all asked not to be mentioned anywhere, not even the dedication. However, I'm not going to listen.
4. I would have to call it a tie between Catfokk and Grithmi. It was a joy writing the banter between them in Part 2. My favorite quote from Catfokk is "Cut the crap, Grithmi. Although, I would like to see a demon take on sweet little Twera." From Catfook, it would have to be "I think I'm in love." That sentence sets off a debate that sows discontent among the group, and may even reveal the true evil.
5. Through this particular book, and quite a few of the other books in the series, I'd like to tell readers to stay true to themselves. You can be surprised at what you can really do if you set your mind to it. That's the message I hope readers will come away with when they read the Eden Chronicles. Of course, readers may come away with their own message. That's the beauty of the series. It leaves so much room for the reader to imagine what it's like.
hampir setahun yang lalu rory2011 said…
wow I think I'll read the rest of the story but when will you post it ??? don't tell me I missed that story too
I love the message of this story ,it's very important to be honest with yourself
I love how loyal freind you are ,you mentioned your friends with the inspiration even though you can just take all the space for yourself
you did a great job with this interview , hope you'll do another one soon
hampir setahun yang lalu dragonsmemory said…
The story that's up here currently is nothing more than the rough idea. It's highly unlikely online readers will see a polished version before the full print book hits shelves. This one was originally going to be thee first book in the series, but logic suggested otherwise. Instead, Book One of the Eden Chronicles will be "A Place of Peace." I'll devote special articles to each book in the series, plus the Guardian books and the Shadow trilogy in addition to my forum on how to make a fantasy world.
hampir setahun yang lalu rory2011 said…
your style with writing is different than anything I ever read , this is the first time I see a writer writing her series that way ,but that's a good thing that make you unique , well I wish you luck with writing this series , it's sound alittle bit hard to write and organize
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
THere are a lot of books I am not posting on here because I plan on getting them published.

Charmed and Dangerous
1. Basically, a girl who is the daughter of an international shoe spy/hacker. When he goes missing and several threats that were sent to him surface, she had to gather her gang up and go look for him. Unfortunately, there are a lot of secrets in the espionage business and many of them she stay secret. While the assassin is out planning to kill her father, she is out planning to kill the assassin. But the assassin is someone she thought was her friend.
2. The weak points are my original ideas for this story. The power points is the ending of the story. (shocking ending)
3. The Gallapher Girls series. I love that series.
4. In this series I like McKenna the most. Mainly because she had curly res hair (which is something I like) and because McKenna is strong and she can handle many things that others can't. I don't have a quote right now but hey I will get u one, hopefully.
5. That if you truly love someone then nothing else should matter.
hampir setahun yang lalu dragonsmemory said…
1. This poem was meant to convey the awe and majesty of a hunting dragon, as well as instill fear in the beast.
2. I actually handwrote it over a year ago now. As a result, the oroginal inspiration is lost. Of course, it's very likely that this was simply a vision I had.
3. The moral is actually much different from most others. The moral of the poem is that humans project their fear onto a creature such as the dragon, and call it a monster. Really, there is no such thing as a monster. Humans create them by projecting their fears onto the world around them.
4. No.
5. The dragon imaged in the poem is a black one, with a midnight sky around it. However, YOU decide what it's prey is.
hampir setahun yang lalu rory2011 said…
The Inevitable Fate

1- it has a lot of ideas ,and each part has his own , so I'll just talk a little bit about each one
part one is about a poor family lived in that suck world where some people think themselves they're the best and they can control with other people's life , the family spread a part and nobody left from this family expect for the daughter and the father , the daughter had to marry a crazy man to save her father from death , her husband used her as an animal for since experiment ,and when she had a daughter, she died to protect her daughter from her husband
part two : the title is " when the world ruled by wizards " after the main character death " Kat Miller " she will come back to life cause she's affected by a chemical subject ( not like zombie btw ) , she was scared and weak like she was at the first part but her life and talking to her unexisting wraith made her believe that the world need someone to stand up and say the word " NO " and she can't let her daughter live in world like this , so she will kill those people who executing and kidnapping females , also the people who take poor people houses and other problems happening in her world , she wanted to kill who responsible for every bad thing happening to normal people like her ,but she can't do it alone , she will meet girls like her some of them dead and some of them not and they all create a gang to do everything Kat planned to , the girls will try to figure out the mystery of coming back to life , they will find out there're bad people calling themselves wizards and one of the worst one of them will control on Molly's head ( she's one of the gang ) for saving himself from his enemy ,so the girls will try to bring back Molly and kill that wizard and his enemy
Part three is related to the first part the title of the part is " red revenge ": Kat ( the main character ) will lose the gang , she will suck up everything , the wizards will try to occupies earth by controlling on people's mind and drove them to kill each other, and back to the first part , the administrators for the project that Kat had to be the animal experiment , they came back again with a similar project and that's what the main idea of the whole story and the whole part ,her husband was a part of it ,and he's a wizard btw , her husband will lie to the girls ,he will use them to have what he want ( I'm not gonna say what he want cause that will burn my story ) , in the end the wizards will put their secret weapon under the ground , more killing and the people will get very crazy ,so Kat have to stop all that by herself without her gang

2- my weak point : I think my literary style is trash , the title is not what I wanted to be like , the beginning when Mary die , I couldn't decrepit very well , I cared about the actions and forgot to describe the characters ,I'm afraid If I made the main character darker than she should be ( it's not a weak point it's just fair I guess ) , my power point : creating the characters , part three , I think I did a great job with the ending
3-I have a very good story with the inspiration of this novel
The truth is when my mother birthed my little brother after us (five girls) , all the people were happy which something wasn't exist when all of my sister borne , my uncles and my aunts hate girls , they don't hate us , it's just something people do where I live , they think that boys have super powers and we're not , so I wanted to write something deal with this problem and improve that the girl can do something greater than the boys can and that's why I add the most powerful bond on the earth which is ( when the mother love her kids so much ) but I want to write it in a fun way not boring like some of magazine stories my only problem was find any unique idea to start my story
One day I started to listen to new band for my ears called " Evanescence " the first song inspired me and gave me the idea for what should the story be about was " whisper " I liked the lyrics and the lead singer's voice , the lyrics were about ( for what I think ) a girl who find out what the real world is ( death .. suffering .wars etc.. ) and we shouldn't run away from this world or closing our eyes cause we're scared . we should face it even if it is hard and painful I liked that and I built the storyline according to this , and when I heard the song again , the main character came out , the singer voice was so dark and powerful but in the same way it was pure , strange but the voice of the lead singer built the main character and it give me the idea about her life , angry and she want to take her revenge from her crazy husband
The story changed a lot last year , but thanx to evanescence songs , I complete the story with the only one , lacrymosa , made of stone , imaginary , lithium , my heart is broken and sick (cause this story is angry and a little bit bloody) and other songs , those were my inspiration ,it's longer than I said but dam I talk a lot
4- hmm I like a lot of the girls from the gang but my fav will always be Kat , she's super powerful and smart ,she's not that perfect character that all the stories and movies has , she's kinda like me when she want to talk about something she know she can't stop , and she changed a lot for good reasons
my fav quote from her should be this " wearing these is your choice , but before you decide what will you do ,remember .. those clothes made by fabric ,not the fabric what will give you the power to protect yourself ,it's your heart and your mind , so don't put me down ,think before you decide and remember from the moment you wear those you can never wear them off … understand ?"

5- the story tells a lot of things
1- don't mess with angry woman Lol no , don't be everyone princes and everyone good girl ,do what you think is right even if it looks wrong for some people , you should please your heart not people
2- the story show that real heroes never show up to take their prize , they just do the good for free
3- no one is better than anyone , just because someone have money and power that doesn't give anyone the right to control you
4- no one protect you for free , be aware of those people cause they're up to something , learn how to protect yourself by yourself it's much saver for you cause your friend today is your enemy tomorrow
5-when people tell you you're weak cause of something you can't change , you should know that's not true , they're just afraid of challenging you to improve that you're stronger than them
There're more but I just found out how long is these answers so I'll just stop talking
hampir setahun yang lalu hgfan5602 said…
Let's see...which one should I do?
hampir setahun yang lalu rory2011 said…
big smile
you can do all of them if you want