True Writers Winners of the 7th Annual Award forum

alicia386 posted on Sep 03, 2012 at 09:29PM
Best Novel: Change or Be Changed and Absolutely Wicked (yay! Who doesn't love a good tie!)

Best Novelist: TheEvilHoodie (congrats! U r an amazing writer!)

Best New Novelist: hmm, did u rig this TheEvilHoodie because . . . YOU WON THIS ONE TOO

Most Intriguing Novel: (another tie!!!) Thanks for the Memories and Hunter

True Writers 4 balas

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hampir setahun yang lalu sadiebugz00 said…
Congrats to all the winners!!!! When will the next awards forum be and what theme will it be?
hampir setahun yang lalu alicia386 said…
Il be thinking about it
hampir setahun yang lalu sadiebugz00 said…
Okay! ;D
hampir setahun yang lalu TheEvilHoodie said…
wow! :o utterly amazed! thanx 4 all the votes!