True Writers Nightfall #1:The Beginning

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Chapter 1:The Transformation
Crystal Cove Outskirts, California 1845
Ashley Garland clutched her side in pain. The footsteps behind her were getting closer, and that meant whoever was making them was getting faster. She ducked behind a tree and heard the footsteps go by rapidly, but the thing or person that was making them was too fast for her to see. Ashley looked down the hill she was next to, and saw her hometown of Crystal Cove in the distance. She noticed it was already past sundown, and soon it would get to dark to see anything at all. She weighed her options. If she could make it down the hill, she would reach town quicker, but she also knew there was a path back the way she'd come that would take her back to town. She considered. If she took the hill, she'd be visible from the woods, but if she circled back, she might run into the thing that was chasing her. She thought another moment, and decided that it would probably be safer to turn around. Yet she had an overwhelming feeling of dread all the same, even though she knew it was her safest option. Ashley took a deep breath, and raced in the direction she came from. For about fifteen minutes, she heard no sign of anyone or anything following her. Then all of a sudden she heard the footsteps again. She realized whatever it was must have circled back around. She despratlely looked for a place to hide, then she spotted a cave barely visible in the side of a cliff. Ashley knew this was her best bet, as soon it would be too dark to see in front of her. She ducked inside the cave and heard the footsteps
fade away. She waited awhile, and realized it was too dark now to find her way home. She knew she'd have to spend the night in this cave, and return home in the morning. Just as she was about to find a spot to sleep, she noticed a light outside the cave. She knew this light came from a lantern. Maybe whoever was holding it came from the town to find her.
After all, her parents always worried sick about her going outside of town. Ashley called for help, and the light walked into the cave. She looked at who was carrying it. He looked about twenty, a year or two older than her, and she'd seen him around town, even though she didn't know his name, she'd seen him be friendly with the townspeople, and he'd even greeted her in passing. "Oh, hello." he said, spotting her. Ashley walked towards him. "Did my parents send you to find me?" she asked. He considered. "You're the Garland's daughter right?" he asked. She nodded. He thought breifly, then nodded back. "I'm Pike." he said. "Ashley." she said. Pike nodded. "It's pretty dark out." he muttered. Ashley nodded, then noticed his eyes had changed color from dark brown to pure black. "What's up with your eyes?" she asked. Pike ignored her, or so she thought, because then he turned to her. "I'll make it simple. I'm a vampire, my eyes get this way when I crave blood." he said. Ashley was in shock. "Vampires aren't real." she said. Pike shook his head. "They're real. I'm the last one though." he said. Before Ashley could respond, Pike tackled her to the ground, and sank his fangs into her neck.
Ashley awoke, her body filled with pain. She felt her neck, it was incredibly sore to the touch. She looked around, Pike it seemed, had left. She walked outside of the cave, and immediantly felt a burning sensation. She gasped in pain and retreated back to the darkness of the cave. She knew now, to her horror, Pike had been right, she was a vampire. She waited until nighttime, and returned home to find she wanted to drain everyone dry. Out of sheer panic, she left Crystal Cove and didn't return. Until a hundred and fifty years later. That is where this story begins

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woooooooooooooooooooow , that was pretty interesting , poor Ashley I feel bad about her
I'm waiting for the next chapter , hope you'll post it soon , great job
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Chapter 2:Nightmares
Crystal Cove California, September 1995:
The autumn leaves had begun to fall in the town of Crystal Cove California, and a light rain brought slight dampness to the cool air. Ashley's car had just passed the sign telling her she was five miles away from Crystal Cove. She knew she had to return, because it was obvious the citizens were in danger. She'd seen the news reports. The town had had a bunch of unsolved murders recently, where the bodies had been completely drained of blood. She knew by now that this was newborn vampire activity. Even though
she hadn't been back to Crystal Cove since she'd become a vampire,
she still needed to stop the problem at hand. It was this thought that made her think about Pike, causing her to wonder if he was in town. He had to be responsible for the newborns. There was no question about that. Besides herself, Pike was the only vampire capable of turning a person. However, it was unusual for Pike to stick around after changing people into newborns. She should know better than anyone. Besides herself, she'd had to deal with unsupervised newborn vampires herself that Pike had turned and abandoned. To this very day, she still didn't know how she'd managed to get herself under control. She still fed on human blood sure, but she only drained enough now that the person she fed on only didn't remember what had happened the following day. Newborns
were basically psychopaths if not monitered. She sighed. She knew Pike's primary targets were teenagers, so she'd made arrangements for herself to attend the local high school in town. She passed it about ten minutes after entering the town, and noticed a lot of teenagers getting off from school. Looking at them, none of them seemed like vampires, if they were newborns they'd be afraid of the sun. Contrary to popular belief, sunlight doesn't kill vampires, but rather causes them a great deal of pain. It took Ashley about fifty years to be able to tolerate it completely, and yet it still made her drowsy to go out during the day. Finally, she pulled outside her new apartment building. She'd already paid some men to set up her furniture a few days ago, so everything was set for her to move in. The rain had turned into a steady downpour
in the past ten minutes, and she knew that she couldn't do anything until tomorrow. She decided to go to sleep until tomorrow.
She couldn't do anything tonight anyway. After awhile, she passed out.
When Ashley woke up, she was tied up with steel chains. She looked over and saw a teenage boy tied to a chair. He was covered in blood and gagged. She turned to see Pike walk in. "Welcome home Ashley. It's been awhile." he said. Ashley looked at the boy. She knew this was her fault. "Let him go!" she shouted. Pike shook his head. "Sorry, can't do that." he said, and stabbed the boy in the heart. Ashley screamed.
Ashley woke up, and saw it was six in the morning. She wondered why she'd been asleep for so long, since vampires only need an hour of sleep at the most. She tried to think of what she'd dreamed about, but found she couldn't remember. Ashley sighed. She
knew she had to get ready to investigate at the school, yet she couldn't help but feel the dream she'd had was very important.
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Whoa. U sure know how to write an excellent story,
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Thanks guys!
Chapter 3:School Days
The sun rose over the horizon, covering Crystal Cove with daylight.
Ashley grabbed her car keys and walked out to her car. She cranked the ignition and drove to the school. As she entered the parking lot, she realized she must be early. She checked her watch and saw that school didn't start for another half hour. Nevertheless, she walked inside to check in. She walked into the office and saw a receptionist at the desk. She looked up and saw Ashley. "Can I help
you?" she asked. Ashley nodded. "I'm a new student. Ashley Garland.
I'm checking in." the receptionist nodded and checked something on her computer. "Ashley Garland, 17 years old, transferring from Cold Oak High School?" she asked. Ashley nodded, knowing that she had used her connections at the school board to forge the documents. "I'm Miss Reynolds. Here's your schedule. Class starts soon. I guess you'll need someone to show you to your classes." she said. She spotted someone and motioned to them. "Danny! Come here." she said. Ashley turned to see a boy about seventeen years old, with blonde hair. He stood at about five eleven, and had freckles all over his face. "Yes Miss Reynolds?" he asked. Miss Reynolds notioned to Ashley. "Danny, this is Ashley. She's a senior, like you. Could you show her to her classes today?" she asked. Danny nodded, and took a copy of Ashley's schedule. When they walked into the hall Danny shook Ashley's hand. "I just thought I should introduce myself. I'm Danny Mason." he said. "Ashley." she said. Danny nodded. "Nice to meet you." he said, looking over her schedule. "Looks like you've got an unusual schedule. You've got gym first. Only a handful of students have that first. Come on, I'll show you how to get there." he said. At the gym door, Danny told her he'd come back after he got done with his class. Ashley nodded, and walked inside the gym. Danny wasn't joking. Only like ten kids were in the gym. She walked over to one of them. "What are we doing?" she asked. The boy she'd talked to turned around. "We've got laps first." he said. Ashley immediantly sensed a hint of sadness in his voice. "You okay?" she asked. The boy nodded. "Yeah. I just don't like gym class." he said. He held his hand out. "I'm sorry. You're new here right? I'm Harold, Harold Sunderland." he said. Ashley took his hand to shake it, and immediantly knew this boy was in pain. She also knew he'd be dead in under a year. Harold looked also taken aback. As Ashley released his hand, she noticed he was looking at her curiously. "Have we met before?" he asked. Ashley thought a moment,
and immediantly knew she'd never met Harold in her life, yet for some reason, he seemed familiar. "No." she said. "Why'd you ask?" she asked. Harold shrugged. "You just seemed familar." he said. During gym, Ashley got to know Harold a little better. He was a writer, he primarily wrote stories about random ideas that just came to him. She also learned he had a heart condition, and his doctors thought it could give out or have a heart attack at any time. She did not learn this from what he said, but rather from what she had felt when she'd shaken his hand. Despite the obvious pain from his illness, he seemed in relatively good spirits. He seemed really nice too. Harold had brown hair that went down to his shoulders in the back, he wore glasses that had tape on them to prevent them from breaking, and he was tall, about six foot two. After class was over, she said goodbye to him, and waited for Danny. On the way to class, she told Danny about how she'd befriended Harold. This seemed to please him, as Harold was one of his best friends. "He's really smart." he said. "He's turned sixteen two months ago, and he's going to graduate with us this spring." he said. During the day, Ashley tried to sense any vampires in the school, but found nothing, and after school was over, she had mixed feelings about the day. She was happy to have befriended Danny and Harold, but was also depressed she hadn't found any evidence as to who was causing the killings.
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Chapter 4:A Revelation
As Ashley arrived at her new apartment the sun was beginning to set. Ashley reached into her pocket and found that the keys to her apartment were missing. She sighed. If she had only put them on her keychain before leaving. Suddenly, she heard honking from the parking lot. She looked over the railing to see Danny waving to her. "Ashley!" he called. Within a minute, she was down the stairs.
"Danny." she said. "Forget something?" he said, holding up her house keys. Ashley took them. "Thanks." she said. Danny shook his head. "Don't thank me. Thank Harold. He saw you drop them when you left the gym. He took them to the office and they told him I was helping you, so he gave them to me. I saw you leave after school, so I sorta followed you back here." he said. "Well thanks anyway." she said. "No problem." said Danny, who was looking at the apartment building. "So you live here?" he asked. Ashley nodded. "Just a temporary place until my parents find a better one." she said. Danny nodded. "You're parents live here too?" he asked. Ashley shook her head. "No. They let me move out." she replied. Danny nodded, and began walking back to his car, then he stopped and turned around. "Be careful around here. The police have had a rash of unusual deaths around this area." he said. "I can hold my own in a fight." Ashley replied. Danny smiled. "Now why is it that I believe that?" he asked, climbing into his car.
Ashley paused, then called out "You be careful too." Danny smiled again. "Don't worry about me. I'm always careful." he replied. Ashley watched as he drove off into the night, then she thought of Harold. For some reason, she had the desire to help him. She knew she could cure his heart disease, and for some reason, she felt a connection with him she couldn't explain. She climbed in her car and drove to the school. After getting Harold's adress off the computer, she drove to his house. Getting out, she saw a light on in a second floor window. She listened inside the house, and heard a voice that she assumed belonged to Harold's father. She silently climbed onto the roof, and saw Harold inside the window, typing on his computer. She tapped on the window, and Harold jumped, but still came over to investigate the noise. He smiled when he saw her, and let her in through the window, which she could have climbed in through without being invited, despite popular belief.
"What are you doing here?" he asked. Ashley shrugged. "I wanted to thank you for finding my housekeys." she said. "You're welcome." he responded. Ashley looked over at his computer. "What're you writing?" she asked. "A new story." Harold replied, walking over to the computer. "About what?" she asked. "You, actually. Well not you, but you inspired it." he replied. "Me? What did I inspire?" she asked. Harold saved his file, then replied "It's a story of a century old vampire, who tries to help people." he said. Ashley was awestruck. She knew the connection now between her and Harold,
he was a psychic, who was connected to her telepathically. She'd read about them, but never encountered one. This lead her to question what other powers he may have. "Tell me more about your story." she replied. "In the story, the main character is a creature of darkness, only she's good. She's done things in her past she's trying to redeem herself for, and she also wants to do the right thing." he said. "Where'd you get the idea?" she asked.
"This is going to sound weird, but it came from a dream I had." he
said. Ashley knew she needed to tell Harold about his dreams being real, yet she didn't know why she wanted to at the same time. "Look Harold, I think I can help you. That's the reason I came. Harold looked at her confused. "Help me with what?" he asked.
"You're condition." she said. Harold was startled. "How'd you know about..." he started. "Because I'm a vampire." she said. "I know this because when we met today, I knew your blood wasn't pumping the way it should. You're dying aren't you?" she said. Harold was in shock. "A vampire?" he responded. "How else would I know?" she asked. "Danny told you?" Harold asked. Ashley shook her head. "I'm a vampire. And I know you believe me." she said. Harold tried to deny it, but it was obvious he believed her. "What do you want?" he asked. Ashley walked over to him. "To save you. If you'll let me." she said. Harold calmed down slightly. Apparently he knew of their connection, and knew she wasn't going to kill him. "How can you help me?" he asked. "If I bite you, I can inject my venom, not enough to make you a vampire, but enough to cure your illness." "What's the risk?" he asked. Ashley looked at him and shrugged. "It could kill you, but it could also save your life. Personally I think it'll be the latter one. Harold sighed. "Ok." he said. Ashley took his arm, and bit into it. After about fifteen seconds, she let go. The wound healed instantly, and Ashley knew
he was cured. Harold was now feeling drowsy, and laid back on his bed. "See you soon." Ashley said, turning off his light and climbing back out the window. As Ashley walked to her car, she had no idea what awaited her at home.
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Chapter 5:Night Visitors
The rain had finally stopped while Ashley was in Harold's bedroom.
When she got to her car, she cranked the ignition and silently drove away from Harold's house. About a block away from her apartment, she got the feeling something was wrong, and as she parked in the parking lot, she immediantly saw that the door to her apartment was busted open. She silently got out of her car, and climbed catlike up the stairway leading to the floor her apartment was on. She smelled blood from inside, she also sensed there was another vampire inside. Ashley crept slowly towards her door, and peeked inside. It was dark, but she still saw that someone was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. Suddenly, she was hit on the head, and fell to the floor. Her attacked held up a needle containing a fluid. She knew immediantly what it was. It was a chemical that violently reacted to vampire dna, and was in short, a vampire's version of an anesthetic. Ashley saw her vision was getting blurry the minute she felt the needle go into her arm, and all went black soon after.
When Ashley awoke, she was chained to her bed. As she regained her vision, she saw who was tied to the chair. It was Danny. He was attempting to scream, but was gagged and could only release grunts.
She immediantly recalled the dream she'd had the previous night. "What's wrong Ashley?" came a familiar voice. She turned to see Pike come in from the outside doorway. "You look like you've seen a ghost." he said, chuckling to himself as he lit a cigrette.
Ashley watched hopelessly as Pike walked over and turned Danny's chair around so that they were facing each other. She saw the look of pure terror on Danny's face. He was bleeding from his shoulder,
where it seemed Pike had violently grabbed him before dragging him to the apartment. Pike pulled a switchblade out of his pocket and began to play with it. "You just had to be the good one." he said.
"I still can't believe in all the years you've been a vampire, you've never even wondered what it'd be like to make someone like you. Besides myself, you and I are the last two vampires in existance. You've seen to that personally, but I'm not here to play the blame game." he said. Danny had tears forming in his eyes now, and his eyes were following Pike's knife, which he was tossing in the air and catching. "Let him go Pike." Ashley said coldly. Pike raised his eyebrow at her. "Why?" he asked. "Don't pretend it's out of the goodness of your heart. Need I remind you about all the things you've done?" he asked. "No. I'm not letting him go. I'm giving you an option." he said. "What?" Ashley asked.
Pike smiled a sinister grin. "I'm going to give you a choice. You can either help him or let him die." he said. "Whatever you decide is alright with me." he said, walking over to Danny. Before Ashley could protest, Pike stabbed Danny in the chest with his knife. Danny let out a gasp of pain, and Pike smiled, clearly satisfied. "It's your choice Ashley. Save him, or kill me. But I think I know what you'll choose." Pike said, leaving the room. Ashley struggled with her chains, and finally broke them with a swift tug. She raced over to Danny, and ungagged him. Blood poured out of his mouth, and she looked at the wound in his chest. Pike had pierced his heart. He would be dead in less than a minute, and even her venom couldn't heal the wound enough to save him. Danny was going into shock now, and Ashley knew what had to be done. She grabbed Danny, and bit into his neck. After about a minute, she let go, and Danny fell to the floor and went limp.
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Chapter 6:Checking Out
The sun rose once again over Crystal Cove, and luckily it was Saturday, so Danny didn't have to go to school. This was especially good because since he was a newborn vampire, he was extremely sensitive to the sun. To make matters worse, he was in more danger than that as long as Pike was around. It was this thought that made her think of Harold. If Pike had been spying long enough to know she had grown fond of Danny, then it was only a matter of time before he went after Harold too. As Danny lay asleep on the couch, Ashley walked over to the phone and dialed Harold's number. He answered on the first ring, apparently he'd been expecting her to call. "Ashley?" he answered. "Yes it's me. We need to talk. Meet me at the school." she said. "Yeah. Ok." he said. Ashley spent the next five minutes trying to wake up Danny, who finally woke up and walked out to her car with her. Ashley put up a sun shield on the back windows of her car, and Danny fell back onto the seat and dosed off again. When they arrived at the school, she didn't see Harold anywhere. Just when she was starting to worry, she saw a grey Jeep pull into the parking lot. Harold climbed out and walked over to her. "What happened?" she asked. Harold shrugged. "I told my dad I was going to my friends house for the weekend." he said. "I had a dream last night that gave me the feeling you didn't want me at home today." Ashley was once again astonished by Harold's psychic abilities. "Your dream was right. I need to get you and Danny away from Crystal Cove for awhile." she said. "Danny? Is he here with you?" Harold said, looking around. "I had a dream about him too." he responded. "What kind of dream?" Ashley asked. "In my dream, Danny was like you look. Pale all over. He also had these green eyes, which I found usual since his eyes are brown." he responded. "It wasn't a dream. Danny is like that." she said. Harold looked around for another moment, then spoke again. "Where is he then? And why is he like that?" he asked. Ashley took at a deep breath. "Danny's a vampire. I turned him to save his life. It's a long story which I'll tell you later. But right now, we've got to get away from here." she said calmly. Harold nodded. "Ok, but you better give me an explanation later." he said. Ashley walked over to her car, and opened the passenger seat for Harold, who climbed in. "How're you doing?" Harold asked Danny. "Great." he said weakly. Ashley climbed into the car and cranked the ignition. She pulled out of the parking lot and sped away.
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Chapter 7:Roadtrip Reveals
Ashley looked at the clock in her car, it had been several hours since they had left Crystal Cove, and yet, all was quiet in the car. Harold was staring blankly out the window, while Danny remained asleep in the backseat. It was nearing sunset now, and she knew it was only a matter of time until Danny awakened and recieved quite a shock. About an hour later, her suspicions proved correct. She heard movement from the backseat. Harold heard it too, and turned around. "Danny, are you awake?" he asked. Danny grunted in pain. He must have remembered being stabbed at that moment, because he immediantly pulled up his shirt to examine his chest. He seemed both surprised and relieved that it was healed.
"How long haave I been out?" he asked. Harold was the one to answer. "Well if what Ashley is telling me is true, which I'm sure it is, you've been practically out cold since last night." Danny gasped. "Last night? What happened last night?" he asked. "You were stabbed." Ashley replied. Danny gasped again. "How'd you... But I wasn't stabbed! There's no wound?" he said. "Then why's there blood on your shirt if you weren't stabbed?" Harold asked. Danny quickly examined his shirt, and looked even more confused than before. "Then, how'd the wound..." he stuttered. "Ashley saved you." Harold replied. "How?" Danny asked. "By use of my venom." Ashley said. Danny was now ranging on shock and confusion.
"Venom? What venom?" he asked. "Vampire venom." said
Ashley. "Vampires? There's no such thing." he replied. "Then how do you explain the wound healing so fast?" she asked. Danny turned to Harold, who nodded. "She's telling the truth." he said. "That's why I've been out all day... sunlight, I thought that killed them."
"That's a myth." Ashley replied. Danny looked at Harold. "Is he a vampire too?" he asked. Harold shook his head. "Then why's he here?
And by the way, where're we going?" he asked. Ashley told him about Pike and about the unsolved deaths around town. Then she told him about Harold's abilities. "So, this Pike guy, why'd he come to town?" he asked. Ashley knew the answer. She'd figured it out when Pike had made her change Danny. "He's getting desperate. He wants more vampires under his control, after all these years, I think he finally wants an army, but he can't do it himself. Everytime a vampire changes another, they transfer their venom, their source of power to another, which makes them weaker for a short amount of time. Pike knows that since I'm in town, he can't be weaker than me, because he knows from past experience that I will kill him on sight if I knew for sure I could win." she said. "But you're weaker than Pike now. Who's to stop him from forcing you to change more people?" Harold asked. "That's just it. He doesn't want me to change anyone else. He wants Danny to." she said. "Me?" Danny said aghast. "Why?" "Because he plans to force you to create more vampires. If he gets ahold of you, he will force you." Harold seemed confused by this. "If Pike wants Danny to create more vampires, why didn't he kill you after you turned Danny and just kidnap him?" he asked. "My guess is he still wasn't sure if he could finish me off, so he left until he knew for sure."
"But now the whole town is vunerable." Danny said. Ashley sighed. "I know. That's why I'm getting you two as far away from town as possible, then I'm going back to deal with Pike." she said.
The sun had nearly set, and shadows loomed over the schoolyard of Crystal Cove High School. Miss Reynods was the only one in the school, as she had been behind on work the past week. As soon as she was getting ready to leave, she heard the front door of the school burst open. "Hello?" she asked. It was then she saw him. A young man, who looked about twenty years old walked into the office. He grinned when he saw her. "Hello... Miss Reynolds." he said studying her nametag. "My name's Pike. I could use your help with something." he said, smiling wickedly.
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Hey guys! I've got a question, I'm debating doing a re-write of all six "Nightfall" books, should I do this so I can add to them? Or should I post here as is? Thanks!