Pasangan TV Portrait Magazine bahagian, atas TV Ships 2012 tinjauan | Your favourite couple?

Pick one:
Annie and Liam (90210)
Navid and Adrianna (90210)
Oliver and laurel (Arrow) (654)
Austin and Ally (Austin and Ally)
Jenna and Matty (Awkward)
Catherine and Vincent (Beauty and the Beast)
Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)
Mary and Matthew (Downton and Abbey)
Emily and Will (Emily Owens MD)
Loren and Eddie (Hollywood Heights)
Sam and Mercedes (Glee)
Kurt and Blaine (Glee)
Sam and Quinn (Glee)
Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)
Dan and Serena (Gossip Girl)
Dan and Blair (Gossip Girl)
Wade and Zoe (Hart of Dixie)
Sam and Freddie (iCarly)
Jane and Billy (Jane sejak Design)
Arthur and Gwen (Merlin)
Haley and Nathan (One pokok Hill)
Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)
Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)
Sam and Andy (Rookie Blue)
Amy and Ricky (The Secret Life of the American Teenager)
Karen and Derek (Smash)
Scott and Allison (Teen Wolf)
Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
Klaus and Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)
Stefan and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
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