Pasangan TV Fun/Lighthearted scenes: Which is your kegemaran out of my faves?

Pick one:
Booth♥Bones ; skate rink
Julie♥Matt ; First Ciuman
Chuck♥Blair ; I Cinta anda too.
Nate♥Blair ; King & Queen
Casey♥Cappie ; Are anda taking advantage of me?
Brooke♥Lucas ; Try to resist, it's actually kind of cute.
Brooke♥Lucas ; Bookstore flirting
Brooke♥Lucas ; Personal cheerleader
Brooke♥Lucas ; tab panas, hot tub, tab mandi panas makeout.
Brooke♥Lucas ; Right about now if anda know what's good for yah.
Brooke♥Lucas ; Jock♥Cheerleader
Brooke♥Lucas ; First exclusive morning together
Nathan♥Haley ; Skipping school
Nathan♥Haley ; Cheesy couple
Jake♥Peyton ; Unopen letters to the world
Jake♥Peyton ; Taking it slow
Jake♥Peyton ; Making Cinta for the first time
Lucas♥Peyton ; Don't anda mean Peyton Scott?
Lucas♥Peyton ; hei baby, daddy's home.
Clark♥Chloe ; Strip poker
Logan♥Veronica ; A boy in the girls bathroom... So wrong it's right?
Angela♥Hodgins ; Going to the chapel & we're gonna get married
Pacey♥Joey ; Coming utama
Pacey♥Joey ; Are anda crying?
Tim♥Lyla ; Breakfast time
Nate♥Serena ; Summer kind of wonderful
Ethan♥Naomi ; Still cute
Tony♥Kate ; Baby mama drama
Brooke♥Lucas ; I wasn't ready to lose anda yet.
Brooke♥Lucas ; I'm the guy for anda Brooke Davis
Brooke♥Lucas ; anda pimped my locker!
Brooke♥Lucas ; The biggest part
Brooke♥Lucas ; Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday
Brooke♥Lucas ; 'Hi Luke.'
Brooke♥Lucas ; When all your dreams come true...
Jake♥Peyton ; We belong together
Jake♥Peyton ; Someday
Lucas♥Peyton ; Are anda drunk? Are anda wearing eye-shadow?
Lucas♥Peyton ; Best cookie ever.
Lucas♥Peyton ; I think we've waited long enough
Nathan♥Haley ; Dance dance dance
Nathan♥Haley ; Put a baju on, you're too sexy!
Clark♥Chloe ; Catch me when i fall
Logan♥Veronica ; Picture perfect
Logan♥Veronica ; Walk me to class
McGee♥Abby ; *drool*
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