Pasangan TV *Re-do* My kegemaran couple videos, which is your fave? {Links in comment}

Pick one:
Never Let anda Down (Chloe/Clark)
Lucas/Peyton - Tonight I Cinta anda
Naley;Brucas;Jeyton | Someday
Brooke&Lucas | Stay with me
The Way I Loved anda - Multifandom
I Do Not Hook Up // Tim & Lyla
.Multifandom ; Anywhere but here.
Tim/Lyla: Twisted
collide (multi-fandom)
The epic Cinta of Brooke Davis&Lucas Scott - Unable to stay, unwilling to leave
Brooke and Lucas- He Could Be The One
Sawyer&Kate | Different
Sawyer/Kate - Use somebody
Bidadari on the moon - Multifandom
Sawyer&Kate | Whispers in the dark
Lucas&Peyton . Anywhere but here
Lucas&Peyton // The Scientist
Lucas & Peyton; Use Somebody
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