Pasangan TV Couple anda Still Adore/Like

Pick one:
Buffy Angel (Buffy the vampire slayer)
Angela Tony (Who's The Boss ?)
Ross Rachel (Friends)
Monica Chandler (Friends)
Kevin Winnie (The Wonder Years )
Mulder Scully ( The X- Files)
Brooke/Lucas (One pokok Hill)
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Zack/Kelly (Saved sejak The Bell)
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Bones and booth
Bones and booth
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Buffy/Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
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R& amp; R, Mondler, Kevin & amp; Winnie, Zack & amp; Kelly,
R&R, Mondler, Kevin & Winnie, Zack & Kelly,
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Jack & Sam (Stargate SG1)
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